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  Through the Eyes of Jesus 


A Book that Changes Lives.



Nate Cameron

When I was a teenager my mother introduced me to the first volume of this trilogy. Initially skeptical I read the entire book and was moved by what it contained, I didn't want it to end. Imagine my surprise and joy when I realized that that 2 more volumes existed! The first was great, the second better, the third..even better! My entire life was changed, I remember well seeing everything I did from a whole new perspective, it's hard to explain. I remember wishing I could read 500 more volumes, or at least enough to carry me through my temporal existence. I intend on reading them again very soon, while it's been more than 15 years, I have still thank God for being so kind as to reveal himself in this special way through Mr. Ames.


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Minnie Koshy

I have this book, it brings to life those times of Jesus

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Wuon Neema

I thank God for the part of the books that is shared and its inspirational and encouraging. Be blessed alot.

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Cheryl Streiber

Dear Mr. Ames;
I bought your book after seeing you in 2009 at our Catholic Church in Woodstock, Georgia. I had recently lost my 21 year old daughter to a drug overdose and was trying to understand why this happened. After of the laying of hands, I did feel some peace. I read this book 4 times between 2009 and 2012. When I couldn't sleep at night, I would read this book. I learned so much from it and was touched deeply by it. In 2012, I gave the book to my dad, who was in rehab for another stroke. He enjoyed it so much. He died a few months later. I gave the book to Father Ward who was kind enough to give him last rites only hours before he died. I truly believe my dad saw those who ready to take him to heaven that day. I believe one of them was my daughter. 

I also saw you 2 years later in Kennesaw, Georgia. My daughter had acne on her face that we could not clear up and her face was in pain. The morning after seeing you, she said to me , "It is gone." I said, "What's gone?" She said the pain. Since then, she does suffer from occasional acne, but the pain never returned. 
I hope to order this book again as it has been a great source of understanding and comfort for me. I will pray that this book becomes a movie and actors who can do the roles justice will be chosen for the roles

Cheryl Streiber, Georgia, USA


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Yessenia Segura

I have read the yellow book and I am now in the green one I can only say that its been a great book well both have with wonderful messages of faith.

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Babychen Sebastian

I read the malayalam translation of this. it is amazing.


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Rosemarie Heusinger

Love, love this book!! Read it from cover to cover twice, and always take it with me to adoration. Whenever I am anxious, it brings me such peace. My husband has read it six times and he is a changed man ~ just unbelievable the changes....Thank you Jesus and Alan Ames!!!

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Kathleen Deane Janis

I have read these books and they are wonderful!!


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Andreas Steckholzer

I red this books 3 times. I think they are very good and they helps me to get personally in contact with things happend at the time Jesus walked on earth

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Aji Mon Cherian

by reading through the book "through the eyes of Jesus" i could able to know the mind of Jesus. beutiful book for counseling, spiritual direction and healing ministry.


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Sheila McCabe Swan

I read these a few years back and need to read them again!

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Linda Biven

A great read to get to know Jesus Christ and his Apostles. Definitely a read and share book.

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Annie Santos

Reading "Through the Eyes of Jesus" will help you develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is truly a beautiful experience and a privilege that you should take advantage of. Alan has been blessed by the Holy Spirit to be an moving instrument of the Lord. Read the book, imagine yourself in the Lord's presence, and feel his understanding and compassion of the human condition. It will make you cry, laugh, forgive, and love... Annie Santos

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Sheila Cowling

I love this book as it makes be feel closer to Jesus. I read it to friends and family in the hospital - as a matter of fact, I have read it to a number of those on their death-bed. I loan mine out, as I have a few copies, but a copy always comes back when I need it. Lately I've been rereading in for myself at Eucharistic Adoration. It also helps me when I have to deal with difficult people, I think back to how Jesus dealt with Judas. Wish there were more volumes....

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Holly Struelens

My husband and I have read Through the Eyes of Jesus at least 6 times each. The simple, humanity that flows through the pages makes everyone who reads it see the true love of Jesus. I cannot help but cry when reading the Marcus story among others.

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Anita Felan

I have read the Triology and gone back and forth to reread some of the parts that are very real in today's day and age.

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David Leary

I have read this trilogy. I have listened to this trilogy. It is beautiful. I believe it to be an authentic account of some of the life events of our Lord during his time on earth. I recommend these books most highly. 

God bless,
David Peter Patrick Leary, Jr.

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Susan Sellers

I've read this book and can't begin to say how much I enjoyed it. "Through the Eyes of Jesus" is one of the best books I've ever read. I've even bought this as a gift for a preteen age girl. To those who have not read this book - do yourself a favor and begin reading it today!



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Lorraine Twentyman

I found this a very easy book to show to the children, and in fact myself and 3 little boys were able to act out the story of the cruel Roman soldier who killed a little child, and as Jesus was passing by the centurion was angry with his soldier having a little son the dead boy's age, but Jesus resurrected the child and the centurion freed the father. The children loved the little play. Lovely way to get children interested in the stories of Jesus.

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Michelle Wruck

Reading this book taught me to do just what Jesus asks of us; to be "other" Christs in this world. In this time of ours, He has no hands but ours to use, He has no other lips to speak love, encouragement, peace and Truth through, He has no other feet to rush to our neighbors aid with and no other eyes to see a need or heart to fill that need. I saw how much He loves us (even the seemingly unloveable) and how one glance from His loving eyes could cure a soul in a moment but only "if" that soul asked and gave its assent of faith. Jesus INVITES us to love Him, He never forces that relationship. It is we who reject HIM.

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Lois Anne Joy

Both Richard and I were so touched by reading this book. When we shared it with Neil, he was completely taken with th book and actually gave copies to many firends Just be open to the message of Christ.

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Lynn Sheer

I read Alans Book(3) when it came out some years back. I had loaned it out & lost part of it so bought the whole 3 volume set in one book & will NOT loan it out. Personally there was something in the book that helped me with an issue in my past & seeing how Jesus handled the situation. I was and still am very grateful for what that book did for me.

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Teresita Nawrocki

This book is totally amazing, it is like being with Jesus on a day to day basis and getting to know Him, how He thinks, it is like a descriptive version of the Bible. The stories are unbelievable! It is changing my life and my husband's prayer life for good.

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JoAnn Turner

An incredible book. I strongly urge everyone to pick up a copy and read it, you will be blessed.

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Frank Raspino

I have Volumes 1, 2 and 3. It's quite simply some of the very BEST reading. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing these books. You won't regret it.

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Myriam-Daniel Dubosc

I have read the Trilogy 3 times and every time I felt as Jesus was answering my unanswered questions! This book has changed my life.....Coming from a non believer NOW I seek the Lord more than ever!!!

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Lydia Marin

Second to the Bible in learning of our compasionate Lord. Each story is of it's own in morale teaching. Read it to my children. Discernment tells you it's truth.


Lynne Bonvillian

I read the entire trilogy and it changed my way of thinking about a lot of things. The author painted a deeper portrait of Our Lord Jesus during his 3 years of ministry before his Crucifixion. BUY THE BOOKS - they are amazing!

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Janet Larson

Thank you for the invite! I love that book and I have reread it over and over again...I think I have kind of memorized it. 

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Erla Maria Simonsen

Thank you very much, I was in Copenhagen when Alan was there, he prayed over me, and I fell in The Spirit. I like this book very much, it reminds me of Valtorta's books.

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Vianlix Mestey This book change mi life when I read it

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Zulma W. Falcon-Diaz Alan your story is really inspiring too and the books are life changing!!!

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Maureen Ott We love reading and listening to "Through the Eyes of Jesus." My heart, ears, and eyes opened to hear the readings at Mass in a whole new way. All of a sudden, I felt the A

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Maureen Ott All of sudden, I felt the Apostles were so very real,and not just saints from long ago.. Now I read the Bible with a knowing " how Jesus is so much apart of our lives" and wants to have a closer relationship with each and every one of us..Going to Mass everyday, I experience Our Lord, ALIVE in the Eucharist, wanting me to take Him out into the world. My husband Bob and I are so blessed, to be able to have read all of the books Alan Ames has written, and each one I can say, brings us closer and closer in a deeper relationship with Our Lord,and all of heaven!. Praise God!!!

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Anne Morrissey When I think of these three books, tears fill my eyes , I loved reading them so much! I learned things about the apostles I never knew, so many times they made me laugh. I love you Jesus, thank you for giving Alan the ability to write these books!

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Theresa M. Evenbly This morning during adoration, a fellow adorer was offering his opinion re Judas Iscariot, and almost same attitude as Martha and Mary story. So I was able to witness these books through the eyes of Jesus. I really feel I got to know the apostles, understand jesus love. Thanks. pax

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·         Roselin Ashok After reading 'Through the Eyes of Jesus', I have felt that Jesus is so calm, loving, approachable and simple and is always around me teaching and guiding me and answering my queries the way he did with his disciples. This book has made my understanding tYou and 59 others like this.

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Vivian Mestey When to one of his healing mass in Va..met him and what a humble gentleman..walking Jesus path and spreading his word.his book changed my life..gave it as a gift to my two daughters...Can't wait for him to be back in the area..Blessings

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Teresita Nawrocki Love this book!

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Joyce Colella Read the books many years ago. Awesome. Life changing experience. God bless Alan, God bless us all.

August 6 at 11:53pm · Like · 2

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Saji. K. Mathew I really enjoyed reading this book

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Gladys Vallejos he leído los 3 tomos de a través de los ojos de Jesús. y lo recomiendo ampliamente, ya que es una manera de conocer más a Jesús y en consecuencia amarlo más, es maravilloso ver cuanto amor tiene Dios por nosotros como utiliza a los más sencillos a los más débiles a los más desposeídos así confunde a los fuertes.See Translation

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Rita Vella I remember the first time reading this book, I did not want it to end.

July 27 at 7:08pm · Like · 2

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Adrian Head Marvellous book from a marvellous person
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Ronald E. Boutelle I have read this at least 4 times and given several copies away. So I am a big fan.

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Anne Carter Through the eyes of Jesus is the most beautiful book i have ever read.It completely opened my eyes to how much Jesus loves all souls.

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Ed Morvant I have read the trilogy mutiple times and I find something new and revealing each time that I read it. I am touched to the core understadning the thoughts of Christ and is relationship with others as He walked the earth.

July 29 at 6:12am · Like · 1

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Victor Negron If you've ever complained that the Bible just doesn't give you enough information and detail about Christ's ministry, then you've absolutely got to read this Trilogy. It is also produced in a CD format, which is beautiful listening while you drive. Thank God for this gift!

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Gloria Onyiliagha-Ofor I read the book.its the best book in the whole wide world .

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Syl Via Wunderschön See Translation

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Jayadev Sasthamveli Ramakrishnan  u

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Jennifer Jean-louis God bless the book is so good. Feel so close to Jesus. Many tks

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Martha Lucia Galvez Montoya I love Thank God for showing your love through the eyes of Jesus. Thanks Alam to do the will of God and serve right through the ministry.

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Nov 28, 2013
I have enjoyed attending several of your healing services when you visited my hometown of New Orleans. I am a member of our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Kenner Louisiana. Father Richard Miles is my pastor and a wonderful wonderful priest!

I am now on disability and living much of the time in the Philadelphia area with my sister. Do you have any plans of coming to the Philadelphia area in the future? I would greatly love to attend another one of your touching services. Also , I have several family members that could use some special help from Jesus.

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love the book" Through the Eyes of Jesus". I personally own two copies one for each of my residences. I have also purchased several others for family and friends. I try to read a few pages each morning. It gives me a wonderful feeling for the day!

God Bless you !


Dec 12, 2013

Hi Alan,

I have to tell you something, my sister had fallen away from the church for at least thirty years, I gave her Through The Eyes of Jesus to read, and now she attends mass weekly!!!!!!!!!!!! God is great!      And  a special feast day today Our Lady of Guadalupe!  I hope to see you soon!   thank you for all you do, please give Jesus a hug from me,  Anne


·         Erin Christopher This is a wonderful book ♥♥♥♥♥

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Deborah Jupe Korbar Loved them all!

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Nikki Lemaitre To read and read them again. To offer, they are wonderful!

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Wendy Picou The absolute BEST BOOK I have EVER read!!! The CD's are AWESOME too! Listened to it 4 times already! Incredible!!!! I ️ Jesus more and more!!! Thank you Lord for this book!

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Horacio H Pastor Excelente! Yo ya estoy en el volumen 3 y quisiera que hubiera el 4,5,6... una lectura realmente enriquecedora que llena el alma y te toca el corazón.See Translation

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Miriam Verlag Bei uns nach wie vor auf Deutsch erhältlich 

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Wanda Cullen A must read!

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·         Marilyn Kinnally Moncivais I love this book. I have read it 4 times. It got to the point when I had a problem I would open it and start reading it and I felt the Lord's message. He has guided and comforted me many times through this book.

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Gladys LelioJoseph Great, great book. Very simple but deep. It makes you feel part of the disciples living all the moments with Jesus on earth.

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JoannLarry Pratka I bought one for my mother-in-law and have read mine again and again. I try to read on story a day even though I want to read more. I try to focus on it throughout the day. I think it helps me work on my flaws and to be a better Christian.

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Zulma W. Falcon-Diaz It is an awesome book,I gave one away too!!! Thanks Alan!!!!

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Gloria Bradfute Like the Bible, everyone in the world should have this absolutely beautiful book. What Christian wouldn't want to be transported back in time to walk with Jesus and his disciples and experience his life on earth? You will laugh and you will cry. It truly touches the soul! And like the movie, Passion of the Christ, this book would make for an awesome movie!!! 
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Tracie Geoffroy I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this book! I take a section every day to read and them meditate on that 1 or 2 page section. Just amazing what God is revealing to me through this book and I thank Alan for being such a faithful servant of our Lord. Highly recommend this book!

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Yvonne Finger Soucie I have read it twice and have always gotten something new from the book. A friend bought it for me as I struggled through painful recovery from my 3rd hernia repair surgery. I have to say, laughing was a little painful in parts! I am now reading it through with my 10 year-old daughter. She really thinks carefully about what she reads and to hear her analyze the "characters" is really something. I will be praying for the movie to come so I can see it 

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Paul Baylis I have all three volumes and read them to my children at night before bed. We all learn from Jesus' life and His example.

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Wuon Neema Allan I thank God for the revelations in the books. May i get to know which bookshop in Kenya I may be able to find the books.

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Jim Sinyai It is a great joy and lesson each time I read or lend or or see Through the Eyes of Jesus ! thank you he chose the right vessel

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Chris Ciccone LOVE this book!!!

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Janet Larson I love my book and I have reread it so many times I can just about tell where any sentence comes from.. It is a great book...Its funny, entertaining,good short stories and reality all rolled into one with a lot of Love from Jesus. Also a great teaching tool...I love it! My book has seen a lot of wear, cover is all faded but I have taken great care on the pages...well, sort of.....

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Susan Sellers This is my favorite read, too. Do yourselves a favor and read this book!

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