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In these troubled times it is hard to live as The Lord, Jesus, asks as there are so many distractions, trials and temptations placed before people every day. If people rely on self to overcome these they are certain to fail, for it is only by God's grace a person can live as He asks and find the strength to stand firm in the face of the almost constant attacks on our faith. With this in mind, I share some of the God-given advice on how to face each day as a loving follower of Jesus Christ. Within these writings there can be found heavenly guidance, encouragement and love to show us how to live our faith in the world today. How to recognise sin and how to reject sin and stand against it. I also share some insight into the mysterious sacred power of the Holy Mass and how the Mass can open people more to God, and to be able to receive through the Mass the strength and grace needed to truly have a living faith. That it is by the living God in the Mass, we can find the way to live each day with and for Him.

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Eucharistic Rosary Booklet and Rosary
World Wide Miracles from Praying this Eucharistic Rosasry

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Buy Two Hardcover "Through the Eyes of Jesus" and Receive
one Softcopy "
Through the Eyes of Jesus"

Each book Contains Volumes 1, 2 & 3

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Buy Two Hardcover "Through the Eyes of Jesus" and
Receive one "Through the Eyes of Jesus"

BUT AN MP3. It is NOT downloaded)

Each Contain Volumes 1, 2 & 3


NEW SOFT COVER BOOK plus 3 Eternal Love CD's to share

Contains Volumes 1, 2 & 3



Hardcover Book:
"Throught the Eyes of Jesus"

"Through the Eyes of Jesus"

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Speical Price for Both: $40


See Comments from around the world on the book, 'Through the Eyes of Jesus'

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Through the Eyes of Jesus




MP3 Disc
MP3 Disc

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Through the Eyes of Jesus BOOK

Volume 1, 2 & 3
The Trilogy







This SOFT COVER book contains Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Through the Eyes of Jesus and would make an ideal gift for anyone who wishes to learn more about the down to earth interaction of Jesus with His Disciples on the roads to Jerusalem. “Are the events and details of Jesus’ life told here true? I got my ‘yes’ answer as I compared them with the life of Jesus as I had learned it from the gospel, church teaching and tradition. To imagine the events told here without an interior vision would be as easy as writing the gospels without Divine assistance.” - Richard T McSorley S.J. - Theologian

Through the Eyes of Jesus BOOK

Volume 1, 2 & 3
The Trilogy






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Through the Eyes of Jesus
is Translated into manyLanguages:

English (imprimatur Bishop Percival Fernandes under title
'Jesus Speaks to me') French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portugese, Slovenian, Arabic (imprimatur Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal) Polish, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Mayalayam and Kiribati

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Audio Books on CD

Special - ALL 2 VOLUMES
(We are out of Volume 3)
Through the Eyes of Jesus
Audio Volume 1 and 2 on Compact Disc


Through the Eyes of Jesus Volume 1 & 2
5 CD Audio Book
in each volume

(total 10 CD's)

The Lord Jesus shows Alan parts of His life as He walked through the Holy Land. He shows Alan events that happened, discussions between the Lord and the Apostles, and He allows Alan to percieve some of His thoughts. The words are elegant, yet simple, so that all may understand the profound messages that the Lord gives.

More about the audio book including excerpt



Eternal Love CD


CD - Eternal Love
Alan Ames is an international evangelist who has the gift of healing. He has mystical experiences that have brought him to a life of loving God. On this CD Alan talks on the love of God for mankind in the sacraments of the Catholic Church and in life. How in God's gentle and forgiving love all people can find peace and happiness in life.



All that I Am


I hope this book will lead people deep into the mystery of the holy mass and the true presence of the Lord, Jesus, so that all can find a closer relationship with him. A relationship that brings them to better understand the most wonderful gift God gives to mankind in the sacraments and especially in the sacrament of sacraments the eucharist. Also that people will come to know that the Lord, Jesus, not only offers me but all people the opportunity to experience the depth, richness and beauty of His love in the communion of love in every holy mass.

God is with us



Each day the Lord is with us in every moment and in this book are daily messages given to help people reflect on God's presence in their lives and the way He desires we live our lives so we can be with Him eternally. He guides mankind along the path of life so that each one can avoid the pitfalls and overcome the barriers placed before them that stop people loving God as they should and reaching our true home in Heaven.

Beyond the Veil


In this book I would like to share some of that which God has revealed as He has permitted me to see beyond the veil and how He in His great love has led me to experience such wonders and joys. Share the ways He shows to overcome the darkness and embrace the true light of God.

Understanding Evil


"Understanding Evil" is a fascinating book given to Alan Ames by God the Father, Jesus, Mother Mary, many Saints & Angels

The deceit of evil is widespread in the world today so people should be very careful as to what they accept as truth.

Quotes from "Understanding Evil" from Jesus:

"Evil corrupts the world and in the blindness of pride and self many do not see this."

"It should not be surprising that anything that is evil is confusing because in evil nothing is clear and all is hidden in deception."

"Evil holds on to the world because mankind keeps inviting it too."


The Battle for Lives and Souls

ISBN# 978-0-9820329-6-1

Often what seems good hides the evil within and evil by using this tactic can enter into the lives of good people and societies and change them for the worse. When hidden in the appearance of good obvious wrongs can gradually become accepted by society and no longer seen for the evil they are. Darkness turns upside down the perception of mankind so that what is evil can seem good and what is good can seem evil. Looking back over the past decades it becomes apparent how morals have been corrupted by the acceptance of what seems harmless and good on the surface but beneath is in fact toxic and soul destroying. Evil raised it sign and people embraced this sign unaware of what they were truly embracing. Today because of this so many suffer, lives of the innocent are destroyed and seen as worthless, many do not know what morals are and families and societies fall apart. Yet, the solution to this is there. Peace can reign in the world. All can be happy. Suffering can be overcome. The solution is in the eternal truth of God, Jesus, The Lord.

read excerpt: Lack of Respect

read excerpt: The Pendulum

Jul 2011


Compilation of several talks on different continents presenting a summary of Alan's experiences, complimented by interviews that illuminate his childhood and youth. Whoever wants to know what can be done to find healing, love and a new happy life has a thrilling and practical manual in their hands with this book.

More about the book

Gentle Spirit
Gentle Spirit




Gentle Spirit is given by the Holy Spirit and contains within it a look behind the veil to see what is really happening in the spiritual realm. The battle between good and evil in the unseen world is exposed and the effect of this on human lives. There are also daily messages from the Holy Spirit and interviews given by Alan.

More about the book

The Lord of Love



In this book The Lord of Love opens His Divine Heart and shows people what living in His love can bring into their lives and what living outside of it costs. With clear and gentle direction and encouragement the Lord guides each one back to the life they were created to live. He also reminds people over and over that no matter how far they may have strayed from the way of true life that He is always prepared to forgive each person and to welcome them with a tender embrace of love into His eternal glory.

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Experiencing God


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It is the love of God that once it touches a heart and soul brings that person to goodness. Once accepted the love of God changes a person either in a little or large way according to what is needed. His Divine love opens up and reveals the truth of God, of life and of existance. God's love removes, if accepted by the person, the fog of confusion, doubt and uncertainty that evil tries to envelop all in. God's love is a refreshing breeze of truth, it is the wind of clarity that blows away the smog of sinfulness.

This book has already helped many people in their journey to heaven and the love of God because of that it is now priced so that it can be given away to others to help them. Alan encourages people to give away as many as possible and to maybe give copies to parishes to give out to parishioners.

This book is available for free. Up to 50 printed copies are available for each person at a shipping price of $3.45 for each multiple of 10 books.

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Dec 2010

Stories of Love



This book is a compilation of short stories received by Alan from the Lord, Our Lady, and the Saints. These stories will touch your heart, each in a different way, some tinged with sadness while others will bring you deep happiness. We hope and pray that when you read these stories you will experience how God’s deep love for mankind is there for all in a personal and intimate way and is denied to no one.

More about the book


Our Mother's Heart



In this book the reader will find messages of love given for all mankind, messages that come from our blessed mother Mary"s heart by the grace of God, and which are given to guide her children on earth to a closer more intimate relationship with God

More about the book


Books in Spanish

A traves de los ojos de Jesus
Volume 1


The Lord Jesus shows Alan parts of His life as He walked through the Holy Land. He shows Alan events that happened, discussions between the Lord and the Apostles, and He allows Alan to percieve some of His thoughts. It is very simply written and easy to read so that all may understand the profound messages that the Lord gives.

More about the book


DVD Videos

From Saul to Paul



Filmmaker Michael Mayr accompanied Alan on one of his trips through Europe. In London, Alan Ames showed him where he spent his youth in a motorcycle gang. Full and frank Alan speaks about his past life. The film team also visited several people who experienced wonderful healings through Alan’s ministry. Excerpts from the media all over the world gives an impression of how powerfully God is at work today.




The Perfect Sacrifice (DVD)



This DVD features Fr. Larry Richards, Carver Alan Ames,
Sr. Briege McKenna
and Lola Falana

This is a story of faith. A story about four people: a Priest, former internationally-known entertainer, Catholic evangelist with a healing ministry, and a religious Sister.

This is an inspiring story of their faith journeys. Their lives were all changed forever through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. While all four come from different walks of life. they now know Jesus Christ in a deeply personal way through the Mass.

Watch The Trailer

go to the video's web site: www.PerfectSacrifice.net

Salt River Production Group ©2011


Healing Rosary Pamphlet in English

World Wide Miracles from Praying this Eucharistic Rosasry

Healing Rosary with pamphlet




Over a period of two to three weeks I had been going through a difficult time. Then, just as I thought it would never end and I wouldn't be strong enough to carry on, the most wonderful thing happened. On the 30 June 1995 the Archangel Raphael spoke to me, saying :

"Underneath the emotional find the spiritual. When you find that you find the answer to eternal life. You must look with your spirit, not your eyes and to look spiritually you must immerse yourself in prayer and meditation on the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Open your mind with deep thought on the mystery of the Lord's Body in the Most Holy Food of Communion. Open your heart by letting that overwhelming feeling of love engulf you, do not block it, do not stop it, just let it flow through you. Open your spirit in the Sacraments and open the way of letting God's gifts to you become stronger. Do these things and grow in God's love. I give you my love and watch over you always. In God's Name I bless you and in God's Name I offer you this help."

The next morning I had been to 8.00 am Mass and was walking, praying the rosary, when at the end of the glorious mysteries, Jesus started to speak to me. The Lord said that He was going to give me a meditation on the rosary which was to be given to all, explaining later that it was:

For those who found it difficult to pray the rosary when the Sacrament was exposed;

For those who didn't pray the rosary as they thought they were praying to Our Lady, when in fact they were praying with Our Lady, to Jesus. It showed these people that the rosary centres around Jesus.

It was also for those who doubted the bread and wine of Communion is the Lord's Body and Blood.

Those who found it difficult at times to pray the rosary; this would help as it is a simple, uncomplicated meditation.


Healing Rosary & Pamphlet in Spanish
World Wide Miracles from Praying this Eucharistic Rosasry

Un Rosario Eucaristico 




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