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2014 Holy Week
Apr 12, 2014

Dear Friends,

Here is a message from the book 'Understanding Evil', which I hope will help in focusing on the Lord Jesus this Holy Week.

God bless,

alan ames


St. Theresa (The little Flower)

In the garden of Gethsemane The Lord took all of mankind’s sins on His heart. He took all the pain and suffering from even the most horrible of sins onto Himself. Because of this He sweated tears of love for mankind as His holy blood poured out through His skin.

In each stroke of the whip the physical sins of mankind cut through the divine flesh exposing the deep love of God.

As the thorns pierced the head of The Holy One all the sinful thoughts of mankind brought forth a trickle of mercy for every- one to share in.

Within the weight of the cross was all the spiritual sins of mankind whose rejection of God would not and could not stop The Lord carrying them in love of man. Yes, the sins were so heavy that He fell but in the divine strength of God, The Lord rose up and continued to carry even the most grievous sins for those He loved.

On the cross as The Lord was lifted on high, He raised up the sins of mankind with Him and in Him, imploring The Father to accept His sacrifice and to forgive mankind for their wrongs. With an open heart He washed the world in His suffering and offered all forgiveness in and through Him.

Then in the glory of the resurrection The Lord showed the truth of His divinity and the truth of His invitation for all to join Him in eternal love in heaven. The truth that all should believe and respond to.

Alan Ames Ministry

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