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Christmas Message - The servant of love
Dec 6, 2013

When the King of Heaven and Earth came to earth He came as a servant of love. He came to show all people that to be truly regal a person must be humble, to be truly great a person must serve and to be truly holy a person must love.

In His vulnerability as a baby He also showed we are to depend on one another to care for and protect each other. That mankind’s way is meant to be the way He exposed in the lives of Mary and Joseph, loving God above all else and doing God’s will regardless of what the consequences may be. In the Holy Family, God places before mankind the example of the way families are meant to be.

At each Christmas we are reminded of the wonderful gift God bestowed upon mankind; the gift of Himself. This reminds us of the gifts of God we were created to be for one another. Just as Christ, Our Lord humbled Himself by coming to Earth as a weak and vulnerable baby, we too are meant to humble ourselves before others. We too are to make ourselves vulnerable in the love of God and of fellow man. We too are meant to be the children of love who in their weak humanity allow the divine strength of God to fill us and flow through us to benefit others. Just as Jesus, Our Lord, laid in His mother Mary’s arms and reached out to the world in love, we too are meant to lay in her arms and reach out in love to others. It was with Mary and Joseph surrounding Him the glory of The Lord was revealed to mankind. So too with us we are meant to be one with Mary and Joseph letting their love surround us as a holy family so that the glory of God can be revealed to others through us. Joseph the guardian and protector who longs for people to call on him to protect and guard them. Joseph the worker, who wants to help us in our work for God. Joseph who remained in the back ground not seeking glory for self but only wanting God’s glory to be seen in the Divine Child and in the mother God called upon to bring His glory to earth. Joseph, an example for all who love God.

Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to love more and more as family; the family of God and of man. Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to serve more and more; serve God and fellow man not self. Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to give more and more; give to God and to fellow man and not keep for self. Just as God came to give Himself completely in love and willingly to and for mankind so too we are meant to give ourselves completely in love and willingly to God and to mankind. The divine mystery of Christmas is unlocked by the key of love, which is Christ Himself. If we allow that divine key of love to unlock our hearts then we will be drawn into the mystery of Christmas and find the baby Jesus is there waiting to give us the gift of eternal life in Him.

This Christmas let us all share this mysterious love of God in simple, gentle and caring ways. Let us share it in service of others, in giving to those in need and in working for our family and all families to come to know the eternal truth of God in the babe of Bethlehem. Let us embrace the infant Jesus in love in our embrace of others and let others feel the embrace of baby Jesus in our loving embrace of them.

May you all have a loving, blessed and holy Christmas in the love of God and each other.

Alan Ames Alan Ames Ministry

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