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Prayer for peace in the Ukraine
July 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

Let us join in prayer for peace in the Ukraine.

It is a great shame of Christianity that Christian is killing Christian, that a so called Christian government bombards it's own citizens killing men, women and children and that independence fighters kill those who oppose their independence. There is nothing Christian in any of these acts for they are disgraceful.

My heart breaks to see so much suffering, so much hatred and so many remaining quiet to what is happening. How can Christians declare how wonderful is their faith when some behave this way and others do so little to stop it. What example is set before the world? An example that says while Christians declare to follow the Prince of Peace they ignore His call for love, forgiveness and peace.

Let us pray that all involved in this conflict, regardless of politics, open their hearts to The Lord, Jesus, and actually live as He asks; peacefully.

God bless,


Alan Ames Ministry

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