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Love and Forgiveness
May 31, 2014

A person who loves God will always do their best to love others even though at times it may be hard to do so because of the bad behaviour of others. However, just as Christ, Our Lord, did and does it is important to love all and in that love forgive bad behaviour, without accepting it.

The Lord, Jesus, loves even the worst of sinners and so must we try to, even though at times the terrible things people do makes it easier to be angry with them, reject them and condemn them. In our human weakness we so easily can forget how God still loves these people and how so must we. The evil in other people’s lives can so easily draw good people into bad thoughts about them and in doing so can lead the good into evil. Evil is infectious and the only way to stop the infection spreading is the way Jesus, Our Lord, showed mankind in His life; it is the way of love and forgiveness. These are powerful weapons against evil which evil fears.

It is in love of God and of fellow man forgiveness becomes an expression of that love and becomes a force for good that stops bad infecting the mind, heart and soul. From the cross Our Suffering Lord, Jesus, set an example of loving and forgiving unto death. This is the example we as His followers must imitate. From the cross, The Lord, Jesus, overcame all evil and defeated every evil throughout time and eternity. No evil could stand before His divine love and forgiveness.

In our lives it is the same even though at times it may not seem so. Sometimes as we love those doing bad nothing seems to change and we can so easily get frustrated and ask why isn’t God doing something to change the situation. In truth God is, it is just that we so often do not see or understand what is happening just as the Jews did not understand the victory of Our Lord, Jesus, on the cross at the time. It was only later mankind began to see and understand what happened on the cross and the effect of the loving sacrifice of our Saviour. When we offer love and forgiveness in the most difficult situations what we often do not see is what is happening in the spiritual realm where the love we show confronts the evil ones assailing the person who may be trapped in doing bad. Our love united in the love of God is a sword of light cutting through the darkness weakening and wounding the evil ones. Even though we may not see the immediate effects of this evil experiences it and cowers at the power of our love.

So often in the physical realm the effects are not seen for some time as it may be much later when little changes begin to happen in the lives of those doing wrong. Then those little changes can lead onto much bigger ones. However, even if no change is apparent for many years or at all, be assured that the love shown will be remembered when the people doing wrong face judgement and The Lord takes into account the love and forgiveness we have shown to these people. It will be by our offerings of love and forgiveness united in The Lord, Jesus’ love and forgiveness that mercy will be shown to many. How could The Lord not take into account the love we have shown to these people and how could He not forgive as He asks us to? So we should persevere in our efforts looking ahead in hope and trust in the Lord that He will right what is wrong in lives. That He will even to the worst sinner be merciful. Evil knows the power of love and fears it that is why the evil one tries to infect minds with thoughts of anger, bitterness, hatred, revenge and unforgiveness. The evil one tries hard to lead people away from loving and forgiving as each time a person does so the evil one sees the victory of Jesus before him in that person's life.

Knowing the power of true love I ask daily for The Lord to help me love and forgive. I often fail as my pride leads me into bad thoughts of others but when it does the Holy Spirit always reminds me of how evil is trying to stop me loving and why. The Holy Spirit gives me the grace to return to good thoughts and to keep focused on God’s love. It is then I feel within me the certainty of the victory of love and forgiveness over evil as I see The Lord, Jesus, on the cross before me crying out to even the worst of sinners in love and forgiveness. I realize then why the evil one is trying to draw me into these thoughts, they are hooks by which evil hopes to catch me and draw my soul into the darkness and be victorious over me. I pray each day with a broken heart that even the most evil people are shown mercy knowing sadly that some will not accept the love and forgiveness of The Lord, Jesus, and will pay a high price in eternity for not doing so.

Let us all unite in prayer that we can truly be loving and forgiving and that through our love of Christ, Our Lord, even the most evil will open their hearts to God and accept the love offered by Him and by those who love and follow The Lord.

God bless,

alan ames

  Alan Ames Ministry

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