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Easter Message
Apr 15, 2017

When it seems the whole world is against Catholics and there are attacks with people abusing us, making fun of us for our faith and those of different belief's condemning and physically harming or killing Christians because of their faith remember this is what they did to Christ, Our Lord, and truly we are blessed to be able to bear the suffering with Him and for Him.

While it seems hard and so unfair at times remember evil is not fair and evil will use the harshest of measures to destroy the love of Christ in the world. When you see those who are intent on getting rid of Christianity see Its Satan Lying And Manipulating those people and that they too are truly victims of evil. Victims that need our prayers and love even though they may hate us.

Just as Jesus Christ, Our Lord, did in His suffering let us look to our persecutors with forgiving love asking the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to endure in love. It is in loving through the hurt of direct and indirect oppression that we can be lifted to higher levels of love and be sanctified in the divine love of Christ. It is by responding with love to the attacks of evil through others that in Christ we can overcome evil as Our Divine Lord did on the cross. By doing this we not only overcome evil in our lives but reduce evil's effects on the lives of others as God's sanctifying grace pours out through us to bless the world. It is in imitating Christ in His suffering love that we become vessels of sacrificial love that God can use to bless all of mankind and change lives for the better.

Let us not fear what we face in the world but embrace it as Jesus, Our Lord, embraced His cross. Let us remember the gates of hell cannot stand against our church and our faith for they are God given and God is victorious on the cross and in the resurrection. Let us leave our doubts, uncertainties and weaknesses in the tomb and rise in Christ, Our Lord, to be the blessed lights that He wants to use to dispel the darkness of evil in the world so that all of mankind can glow in the sweet and blessed love of Jesus, Our Lord.

While this task is not easy we do not have to do it alone for our risen Lord is with us waiting to fill our hearts and souls with the strength of His love and the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Lord waits for us to cry out Lord help me do Your will and when He hears those words then He will pour in abundance all we need into us so truly we can be His servants of love. It is then we will truly become the risen lights of Christ in the world raising not only ourselves but the whole world closer to God and holiness.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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