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A Call to Prayer
July 24, 2005


The world is in desperate need of prayer for today lives are being overwhelmed by evil. 

The evil of terrorism that attacks and tries to destroy. 

The evil of immorality and secularism both of which are truly terrorism of the soul. 

The evil of greed and selfishness, which truly terrorizes the poor.


Many people believe that force of arms or the forcing of their will or their faith on others are what will overcome these evils but history shows that is not so.

If it were so we would not be in the mess we are in today around the world.

Now is the time to take a different approach, an approach that The Lord Jesus has always been calling mankind to; the approach of prayerful love. 

Prayer, which is so often dismissed as being of little help or rejected because it is not something tangible, is truly one of the most powerful weapons God gives to mankind.  If we want peace to come to earth and morality to return then all of us must unite in prayer for this to happen.

We must now make a special effort to pray each day for the conversion of non Christians for it is in this conversion the truth of the way to live becomes clear.

Pray for the terrorists to convert, pray for those who do not know God to convert, pray for those of all religions to convert and pray for those Christians who do not know the fullness of God’s truth on earth to convert.

Let our prayers soar heavenward as an offering for all mankind knowing that as our voices are lifted to heaven all of heaven will unite with us in this call for conversion.

Let our prayers echo in eternity as we call on the one true God to bless and convert mankind to the truth of His Trinitarian love.

If all the followers of The Lord Jesus will unite in this prayer then through those prayers His divine grace will pour out over the world and change it for the better.  Each one of His followers is called to persevere in this prayer for mankind and not to give up in the short term when it seems nothing is happening.  We must persevere and in doing so we show that we trust in God to do what is needed.  The battle will be hard for when you confront evil with Holiness then evil roars in anger as it knows in time it will be overcome. However, do not be afraid for God is with all of us and God will be there to protect us and to strengthen us when our hearts are weak.

Each one of you can find that strength in the Eucharist and each one of you can find the grace you need to persevere in the Eucharist.  It is important too, that each person frequently offers the Holy Eucharist for the conversion of mankind.

Let us all embrace now what we should have been doing anyway as part of our faith, let us embrace God in prayerful love of others as we call on God in love to convert the hearts and souls of all people.

Ask your prayer groups, ask your friends, ask all you know to join in this truly Holy war against the terrors of evil in the world today.

When large numbers of The Lord’s followers unite in prayer in this way who can stand against it?

Heaven is calling are we going to respond?

May God bring each one of you to holiness in Him,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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