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The following is an excerpt from the book A Better Way . In this book The Lord Jesus explains where and how evil has led mankind away from God and how mankind has been frequently blinded to the mistakes it makes.


There are a number of those who profess to love Me and to follow Me who deny Me, but because they are not truly focused on Me cannot see this. Some who call themselves Christian deny Me and accept what opposes Me and My loving will. These people often do not understand how they deny Me and that in their denial of Me they deny themselves, deny their children, deny the future of mankind and may even deny themselves salvation.

Some deny Me by celebrating the unholy day of evil which is known as Halloween. My followers throw parties with evil themes joyfully portraying the servants of evil, the witches, the warlocks and the evil ones. Some encourage their children to embrace this evil feast day oblivious to the fact that they are helping lower not only their own but also the young ones' resistance to evil. This unholy celebration opens many to the influence of the evil spirits which can reach through the open doors of these foolish people to manipulate them so as to bring more suffering and confusion into the world. It should be clear to all what Halloween is, it is evil as it openly promotes what is evil and blinds people to see no wrong in evil. Yet, many of those who say they reject evil look forward to and embrace this evil feast day, seeing it as a day of fun.

However, the great, good and holy feast day that follows where the saints of heaven are remembered for their holy and loving lives gets so little attention! Surely those who say they love Me should be celebrating this day, encouraging the young to look to the saints and their lives. Having parties in honour of the saints, portraying and imitating the saints and exploring the goodness of the saints. How sad it is that those who have done and continue to do so much good for mankind are ignored by many while those who have done and continue to do so much bad for mankind are honoured, celebrated and given so much attention. It seems many of those who claim to love Me enjoy celebrating evil instead of good.

In some countries as the sacred time of lent begins many begin it in evil's ways. Mardi Gras parade through the streets with great displays of immorality. Whole families young and old, join together seeking some excitement and fun. Many are blinded to what it is they are enjoying; they are enjoying and encouraging sin and so become part of that sin. Parents bring their young children to see scantily clad or semi - naked men and women behaving in immodest ways. The children are influenced and encouraged to accept the sinful ways of homosexuality, of lustfulness and of immorality.

What hope for the future is there if the young are educated in this way? Will future Mardi Gras parade paedophilia or bestiality as acceptable behaviour? For as the morals of the young are corrupted it is certain that more and more sinful ways will be accepted as normal and will be gradually seen as a choice that people have the right to make. (On March 23rd 2005 the television programme, 'Dateline' in Australia screened a report on the abuse of Orang-utans in Indonesia, part of the report was about a young female Orang-utan who had been shaved of all the hair from her body and was chained to the floor. The woman who owned her rented the Orangutan out as a prostitute to the villagers of a logging town. When the army came to free the primate many of the villagers tried to prevent the soldiers and came out brandishing weapons. The villagers wanted the primate to remain as a prostitute, as they saw nothing wrong in this and believed it was their right to use the animal in this way! It was thankfully freed by the army and given to an animal refuge.) The path of Sodom and Gommorah is being walked by many, being embraced by many and being encouraged by many who say they love Me. How foolish these people are for the love of evil ways denies and destroys the love of Me and in their blind pride these people cannot see that to love Me is to hate evil and all of evil's ways.

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