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Dec 22, 2022

The Glory of His Love

In a stable in Bethlehem lay the infant saviour of the world come in love to save mankind from its sins. His mother Mary and Joseph watched over Him in love, love that originated from He Who is Love. The animals around bathed in the glory of His love, at peace in the presence of the Prince of Peace. The shepherds came to see the Glory of God before them and the wise men came in worship and adoration to He who is Lord.

In heaven the angelic choirs sang out their joy at God coming to earth to save man. Those angelic voices also sang heavenly lullabies to the divine infant who heard and treasured their songs as He drifted gently into sleep. In His heart He held each angelic song, so too with every prayer of love said by man throughout time He did keep.

On earth now was the glory and love of God in the divine person of Jesus. Glory offering all mankind to be glorified in Him. Love offering all mankind eternal love to come and reside in.

With His heart open wide the infant Jesus poured out His love in an unending flow of divine love. With His Spirit opened to all the Holy Child offered eternal grace to all so that the spirits of mankind could become holy spirits in Him.

No wonder Christmas is a time of joy for the joy of God came to earth, joy there for all so that all can live the joyful life in and with God they were created to. The joy of souls that would be saved. Joy for the world that we as the glorified, loving people of The Lord, Jesus, should take to all so that all can find hope for the future in Him. We are called to be the shepherds today to guide all to the Prince of Peace so that His peace can fill hearts and souls when they come into His presence and experience His divine love. We are called to be the wise people of today who lead all into to the true wisdom of God and away from the foolishness of the world. Let us be like the infant Jesus, gentle and vulnerable yet filled with the power of Godís love reaching out to all in love and inviting them into the loving heart of Jesus.

May you all have a Blessed and Holy Christmas,

Alan Ames


Aug 14 , 2022

When Jesus Spoke to Alan Ames

In 1994 at the early time of my experiences with God I was going into a church in Wembley, West Australia called Our Lady of Victories. One day when I was in front of the Sacred Heart statue The Lord, Jesus, was there and He said to me, íCome and hold my hand.í So I went to Him as the Sacred Heart and held His hand then I prayed The Our Father, The Hail Mary and a Glory Be. As I did I was filled with complete ecstasy, beyond anything of this world. So powerful, overwhelming and so full of love. If I had died then I would have been happy to. The Lord, Jesus, said,í You have been filled with My Holy Spirit. Then The Holy Spirit began to talk to me in this ecstasy which lasted for hours as I sat in the church laughing and crying. This was the first time I experienced The Holy Spirit who I did not know anything about. The Holy Spirit spoke to me of gifts and graces and asked me if I would take His gifts and graces out to the world. I of course agreed. As I reflect on this I realise how blessed I was for The Lord, Jesus, Himself filled me with The Holy Spirit when I Held His hand, holding His hand was unfathomable gift in itself, and then the Holy Spirit holding me in His grace was an incredible blessing. I hope all can share in their lives the deep love of The Lord Jesus, holding them in His Sacred Heart and be filled with the divine gifts and graces the Holy Spirit has for all people. I attach photoís of the Sacred Heart statue that came to life for me and is still in Our Lady of Victories church.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames




July 31 , 2022

Taken from the book,í Gentle Spirit.í


The hope many have for a good future and a good life often excludes God and places all hope in the world and in the ways of man. With a hope like this then it is certain that truly life and the future will never achieve the goodness that is possible only in God, a goodness that is full and complete. The way of man and the way of the world can only ever bring a future that is empty of true meaning and true life.

Without God hope becomes filled with self and with earthly desires rather than heavenly and eternal desires. A hope that is centered on what the world can give and what man can create is a hope that is bound to lead into disaster for this kind of hope is the kind that opens peaple and the world to evil. A hope like this is filled with pitfalls that are there to draw people away from God and into hopelessness. A hope like this leads along the path of despair for in the end the world cannot give what a person truly needs and all the creations of mankind cannot satisfy the soul.

True hope is a hope that seeks to live in the goodness of God not only in this life but in eternity. Any other hope than that is a false hope that will in the end lead to disappointment and misery. Many, sadly, are deceived or deceive themselves into believing that their hopes can be answered in the world alone. The only hopes that can be answered in the world alone are self centered hopes which are ones that so often seek the best only of material things and ignore the spiritual needs and the needs of true love.

True hope is a hope that not only seeks good for self but good for all mankind seeing all as deserving of a future that is full of true love and a fulfilled life in God. With this seeking of good for all a person opens their heart in a true acceptance of the equality of all people and sees all as brothers and sisters who should be given respect and should be helped to have all that is needed in life.

This is the hope God has for mankind that they love Him and in His love they love one another equally. It is in this hope that God sent His only Son, The Lord, Jesus Christ, to show all how they are meant to live, to offer them the grace they need to live this way and to offer them all they need in life. The Lord also came to bring hope to those who had none, to those who despair and to those who were lost in life. He called out to all ďI am your hope for a full life on earth and an eternal life of love in heavenĒ.

The Lord, Jesus, also hoped that all people would listen to His words in Holy Scripture and come to live them in imitation of Him as they are supposed to. To live in imitation of The Lord, Jesus, people should be hope bringers just as The Lord is. To live as The Lord wants people to they should go out to all and lead all to the hope of a better life in Him. To live in imitation of The Lord, Jesus, people have to confront the despair that sin and evil bring with the hope that the love of God brings.

Every person on earth should be living a life of hope with the opportunity to have their good hopes fulfilled and all those in power, with influence and with wealth should be doing all they can to help the less well off have the opportunities they need and deserve to achieve this. Mankindís true hopes can be found and brought to fruition in Jesus Christ, The Lord of hope, or can be lost and destroyed in self and in sin. God hopes mankind will make the right decision while evil hopes mankind will make the wrong decision. Each person needs to think carefully about which decision they will make and consider the cost of making the wrong one.

God bless,


May 24, 2022

The Young

As I look around the world I see so many young people being drawn away from Christ. Frequently the media is used as a tool to change public opinion, especially the opinion of the young, on moral issues and often the media gives the immoral a platform to air their views in the name of free speech, sometimes saying that everyone has a right to be heard, yet they often silence christians. The more attention the supporters of wrong obtain the more they seek, for they know if the peopleís attention is kept on wrong and when the people are constantly being told wrong is right some will come to believe this. Also in some countries the education systems have been infiltrated by those who have no faith or have a different agenda who want to get the young to stop believing in God. There is a massive attack by evil on society and especially on the young for they are the future. Evil wants a future without God.

Some political and economic unions that countries join for better standards of living or for security force change upon nations and upon the young by taking God out of society. Demanding no or little mention of God in society. Demanding humanist ways are forced upon people. Even at times making laws to force the acceptance of sin. The values of christianity are mocked as being out of date and not for these modern times. If you believe in God you are to be felt sorry for as you have been brainwashed or you are not clever enough to know better. If you oppose the modern way of life where immorality is the norm, where nature itself is denied and false truths replace what is the physical truth of man and nature, where anything goes, where life is of little value, then you are to be pitied at best or to be imprisoned at worst. No wonder many turn from the faith because they do not want to be seen as different. They want to fit in with every one else and not be scorned or ridiculed.

To overcome this we should not get angry with the young. It is not their fault that so much has confused them. There is a constant bombardment aimed at them to get them to reject God and embrace evil. We should not try to force the young to change because force does not work. We need to use the power of Godís love to change people. If we can be the gentle loving people God wants us to be, if we can love all as Christ loves, then we can start to bring the young back to church. If we share with them the love we feel for God and how in our faith that love finds fullness. Share with them the joy we feel in loving God through our faith. Then that will touch some and bring them back. If we listen to what they have to say and not just keep telling then what we want them to do then we can find out why they do not come to church. Once we know that then in prayer we should ask God to give us the wisdom and words to respond to them. So many of the young do not know what it is to be truly loved. So many feel insecure in themselves and in the world. So many feel lonely or unwanted or unloved. There are these hidden feelings inside many and often it is these that take them from the church as they seek the answers elsewhere. If we listen to what they say and try to understand and not condemn, even when they may have done bad things, and respond to them with the love of Christ. Explaining that it is in The Lord, Jesus, all the answers will be found. That He loves them just as they are. He always wants them and He is always with them watching over them because He cares for them.That we also love them and care for them. If we keep encouraging the young to think deeply about what is happening in their lives and to see Jesus in their lives then we can find success. If we can show them that like us they can find security in life in God.

All this is possible if we remember to first ask God for the grace to be able to speak to the young in the right way and to respect them regardless of how they respond to us. We should also be lifting them up to The Lord in the holy mass.

It happens that some of the faithful are frightened or nervous to reach out to the young for fear of being abused, made fun of or rejected. We should not let this stop us from doing so. The faithful should remember that Our Lord, Jesus, was mocked, abused and rejected but that by persevering in love He was victorious. So it will be for us if we go out unafraid and with love open our hearts to the young then we will be victorious too.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Apr 16, 2022

Burst Forth

In the risen Lord is the assurance, for all who love Him and do their best to follow His will, of eternal life. When He rose from the tomb He showed to all His victory over death and invited all to be part of that victory. Each Easter He renews His invitation and calls all to accept His victory in their lives so that in and through Him they can be victorious too. The tomb could not contain Him and evil could not defeat Him. The darkness could not subdue His divine light as it burst forth to illuminate the way to heaven for mankind. When He died some thought it was the end of His life but in truth it was just the beginning of a new life for all who would believe in Him and His victory. Those who despaired now found joy in His resurrection and found the truth of God in Him. The sadness was gone to be replaced with the joy of the divine truth and with no fear for what lay ahead in life, for they knew that they were secure in Christ, Our Risen Lord.

Today, as the dark clouds gather in life, so many are losing hope at what is happening in the world and in their lives. Some who are trapped in the tomb of despair, it is important to turn to Our Risen Lord, Jesus, and find joy in what He offers mankind in Him. Turn to Him and asked to be filled with His divine light so that we too in Him can break free from the self imposed tombs of despair and hopelessness and find joy in life again. Turn to Him, trusting that we are secure in Him and that no matter what happens in the future He will take care of us and that evil cannot defeat us. Even if all seems lost, believe He will lead us to find the way to overcome the crosses in our lives so that after the crosses we will not be broken but will be raised anew in Him with the strength to be His true followers and to be His vessels of light, hope, joy and love in the world. So that through us many, not only us, can find their way to their eternal home in heaven.

He is risen, so let us rise up as His followers and burst forth, proclaiming His eternal love to all and the eternal life that awaits all who will believe in Him.

God love you,

Alan Ames


Feb 10, 2022

Blaming God

A commonly asked question is why doesnít God stop the suffering in the world, the sick dying and the hungry starving? Some even blame God for not doing anything and reject or deny Him because of this. It seems it is Godís fault these things happen or He is not compassionate because He allows them to happen. When asked about this some people of faith have no answer to it as at times they are wondering themselves.

The question in fact should be not why God allows this to happen by why mankind does? Mankind has the ability to stop people starving but sadly mankind does not want to share as it should, preferring to blame God rather than look at what mankind is not doing. If all the money spent on wars was used to help the poor and needy there would be none. If all the money spent on wars was used to research cures for disease then many illnesses would no longer exist. If the money used on vanity around the world was used not for looking better but for having better lives for all then most would have good lives. If all the scientists spent their time looking for cures and solutions to the true problems of mankind, cures would be found and many problems overcome. Unfortunately, many scientists spend their time on improving entertainment technology or developing that which truly is of little benefit and sometimes only a novelty.

People respond to this by saying that these are high ideals but they will never happen. Yes, they are high ideals and we should be reaching for high ideals, saying they will never happen is just an excuse to do nothing or little. If we all make the effort and persist in doing so then these high ideals can be reached. Of course it will not be easy but we need to keep trying. Each little effort we make can unite with the efforts of others to make it happen. We need also to keep praying that the world will not look to wars, to vanities, to selfishness. We need to pray that mankind will stop making excuses and blaming God for its own failings.

God has given us all we need and if it is used correctly in the way God wants paradise would be here. It is by mankind not using the gifts God has given us correctly that the world suffers. We are the problem causing the problems but we should be the solution by living in the way God created us to. How foolish and self centred it is to say it is Godís fault when in fact it is our fault. How blind mankind has become refusing to see that we can overcome the difficulties in the world and instead preferring to see only what we can have for self and refusing to see how foolish and wasteful war is. God wants no one to suffer or to be hungry He wants all to live well and He gives us all we need to do so, the sad thing is we in our rejection of His will cause many to suffer.

Why donít we stop the suffering, the illnesses and the starvation? We can but it is easier for mankind not to think that way and to think nothing can be done and so it continues.

Why do we not stop blaming God, for in truth there is nothing to blame Him for and a lot to thank Him for.

God love you,

Alan Ames


Dec 20, 2021

Smiles of Love

Divine love came to earth as man to show mankind that God is with us and always has been. From the cradle in Bethlehem the baby Jesus cried out to each person throughout time, íI love you and I AM here for you.í He raised His arms in the manger offering all an embrace of love, hoping all in return will raise their hearts to Him and accept His love.

From His first moment on earth inside the womb of Mary, His mother, The Lord longed for the love of mankind and at His birth the first cry He made was a cry of love from God for mankind. Now in the physical Divinity opened the mystery of Godís love for mankind so that all could see there was nothing to fear in God, only tender love for all. With the coming of the Divine One, God showed how precious humanity, which he had created, was to Him, for The Lord Himself took on human flesh and united humanity with His divinity. Now in The Lord, Jesus, God and man became one and offered all people the opportunity to become one in Him. So that in doing so mankind could find their true reason for living and be elevated beyond the trials and tribulations of the world and live peacefully and joyfully in Christ, Our Lord.

The little smiles on the face of the baby Jesus, were smiles of love for all. Smiles that expressed the hope The Lord, Jesus, had for all people as He saw each person before Him and saw the lives they could live if they embraced the divine gift of His love. When Mary, His mother, picked the little child Jesus up and held Him close to her, The Lord, could hear and feel her heart beats of love and enjoyed each one. How He hoped, as the loving embrace of Mary felt so comforting, that all would come to His mother so they could feel that comfort and feel that joy of love. That they could hear in each heart beat of Mary her words guiding them to her Son, Jesus. As Mary looked upon her child and was lost in the gaze of love He gave her she prayed in her soul that all people would experience that gaze and be lost in the love of her Son, Jesus, so that their souls could be filled with love and filled with grace.

Every Christmas we should look to the baby Jesus, seeking to find that gaze, seeking to see that smile, seeking to experience that love and seeking to appreciate the God-given gift of Christmas and then we should try to do that every day.

May you all have a blessed and holy Christmas united in the love of Jesus Christ,

God bless,

Alan Ames


Nov 26, 2021

Troubled Times

My Dear friends in Christ,

In these troubled times it may seem as if goodness is disappearing and that darkness is all around. In life today evil seems to be triumphing and as it does so is destroying lives, society and peace. Sinful ways are being accepted as being right and what is right is seen as being wrong. The world seems to have turned on upside down. Much that was held as true and was treasured is being attacked, mocked and rejected to be replaced by what used to be held as sinful and evil. So many people are despairing over the direction society is going. So many are losing hope as so called democratic governments let go of democracy and enforce their will. The cost of living soars and jobs are lost and it becomes a struggle just to survive for some. People are losing their freedoms as they become prisoners of this never ending spiral of destruction of morals and society. Life has become a misery for some and often those in power do not seem to care. However, there is one who cares and that is The Lord, Jesus. He is there in every moment. He is with people in every struggle. He helps carry the crosses people have to bear.

When peoples eyes are full of tears He is there shedding tears with them. When peoples hearts break His heart is broken too. When it all seems too much and it is hard to carry on He is reaching out saying turn to Me and let Me help you, let Me carry you. He embraces us in our suffering and invites us to embrace Him in His suffering so that our suffering can become holy and grace filled. He offers us the strength we need to persevere in faith so that as signs of faith we, by His grace, can strengthen and uplift society.

Remember He is victorious and that this time of evil seeming powerful will end. His victory is won. From within the church The Lord will raise up saints to stand against the darkness in the world and through these blessed people He will bring the truth into peoples lives and society again. There will arise from within the church in years to come a leader who will be strong in love and faith. A gentle and kind leader who will stand against and confront evil in the world with the power of Godís love and change the world for the better. A leader who will be prepared to sacrifice his all for God and will be the example the world needs in these times to show what love truly means and what life should be. I do not know when this will happen but I do know that it will.

So do not despair God has it all in hand, He always has had. He will bring the world through this time and continue to prepare mankind for the glorious return of His, Son Jesus. Prepare us through our catholic faith and the love and grace He bestows upon us in the sacraments, in holy scripture and through prayer. The Lord, Jesus, will return and He will and does rule eternally a kingdom of love and peace which we can all be part of if we hold on even through the most difficult times to Him and His love of us.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Aug 11 , 2021


What a glorious place, full of love, full of peace, full of enjoyment. Think of the happiest moment in your life, and then magnify that a billion times, and it does not compare to the smallest of touches of heaven. When you are in heaven, you are so full of Godís love, you know nothing else except complete ecstasy, an ecstasy which increases and increases. Each soul in heaven is a mirror of Godís love, and so when you see each other, you see Godís love and are lifted in ecstasy even more. Just when you think you have all the joy you could ever desire, the Father fills you with more and more; you become a light burning brighter and brighter in Godís love. You come to understand this will never end, it will only increase as the Father has an unlimited supply of love to share.

As you enter each doorway in heaven, you find wonders and joys you could never have imagined. You find everyone in love with you and you in love with them, you soar in unison with them in singing the praises of God and, as you do, you are filled with even more love from the Father. All the saints you have heard of are there and you see the pure beauty of their love. You see the angels and archangels and together you fly throughout eternity looking upon all the wonders God has made.

You come to understand the joy of God in everything He has created. You see beautiful valleys filled with the most fragrant flowers, you see spirits of love waiting to play with you, waiting to share their love with you. You see mountains of golden light exploding into a cascade of light that touches you and fills you with joy. You see rivers of so many beautiful colours, all flowing to join as a sea of wonderful fountains, that when you bathe in them your whole being resounds with happiness. You see all around you lovely delicacies, and when you taste them you are engulfed in the warmth of love.

As you take the hands of your companion saints in Heaven and look to the Father, your spirit explodes like a firework in joyful love. As the light from you spirit is touched by those around you, every spirit unites to become one with God and then you feel what you never thought possible. You feel all the love in eternity entering into youÖ you feel and see all the good things that have happenedÖ you become part of all these things, you become part of all the love that has been shared among mankind, among the angels, among the saints, you become part of every moment of love that has ever happened. Then you understands what heaven truly is.

God bless,

Alan Ames




June 22, 2021


In all of our lives there are people that we dislike or, heaven forbid, even hate, because of their bad behavior. We may pay lip service by saying we pray for them, but deep in our hearts, we canít stand them, and think not-so-nice thoughts about them.

Jesus teaches that it is important to love all, and in that love, forgive bad behavior without accepting it. Jesus loves even the worst of sinners, even though the terrible things people do makes it easier to be angry with them, reject and condemn them. In our human weakness we can so easily forget how deeply God still loves these people, and how we must, too.

Evil knows the power of love and fears it--that is why, when we think of those who do bad things, the evil one tries to infect our minds with thoughts of anger, bitterness, hatred, revenge, and unforgiveness. Evil is infectious and the only way to stop the infection spreading is the way Jesus showed mankind in His life: the way of love and forgiveness. These are powerful weapons against evil, which evil fears.

It is in love of God and man that forgiveness becomes an expression of that love, and becomes a force for good that stops evil from infecting the mind, heart and soul. From the cross, Jesus set an example for us of loving and forgiving unto death. He overcame all evil and defeated it throughout time and eternity. No evil could stand before His divine love and forgiveness.

In our lives, sometimes we are easily frustrated, because in spite of our love and forgiveness, nothing seems to change with those doing bad. We ask ďWhy isnít God doing something to change the situation!Ē In truth, God is--we just donít see or understand what is happening, just as the Jews didnít understand the victory of Jesus on the cross. It was only later that mankind began to see and understand what happened on the cross, and the effect of the loving sacrifice of Our Savior.

When we offer love and forgiveness in the most difficult situations, we cannot see what is happening in the spiritual realm. The love we show confronts the evil ones assailing the person who may be trapped in doing bad. Our love, united in the love of God, is a sword of light cutting through the darkness, weakening and wounding the evil ones. Even though we may not see the immediate effects of this, evil experiences it and cowers at the power of our love.

In our physical realm, the effects are not seen for some time, as it may be much later when little changes begin to happen in the lives of those doing wrong--little changes that can lead on to much bigger ones.

However, even if no change is apparent for many years, or at all, the love shown will be remembered when the people doing wrong face judgment, and Jesus takes into account the love and forgiveness we have shown these people. Our offerings of love and forgiveness, united to Jesus, will, in turn, result in mercy being shown to many. How could Jesus not take into account the love we have shown others, and not forgive, as he asks us to?

Because our love and forgiveness will help save souls, we must ask daily for the Lord to help us love and forgive. The Holy Spirit will remind us when our pride or anger leads us into bad thoughts of others, telling us how evil is trying to stop us from loving and forgiving. The Holy Spirit will give us the grace to return to good thoughts and to keep focused on God's love. We will then feel within us the certainty of the victory of love and forgiveness over evil as we see Our Savior on the cross before us, crying out to even the worst of sinners in love and forgiveness.

We must pray each day that even the most evil people are shown mercy, even though we know that some may not accept the love and forgiveness of the Lord, and will pay a high price in eternity for not doing so.

So let us all unite in prayer that we can truly be loving and forgiving and that through our love of our Lord, even the most evil will open their hearts to God and accept the love and forgiveness offered by him and by those who love and follow the Lord.

God bless,

Alan Ames



May 18 , 2021

A New Beginning

In the beginning God created all and it was good. All was created in good order by God but through the sin of man disorder was brought into creation. Before the sin of man creation was a paradise full of love and purity existing as God created it to. It was through sin that hatred and impurity was allowed to enter creation and the holy gift started to become an unholy mess. Mankind was given all it needed to live happy and joyful lives but when mankind let go of humility and let pride rule Godís gift was seen as not enough and man wanted more.

The desire for more was and is self perpetuating for the more man got the more man wanted. There was never enough to satisfy the prideful desire that now lived in the hearts of mankind. The love of God and what God gave mankind began to be replaced with the love of self and what mankind could get for itself. No longer were people satisfied with all the blessings God gave to them instead they wanted to be able to bless themselves with power, wealth and the knowledge of all. This has led mankind to the situation it is on today where society is disordered and is a mess. The path mankind has embarked upon will be for many a path that leads them to darkness as the good in the world and in life disappears under the heavy weight of pride and sinfulness.

However we can change this by Godís grace. It is possible when mankind returns to appreciating what God has given. To start thanking God for His blessings. To recognise that we were created to be good and that we can be again if we start to live the way we were created to. When we do this sanity will come back into society and the grip of evil on mankind will be broken. We can clear up the mess we have made and continue to make. Holiness can return to lives if we stop wanting more and more and thinking of self first. If we let the light of God shine brightly in our lives we and others can come to see, because of this, the true treasures God has given us and come to reject pride and sinfulness. Then we can come to the knowledge that the power and wealth of Godís love is all we need for in that is everything good and that no power is greater than God. That there is enough in Godís love for everyone.

Mankind needs a new beginning, a beginning to renew our love of God through and in His Son, Jesus. If people turn to the Lord, Jesus, and ask of Him,íLord, let me begin a new life in you.í then He will renew us, renew our faith and renew the world through us. He will replace our pride with humility and the desire to serve rather than be served. He will bring us to be what we are meant to be; images of God for we were created in His image.

So let us begin by praying for the whole world to become good again, for the whole world to reject evil and the disorder it brings so that the order of Godís love can reign supreme in all peopleís lives again.

God bless,

Alan Ames



April 24, 2020


As I reflect on how The Lord, Jesus, suffered and died for me and for all I wonder why I am worth so much to Him that He would give His life for me? I a sinner and a man full of weakness and pride why die for me? What makes me worthy to receive such a blessing that the Divine One would suffer and die for and because of me and my sins? It pains me deeply to the point of my heart breaking to think that The Lamb of God would be sacrificed, would suffer so terribly and would die for me. He who is so tender, kind, gentle and loving would be hurt because of me. What an amazing thing to do. Then I realise that because He is love and the source of all love He could do nothing else for divine love wants to save everyone, wants to heal everyone, wants to bring everyone to holiness and wants everyone to enjoy eternal life in heaven. Divine Love never wants anyone to suffer and so is prepared to suffer in place of those He loves. Divine love never wants a person to be lost or a soul to enter hell and so He will do all He can to prevent this happening. Divine love sees all as precious, sees all as worthy of being saved and sees all as part of His family. The heart of Jesus, is completely full of divine love and is opened in every moment pouring out love in the hope that all of mankind will embrace it in love and allow The Lord of Love to lift their human love into His heart so that human love can be united with divine love and brought to fullness within it.

As I think on this I see that God who is love and who created all in love to live in love, continues to bless all with love, so that all can become what they were created to be; good, holy and loving people. That when and if we embrace Him who is Divine Love that we would have the same desires as Him. We too would want everyone to be saved, healed, holy and find eternal life in heaven. We could do nothing else for we would be loving as The Lord loves and we would be prepared to sacrifice all for the love of God and of others.

God bless, Alan Ames.


April 4, 2021


Let us be raised above the darkness of evil in the world by clinging to The Risen Lord, Jesus. He has defeated the darkness and malice of evil and overcome the tomb by the power of His divine love. The truth of God overcame the deceit of evil and showed the all powerful love of God in and through His only Son, Jesus. No longer can evil lay claim to the souls of mankind as all people are given the hope and opportunity to be lifted beyond death to eternal glory in heaven. It is only those who choose to give evil their souls by living as evil asks who let the evil one claim their souls as they freely offer them to him. Today in the world the face of evil is no longer hidden it is blatant shown throughout society for evil has brought many to no longer fear evil but to embrace it and to see evil as a normal part of life. These are the ones who need help in finding a new life in The risen Lord, Jesus. These are the ones who Christians need to show that The Lord is truly risen and has overcome all evil and that those who embrace His victorious love can live full, happy and blessed lives. It is by sharing the truth of the Risen Lord that we can help raise up others to Him so that they can be brought to true life in Him.

Fear not the evil in the world, it has been defeated. Do not cower as evil seems to be getting stronger but know that this is a deception that will come to an end for the victory on the cross and in the resurrection has assured this. Stand up and be counted as one of the risen people who, by Godís grace, rise above the evil in the world and show the glorious love of Christ, Our Risen Lord, to all. Let us not be entombed in fear but let us be set free knowing that evil is defeated and that the eternal love of God, Jesus Christ, is the victor and reigns supreme over all.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames

January 9, 2021

How blessed we are.

Even if all those around you succumb to the world and the darkness within it, stand firm in your faith. It is by you holding on to The Lord, Jesus, in love that His love through you will help others recognise the darkness and come to reject it. At times it may seem hopeless as darkness spreads and envelops so many lives, including the lives of our loved ones. However, we should understand that it is these times we are here for. God has placed us here and now so we can be the ones who bring the divine light of Christ to those lost in the dark. The light we can bring is not our own light but the light from which all light comes from; the light that is the love of God, Jesus. The light that can be magnified through us and unite with the love God has placed within our souls to become a flame of love burning so brightly all can be touched by it and brought out of the shadows.

If we can keep our faith and not let the events in the world draw us into despair and hopelessness then Godís grace through us will lead others out of despair and hopelessness. This is the work The Lord, has called us to do. We, His servants of love, are here to serve Him by bringing to Him all who are separated from Him by the world and the powers of darkness within it. If we do not stand firm and we let our faith be weakened by fear of what is happening or just accepting the wrong in the world then who will The Lord, Jesus, use to do His will? If we betray Him in this time of distress how can we expect the world to be a better place? We are called by Godís grace to save the world, to save our families, to save our friends, to save all we encounter and to save souls.

What a blessed call that is and if we answer it and do our duty in love of God and of others then truly we will be called blessed.

God bless,

Alan Ames


December 25, 2020

Invited at Christmas

This Christmas is a time to reflect on the great gift of love God bestowed on mankind in His Son, Jesus. With the birth of The Lord, mankind was invited through Him to be truly the family of God. When the Holy Babe came to earth His cries were cries of love for mankind. Cries that called out to mankind I AM here for you come and embrace Me in love. Come and join with me as family and find your way home to The Father in and through Me. As Mary and Joseph watched over the baby Jesus with hearts bursting with love the angels gathered around them to join their love with Mary and Josephís so that together their hearts could sing out joyfully,íThe Lord, has comeí.

While the child lay in the manger sleeping peacefully His Peace poured out to touch those around. His glory filled the air as heaven united with earth in Him revelling in His glory. Each heart beat He had was a heartbeat of love sending out eternal love in abundance into the world so all could come and grow in His love. The passion of His love overpowered all evil and swept all hatred aside as He gently opened His heart to mankind in His coming to earth as man and as divine love. The infinite love became finite so that in this moment of time His love could be exposed to all and offered to all throughout time. The little babe of Bethlehem in His waking with a gentle smile on His face and grace in every breath, invited all to be awakened in Him so that they could smile with joy as His grace filled their hearts and souls.

As Mother Mary picked up her child and held Him close to her in love The Holy Child snuggled into her to feel the warmth of her love and to enjoy that love. As she held her child in her arms her soul was a calling out to all people let me pick you up and surround you with the warmth of my motherly love so that I can then bring you to my Holy Son where together we can enjoy being with the Son of God, being family.

A blessed and holy Christmas to you all,

Alan Ames

Nov 18, 2020


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As we walk along the path of love and light together, the path that is the path of The Lord, Jesus, there will be darkness all around us. To either side of us there will be trapped in the shadows and trapped in darkness lost souls who have not known the way of The Lord. There will be those calling out to us for help. Some in their confusion and anger of soul will try to pull us off the path and into the darkness with them. The truly evil ones will want to drag us away from God and into the pain of soul that comes from denying or rejecting The Lord. However, to remain on the path of light and love we must keep focused on our goal of heaven and not be distracted by anything they do. That does not mean to ignore them as to remain on the path of love we must show them love, to remain on the path of light we must try to bring the divine light into their lives. If we do not do this we ourselves will stray from the path for in Christ, Our Lord, we are meant to do all we can to save sinners, to save those lost along the way. We must always remember that we too are sinners and it is only by the grace of God in our lives that we walk the right way. It was by our accepting that grace and letting it lead us in life that we are not lost. This grace is offered to all, even those deep in the darkness of evil, but they have to be told of that grace and that accepting the grace will bring true joy, peace and love into their lives.

So often when we see those in the dark behaving badly and doing evil things we turn we turn away from them. Maybe we do this in fear or in disgust at what they do but we should try not to do that. I know at times when I see those trapped by evil and doing evilís bidding I at first feel angry and judgemental towards them. The Lord, corrects me and tells me that I should not judge and condemn but instead feel sorrow that they are this way and then pray for them to be set free from the chains that bind them. It is essential that we always put Godís will first in our life as in not doing so we step off the path. Our human will is often the will of pride that so easily can draw us into distraction, into forgetting God, into committing sin. It is , however, when we pray with a true heart that Godís will remains supreme in our lives and our human will becomes submissive to His will. Godís will is that we reach heaven and so His will keeps us on the path and stops us from being lost. It is also in His will that we reach out to others offering them the helping hand they need to step on the path with us and to keep on it.

It is certain that at times we will stumble and fall along the way but it is also certain that if we do our best The Lord, Jesus, will be there to lift us up and place us back on the path to heaven. So it will be with others and we have to let them know that if they have fallen, if they are stumbling in life The Lord, Jesus, has not turned away from them. Instead He turns towards them in love pouring out His divine light so that the darkness around them can be illuminated by it and they can see the way to heaven and desire that way. The unloved should know they are loved, the unwanted know they are wanted, the sinful know they can be forgiven, the evil people know they can become good people because The Lord, Jesus, is waiting to help them be so.

This walk is not easy at times as we battle with ourselves and others who try to stop us. Remember though when it is hard it is good to offer your struggles to The Lord, for others to find the true path and to stay on it. When we do this it becomes a powerful prayer of sacrificial love for others and through your sacrifices grace will pour out and save souls. Even though you may not know or see this in your life on earth many will be waiting to thank you in heaven for the sacrifices you made for them and the light of love you were in the world.

God bless,

alan ames

Evil Fruit
Nov 10, 2020

If there is anything in life that leads people from God then that in itself is evil and is to be avoided at all costs. Today there is so much that does this because people have become blind to the truth and as to what reality is. Instead, deceit and distortions of reality are accepted as what is correct. It is by doing this that people open themselves to evil and the pain it brings with it. Sometimes people accept that pain as they think it is just part of life and do not recognise that this pain is the fruit of evil and is so unnecessary. A bitter fruit that so many willingly eat. Of course often this is not the physical pain that many suffer due to illness or accidents but sometimes it is. It is the pain of a soul filled with darkness or of an empty soul, of a soul separated from God, of not knowing true love. It is the pain of loneliness, of being lost in life, of insecurity, of fearfulness, of rejection and so much more.

Eating the fruit of evil brings destruction to lives and to society which is just what evil wants to happen. It should be obvious to all that this is what is happening in the world today but so, so many are unaware or ignore this and carry on living their lives as the world around them decays. Ignoring what is happening does not make it go away or make it get better, it only allows things to get worse. Unfortunately, in the blindness of pride there are those who even deny the evil that is so clearly seen in the world. Evil today often does not even hide what it is doing, it is blatant and in the open and it does this because it does not need to hide as many do not reject it or oppose evil.

How the evil one and his minions laugh at the foolishness of mankind that leads to mankindís own destruction and causes many souls to go to the eternal suffering in hell. Some of course do not believe in hell but just because a person does not believe in something does not mean it isnít real. Hell is a reality of life, eternal life. A reality that awaits so many. Some say there is no hell except the hell on earth but nothing on earth compares to the suffering in hell. Suffering many walk to with open arms. Having seen hell I want no one to go there but sadly I know some will. The suffering they endure in hell breaks my heart and I long to help them but know I cannot. Suffering that is so intense and increases, never ending. To see the evil ones laughing and enjoying inflicting this pain on people over and over is a heavy cross to bear. That is why it is important that we help people in this life on earth not to walk the path to hell, but to heaven. Even the most evil person who has walked the earth you would not want to go to hell when you see what is there. Each day I pray to the Lord, I beg Him to have mercy on them, even though they have sinned against Him. Surely as followers of Christ we must forgive even the most evil people and ask The Lord to have mercy upon them. This can be hard to do especially if you have suffered at their hands but then as The Lord, Jesus, suffered at the hands of others He called out to the Father for their forgiveness.

The young are taught in some education systems that selfishness, self-centredness, immorality, greed are a normal part of life they should accept and embrace. They are taught that which goes against the laws of nature. That the unborn have no right to life and they are not even alive, even those born alive can be left to die. That the bed ridden, the disabled, the seriously ill, the elderly and the dying can easily be disposed of as they are more of a burden on mankind than they are of value. That how they think is the only right way to think and that anyone else who thinks differently is to be pitied or hated, they are right, all else is evil. It is acceptable to use violence to make sure no other way than what you have been taught to believe is accepted by society. It is alright to ignore the laws of the land to achieve your aims, for you are always correct. They are the tolerant and those who do not agree with them are the intolerant when in fact the reverse is true. That drugs of addiction are there to be enjoyed and that they bring people to a better life. That they have no responsibility for their actions. That the act of sex is just a physical act that should be seen as no more than that.

Taught that Christianity is a religion of discrimination that does a lot of harm and little good, so Christianity needs to be changed and Christians re-educated to have a secular centred religion that follows whatever society dictates as right. That the Word of God is just a fantasy made up by people to suppress minorities and take away their rights. Christianity is to be opposed as it is against equality for women and for those of various sexual orientations. It takes away their right to enjoy their bodies as they see fit.

Educated to believe that the environment is more important than human lives and that is why population control is needed as too many people damage the planet. That trees and animals are of equal or greater value than humans. Unfortunately some parents say nothing as these evils are taught to their children. They remain silent as evil seeds are planted in the hearts of the young. Seeds that grow and grow to bear the fruit of evil. No wonder the young are so confused and are lost in life. No wonder the world gets worse, for as the young grow they bring their confused and distorted values into society and often change it for the worse.


It is important that the truth is shared with the young so they can see what a good life is meant to be. That selfishness, self-centredness and greed not only hurts self but hurts others too. That all life is important; that all life is to be treasured. That people and mankind grow in love when they help the frail, the elderly, the unborn and do not dispose of them as if they are of little value. That the pain caused by euthanasia and abortion is a pain that remains in the souls of those who approve of them or partake of them. A pain that always has terrible consequences for the individual in their life and when their life ends on earth unless they repent. This pain is also shared by all of mankind, for these evils touch all souls around the world, for every soul knows the loss of a precious gift in a life.

Share the truth that the environment is important and should be taken care of and treated with respect. The plants and the animals are to be treasured. That all God has created is a gift of love to be loved. That mankind are guardians of creation and made so by God. That the lives of people are of more value, for each person is created in the image of God and all are called children of God for in truth, in and through The Lord, Jesus, we are. That mankind, when it cares for the environment as it should, grows closer to God, grows in grace and grows closer to the gifts we are given in creation. That there is enough food and all else for everyone on this planet and we do not need to cull the human population or reduce it. We just need to stop the greed, the waste and the corruption that causes people to starve or to be poor and in need. The truth that God created a paradise for mankind putting a man and woman in charge of it to live and enjoy that paradise. God created the animals for mankind and asked Adam to name them but it was Adam and then Eve that God had made this home for and created the wonderful animals for so they could live happy with them while still being above them. A paradise which mankind in its pride has changed into a misery but it can be a paradise again if we live as we are meant to live. It is the evil we accept in our lives that also attacks nature, for it corrupts it and brings decay. We are all linked to the planet and to the plants and animals and when we do wrong that not only affects us but affects them also. Creation groans and it groans by the suffering we cause it. When we live in harmony with God we live in harmony with all He has created and that is when a paradise will return. To live in harmony with God is to live how He asks us to live. It is important to love creation but first we must love God above all else, even self and love and treasure each person and it is when we start to love one another as we should that we learn through this to love all else.

The attacks on Christianity expose the craziness of what the young are being indoctrinated with. Christianity is the faith of love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion that tries to help the poor and needy. That treasures life, respects creation, says to not discriminate against anyone while still proclaiming the truth and says to live in peace with each other. This faith is attacked as being foolish or evil while at the same time religions and cults that teach intolerance are not confronted at all. Instead, the ones demanding Christianity change or demand it be controlled ignore those who would destroy them or deny them their rights. We as Christians must do our best to share and explain the beauty of our faith and our God. We must let them see in and through us that wonderful blessing of life that is our faith. We should not fear the abuse, ridicule and rejection that may come our way as we do this but instead stand firm in gentle love responding without hurting others, humbly professing the truth of Christ and His divine love for all. This is what the saints did before us and this is what we are called to do today.

As for sexuality when the boundaries are lifted and people are taught that anything is alright to do then there is no limit to the debauchery that follows. The wonderful gift of sex will lose its spiritual meaning and become nothing more than an animal act which does not truly satisfy. It follows that there is less and less pleasure in sex and so more and more immoral ways are embraced so as to maintain or increase the pleasure they seek. Then sex is no longer an act of love but of lust. The fruit of this is so many broken relationships, people alone, feeling used and feeling worthless. People not experiencing true love and not even knowing what it is and this then becomes an anchor around their necks which can lead into mental, emotional and physical problems. Broken lives, broken families and empty souls. When sex is treasured as the gift it is within a truly loving relationship the love grows within that relationship. As people give themselves completely to their loved one in a union of love the spirit is lifted, the soul is strengthened as the pure love grows and the two truly become one in the grace of God. As time goes on the union becomes more and more loving and the relationship becomes stronger so that even through the difficulties of life that union of love cannot be broken. Sex, a gift of God but like so many gifts He gives, it is one that is often abused.


With the emptiness of soul that comes with living a life focused on self and on pleasure as the pleasure diminishes drugs of addiction may be embraced by some so as to fill that emptiness and to expand and increase their feelings of pleasure. Usually it starts socially with so-called soft drugs but as time goes on and the effect of these gets less or is not as fulfilling as people want it can lead to harder drugs. These harder drugs may mask the emptiness for a while but soon it returns and then the emptiness may be replaced with a cloud of evil and the stench of evil as some are drawn into doing almost anything to feed the addiction they have. Steal, lie, cheat, sell their bodies, anything so they can get what they now not only crave but feel they cannot live without.

These tools of evil are very effective in destroying lives and souls. I have never met anyone that have been on drugs of addiction for a long time that have said that the drugs made their lives better, all say their lives are worse and I have met many. The physical pain, the spiritual pain and the emotional pain these people suffer is incredible. But not only them, their families and their friends suffer also as they see their loved one falling apart before them. It is important that we reach out to these people and try to help them as best we can through prayer and good works. We should understand that these are weak people who have been confused by the evil in society and have fallen prey to it. We should not condemn them but instead try to free them, where it is possible to do so, from the prisons they have locked themselves in. This does not mean giving into their demands so that they can carry on as they are but carefully guiding them along the right path. The chains that bind them often are hard to break but we should do our best to do so without putting ourselves and our families at risk.

It seems as if a generation has been brought up to accept no responsibility for their actions and do not expect to be called to account for any wrong they do, for they believe that they have the right to do it. Because of this some turn to violence, to destruction of property. In their minds this is alright, for they can do what they want regardless of who they hurt. They do not understand that if they are not called to account in this life for their wrongs they will be in the next. It is important to encourage people to use social platforms only for good, reminding them any bad they may put on these may come back to hurt them in the future. It is important to lead people away from focusing on these, as some become addicted to them and will put almost anything on them just to get some attention. Lead them by showing them they do not need this attention, for they are loved as they are. They do not need to be famous online, they just need to be happy in life. Privacy has almost disappeared but all should have the right to privacy. We should encourage people to be focused on more important things. When peoplesí minds are clouded by technology such as social platforms, frequent texting, headphones on much of the time, or being constantly on the phone then there is no room for God in the mind as the mind is filled with all this other clutter. It is impossible to have clarity of mind and a true understanding of life if this is the way they live. We need to, by example and with loving guidance, help people use these things less so that there is room for God to enter and people can find peace of mind in Him. If there is a space for God in the mind and in the heart He will fill it.


Today there are many goats in the world following the wrong shepherd who leads them along a path of darkness and misery and seem happy to follow him. In their bleating words and lives they call out to others to join them. This is done by encouraging people to not believe in God, to be disobedient to the Word of God, to live sinful lives, to be immoral, to put the world before God. It is also done by those in power corrupting and changing laws and society to bring their subjects to heel, to follow the wrong shepherd. Sometimes if the people reject what is being forced upon them that is wrong, those in power will use any means to get what they want. The peoplesí will so often means little to them. So force of law and at times of arms are used to make people comply so that eventually people will come to accept the wrongs.

Some of the wealthy and the powerful who seem to control society are often the knowing or sometimes the unknowing servants of evil as they force their will on society. Money that has corrupted them is used to corrupt others, power is used to persuade societies to walk along the wrong path. Some politicians will do anything to gain power and to stay in power and believe that no one else has the right to be in power. Elections at times are an inconvenience to them. They profess democracy but in truth are against the will of the people and it is only their own will that matters and what they want for mankind regardless of how many are hurt by this.

There are those in power or with great influence who claim to love God and follow His will that clearly do not live as God asks and do the complete opposite and pass laws that do not respect Godís will at all. Yet they loudly proclaim how faithful they are while at the same time profess they support what is sinful and even intrinsically evil. How blind are people to accept this deceit and even embrace this deceit.

People are called to bow to political correctness and are attacked, prosecuted, censored or abused if they do not do so. No matter that this may go against what people believe to be true they must accept it. This political correctness even tries to distort peoplesí faith by changing the holy words of scripture so that they become no longer holy as they become acceptable to the norms of society and now not offensive. Tries to change what are laws of nature by saying people can decide for themselves what gender they are regardless of how God created them. A male can decide to be female and a female can decide to be male, teaching children from a young age that this is their choice. This is foolishness indeed. We should be be heavenly correct not politically correct when it opposes Godís will, as it is Godís ways we must follow at all times. Not doing so will certainly bring more darkness into the world.


What shall we as Christians do in these times? We should do what Christians have always done before in difficult times; follow the will of Christ. Living our faith, no matter what the world tells us or tries to force upon us. Trusting in God that He will bring us through this to a much better time. While it may seem as if darkness has won and that evil is stronger, remember it has not and it is not. Do not fear as The Lord, Jesus, will clear away the darkness and replace it with the light of His love. All will become as He wants, not as evil wants. Keep living for Him no matter what it may cost. It is when we do this that through us the divine light pours out and is magnified and one day will be so powerful in the faithful that the whole world will be illuminated by it. The minds of the confused, the sinful and the servants of evil will be touched by that light and many of those will change as the truth of God is revealed before them. Sadly, some will not change and so we must keep praying for those and for God to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Christians as always are called to be the image of The Lord, Jesus, in the world. The image of love, forgiveness, compassion while maintaining a strong faith and complete trust in God. Called to be the beacons of light that line the path to heaven so all can walk along that path. Do not despair, for even in the darkest moments that light can burn brightly in our lives and can show to all the right way to live. Remember, evil fruit comes from a rotten tree and a rotten tree cannot survive. Let us be the good fruit springing from the eternal tree of life and let us offer all people that fruit to eat, so they too can be one with us in the eternal love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

May God love, strengthen and guide you all.

God bless,

alan ames


Live and Defend the Faith
Oct 10, 2020

This time truly is a time of great hope for mankind but also a time of great risk.

The hope is that people worldwide learn from the difficulties we have gone through and are going through so as to care more for one another and to look after those in need as we should. Also that it may bring people to look at their lives and reassess them seeing what truly is important in life. Coming to understand that the things of the world are temporary and it is the eternal life to come with God that we should be focused on. It also can bring people to treasure their freedom more as in society some have become complacent to the value of their freedoms. I know that many catholics have come to appreciate the church and the sacraments more as they have been or still are being denied them by government edicts. It seems that some families have come closer together in this time of trial and tribulation and the love in some families has grown.

However the great risk is that the world through the fear instilled in society may turn more repressive, more dictatorial and more anti freedom of religion. Through this period we can see how some in power are using this time to enforce their will on the population. While all the time saying what they are doing is for the best and is to keep people safe. Rights and freedoms have been trampled on and so often with a compliant society who, because of fear, accept what they normally would not. Religious freedom was attacked from the beginning so that christians could not attend church, masses could not be celebrated, sacraments could not be received or dispensed. This was done through the holiest time of the year Easter and continues in many places maybe even beyond Christmas.

So many christians remained and remain silent about this and allowed their rulers to enforce their will. It reminds me of communist countries of the past and of today who tried and still try to destroy the church and the faith. Christianity is a threat to some in the ruling classes because it brings people to put God first, as they should, and not the world. It brings people to oppose evils that governments and political groups try to force upon us. Abortion, immorality, euthanasia and so much more.

If christians remain silent over the attacks on their faith some of those in power will force change upon us so that our faith is no longer the true faith. A prime example of that today is China where the government raids catholics homes and destroy or remove holy statues and images. Where there can only be an official church run by the government that must be in line with the official line of the government. Where those who oppose this are persecuted for trying to live their faith. This is what lies ahead for catholics and christians in the west if we allow those in power to trample on our freedoms. We are at risk of being taken down a path we do not want to go or should not go. Down this path, if you think the world is bad today, it will get far worse and our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer.

But all is not lost we can change or stop all this happening we can, if we hold onto our faith, if we live as The Lord, Jesus, asks. If we put God first in all things. If we continue to pray earnestly for the will of God to reign supreme in the world. If we live our lives as a prayer. If we stand firm in faith. If we let no one lead us into fear and despair instead trusting completely in The Lord, Jesus, and listen to the many times in Holy Scripture He said, ĎDo not be afraid.í Live happy and loving lives as an example to all as to how to live. If we stand up in truth when we are faced with the deceit of evil.

It is up to us to choose the path ahead for our societies when in democratic countries we have elections. We need to put our faith first, we need to vote for our faith, our freedoms and for true societies of love. When we support those who promote or support intrinsic evils we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who would restrict freedom of religion we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who promote immorality we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who are pro abortion or who say they are pro life but in truth are not we vote for walking the wrong path. Look at their actions not their words.

It is when we help our democratic societies to be better the grace God pours out and because of this will touch those countries that are oppressive, that restrict religious freedoms, that deny even the most basic human rights. God will bless and change them to be freer and more caring for all. God will change them to know His love and live to that love. But we first must play our part by living our faith, defending our faith and by walking the path of faith and love.

I encourage all of you to put your faith first and in doing so be the ones that help lead mankind down the path that leads to a better life for all on earth and brings so many to eternal life in heaven with God.

God bless you all,

alan ames


All Will Be Well
Aug 22, 2020

A mystic of the middle ages Julian of Norwich wrote, 'All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.í

In these days it is good to find comfort in these words with so much confusion and suffering in life.

No matter what happens those of faith should hold onto Our Lord, Jesus, trusting in Him that all will be well for the truth is that it will be.

It may seem now as people are having their freedoms taken away, denied the right even to go to church and unable to live normal lives that darkness is winning, but it is not. This is but a temporary time of struggle that sadly has heavy crosses for many but it is a time that will end and freedom will return. The Lord, Jesus, will not and never has abandoned us. He is there with us and He will lead us through this darkness to a life of grace in Him, if we trust in Him and let Him reign supreme in our lives.

There are those in power in some places that are trying to use the difficult situation mankind is in, to spread their agenda and to increase their power over us. This is not new, this is what has happened before in different and ways and will happen again. For me one of the saddest things is how easily so many have submitted to the will of those in power because of the fear that has been instilled in them, the fear of getting a virus and dying. We seem to have forgotten that death is not to be feared, as through it we find eternal joy in The Lord, Jesus. Of course we should not be foolish and we must take care of ourselves but we should not be afraid. If we let fear control us then it is easy for people to be manipulated and for people to let those in power imprison us and get us to do their will. We must take care because if we do not speak up against what is unnecessary or wrong then the burdens placed upon us may get greater.

We must consider not only what a disease may do to our bodies but what is forced upon us may do to our soul and to our sanity. I have had so many people contacting me who are depressed about what is happening and know of some who have committed suicide because of it. Recently my wife was told that a grandmother lost her 10 year old grandchild to suicide because the child had lost hope in life. I hear from many who are depressed because they cannot go to church. Hopefully soon these restrictions will be lifted. Today there is little joy or hope in life. When people are told by their leaders they will have to live life in a different way for years to come this in itself depresses people.

If we let our freedoms be taken away then a life of despair lays ahead. But if we live free in the love of The Lord, Jesus, then a life of peace and joy can be for everyone.

If we, as followers of The Lord, Jesus, keep our trust in Him knowing all will be well and live accordingly, then we will bring hope not only into our lives but into the lives of others and help lift them out of the darkness of depression.

If we spread hope and not despair, if we show others there is nothing to fear, if we lead others to The Lord, then they too will come to know and believe all will be well.

This time is a time of great challenge for all, a time of heavy crosses but it a time where our faith can grow and our lives can be grace-filled. If we as followers of The Lord, face the challenges in His love and by His grace and even ask The Lord, Jesus, to give us some of the crosses of others to carry then we will become the saints of today who helped mankind face the evil that is upon us and overcome it as we should; In Jesus, with Jesus, and through Jesus.

If we do this then we can be assured ĎAll shall be well.í

God love and strengthen you all.

Alan Ames


Time to Stand Up for Our Christion Faith and Heritate
Oct 10, 2020

As in some countries and states elections will be held this year I thought it important to repost this letter from 2016 that I wrote with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Today as then it is extremely important we reflect on this and do nothing that would help evil through supporting in any way those who promote abortion, immorality and restrictions of religious freedoms. I encourage you to pass this on to as many people as you can.

God bless,

Alan Ames

(was also posted on Oct. 2nd, 2016)


Dear Friends,

From the many questions I get about the future of the Church I would like to answer them in this way and with a prophetic word of what lies ahead unless we act.

Over the past years the Church in western countries has been continuously attacked by governments, politicians and groups who desire that their will or way of life be accepted by Christians even when these are against church teaching.

The last years have been particularly difficult as one major government tries to force its will on the Church. This government has attacked the Church or Christian groups through the use of what are called equal rights but often are wrongs. It is done in various ways including through the targeting of Christian groups by the tax arm of the government to remove charitable exemptions etc. There are attempts to force the Church to accept such things as abortion in Catholic hospitals, paying for those in the Church employ to have contraception, same sex marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, transgenders lifestyles and much more. Religious groups within the Church have had to fight legal battles just to try and keep to the faith and the teachings of the church (which is to love the person but to reject the sin).

Some of those in power try to take away religious freedom in the name of being progressive or politically correct; try to deny Christians the right to follow their faith and their conscience. This government appears to want to have a country that has little faith and can be manipulated easily to do it's will. Already the consequences of this can be seen by the number of people who no longer go to church or believe in God. The numbers embracing satanism seems to be growing. Secularism reigns supreme in many lives and atheism is on the rise. While all around the morals of society collapse and people suffer from this. It is time now for Catholics and all Christians to stand up and say enough for if this is allowed to continue then disaster surely lies ahead.

Some Christians tell me that they will vote for some one who supports abortion at all stages of the pregnancy even late term and partial birth abortions. Do they not understand to do this is to support the killing of babies and that they become part of this terrible sin and will carry that responsibility with them to be confronted by The Lord on judgement day when He will ask them why they supported the killing of the innocent. Some have responded to me that both choices support abortion but one person to vote for says they are pro life and only support abortion when life of the mother is at risk or for some other very serious problem such as rape or incest. While both choices are not good a Christian must support the one that will save the most lives and will help reduce abortions which in time may influence the country to go further in reducing this terrible act of inhumanity.

Catholics and all Christians who would vote for those who want to suppress the faith, to change the faith, to force Christians to accept sin and to be immoral are attacking the faith themselves. They become part of the forces that want to destroy Christianity, destroy the Church. We must support the ones who say they will protect Christianity and freedom of religion. The ones who understand what is happening to the Judeo/ Christian heritage we have and promise to defend that heritage.

If Christians do not now stand up for their faith and stand firmly in the truth of Christ by rejecting and not supporting those who attack the church, attack the faith, then it may be too late. If the situation we are in now is allowed to continue it will get only worse. In years to come the Catholic Church will have been assailed so much that it will be reduced to a shadow of what it is today. The people attending will drop as people will lose belief in God or will go to more Ďprogressive' churches who accept what the government and special interest groups in society say is right. Many will see no reason to go to church for they will see it as a place of bigots and extremists. Many will be drawn away from God and deeper into the darkness of the secular world. It may happen that a church springs up calling itself catholic but is truly not and some will be drawn to that.

If we Christians want the future to be a good one living in the truth of God we need to support our God and our faith. If we do not then be assured the world will get worse. Darkness will envelop your families and friends. Suffering will increase. Hatred will spread and the evil one will have his way in many lives taking many souls from God. A terrible thought and I pray this does not come to be.

This can be stopped but each one of us has to do what God calls us to; reject the worldly ways of immorality and sin and never support someone who shamelessly promotes these evil things.

I normally do not speak in this way but I have been shown how important it is that at this time people of faith stand firm and defend their faith by supporting those who will not attempt to change or destroy their faith. Encourage all you know to think deeply about the future they want. Do they want a Christian based one or one based on the falseness that is in the world? Help all make the right choice.

God bless,

Alan Ames



Message from St. John Fisher
June 23, 2020

Given to me from St. John Fisher

 'As the world lets go of Christ chaos ensues'.

God bless,



Weapons of Evil
June 3, 2020

I have been asked about the events that are happening today and would like to respond.

As I look upon what is occurring I see The Lord Jesusí words are so true, The prince of darkness rules the world. Some of the weapons of evil that have been used over the centuries to destroy society and to bring the evil oneís servants to power are plain to see today. Anarchy, rioting, looting and violence are weapons of evil and can NEVER be justified for any reason. Even if a wrong has been done this does not justify wrong being done to confront it.

Evil tries to destroy those around the world who try to live as God asks. Now as evil shows itís hand plainly before mankind many do not recognise this. Some in political parties, media, positions of power and influence support and encourage the evil that is happening and in doing so become tools that evil uses to hurt mankind. Some who say they are Christian support and encourage the evil actions and are blind to the fact that they oppose the teachings of The Lord.

We should be praying for all this chaos to end and encourage only peaceful protests. We should be praying and acting so that all people no matter what color, faith or culture should be treated with respect and as equal. We should also be praying for all to reject evil for the fruit of evil is even greater evil and if this continues and is successful in doing evilís will then that is what we will end up with.

The Lord is the Prince of Peace let us be peaceful and let us pray others will be peaceful and let us encourage others to be so. As Christians we must always reject evil no matter what excuse is used to justify it. Before God sin can never be justified but it can be forgiven so let us pray all those committing these sinful acts repent and turn to The Lord.

God bless,

alan ames

The Strength We Need (Easter Message)
April 12, 2020


As we struggle through the suffering and madness in the world this Easter time, as darkness and fear seem to be all around, let us not lose hope. It is in times like these we face today that we need to cling to The Lord, Jesus. His Passion can bring us to a strength within that we could have never imagined before. If we look to the strength of love The Lord had as He endured through all that was inflicted upon Him, He never stopped trusting in The Father, He never stopped loving mankind. He never stopped hoping for mankind. When darkness surrounded Him and tried to overcome Him, The Lord stood firm in love. As His life ebbed away on the cross He did not stop trusting in The Father, He did not stop loving and He did not stop denying evil. With His last breath He poured out love and mercy for all mankind. The tomb could not imprison Him as he broke the grasp of death revealing the power of His divine love to all. The power that nothing can stand against, nothing can defeat and nothing can overcome. He rose in glory shining His divine light upon the world. Divine light rose from the darkness of the tomb to illuminate the world with love. In the shadows evil cowered as the divine power of God, of Jesus, showed its strength.

Now we as followers of The Lord need to to stand firm, to hold onto our God, our trust and our faith of love. In doing so the divine power of Christ will be with us. In that power we will find the strength we need to face the situation in the world. We will find the strength to endure no matter what is inflicted upon us. We will find the strength to keep loving God and others. Always hoping for the best for others not only ourselves. Even in the darkest moments when all may seem to be lost we will have the strength of faith and love to keep hoping in The Lord, knowing His divine power of love will sustain us and that His divine light will fill us and disperse the darkness that may surround us. We will have the strength to deny evil, as evil in this time of fear tries to draw people into sin or accepting sin. Evil will cower before us as the strength of The Lord makes us more powerful than all evil.

Through the suffering in the world we can be lifted up by The Lord, rising in glory with Him so that the world may be blessed through us by His grace and so that even though we may suffer, even if our lives ebb away, people will see The Risen Lord in us and find through us His strength there for them so that they too can find the peace, love, hope and strength they need to endure. We then will truly be images of the resurrected Lord for our souls, minds and bodies, will by His grace, rise in His divine glory to become the lights of hope to others in the world.

We will be raised heavenward as lights of love that will become one in the divine light of Christ and be one in His love eternally.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames



Absence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
April 5, 2020

Today because of the situation in the world many people cannot receive Our Lord, Jesus, in Holy Communion which in itself is a tragedy. However, we should realise that this cross is one we can bear in love and offer our sorrow to The Lord, Jesus, in His suffering on the cross so that grace may be poured out on the world through our sorrow. Just as grace was poured out through the sorrow of Mary at the foot of the cross. Each day we also can seek to have a spiritual union with The Lord so that our spirit?s can unite in His love. In this time, I hope we all come to treasure more the gift we are given in the Holy Eucharist and appreciate it more as sometimes people forget what a great gift God gives mankind in the Holy Eucharist.

There are some who are afraid of all the events happening around the world and fear for themselves and their families. In these troubled times, it is important we keep focused on The Lord, Jesus, and not be drawn into the panic in the world today. Be at peace knowing Christ is with you keeping you safe and that whatever happens in your life is His will. Do not let fear into your hearts but remember ?Jesus, I trust you?. Fear will lead people into thoughts of self and block thoughts of God. Fear may open people to sin as they seek to make sure all is well in their lives. With The Lord at our side in our lives we should not fear for He is with us and will protect us remember how the early church trusted completely in Him and so must we today. We can find the strength to not be afraid by asking the Holy Spirit to lift our fears and strengthen our faith, our trust and resolve. The Holy Spirit will come to our aid and help us. He will strengthen our spirits so we can truly live unafraid in the love of Christ. Remember God will take care of you. Let us not lose our focus and let us continue to love others, to help others and to share with others. Some say these are the end times but no one knows the end times except the Father, so do not be led along the path of despair instead keep hoping in Our Lord, Jesus. The Lord, said in holy scripture these things would happen so why are we surprised. Stand erect and hold your heads high as you hold onto Jesus saying ?Lord, wherever you lead me I will follow.?

God bless,

alan ames



His Words Say It All
March 29, 2020

There are those who ask me is this the end times and some who insist it is and they want to know my opinion. I believe in what The Lord said in Holy Scripture and as I wrote in the book What is truth. Here is an excerpt;

End Times

Many predictions are made about the Ďend timesí and the second coming of Jesus. Some people who claim to know the Ďend timesí are coming encourage others to store food, water, money, even to build refuges where they can hide and be safe. Every disaster that happens and every unusual event is professed to be a sign of the Ďend times.í Fear is entering the lives of many Christians as they wonder what lies ahead. People look at diseases like HIV/AIDS, SWINE FLU, BIRD FLU, COVID 19 VIRUS sweeping the world and say the Ďend timesí are coming, as if diseases have never taken a heavy toll on human life before. Yet, there was the Black Plague that decimated the populations of many countries. In the early 1900ís the flu epidemic killed millions in Europe. Every time the terrible scourge of war or genocide break out, again people say the Ďend timesí are coming. Yet, there have been wars and genocide throughout mankindís history (Mk 13:7 When you hear of wars and reports of wars do not be alarmed; such things must happen but it will not yet be the end). It seems many Christians have forgotten history and it also seems many have forgotten that the Lord told people in Holy Scripture that no one but the Father knows the Ďend timesí (Mt 25:36 ĎBut of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. Mk 13:32 But of that day or hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Mk 13:33 You do not know when the time will come). So if anyone claims to know the Ďend times,í they are denying the Word of God (Luke 17: 20-21 The coming of the kingdom of God cannot be observed and no one will announce ĎLook here it is,í or ĎLook there it isí).

When Christians store food, water and goods because they fear the Ďend times,í again this is an ignoring of the Lord in Holy Scripture (Mt 6:25 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body. Luke 12:4 I tell you, do not be afraid of those who kill the body). It also is not a living of their faith because now the people become self-centered. They worry about themselves, their family and maybe their friends. So in fear there is a blinding of what Christians should truly be doing In the Third World today, it is the Ďend timesí for many who starve, die from simple diseases and suffer in poverty. Christians in more affluent countries, instead of thinking of self and storing for what might happen in the future to them, should be giving to those in the Third World, those in need now and those living their Ďend timesí now. Evil has blinded many with fear and drawn them into self and away from sharing, caring and helping those in need. Drawn them away from the truly Christian life (1 Jn 4:18 There is no fear in love).

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, as the year 2000 approached cautioned about making apocalyptic predictions. At a general assembly in St Peterís Square the Pope stated, ĎSince Jesus said nothing about when the end would come, attempted predictions are baseless and misleading.í Again on December 31st 2001 in his homily at an evening prayer service, the Pope said, ĎIt is a very human temptation to want to know what will happen in the future and in the end how much time is left. But when Jesusí disciples asked the same kind of questions Jesus told them that time was in hands of the Father.í He also stated, ĎJesus tells us not to uselessly question that which is reserved to God.í At a weekly audience in Feb. 2001,The Holy Father advised, ĎThe Kingdom of God will not have itís full establishment on Earth through some apocalyptic event, but quietly and with the cooperation of men and women who work for justice and peaceí.

Those who love Christ, Our Lord and live to His way should know that their lives are in Godís hands. That they will only die when God wants or allows it to happen and nothing or no one can change that. Knowing this, there should be no fear of the future, only security in Godís love. There should be no fear of the Ďend timesí knowing when they come, for those who love Our Lord Jesus, they will lead to glory (Luke 21:28 But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads, because your redemption is at hand).

Why are we so surprised when these things happen we have been told they will? So let us not be misled into fear, let us not be terrified, let us endure in our faith and our love of and trust in God. Let us listen to what The Lord said and believe in His word for that is the truth.

God bless,
alan ames

Troubled Times
March 20, 2020

Dear Friends, In these troubled times it is important we keep focused on The Lord, Jesus, and not be drawn into the panic in the world today. Be at peace knowing Christ is with you keeping you safe and that whatever happens in your life is His will. Do not let fear into your hearts but remember ĎJesus, I trust in youí. Fear will lead people into thoughts of self and block thoughts of God. Fear may open people to sin as they seek to make sure all is well in their lives. Remember God will take care of you. Let us not lose our focus and let us continue to love others, to help others and to share with others. Yes you should of course have enough for you and your family but no more than that.

Thoughts of self lead from God let us not be led away from Him. Because times are difficult and some may be stuck at home I would like to offer all of my books discounted for 2 books for the price of 1 book purchasd so that people may find comfort in them and may give to others these books so as to help them. May God keep you all safe and strong in faith.

God bless,
alan ames


December 2019
Christmas Message

The gift that never stops giving.

The gentle babe with arms outstretched in love lay in the manger hoping all would reach out to Him in love.
The blessed child, The Son of God, invited all to find true joy in Him.
The Holy child, the Son of Mary, called all to be part of the Holy Family of God in and through Him.
His sweet smile, a smile of sanctity.
His delightful cries, cries of hope for mankind.
His divine face, the face of the love of God.
From His first breath of love He opened his heart to all hoping all would allow His sacred breathe to fill them with grace and joy.
The little child, Jesus, lay in the manger calling out to all, ĎI am here for you. I love you come and love Me.í

In this the greatest giving, God gave His only Son, Jesus, to mankind. On Christmas day the gift of true and complete love was revealed to mankind. The Lord, Jesus, came to bring love to all especially to the unloved. The Lord, Jesus, came to lift those trapped in misery into the joy of His love. No longer would anyone be left alone in the sadness of loneliness for now He was with them offering the companionship of His love to all. The Lord was born as an offering of love to mankind and would become an offering of love in His sacrifice for mankind. The Lord never stops giving and offering His love. He is the gift that keeps giving in love.

In this joyous and holy time of The Lordís birth we should look to Him and try to imitate Him in His Divine giving being gifts that keep giving in love. We should become gifts of love to others bringing His love to all. We should bring His joy into the lives of those trapped in misery. To the lonely we should open our hearts and show them they are loved and let them know God is with them in love. We should be companions of love to all.

Christmas is a time of great celebration but it should be a celebration that we invite all to join in. Christmas is a time of giving and we should be prepared to give as The Lord, gives. The Lord, Jesus, came to earth to enrich the lives of poor humans with the giving of the treasure of His love. We should take this treasure to all so that their lives can be enriched by His divine love and grace. As The Lord, came to sacrifice in His giving of self to mankind we too should be prepared to sacrifice in our giving to others. The Lord, Jesus, came to mankind who was in need of His love, we too must go out to those in need and share our love, our riches, our treasures, our God with them.

Let us be like the innocent loving babe in the manger. Let us cry out in love to all. Let us reach out to all in love. Let us give to all in love. Let us sacrifice for others in love and most importantly let us bring the true gift of Christmas to all, the gift of the Son of God, Jesus who is love.

Merry Christmas to all,
Alan Ames



August 2019

With the fall of the USSR and communist system there seemed to be a new dawn in the west that would usher in a time of true freedom and a better society. Even though communism still holds sway in China there have also been some relaxation of its strict laws on how many children a family can have and also a relaxation in business practises that let some style of free market come to life which has brought some prosperity to some of the poor in China but of course there are still many heavy and terrible restrictions in freedom of faith, of how a person may live and no choice in any elections. China is still a communist state if changed somewhat.

However in the west a new form of socialism/communism has arisen that even though not as obvious as it was in the USSR and still is in China it is there. Sometimes countries join together as a union and then force their will on the people and on those countries within their union who will not comply. Countries who hold firm to the Catholic/ Christian faith and not accept that which goes against their faith are admonished, threatened, have positions of influence denied them and may have funds withheld or reduced.

This type of socialism is one where certain groups hold sway with governments and legal systems and who seem to do all they can not only to stop discrimination, which of course needs to be stopped, but to force those in society to accept what they call as human rights which in fact are human wrongs. These groups often will not accept anyone opposing their views and may attack, harass and insult anyone that does. Sometimes the governments support them in this. To some states and some groups it is only their way only that is valid anything else is racist, misogynistic, fascist.

Religious freedom in some western countries is under attack where people of faith at times are coerced or forced by law to accept what goes against their faith. There are countries that through law require Christian/Catholic hospitals to offer and perform abortions. Those who refuse to do so can lose their jobs, can be fined and can be heavily ostracised by governing bodies. Western governments make laws that abortion can be freely available for all at any stage of the pregnancy and even allow the child if born live to be left to die. Truly shocking infanticide. Christian employers are forced to supply insurance for their employees that would cover not only abortion but contraception too. In a certain european country the state required the Catholic Church to give people information as to where they could find an abortion doctor or clinic. Sadly some diocese agreed to this. So some governments try to control the church and the faith of people. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

Christian/Catholic places of education are in some instances required to teach that same sex marriage, same sex parents, homosexual behaviour, transgenderism and having sex outside of marriage at a very young age is a normal thing to do. Sometimes the material used for very young children is very graphic and obscene. If people disagree with this they are attacked as being homophobic, a bigot a religious extremist. Some may lose their jobs because of this. The state line has to be followed otherwise there are consequences. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

The legal systems have in some instances become very anti- Christian. When a Christian is accused of breaking the law by stating their religious beliefs or by refusing to supply something that offends their beliefs they can be jailed or lose their business. Christianís often have to prove their innocence; they are not innocent until proven guilty. Governments have passed or will soon pass laws that make it illegal for a catholic priest to keep the sacred seal of confession with the threat of imprisonment if they do not report what they may have heard. This is what the nazis and communists did and do. Priests and Bishops with little or no evidence are found guilty on the word of one person and imprisoned. Some later are found innocent but by then the damage has been done to their reputation and maybe to their position within the church. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

There are many media outlets that promote anti-Christian agendas and vilify christians who stand up for their beliefs or speak out against the wrongs that are being promoted in the world. They make Christians seem as if they are bad people for not meekly accepting the evil in society. Christianity is portrayed by some in the media as some myth that has been passed down and only fools would believe in it. The communistís and the nazis did and do the same.

Today governments are trying to force Christians to comply to what the governments and special interest groups say and to deny their faith. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies.

In the west we are heading down a path that leads to societies that embrace evil over good, immorality over morality and injustice over justice. If we keep walking this path it is certain that more and more religious freedoms will be taken from believers and more and more will suffer at the hands of the so called tolerant governments and groups who in fact are intolerant.

It is time to stand up for the faith, stand up for true freedom and true morality by denying any wrongs forced upon us regardless of the cost because it is by Christians doing so that the socialist intolerant trend in the world will be defeated. We should remember God is with us we have nothing to fear we just need to be with God and hold firm to His divine truth and deny the serious wrongs in the world.

May we by Godís grace be the ones to change the world and society for the better.

God bless,
Alan Ames


Women of the Church
Apr 29, 2019

In recent times there has been a call from some in society for the catholic church to give women more prominence and maybe to even ordain them as priests because of the perceived inequality within the church. How strange this is for in doing so people are denying the great role women have played in the church from the beginning and denies the true value of religious or consecrated women as the brides of Christ. Some forget that after The Father, Our Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit the one held in highest esteem by the church is The Blessed Virgin, Mary. The mother of Our Lord, is venerated and looked to as the greatest and purest human that is not divine. She has many special feast days and numerous churches named after her. Some religious congregations are marian centred. Then there are all the prayers asking for our motherís intercession and help including of course the powerful recitation of the rosary.

People should also remember the value of religious or consecrated women, these holy women are brides of Christ who devote their lives to him and have had a massive influence on the church through their vocations. The spirituality of the religious sisters often is so deep and so mystical as they are drawn into a deep union of love with Christ. Many spend their lives praying for the salvation of souls and because of this many souls are saved. Many spend their time praying for the church and because of this the church is strengthened. Throughout the church the sisters run or help run departments within diocese. They help educate the young and those seeking to know God. They spend time with the poor, the sick and the needy being the signs of Christís love to all. Four of the doctors of the church are women which indeed is a high accolade; St.Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Ńvila and ThťrŤse of Lisieux. These four have enriched not only the church but the lives of so many. None of these holy women called for the ordination of women because they knew that women within the church had a different but highly valued and important role in the church. Valued by God and by the church even if at times some within the church have not appreciated this or respected it. The role of women is so important that even popes listened to the advice of holy women such as St. Catherine. There are hundreds upon hundreds of women saints declared by the church. Also several great women saints are mentioned in the liturgy of the Mass.

Unfortunately the political correctness of today and the desire to change the will of God in creation and in lives leads people to devalue the role of women in the church and not recognise the great blessing they are. The call for ordination of women is a fruit of todayís self centred society where many believe they should have whatever they want regardless of what Godís will is.Yes there have been times when women and others have not been treated as they should be within the church but this is not because of church teaching but because of maybe a misunderstanding of that teaching or because of the prideful weakness of some within the church. All should remember the church is the body of Christ and we are part of that body. Different parts that unite to be one body in Christ. God created us to be different so that man and woman in life and in the church will have different roles to play but all with the same goalÖto bring mankind to live in the fullness of Christ to live in the fullness of His love so that in Him we can be one love. Let us all accept that will and see each other as equal but different and let us thank God for those differences, appreciate them and value them.

God bless,
alan ames


The Glory of God
Apr 21, 2019

From the darkness of the tomb arose the Glory of God showing that glory to all of mankind. The Glory He invites all to enter and become part of so that they can rise above the darkness in the world to experience the eternal light that brings all who will embrace it to salvation in Him. It is in embracing the light that never fades, the light that never darkens, the light that never ends that people can let that divine light fill them and disperse the darkness in their lives and send the evil ones who attack them in life spiritually, emotionally and physically back into the shadows from whence they came. It is in embracing that divine light that is Jesus, Our Risen Lord, that His glory will radiate from within us as that glory will sanctify us and raise us on high so that all can see in us the love and peace that comes in embracing Jesus, The Lord.

Then we, by His grace, will become the lights in the dark, the beacons leading others to the glory that awaits in heaven. If we want His glory to be within us and in our lives we must never seek to glorify self but always show the glory of God to others. We must never see ourselves as being worthy of being glorified by God but always realise we are not worthy of it and that it is only by the loving grace of Jesus we can be made worthy. That is why it is so important we embrace The Risen Lord, Jesus, and let, by His grace and His will, His glory enter into us so that we become vessels of that divine glory. Vessels that become glorified by the sharing of His glory and love and by letting His grace flow through us to bless others and not try to keep it for ourselves.

The Lord, Jesus, is risen and He reaches out to us to join Him in His resurrection by dying to self so that we can be raised up and glorified in Him. So that we can experience His glory and in doing so never stop thanking God as we realise how unworthy we are but how much The Lord, Jesus, loves us that He would sacrifice Himself so that through His death and resurrection we can find our way to our glorious home of heaven.

Have a blessed Easter,
Alan Ames


The Cross
Apr 15 , 2019

Just as the cross could not overcome or defeat Our Lord, Jesus, we should not let our crosses overcome us. If we, in the hard times, keep focused on The Lord in His suffering our suffering will come into perspective and not imprison us in thoughts of self pity or despair. As we look to how He suffered and died for us without complaining we can find hope as we let go of the thoughts that lead us into despair and let His divine grace from the cross fill us and lead us beyond any fear of what might lay ahead as we find security in Him for the life to come.

It is also in offering our pain to Him on the cross and allowing Him to unite it in His sacrifice of love that our suffering becomes a sacrifice for others, a sacrifice that by His grace can bring salvation and healing to those in need. Then we can also find the grace not to complain about our suffering and making it a burden for others but instead let people see the joy of being united with The Lord in His suffering a joy that can bring many to desire that joy too if and when they may suffer. In this Holy Week let us reach out to our crucified Lord in the hope that we can embrace Him on the cross not turn away from Him and in that embrace find holiness in any suffering we may have through Him.

God bless,
alan ames

Darkness and Light
Feb 27, 2019

To me it has become so obvious that the prince of darkness rules the world. There is chaos in so many countries, corruption in many societies, immorality abounds, hatred of others seems to increase. People are forced or coerced to accept or educated to believe in what is wrong as human rights which in fact are human wrongs. Life is of little value especially the sweet innocent unborn babies. By some even the natural physical order of man is no longer respected. Religious beliefs are attacked if they do not accept the immoral beliefs of society. People are encouraged to focus on self and in doing so become blinded by darkness as if a person is focused on self how can they see anything clearly?

Democracy is in its death throws as election or referendum results are often no longer accepted by those who lost or the elite who want no change. Electoral systems are manipulated to get the result desired and so the will of the people is ignored. Democratically elected governments are overthrown or attacked by those proclaiming to defend democracy. There is corruption in many governments and of because of this so many suffer while the few benefit.

The justice systems of many countries bow to political pressure or are influenced by public opinion and the story lines that the media or online social media sites often present and facts seem to mean little. Accusations without evidence leads to people being declared and found guilty. The innocent even when they have witnesses to corroborate their innocence are found guilty on uncorroborated evidence. Also those who claim to be innocent and maintain their innocence after being found guilty are said to have shown no remorse and condemned for that but why would you show remorse if you are innocent? To show remorse would say you are guilty. So it seems when innocent people who maintain their innocence are terrible for doing so.

The arms race appears to have returned with more powerful and deadly weapons being developed. Aggression between nations continue. Aggression between people grows and violence at times is used to stop those who oppose what a certain group believe in. Freedom of speech is slipping away in some countries as people can no longer express what they believe in without being prosecuted and even jailed. If a person speaks in a politically incorrect way they are condemned as bigotted. Today many live under the illusion they are free, not realising they are prisoners of those who manipulate, control and exploit them. The world is regressing not progressing and the history of mankind shows when it is like this in the world something happens to change it. The history of mankind is one of foolishness where we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

It is a dark picture in the world today but do not despair hold firm to Our Lord, Jesus. Hold firm even when you are abused and attacked for doing so as it will be through those who cling to Him that His light will illuminate the dark and expose to all the errors of the way we live. The Lord, Jesus, suffered for mankind on the cross and even though He saw all the terrible, foolish and evil things mankind did and would do He called to the Father for our forgiveness. He did not turn away even from those who abused Him. He kept loving and in His love kept showing the truth of God to all. Today if we hold firmly onto Him, cling to Him on the cross then through us His divine truth will become known and overcome the corruption and deceit. His divine light will destroy the darkness. His purity will overcome the immorality. His peace will overcome the turmoil and violence. If we keep loving His love in our love will overcome the hatred. We are meant to be the innocent ones who go out to others in imitation of the Innocent One who was found guilty by man and was crucified by man. If we are found guilty by man for doing so embrace that and any suffering that comes with it for in heaven we are truly innocent and it is heaven we should look to pleasing, not the world. In our suffering for the truth of God and for the hope of salvation for others we become Christlike and become the vessels of grace He calls us to be.

For nearly 2000 years Catholicism and the Church has been under attack for standing for Christ but it has stood firm. Now once more it is under attack by a corrupt and immoral world ruled by the prince of darkness but if we stand firm and only let the Prince of Peace, The Lord, Jesus, rule in our lives then we, by Godís grace will be the ones to change the world, we will be the ones to pass on a strong, holy and sacrificial church to our children and their children. Let us stand against the darkness and truly be children of the light, the followers of Christ He Who is the light.

God bless,
alan ames

Human Sacrafices
Feb 7, 2019

It seems many are slipping back into the old heathen and pagan ways as they turn away from Christianity and turn to new age ways (which in truth are old age ways recycled) or self centred and immoral lives. In the past, before the full truth of God was known, child sacrifice to the gods was practised by various so called civilisations. Children would be sacrificed to ensure good harvests, success for a nation or tribe in war, the continuation of society as they knew it, that good things would happen in life and various other reasons that generally were about getting some special blessing. The lives of the innocent were willingly sacrificed to appease the so-called gods or peopleís desire for so-called blessings. The lives of the blessed babies were not respected or treasured as they should be but just destroyed at the whim of societies.

Today there is very little difference as people in some societies promote abortion and even the killing of children after they are born, this truly is murder. Today children, sweet innocent beautiful images of God are destroyed at the whim of those who should know better. Now we repeat what was done before as people sacrifice the babies for what they see as important in life, forgetting how important children are. People sacrifice the children because they may be seen as a burden they do not want to bear, or a child would affect the lifestyle they want to live. Some want to abort children because they have a defect or deformity forgetting these do not change the value of the life of the baby and if we only chose perfect babies many alive today would not be. Some choose abortion because the gender of the child is not what they want and because of this many female babies are aborted, yet so often some of these same people complain there is not equal rights for women. Yes, there are some tragic circumstances where people feel they have no alternative or where they are persuaded it is the best thing to do for the child because of problems with the baby's health or the risk to the mother. However, a tragic circumstance does not justify the intentional taking of a baby's life. In many cases there are alternatives such as adoption for there are a substantial number of people who cannot have children and would like to adopt. In cases where the motherís life is at risk then all should be done by doctors to save the mother and the child without the intention of aborting the baby and then leave it in Godís hands as to the outcome.

Those who perform abortions are like the heathen/pagan priests that tore apart and killed the children on their sacrificial altars. The abortionists are these today tearing apart those precious little bodies on the altar of evil, for have no doubt as they do this that it is an offering of evil that brings great pleasure to the evil one who laughs as mankind destroys itself. Here in the killing of the innocents is an intrinsic evil that so many do not see as evil or do not understand that it is the will of evil that mankind kills its own.

Let us pray for those who support, embrace, accept or perform abortions to come to know the truth of God, the truth that life from conception to death is precious and is to be treasured. Let us pray for them to do Godís will and not the will of evil. If we do not pray for them who will? Let us not have hatred towards these people but a love that only wants the best for them and the best is that they come to know and love the truth and will of God. May God strengthen us all in this spiritual and physical battle so that we persevere in love seeking the best for all people even those who sacrifice the innocents.

God bless,
alan ames

Dec 25 , 2018

As the angels watched over the babe in the manger they watched in adoration of The Lord, Jesus. The angelic hordes bowed down before the little One who was greater than all. They sang, as a glorious heavenly choir, gentle hymns of love to the Holy child in the stable. Their voices surrounding the Son of God with a tender refrain. The angels wrapped their wings around Him to caress the baby Jesus. In gentle love they joined with Mary as she rocked her child in her arms holding Him so carefully and so lovingly.

Mankind was called to be with the angels in their worship of the sweet and blessed child, Jesus, and so the shepherds and the wise men came to adore the Lord. United with Joseph, the holy man of God, Mary the mother of God, and the angels of heaven, they adored the Lord. They marvelled at the love of God, Jesus, before them in human flesh. Today all people are invited to the stable, invited to come and adore the divine child, the Son of God. All are invited to raise their voices in praise of God's gift to mankind of Himself. All are invited to reach out and embrace baby Jesus in love and to experience Him embracing them in love. As they do so, knowing and believing that they are part of the holy family of God with Joseph and Mary and that the angels are there with them experiencing the divine mystery of God and man in the baby Jesus.

May you have a blessed and holy Christmas,
alan ames


November 2018


I am asked at times to advise people how they should vote in elections. Personally I am apolitical and support no party and when I vote I vote for the ones that would be closest to doing as Jesus, Our Lord, asks of us. So that is what I always suggest to people.

I believe it is important to reflect on what The Lord, Jesus, would say if anyone asked Him the following,

' Lord, can I vote for those who support or promote abortion?'
' Lord, can I vote for those who support Gay Marriage,Transexuality or the teaching of immoral lifestyles to those being educated?'
' Lord,can I vote for those who support or promote euthanasia?'
' Lord, can I vote for anyone who would restrict religious freedom?'
' Lord, can I vote for anyone who is clearly anti- Christian?'

As The Lord, Jesus, would never condone sin in any form His obvious answer would be no to all of those and if we are to be true followers of His then our answers must be the same.

In these times the world tries to persuade people to ignore what The Lord expects of us or tries to change it to sound as if the complete opposite of what He wants is what He would say yes to. Sometimes people say I voted for a a person or a party because they are doing other good things... but doing good in one area does not justify doing serious or promoting serious sin in other areas.

For me it would be impossible to vote for anyone who would not protect life from conception until natural death. Anyone who would try to educate the young to accept sinful ways. Anyone who would promote immoral lifestyles as being normal. Anyone who would attack the Church or would try to limit religious freedom for all people.

I keep in mind that when The Lord judges me and asks of me did you stand for my truth in all things I want to be able to say yes as I do not want to have denied the Lord in any way. The shame of doing that would be unbearable and yet I know because of my humanity I will have failed at times but as long as I have done my best to do as He wants He will be merciful. And so it will be for all people.

I try to remember God's way above all other ways and God's will above my will and the world's will. Remembering that there is no way I will ever support or vote for those who promote or accept what is obviously against the law of God. I hope all Christians would feel the same way.

Who to vote for then? The ones closest to doing God's will and the ones promoting the least sin praying when you vote that those you have voted for will do their best to do what is truly right. Praying that God will guide them to govern correctly.

God bless,
alan ames


June 9th, 2018


The Love of God lifts the soul to higher levels of grace when a soul is open to that grace. It is with an open soul that God's divine love can fill the soul to inebriate the soul with His love. The love that is all powerful, overwhelmingly tender, sweet, gentle, merciful, passionate and there for all. The love that all were meant to live in and for and all were meant to experience to the fullest in Christ, Our Lord, through His sacrificial love. The love that when it lifts the soul also lifts the mind and body to holiness and in that holiness to experience the joy of true love. A joy that is immeasurable and impossible to explain as it is beyond words and our human understanding. A joy that is part of the eternal joy that exists in heaven by the grace of God's love. As a person experiences that divine and heavenly joy the desire and passion to love God completely with the entire being grows for the being wants always to exist in and to be part of that divine love and joy.

Once touched by God's love in this way the soul, the being can never be satisfied in anything else. The things of the world, while essential for our human existence at times, become less important as God is first in mind, in body and in soul as He is meant to be. It is living for and in God's love that becomes important, more important than all else. It is also when a person strives to live this way that fullness of life can be found because now God fills the life.

Each day people are created to seek God's love and to live in and for it. It is when we do this that we can by God's grace be open to Him and His divine presence in our lives. Each day is meant to be a day of love with the person crying out to God their love for Him and begging Him to touch them and fill them with His divine love. This is what happens in lives that experience God's love as they want more and more of His love each day no matter what the cost. A person comes to understand that God's love is endless and that no matter how close they think they are to God or how much they have felt His love they know there is more awaiting and they want more of His love. The person also feels so small in the presence of God's love and comes to understand how unworthy they are of God's love. Yet, they see that even though they are unworthy, even though they are a sinner, even though they are so small, God still loves them and His love is there for them. The greatness of His love overwhelms a person when they realise this. The depth of His love amazes the soul. The mercy of His love astounds.

Through God's grace the fog of pride is lifted and the person just wants to humble themselves before God and His mighty love. It becomes clear that in humility a person can see as God wants them to see; lovingly. Now as the person, in recognition of God's majesty, wants to shrink before God to become almost nothing, God helps the person understand that to Him they are special and He treasures them and their love. That knowledge in itself overwhelms the true lover of God; that to Him they are special. That knowledge in itself makes the person want to love God as much as they can and they beg for the grace to be able to do so. A begging that never ends for they come to understand they can never in this life love God enough. Now each day becomes a journey of love trying to come closer and closer to God and to be open more and more to Him.

Yet, the closer the person comes to God they see how far away from God they really are and that pains the soul as it wants to be completely one in God. The person now wants to remove all barriers in life that separate them from God and keep them from that oneness with God. A hatred for sin develops as it is seen for what it is; that which stops a person loving God as they should. Sin is avoided at every turn and yet a person still in their humanity may sin. How painful that becomes, even the smallest of sins hurts enormously as it is seen as a great barrier between the person and God. It is seen as a rejection of God's love and the pain of seeing that wounds the soul. How disappointed a person becomes with themselves that they would deny God in this way. However, God with His merciful love calls out offering forgiveness and offers to cleanse, refresh and strengthen the soul by His divine grace in the Sacrament of reconciliation. A Sacrament of merciful love where God opens His heart in love offering forgiveness to even the worst of sinners if they will come and open their hearts to Him in love asking for forgiveness and repenting of their sins. In this Sacrament God shows over and over how deep is His love for mankind as He forgives those who have offended Him. He shows His love and His mercy is denied to none and hopes all will believe in this.

When the soul has been forgiven and cleansed by God the person seeking God in love every day feels so relieved that God would bless them in this way and give thanks for that blessing. Now they have the grace to continue on that journey of love if they hold onto that grace. So the journey continues and so do the stumbles but always as the person truly seeks that oneness with and in God, when they do stumble Our Loving God raises them up and helps them along the path of love that leads to heaven. The path that always leads to the Holy Mass and The Lord, Jesus, within it, as in the Holy Mass heaven is present in Our God. It is here the strength for the journey can be found for here a person finds the strength of Jesus, The Lord, when they receive Him in love. It is here oneness with God is found as by His divine love The Lord, Jesus, permits people to become one in Him, one in God. It is here the soul finds fullness and finds itself elevated heavenward in the divine presence of God. It is here that the eternal love and joy of God can be experienced. It is here that the person can know what awaits in heaven as the eternal reward for living for God. It is here the greatness of God's love is found.

God love you,

Alan Ames


April 30th 2018

The Challenge

The Lord, Jesus, came and challenged the world with His love. He stood firm in His love and spoke the truth about life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell. He explained to all who would listen what God expected and hoped for in each person's life. The Lord, Jesus, challenged the understandings and beliefs of the times and did not waiver in His proclaiming of the kingdom of God.

The result of Him doing so was that many came to believe in and live to the truth The Saviour proclaimed. Many souls were and would be saved from the eternal suffering of hell. Many would come to reside eternally in their true home of heaven with the One, True God.

The result also was that many would oppose Him, deny Him and seek to destroy Him. Yet still The Lord stood firm challenging all to embrace His love and His truth. Regardless of what the world threatened Him with, and no matter what suffering He had to endure, The Lord did not weaken in His love for mankind and His desire to save mankind from evil. Through His suffering and death He challenged evil with divine love and overcame evil with divine love.

Now we, His followers, are meant to challenge the world and the evil within it in the same way as Christ, Our Lord. We are called to stand firm in His love, showing His love and truth to all. We are called to challenge what many believe in today and accept as the right way to live so that through us they can come to know what is the truth and what are the deceptions of evil. We are called to challenge the madness in the world today and bring the sanity of Christ into lives.

For us, as there was for Our Lord, there will be many challenges before us, as people will at times respond to us as they responded to Jesus, The Son of God. There will be those who oppose us, try to stop us and try to destroy us. There will be those who will persecute us and do all they can to harm us. However, if we persevere in proclaiming the divine truth of Jesus, then, by our lives, our actions, our suffering and our sacrifices, many souls will find salvation in and through Christ, Our Lord. For our faith, as it stands firm against every challenge, will be the doorway through which divine grace touches lives and changes lives and the world for the better.

Let us ask The Lord for the grace to stand firm in our passion of love for Him so that we never deny Him and so that through us others can come to love Him passionately also.

God love you,

Alan Ames

March 31, 2018

Alan Ames Easter Message

An excerpt taken from the book "Heavenly Words" & is from The Lord, Jesus Alone

I hung on the cross with My mother below Me sharing in My suffering and My pain.

Throughout this ordeal and even when the whip beat deeply into My soul, even when the thorns tore into My skin, into My being. Even when the cross sank into My shoulders and into My heart. Even when the nails drove through My hands and feet, through My spirit. Even as I hung there abused tasting the bitterness mankind had to offer. Even as the spear opened My body as a final act of taking My dignity. Even through all this I loved mankind and offered mankind forgiveness. I still love mankind and offer forgiveness to mankind for the giving on the cross was and is forever, the love on the cross was and is forever. I gave and I continue to give. Has mankind the courage to now accept My gift? Has mankind the understanding to see what I offer? Has mankind the strength to accept and in return to be with Me in eternity?

Dec 3, 2017

The True Gift of Christmas

The Glory of God was born in the flesh and the Angels sang Glory to God in the highest as the Highest lowered Himself in humility and love to become one with man. In that oneness God's glory was opened to all so that all who would come to Him in love could be glorified in and through Him. The first cry of the infant Jesus was a cry that called out to all throughout time inviting all to find their way to the divine glory of Heaven through the One that all is glorified in.

The first breath taken by the baby Jesus was a breath of love that filled the very air with His divine love and spread that love throughout the world in the wind of the loving and divine Spirit, The Spirit that The Lord, Jesus, would bring to many as a gift of love.

The joy of God was made known in the baby Jesus who is divine joy so that all could experience that joy in looking to The Son of God and in opening their hearts to Him allowing the Spirit of true joy to touch their very souls, souls that are waiting and longing to feel that joy. The joy that heaven is filled with and Earth should be and can be filled with too. The joy that all were meant to know in their lives but so few do. The joy that brings contentment into life as it brings life into the joyful embrace of Jesus.

The peace of God was revealed in the birth of the Prince of Peace who came to bring peace into lives and souls that would accept Him as their loving Lord. A peace that never leaves, a peace that no troubles, no crosses and no burdens can remove from those who truly embrace the Lord. The peace of God offered to mankind so that as in Heaven peace can reign on Earth.

The hope of God for mankind lay in the manger. The hope that mankind would come to its senses and truly seek to live in the way of hope. People hoping each day to come closer to God. Hoping each day that God's will be done in their lives and in the lives of others. Hoping each day to show others the way to true life in The Lord, Jesus. Hoping each day that all would live the holy lives they were created to live. Hoping each day to serve God and to serve others in love. Hoping each day to confront the evil in the world and overcome it in the love of God and of others. Hoping each day that the world will be a better place where all are treated with love and respect. Hoping one day to be saints in Heaven.

The love of God in the flesh came to Earth, God who is love, with arms open wide offering all an embrace of love that can last for eternity. Love that is so powerful, so overwhelming and yet so tender and gentle. Love that fills the entire being with the knowledge that God loves you and He cares for you. Love that lifts the soul in ecstatic grace and eternal bliss. Love that is denied to none, yet, there are those who deny it to themselves. Love that brings our human love to fullness so that it can be an image and reflection of God's divine love. Love in and through which we were created and exist in. Love that can be experienced on Earth and known to the fullest in Heaven where eternal love resides.

The gift of Christmas is the gift of God as man given to mankind in love with the hope that all will find peace and joy in life through Him and that all will come one day to reside in the glorious love of God in Heaven.

May you all have a truly Blessed and Holy Christmas,

Alan Ames

Oct 14 , 2017

Progressive and Tolerant

When the many people in the world say something is acceptable or right that is not always the case, for many of the people of the world frequently state that wrong is right and right is wrong. When the people of the world say that sin is to be tolerated then those who love God should not and cannot tolerate this. True toleration is to accept that others may have a different point of view or belief or way of living, and while they may be wrong in this, toleration is to accept they have the right to choose that belief or way. However, if it is sinful we have to stand up with humble love for what is right in the hope of converting the hearts of those with the wrong understandings of what is sin and what is not, what is the right way to live, and what is not.

Very often those who claim to be tolerant are the most intolerant of those who think differently to them. In these times there is a lot of pressure on Christians to accept what goes against their faith and when they do not, the so-called tolerant frequently attack, abuse and vilify Christians who stand for their faith and their God. The 'tolerant' sometimes become the most intolerant. The so-called 'tolerant' may see themselves as progressive in what they want for the world and society, when in fact they are regressive. The 'progressives' frequently support such things as abortion, gay marriage, freedom to use drugs of addiction, using the law to force Christians to do what is against their faith.

Abortion is just another slaughtering and sacrificing of the innocents. This is not new, for in the past there were many child sacrifices to appease the false gods in the hope of security or getting what they wanted or needed.

Today with abortion mankind slaughters the babies. Some do this because they are not prepared to sacrifice for a child in their lives and so they sacrifice the unborn baby so that they can have the life they want or what they believe they need in life, as they embrace the false gods in the world of a self centred life. While this is not true in all cases it is true in all cases that an innocent child is being slaughtered. Of course there are some very tragic circumstances where a mother may think she has no other option. It is important that these women are shown there is another and better option and given the help they need to choose life not death.

Gay marriage is proclaimed as a right by the 'tolerant', but it can never be a right, for homosexual activity is always wrong. Marriage can only be between a man and a woman; that is God's plan; Matthew 19: "he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'". While a Christian should never discriminate against someone who is homosexual a Christian should not accept what goes against faith and morals. To agree to or to tolerate gay marriage is to agree with or tolerate the sin that is within that union.

Conscience does not and cannot excuse sin. Unless a person holds fast to the truths of God a conscience can be distorted by what is happening in the world or by what is being taught as truth or being promoted in what we hear and see in the media. There are belief systems today that teach their followers it is permissible to torture and kill others or to treat women as less than men. Many of those in these systems see no wrong in doing so as their conscience has been distorted by what they have been taught to believe as God's will. So that they cannot discern what is right and what is not, their conscience is not true.

Those who are homosexual are to be treated with respect and compassion, remembering to be homosexual in itself is not sinful but it is doing homosexual actions that is. I have met some strong Catholics with homosexual tendencies but they keep these emotions under control and offer their struggle with these tendencies to God as a sacrifice of love, they remain chaste for the love of God and their faith. I find in them a great example of sacrificing for God.

From some of the 'progressives' there is a call in many countries now to relax the laws on drugs of addiction and to make them freely available. They often quote studies that suit their agenda and ignore studies that do not. They promote these addictive drugs as reasonably safe and ignore results that say they are not. A 20 year analysis by Prof Wayne Hall, Australia, showed the devastating effects of cannabis. Also a 50yr study on 411 males (Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development) show a 7 fold increase in violent behaviour by those using cannabis. So the argument that drugs freely available will reduce violence does not appear to be true.

It seems historical evidence is also ignored and the effects on society when drugs of addiction are available without restriction. In Germany in the 1930's and 1940's Pervitin a methamphetamine was given freely to German troops and was also available to civilians. This surely had an effect on the terrible and violent events happened in those times. Just remember the reports in recent times of the aggression of methamphetamine users.

Then there was opium that was forced to be freely available in China by Western powers after the Opium wars...Opium addiction remained a problem in China until 1949 affecting Chinese society in deleterious ways.

Do we want drug dens on our streets? Does anyone consider the effects on children if parents are drawn into the world of addictive drugs, or how society would be affected? History shows in various countries what happens when drugs of addiction are available to society without strict controls. Often it is reported in the media that a violent crime that happened was because the person took drugs. Do people really think this will reduce if those same drugs are there for all? Sadly, so few speak up and ask these questions because they are afraid of the attacks by the progressive tolerant people that may happen to them.

Today evil is forcing its will on the world often through those who see themselves as the compassionate, tolerant, progressive more intelligent people. The will of evil is to hurt and destroy mankind and it uses the blindness and pride of those who think they know what is best for others, when in fact what they know is the worst for others. We must pray for these people to be touched by God's grace so they can see the harm they promote and reject that harm. Pray that they will come to know the divine truth of God and promote true tolerance and progression. Progression that helps us progress to heaven not to be trapped in the darkness of evil and regress back into the ways of evil.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Aug 7, 2017

Never Give Up

In the past the martyrs could have given up on The Lord, Jesus, to save their own lives, their families' lives and maybe to get better positions in society. However, no matter what the threats or temptations, they did not give up on Christ.

At times with so many martyred it may have seemed as if the Church would not survive, would be destroyed because of so many killed or forced or persuaded to accept other gods and deny Christ. Nevertheless the Church stood strong in the sacrifices made by the martyrs and was not overcome. Today once again the Church is under attack from many sides but this is to be expected for the Church will be under attack until Christ comes again and in His glory reigns supreme.

We today are called to imitate the sacrificial lives of those who went before us. We are called to stand strong in the faith and never deny Christ. Even if we are threatened we should stand firm asking the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to do so. The Church we have today is because those before us stood strong. We should pray for the grace to reject the temptations offered if we would deny Christ.

We should pray for the grace to stand firm even when it seems all of society, including family and friends, are against us. When governments and those who rule us demand we accept sin because that sin is legal we must say no regardless of the cost. But we must say no with gentle and loving hearts and words. It is our duty of love and faith to do this so that we can hand on to those who follow us a Church still strong in the love of God.

Today many around the world are clinging to Christ even at the cost of their lives. These are true saints and martyrs. Yet so many others are afraid to hold onto Christ and let go of Him because of their fears. Have no doubt the Holy Spirit gave the martyrs the grace and strength they needed to overcome their fears and cling to Christ and that the Holy Spirit will do the same for us if we are ever called to suffer for Christ. In this knowledge there should be no fear knowing God is with us.

This is our time to show our true hearts of love for God. This is our time to stand against the evil in the world. This is our time to show generations to come that the love of Christ is even more precious than our very lives. This is our time let us live it for Christ, Our Lord, and let us live it unafraid assured Heaven will be our reward if we do so.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Apr 15, 2017

Easter Message

When it seems the whole world is against Catholics and there are attacks with people abusing us, making fun of us for our faith and those of different belief's condemning and physically harming or killing Christians because of their faith remember this is what they did to Christ, Our Lord, and truly we are blessed to be able to bear the suffering with Him and for Him.

While it seems hard and so unfair at times remember evil is not fair and evil will use the harshest of measures to destroy the love of Christ in the world. When you see those who are intent on getting rid of Christianity see Its Satan Lying And Manipulating those people and that they too are truly victims of evil. Victims that need our prayers and love even though they may hate us.

Just as Jesus Christ, Our Lord, did in His suffering let us look to our persecutors with forgiving love asking the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to endure in love. It is in loving through the hurt of direct and indirect oppression that we can be lifted to higher levels of love and be sanctified in the divine love of Christ. It is by responding with love to the attacks of evil through others that in Christ we can overcome evil as Our Divine Lord did on the cross. By doing this we not only overcome evil in our lives but reduce evil's effects on the lives of others as God's sanctifying grace pours out through us to bless the world. It is in imitating Christ in His suffering love that we become vessels of sacrificial love that God can use to bless all of mankind and change lives for the better.

Let us not fear what we face in the world but embrace it as Jesus, Our Lord, embraced His cross. Let us remember the gates of hell cannot stand against our church and our faith for they are God given and God is victorious on the cross and in the resurrection. Let us leave our doubts, uncertainties and weaknesses in the tomb and rise in Christ, Our Lord, to be the blessed lights that He wants to use to dispel the darkness of evil in the world so that all of mankind can glow in the sweet and blessed love of Jesus, Our Lord.

While this task is not easy we do not have to do it alone for our risen Lord is with us waiting to fill our hearts and souls with the strength of His love and the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Lord waits for us to cry out Lord help me do Your will and when He hears those words then He will pour in abundance all we need into us so truly we can be His servants of love. It is then we will truly become the risen lights of Christ in the world raising not only ourselves but the whole world closer to God and holiness.

God bless,

Alan Ames

December 22, 2016


In this time of confusion, turmoil and violence it is easy to be led into despair at what is happening in the world. There seems to be little joy and happiness around the world instead there is a lot of anger and despair at events that assail our sense of justice and honour, our moral code and our desire for peace. To some all hope seems lost and the future looks bleak.

We should remember however that the world the The Lord, Jesus, was born into was a similar world. Many at that time had lost hope, people were subjected to violence. There was confusion and turmoil as people were oppressed by their rulers who often treated them badly with so many killed for opposing those in power. There was little peace in lives. Darkness seemed to be ruling the world and immorality abounded as many did not know God and His love.

Then it all changed with the birth of the Son of God. The Lord, Jesus, chose this time to come into the world and to shine His divine light into the darkness. He came to bring the truth into the world so that man could live to His truth and find the way home to heaven in Him. While He was on the earth the suffering continued but He confronted that suffering with love and offered the way to people to face the suffering in the world by living to His truth.

The immorality continued but He showed people the correct and moral way to live and to love. People were still oppressed but He offered freedom in His love. Turmoil abounded but He opened His heart for mankind to find peace in His love. The Lord, Jesus, in His birth brought hope to mankind, hope of a better future and eternal life in Heaven. In His life He encouraged mankind to look beyond the world and not to be imprisoned by it instead to look to heaven and to be free and at peace knowing the eternal life in heaven was awaiting. A heavenly life full of joy and happiness so far beyond anything a person could experience on earth. Now God was with man and all would be well.

Today it is important we do not lose sight of what the Lord, Jesus, brought to earth and offered to mankind. Today we should try, even though it may be hard, try to look beyond the world and keep focused on God in heaven. The Lord, Jesus, is with us He has not deserted mankind and He will not let us fall if we hold on to Him in love.

As we look to the baby Jesus at this time of celebrating His birth it is time to ask Him once again to fill us with the Joy of His love, the peace of His love, the security of His love and the hope found in His love. These are the gifts we should be desiring at Christmas time so that the divine light of Christ can fill us and through us touch many others so that they may too come to baby Jesus and cry out from their hearts, 'Jesus, I love you'. When the Lord, Jesus, hears their cry He will surely reach into their hearts and fill them with the love, the happiness, the joy, the peace and the hope that are the true gifts of Christmas.

God is still with us let us not forget that no matter what happens and let us trust completely in Him that all will be well and that He will return one day bringing an end to all that is wrong on the earth. God is with us let us remain with Him in love and hope... O come O come Emmanuel.

Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames



Nov. 22nd, 2016


My Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, In recent times I have been requested by many people to comment on the state of the Church and the state of the faith as there seems to be an uncertainty in the minds of some as to what the future is for the Church and our Catholic faith. First, I must say I am no authority on the Church or our faith and can only share with people what the Lord has revealed to me. I have no formal religious education and do not study religion or our faith. All understanding I have has been given to me by the Lord and it seems to reflect very closely the teachings of the Church.

When The Lord first began instructing me, He said that I should always be obedient to the Church and its' teachings unless it went against faith or morals and this is what I hope to do and I try to do. He explained that it is through obedience a person can grow in faith and be open to grace because that obedience is an expression of a persons love for God which in itself is a key that opens the soul to receive grace and the strength that comes with it to embrace the faith. Obedience is a cornerstone of our faith and of our love for God, and as we live obedient lives we become examples to others what it means to live a catholic life and it helps others to join us in that way of life.

When He spoke of matters going against faith or morals it was explained that if the Church was to ask me to sin or accept sin I should not be obedient to that, of course I am sure the Church would not do that. If the Church said that immorality in any form was acceptable I did not have to believe that. That if the Church was to change church teaching that was handed down to us from the Church fathers I should be very careful and check with the catechism of the Church if it was correct and if the Church was to change or deny the Word of the Lord I should not accept that either. Other than that I must be obedient unto death to the Church for the Church is the house of the Father, it is the body of Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.

So I encourage people to do the same, to have a complete obedience to the Church unless it goes against faith or morals even when they do not understand where the Church is leading people and there may be some confusion in the minds and hearts of the faithful as to the direction we are going. Remember what you read or hear in the media secular or even in some religious media forms is often distorted and we should not accept what the media says without checking directly with the Church itself as to what the truth is. Also remember God has all in hand and He is guiding the Church in seen and unseen ways. We need to trust in Him totally that all will be well and follow the Church He has given us with an obedient love.

If people find this difficult to do then I suggest they turn to the Holy Spirit in prayer and ask for the grace to do so. Pray for the grace to accept and believe that it is God leading us and He will not lead the Church away from Him, instead He will lead it to Him. Evil has always worked to sow confusion and uncertainty into the minds of the faithful as it tries to lead the people of the Church into disobedience. Remember, the evil one is the prince of disobedience, let us not follow him in this but instead follow the true example of Christ, Our Lord; obedience to God no matter what the cost.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Alan Ames

Oct. 2nd, 2016


Dear Friends,

From the many questions I get about the future of the Church I would like to answer them in this way and with a prophetic word of what lies ahead unless we act.

Over the past years the Church in western countries has been continuously attacked by governments, politicians and groups who desire that their will or way of life be accepted by Christians even when these are against church teaching.

The last years have been particularly difficult as one major government tries to force its will on the Church. This government has attacked the Church or Christian groups through the use of what are called equal rights but often are wrongs. It is done in various ways including through the targeting of Christian groups by the tax arm of the government to remove charitable exemptions etc. There are attempts to force the Church to accept such things as abortion in Catholic hospitals, paying for those in the Church employ to have contraception, same sex marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, transgenders lifestyles and much more. Religious groups within the Church have had to fight legal battles just to try and keep to the faith and the teachings of the church (which is to love the person but to reject the sin).

Some of those in power try to take away religious freedom in the name of being progressive or politically correct; try to deny Christians the right to follow their faith and their conscience. This government appears to want to have a country that has little faith and can be manipulated easily to do it's will. Already the consequences of this can be seen by the number of people who no longer go to church or believe in God. The numbers embracing satanism seems to be growing. Secularism reigns supreme in many lives and atheism is on the rise. While all around the morals of society collapse and people suffer from this. It is time now for Catholics and all Christians to stand up and say enough for if this is allowed to continue then disaster surely lies ahead.

Some Christians tell me that they will vote for some one who supports abortion at all stages of the pregnancy even late term and partial birth abortions. Do they not understand to do this is to support the killing of babies and that they become part of this terrible sin and will carry that responsibility with them to be confronted by The Lord on judgement day when He will ask them why they supported the killing of the innocent. Some have responded to me that both choices support abortion but one person to vote for says they are pro life and only support abortion when life of the mother is at risk or for some other very serious problem such as rape or incest. While both choices are not good a Christian must support the one that will save the most lives and will help reduce abortions which in time may influence the country to go further in reducing this terrible act of inhumanity.

Catholics and all Christians who would vote for those who want to suppress the faith, to change the faith, to force Christians to accept sin and to be immoral are attacking the faith themselves. They become part of the forces that want to destroy Christianity, destroy the Church. We must support the ones who say they will protect Christianity and freedom of religion. The ones who understand what is happening to the Judeo/ Christian heritage we have and promise to defend that heritage.

If Christians do not now stand up for their faith and stand firmly in the truth of Christ by rejecting and not supporting those who attack the church, attack the faith, then it may be too late. If the situation we are in now is allowed to continue it will get only worse. In years to come the Catholic Church will have been assailed so much that it will be reduced to a shadow of what it is today. The people attending will drop as people will lose belief in God or will go to more ‘progressive' churches who accept what the government and special interest groups in society say is right. Many will see no reason to go to church for they will see it as a place of bigots and extremists. Many will be drawn away from God and deeper into the darkness of the secular world. It may happen that a church springs up calling itself catholic but is truly not and some will be drawn to that.

If we Christians want the future to be a good one living in the truth of God we need to support our God and our faith. If we do not then be assured the world will get worse. Darkness will envelop your families and friends. Suffering will increase. Hatred will spread and the evil one will have his way in many lives taking many souls from God. A terrible thought and I pray this does not come to be.

This can be stopped but each one of us has to do what God calls us to; reject the worldly ways of immorality and sin and never support someone who shamelessly promotes these evil things.

I normally do not speak in this way but I have been shown how important it is that at this time people of faith stand firm and defend their faith by supporting those who will not attempt to change or destroy their faith. Encourage all you know to think deeply about the future they want. Do they want a Christian based one or one based on the falseness that is in the world? Help all make the right choice.

God bless,

Alan Ames

April 2016


There was darkness and pain all around giving the appearance evil had won. Yet on the cross all the pain was carried and all the evil confronted with God's gentle steadfast forgiving love. Then in the tomb when many had lost hope and despaired, the hope of the world arose to shine His divine light into the darkness to disperse it and to show that evil was truly weak in the face of pure love.

Today in the world it seems as if there is darkness every where and that the prince of darkness is victorious and is ruling the world inflicting suffering and pain upon mankind as he wills. However, the truth is that the love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, cannot be overcome by evil and that His love will bring light into the darkness.

While many despair and lose hope as they see the terrible things happening in the world we as followers of The Lord, Jesus, should not. We as His followers should have no doubt in His victory and we should be proclaiming to all that The Lord, has risen and that evil is bound to fail for it is a divine truth that evil that has no hope of victory, that it is defeated. Yes there is and will be many awful events that occur at the hands of evil and evil's servants but we must not let that destroy our trust in the victory of The Lord, Jesus.

We should be the people who rise up to tell the world all will be well in the hands of The Lord. The suffering and evil occurring in the world should strengthen our resolve and trust in The Lord as we come to realise that to trust in mankind is fraught with danger for mankind's will is at times ruled by the will of evil. While to trust in God is never foolish for it brings the assurance that His will can never be overruled, the assurance of safety in His eternal love and and the assurance of eternal life in and with Him.

He rose in love of mankind let us rise up in love of mankind declaring we believe and that we will never accept evil's rule over us. Let us rise up with open hearts to all inviting all to find the victorious love of Christ in our love of them.

We are the victors in Christ let us not cower in fear but stand tall in the certainty that God is with us and that Jesus, Our Lord, is the victor and so is anyone who will live trusting completely in Him.

Happy Easter,
Alan Ames



The world is a mess as it goes through this period of upheaval and terrible suffering. History once again repeats itself in the actions of mankind where people are manipulated and led into inflicting hurt upon others. Where people are ruled by their pride, their fears and their seeking to control or subjugate others. There is nothing new in this, sadly this is the history of mankind. The words of The Lord, Jesus, ring so true when He said the prince of darkness rules the world. Or when satan claimed all these kingdoms have been given unto him and to whomever he will give them to. Today it seems so obvious that there are those who satan has given the kingdoms to so that chaos and suffering can spread throughout the world. It seems as if a blanket of darkness is enveloping the world encouraged by some of those who rule. It is like a tinderbox waiting to explode into a far greater orgy of violence and evil. So many are being drawn into feelings of despair, losing hope and seeing little good in the future before them. It is these feelings the evil one and his servants on earth exploit to draw mankind deeper into the darkness and away from the light of God. Others are being deceived by evil through their faith in a belief system that causes many to do the most terrible sins and inflict horrendous suffering on people they see as non believers or who oppose their understanding of what God calls them to.

In these times many wonder where it will end and what can be done to change the world. For those who follow the Lord, Jesus, it should not be a time to despair but a time to hope,hope in The Lord. It should not be a time to give up on the world but a time to trust in The Lord, Jesus, that all will be well. It should not be a time to sit back and say there is nothing I can do it should be a time to say what can I do to change this? Realising it is by living their faith they can change this. It should not be a time for Christians to let the blanket of darkness be laid upon them by others but a time to stand firm in The lord, Jesus, knowing He will remove this blanket. It should not be a time of wondering what will be the spark that will set fire to the world and take it into major conflict but a time to let the spark of Jesus’ love enkindle a fire in our hearts and souls so that we become the lights through whom God disperses the dark in the world and leads mankind into a time of peace.

If Christians allow the world to trap them in their fears they will find it hard to be open to the grace, power and love of God. If Christians let themselves be lowered into the levels of darkness that satan is laying upon the world then the light of Christ will not find a place in their hearts. Those who follow Jesus have a higher calling, they are called by God to rise up and not be afraid of evil but instead to trust in The Lord completely. They are called not to listen to the deceptions of evil in the world but instead to listen to and live to the truth of THE WORD. They are called to pray intensely for all of mankind to be open to the true peace that is found in Christ, Our Lord. They are called to lift their heads high and not cower before the frequent attacks of others on their faith. The higher calling is to be true followers of Christ, to be saints walking on earth unafraid of what may happen at the hands of evil. Instead believing completely in what will happen in the hands of Our Lord, God and saviour, Jesus Christ. It is when the followers of The Lord, Jesus, do this that not only they but many others by their efforts will be lifted to higher levels of grace and find true peace in the loving heart of our God.

May God strengthen us all in our love of Him and of others so we can hear and answer that higher calling.

God bless,
alan ames


Christmas Message 2015

December 22, 2015

Dear Friends in Christ,

This Christmas it would be so easy to despair looking around the world and seeing the turmoil, the pain and suffering. It seems as if the prince of darkness is ruling the world. However, we should remember in this holy time that the Prince of Peace came to earth and shone His divine light into the darkness overcoming it and exposing truly how weak evil is. In the vulnerable infant Jesus the defeat of evil was assured. In the loving Lamb of Heaven victory was proclaimed. From the beginning of The Lord, Jesus’, time on earth evil tried to destroy Him, first recorded through Herod who slaughtered the Holy Innocents. Yet, even though The Holy Child appeared helpless in truth it was evil that was helpless before Him and could do nothing to stop His walk to victory on the cross and in the resurrection.

As we ponder the coming of God to earth as man let us not forget the power of His love, love that He brought for all to overcome evil in their lives with if they so desire. Let us look to the Holy Child, Jesus, and see that in Him the terrible times we go through today will come to an end and His peace will reign supreme.

Christmas is a time where we can find the strength we need to live as the children of God, to live as sacrificial lambs, to live as loving people exposing the vulnerability of our love so that through our weak hearts the divine heart of love that is Jesus’ heart can be seen. So that in seeing His heart in us others may come to it in love and overcome the darkness in their lives. Let us not despair instead let us celebrate that the little child of Bethlehem came to embrace mankind in His love and that from the cradle He cried out offering mankind the comfort of knowing that in Him all will be well.

In this holy and blessed time let us unite with the angels of heaven singing out how great and glorious is our Lord and how wonderful is His love. Let us not be trapped in the misery of the world but set free in the joy of heaven and let all see that joy in us.

May you all have a Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames

IS = It's satan

Dec 8, 2015

It's satan lying and murdering... in the name of God. Truly this is an insult to God. However, let us look beyond this and see what is happening in those who are serving satan in his evil work. These people who do this and follow this evil belief system are truly possessed by evil and we should respond to them as if it was a family member possessed by evil. We need to pray fervently for this evil to be removed from their souls and that they are converted to catholicism so they can find peace of heart and soul in the fullness of God's love in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

I know many will say that prayer seems to be having little effect but in truth it is. Through praying for these poor souls evil is confronted in the spiritual realm by our love for God and for others and that love will defeat the hatred of evil. It is also extremely important we do not let hatred enter our minds and hearts for those who do such terrible and evil things in the name of God. We must focus on the love The Lord, Jesus, has for these people and pray that His love will possess their souls replacing the evil that is there. Remembering also that this evil will continue to be passed from generation to generation if we do not confront it in the right way.

It is essential we also go to adoration when possible and spend time with The Lord, offering this time for those possessed by evil through their belief to be freed from this slavery and to be filled with the presence of Jesus and be at peace in the love of Jesus, Our Lord. It is in adoration that the divine presence and the grace of God when offered by us, can through us, enter into the lives of the possessed. It is in adoration the light of divine love can pass through us to touch those in darkness we make the offering for. I ask all of you to make time, even if only a few minutes, to be in the presence of Our Lord offering this time for those doing the work of the evil one to be freed from this enslavement.

We must consider how their souls are suffering within and how they will suffer eternally if they do not break free from the evil one's grasp. I know that these people do the most disgusting and horrible things. I know they cause immense suffering for others. I know they bring chaos wherever they are. I know many believe they should be condemned to hell. This is understandable because of the evil they do. But we as followers of Christ must look to Our Lord in love and ask Him to be merciful, ask Him to remove the evil ones from the souls and lives of these people. Surely this is our duty? Isn't this what The Lord, Jesus, calls us to?

This is what the evil one tries to stop us doing for he knows this offering is more powerful than anything he can do. The evil one hates us doing this, it makes him howl in anger, scream at the pureness of the love we offer in truly following Christ.

Let us not despair. Let us not cower in the face of evil. Let us stand tall in the love of God. Let us hold our heads high as we pray fervently for these lost souls and let us truly imitate Christ in asking for their forgiveness and for this evil to end.

May God strengthen you all.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Mark Catholic Church

November 2015

Catholic News Herald covered a prayer service by Alan Ames from a visit to Huntersville, NC during November 2015.

Follow the below link to view the full article.



The below link will take you directly to a 4 minute YouTube recorded during the healing service at Mass.



Oct. 13, 2015

Holiness can be achieved by all people who truly seek it. However, this means letting go of the world and holding firmly on to heaven every day and in everything. This for many seems too hard as the comforts of the world and the things they have or the positions they hold seem to fill their lives and hold primary importance to them. Some believe that it is these things of the world that will bring them fullness of life and happiness. How foolish that is for the things of the world are temporary and all a person has can be taken from them in one moment by the world and are of no benefit in death and after death. It is when people seek to live holy lives that are focused not on self or the world but focused on God and heaven that all is put into true perspective and the value of things of the world becomes so much less. It is in the seeking to be holy that peace enters the heart and joy resides within the soul for the holy way opens a person to the eternal presence of God in every moment and the love, joy, peace and security that is within His presence. When people are created they are created by God to be holy and to live lives that will bring them to heaven in the divine love and presence of Jesus, Christ, the Son of God. Some prefer however to ignore or deny this truth and accept the deceptions of evil that say there is no God and no heaven that mankind is nothing more than an evolved animal with no eternal home. Some choose to believe the deception that it does not matter how you live still heaven will be yours that there is no consequences for your actions all are destined for heaven. Some refuse to believe in hell for how could a loving God send people to hell? It is these people who reject what God has created them to be and refuse to answer His call to holiness. In their foolishness they cannot see how living for the world and self, how not believing in the truth of God’s creative love and in His image in mankind, how not living as God created mankind to has brought suffering and pain into the world. Has brought evil to rule in many hearts and lives so that instead of being holy the people by their actions and belief’s become unholy. Yet, when so many look to the lives of holy people living in the world at times among them such as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa they find comfort and hope in these people. They see the goodness and are touched by it. The soul within knows and recognizes the sanctity of the person and is touched by it. The goodness they see is seeking a home within them, it is reaching out from the holy ones to bless the hearts and souls of others with God’s grace. That is why they find comfort and hope, that is why they feel happy and peaceful looking upon the lives of the holy. These are the feelings that come with God’s grace and these are the feelings that can stay with people if they so desire. All people can let God into their lives if they choose to or they can deny God in their lives if they choose to. So many make the wrong choice and because they deny God their lives are confused, uncertain, lonely, loveless, sorrowful, fearful, painful and have turmoil within them. If only people would choose God and the holy way He calls people to it would be so different. Lives would be happy, peaceful, secure, loving, caring and certain of the future that awaits them in God’s heavenly kingdom. There would be no fear for people would know God is with them and they would know all is well in their lives. Mankind has a history of turning from God and the results of that are plain to see everywhere with the world that is not a paradise but for many is a form of hell. It is time to turn back to God. To seek to live the holy way of Jesus, Christ, Our Lord. It is time for mankind to live as it was created to live; for God, in God and with God. When mankind does this the world will become holy, it will become the paradise it was meant to be for it will be the home of the holy. The veil will be removed as heaven will be exposed to all and the Lord, Jesus, will reign supreme.


Sept 15, 2015

Once again in Australia an elected leader has been replaced by a party vote while Prime Minister of the country. It seems the will of the people is held in disregard. No matter what party it is whoever led it into and won an election for it should serve the full term without being replaced unless of course due to ill health or willingly resigning. The party was elected under this leader and usually the people’s votes are influenced by who leads a party. If a leader is changed for political reasons then it should be mandatory that a new election is called so that the people can decide who leads not just a few self- centred politicians.

The difficulty now presented is that while Prime Minister Tony Abbott made some unfortunate policy choices he did try to hold onto some Catholic values ie: opposing same sex marriage. His replacement however while professing to be catholic supports same sex marriage. So now there are the two major parties in Australia opposing catholic teaching. How is it possible for me to vote for either of them? In truth I cannot and therefore will not fill out a voting slip at the next election.

This however does not solve the problem facing Christians in many countries where major political parties do not hold any or very few Christian beliefs. Today it is hard to find someone to vote for as nearly all seem to embrace worldly ways and ignore heavenly ways. Even many of those at times who profess to hold dear the true values of Christianity change once they are in power.

What then can we do to change things? If we look at how various interest groups have infiltrated political parties to influence them to favour what they desire and imitate what they have done without sinning and being deceitful we can do as they did and change political parties but for the good not for the worse. It needs a long term approach but Christians should start now. We need to encourage those of true belief to join political parties so that when it comes to selecting who will be candidates in particular areas in time those of good morals can be chosen. It is important that when Christians join the parties the numbers are sufficient to have a major influence that is why it is important to get as many to join as possible. We also need to pray that those who do this do not lose sight of their goal of bringing sanity back into politics. We need to be as cunning as foxes but as gentle as lambs so as to take back the moral ground in politics. It is no good complaining and doing nothing we need to act. Prayer, the Sacraments and following church teaching will strengthen us to endure but endure we must otherwise it will only get worse.

I travel to many countries and see the despair in the hearts of catholics as their governments try to lead them down the wrong path. Let us not despair let us do something. We can change things. It will take hard work and a long time but let us start now for if we do not future generations will suffer at the hands of governments that will enforce anti-Christian laws even more than happens today.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Until our time is done

This life we lead on earth can be so painful at times when we look around and see the foolishness of mankind and the evil that people embrace. No wonder some of the saints longed for God to take them from this life for the agony within at the offences committed before God in the world and the separation of mankind from God because of them truly hurts the soul that loves God. Yet these same saints knew they had to remain on this planet until God’s will was completed in their lives so that His merciful love could touch the hearts and souls of others and bring others to reject the wrongs in the world in their embrace of God. These saints, through their holiness and acceptance of God’s will that they remain on earth to be the vessels of His divine love, brought many others to sainthood as well.

Today so many of the followers of The Lord, Jesus, live despairing at the evil in the world and long for the day when they can go home to heaven and leave the turmoil and darkness of sin in the world behind. However, we should learn from the example of the holy ones who accepted their crosses, accepted that they were here by God’s grace to help change the world by His divine grace and accepted to persevere serving God on earth until He decided when they should come home to Him in heaven.

The history of mankind is full of pain and suffering because of the sinful ways so many embrace and live to but it is also full of good and holy people sent by God to change the world for the better. In The Lord, Jesus, many are called to be the saints of today that make the world a better place. That through them His grace ease the pain and suffering in the world. That through them His grace confronts the evil in the world so that by His love through them the grasp of evil on mankind will be weakened. As we struggle through this life on earth let us do as the saints before us did by holding firmly onto The Lord, Jesus. By accepting that God has placed us here in this time so that His will can be done in and through our lives at this precise moment. By accepting the crosses that come with confronting evil by never turning away from the crosses or rejecting them but embracing them in the love of God and others.

Today as governments, societies, other belief systems try to force their will, their immorality and their sinful ways upon the followers of Christ let us remember that in the past the same happened to many of the saints and let us imitate them in standing firm in the truth of Christ and never accept the world and it’s ways before God and His ways. Let us thank God for the opportunity of being here in this time so we can show His love to all and let us ask Him to keep us here on earth until His holy will is completed in our lives.

God love you,
Alan Ames


Within The Church††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† May 31, 2015

Mankind contains within it the sinful for we are all sinful. There are those who commit, murders, rape, incest, paedophilia, theft, violence and who are greedy, selfish, immoral and distorters of the truth. Yet within mankind are many good people who try to live lives of goodness, kindness. love, generosity, peace and compassion. Many of the sinners are those who are trying to overcome their weaknesses and failings and trying to be good people. So often this is a lifelong struggle and needs constant vigilance to overcome that which would draw people into the darkness of evil.

It is the same within the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church for the church is made up of people, it is full of mankind and of mankind's weaknesses. So while it is extremely disappointing when those in the church succumb to their weaknesses it should be expected that some at times will not be able to overcome their failings just as many outside the church cannot. Sadly just as in the rest of the world terrible and disgusting crimes will happen within the church and there is no excuse for this and it is impossible to justify. However, to condemn the church for this and to declare that the belief of the church is worthless or hypocritical is truly a misunderstanding and distortion of what is happening.

The Church never accepts or encourages sin it always encourages people to be good, to aspire for holiness. The church tries to inspire people to be better as it wants to raise people up in the grace of God to be people of love, peace, kindness, gentleness and truth. The church reaches out to sinners not condemning them but inviting them to be part of the church so as to find the right way to live in God's love. In that love the church explains what is wrong in the eyes of God and what is the right way to live and tries to lead all to true life. Even when people fail the church does not give up on them it is there reaching out in true love. Some in the world cannot accept the church's right to state what it believes is right and what is wrong yet believe they themselves have the right to say what people should or should not believe or accept. Some try to enforce by law on the church what it should believe or what it can say is right or wrong. That surely in itself is hypocrisy.

The church even though it is full of weak sinners must and should continue to proclaim the truth of Christ and never change it to suit the whims of mankind for if it did then it would no longer be the catholic church. It should continue to reach out to all and invite all to be part of it but this does not mean it should accept the wrongs of the world when in doing so, it should do quite the reverse. The church should also never try to hide the problems of those who have committed heinous crimes while part of the church but should openly confront them and do what is necessary to overcome them. The Holy Spirit within the church guides and leads the faithful to face up to the wrongs committed and to do everything to put right that which is wrong. Thankfully after some painful mistakes the church is coming to terms with this.

While at times the rest of the world may not be happy in the way the church handles these matters (sometimes justifiably) the way the world handles them is often far worse. Governments, police forces, politicians, judges and society at times close their eyes to serious offences before them often hiding these crimes when it suits their agenda, or when they do not want to offend people of a certain belief system, or when they do not want to believe something exposed is true. Mankind also chooses at various times to change what is right and what is wrong, what is sinful and what is not, what is illegal and what is not. How then can there ever be true justice? The truth never changes it is just mankind's understanding of it that does.

Society so often condemns the church for its wrongs but then so easily can justify or ignore its own wrongs. Even those who profess to be part of the church can do this for they are part of society. So many within the church separate themselves from the church and God but do not recognise this because they are too busy following society and its pack of baying wolves. So many who profess to be Catholic openly oppose Catholic teaching and accept that which is so obviously sinful and evil but cannot see that by doing this they are no longer Catholic. Some professed Catholics become enemies of the Catholic church frequently attacking and condemning it. Yet the church always calls out in forgiveness to these people and tries to help where possible. The church opens its arms in love to even those who would destroy it doing so in imitation of Christ. The church does not condemn but offers forgiveness and hopes to bring all to forgive it too for the wrongs done within the church. As it does so often it is ridiculed, condemned and mocked. Yet the church does not and will not stop proclaiming the love of God in His church for mankind. Nothing can stop this and nothing will. Even if in proclaiming the truth of God's love makes the rest of the world uncomfortable the church cannot stop proclaiming the truth as that is what it is here for, that is why The Lord formed the church, to do as He did in proclaiming the truth. Sadly many do not understand this and do not understand that the truth cannot ever be overcome and as the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church contains the truth of God despite the weaknesses and failings of people within it the church cannot ever be overcome. Let us thank God for the church and pray that those of us who are within it do not succumb to our weaknesses.



May 24, 2016

This Pentecost it would be easy for Catholics to despair as they see a large number of people in Ireland vote in the support of what is intrinsically wrong and support that which opposes the will of the Holy Spirit through the teachings of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is important to see what is happening here in the timing of this vote on the eve of Pentecost. Here is evil trying to distract people from the Holy Spirit and the celebration of the birthday of the church and evil trying to offend God through those people who are unwittingly at times manipulated by evil. The evil one is also trying to sow seeds of doubt in the victory of Our Lord, Jesus, over evil and for people to lose hope in The Lord. However, we should not despair, we should not lose hope for no matter how bad it may seem, no matter how foolish people are and no matter how people reject God and His teachings the victory is assured. All faithful Catholics should hold firmly on to this truth and should never lose hope and never despair for God has all in hand and at the appropriate time in the appropriate way He will show the power of His love in the victory of The Lord, Jesus, on the cross and in the resurrection.

God bless,

Alan Ames


A Resurrected People††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 5, 2015

The Lord rose in love so that all people can be raised up in Him to find eternal life in heaven. This is possible for all people and all it takes is the decision to follow The Lord, Jesus, instead of following the world. However, many people find this hard to do because the world has a firm hold on so many. It is an important part of the lives of those who follow Christ to help others make the right decision and help them be open to The Lord. If a person truly wants eternal life in heaven they should pray for the grace to let go of the world and hold onto The Lord. It is impossible to hold onto both and a person must decide what they want to do and should be aware of the results of their decision. That is why it is so important that those who do hold onto Jesus help others to find the grace and the strength to do the same. Help others see the importance of reaching out to God in prayer and asking for the grace and help they need. The world today has brought many not to even consider prayer so many do not pray except when they are in difficult circumstances and they are desperate. Prayer for many is seen as a last resort when it should be the first resort. Prayer is an essential part of life but many do not recognise this and see it as unnecessary and so deny themselves the benefits of opening their hearts and souls to The Lord in love. Prayer is a powerhouse of grace available to all but sadly not all believe this or even think about it. The Lord's followers should be praying for others to start praying. Christ's followers should be explaining to others the benefits they receive in prayer. The Lord's followers should be a living prayer that brings others to pray.

Sometimes people do not follow God in love because the world has led them into lives focused on self and into lives often empty of true love so they do not know what love is. The Lord's followers by being examples of God's love should seek to open the eyes of people to the truth of love and the true joy of love. To show people by their example that living in love of Christ is not a miserable life but a joy filled one. Not a life of denying self but fulfilling self in Him. Not a life of boredom but one of true excitement living in the anticipation of a life far greater than the life on earth, a life in heaven with God. Not a life without its troubles but a life that even though it still has troubles remains at peace throughout any struggle, any cross and any suffering. Not a life of turmoil and confusion but one of clarity and certainty in Him. Not a life of feeling lost and alone but one of always knowing God is with you and that no one who follows The Lord will be lost. Not a life of harshness, strictness and demands but one of tenderness, gentle encouraging advice that asks not demands that people do their best to live to Jesus Christ's way.

It is time for The Lord's followers to rise up to become a wave of love washing over the world as they live lives being examples of Christ. To raise up all they do in life as an offering of love through which those who do not know The Lord can come to know Him. It is time for the world to be lifted out of the darkness that covers it into the light of His love. This may have a heavy price for some but it is a price all who love Our Lord, Jesus, should be willing to pay so that their brothers and sisters on earth can be raised in Him to eternal life in heaven. It may be a life that brings some suffering but then it brings great rewards. It may be a life that at times seems to be achieving little but truly achieves a lot. Many thought that The Lord had failed as He suffered, as He hung on the cross and as He died but in truth The Lord had succeeded in overcoming evil. As He rose from the dead The Lord showed this truth to the world and offered a resurrected life in Him to all. Now is the time for His followers to rise up and show His truth in their lives and succeed in bringing souls to The Lord and to His eternal kingdom of love in heaven.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames


Pre Easter 2015

Mar. 28, 2015

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Once more the holiest time of the year is with us and in this time God calls us to reflect on the sacrificial love shown on the cross by His Son, Jesus. Our minds should be focused on the great love shown by The Lord and the great mystery of His love that God would allow His only Son to lower Himself to suffer and die for those The Father has created.  That God would allow His creations to abuse, torture and put to death His Son so that His creations could find salvation in and through The Lord, Jesus.  This is love beyond human understanding but it is the love that is eternal, heavenly  and divine and the love that we can feel and experience by the grace of God.  That is why it is important to ask the Holy Spirit to lead each one of us deep into the mystery of divine love in this holy week so that we can become more open to that love, which though we will never fully understand it in this life on earth, we may be filled with that love and become examples of that love.

The grace we need is the grace to look beyond self and the world and to look to the cross where The Lord, Jesus, cries out, ‘This is how much I love you.’  To look to the cross and see the responsibility we all bear for the crucifixion of Our Lord and accept that responsibility asking the Lord to forgive us for making Him suffer for our sins.  Realizing that it was not only those at the time who crucified Christ but us too through our sins for He carried all the sins of mankind from the beginning to the end on the cross with Him.  Then in those words of divine love through the enormous pain He carried for us He called out. ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’  We in response should be forever giving thanks that The Lord for no other reason than He loves mankind suffered so much and sacrificed His all for us.

This holy week is a time where we should be calling out in imitation of Christ as we see the sin in our lives and in the world, ‘Lord, forgive us even though we know what we do and forgive those who do not know what they do.’

We should seek in this holy week the grace to change our lives so that we in imitation of Our Lord, Jesus, can embrace the cross for those who will not, that we can carry some of the burden of the sins of others who do not know what they are doing because they have been blinded by the world, so that in Jesus, Our Divine Lord of love and forgiveness others may find salvation. We have the blessed opportunity to cry out to our families, to all we know and to all of mankind, ’This is how much I love you,’ in the crosses we carry for them.  So that through us they may find the way to Christ, Our Lord.

This holy week is a time to truly look to the Lord and His supreme sacrifice and ask for the grace that we too may become sacrificial offerings of love to the Father in Heaven  for our brothers and sisters who are lost in self and the world.  Our Lord is the sacrificial Lord, His way is the way of sacrificial love may it be our way too if we truly want to follow Him to the eternal love that resides in Him in heaven.

May this holy time be a time of grace for you all.

God bless,

Alan Ames



Several people have been accredited with making this quote but it does not matter who said it, what matters is the truth in the statement; 
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
It would be wise for mankind to learn from these words as the history of mankind is repeating over and over its mistakes and following the wrong path. Because of this the world continues to suffer. There is war after war, people suffering in poverty, starvation, abuse of self and one another, greed, selfishness and above all a turning away from God and a denial of God. Mankind does not learn that unless it changes its ways the pain and confusion in the world will continue. Creation groans at the stupidity of mankind for because of our foolishness we cause creation to suffer for our sins. The wrongs we do have an effect on all that exists even though we may not believe or understand this truth. When we turn against God we turn against ourselves for we are a creation of God’s love created in His image. As we destroy that image through sin and putting self and the world before God we hurt ourselves. That is why so many suffer feeling unloved, unwanted, uncared for. So many turn to abusing their bodies because they do not respect the temple God has given in our bodies and so they destroy that temple as they fill it with drugs, immorality and pride and disfigure it with following the fashion of the world that encourages using the body to express what some see as artistic. Many become confused of who they truly are with some men wanting to be women and some women wanting to be men because their understanding of self has been disorientated. 
When we turn against God we turn against others and this is seen in the way we treat each other. At times seeing others as objects to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Seeing others as not being as deserving as ourselves or people of the same race or nationality. The lives of foreigners often are held in less value than our own. War is an extreme expression of our turning from others for instead of loving others as God asks we kill them. When we turn against God we also turn against what He has created and this is apparent in the way we treat the plants, the animals, the sea, the planet with almost contempt at times. We seem to believe we can do whatever we want to creation and freely use it to our advantage regardless of the cost to creation. We seem to forget the gift God has given in creation should be cared for nurtured and respected. Sometimes all that matters is how much profit can be made from creation. Mankind has been blinded by evil into believing it can do what it wants and that it is the master of its own destiny. This is far from the truth for The Lord, Jesus, is the master of mankind’s destiny. It will not be people who decide where they go in eternity but God. Mankind cannot do what it wants it has to be responsible and not be like spoilt children who spoil what God has given them. 
The world is a mess because we have made it a mess. The paradise we were given has been turned into a living hell for some. Foolishly we continue along the same path never really looking at where we are going wrong because our pride blinds us to the truth. Mankind, while making great advances scientifically has often not used these advances to walk the right path. So often these advances imprison people within them instead of freeing them so that the person can grow to be what they were created to be. Over and over a false morality is forced by governments and interest groups on the people and this leads people further away from God and deeper into the suffering of broken families, broken, hearts, broken lives and a broken society. Looking back mankind would see these immoralities have existed before they are nothing new and that they contributed to the destruction of society, they never brought true peace and happiness. But we do not learn from the past and we continue to do that which has failed in the past and will fail again. God in the beginning said to mankind live my way and be happy and fulfilled. From when Adam and Eve first sinned mankind has being saying no to God and from that first sin mankind fell into the darkness and continues to fall deeper and deeper into it because we do not learn that sin brings suffering and a separation from God. We continue falling because we refuse to hold onto The Lord, Jesus, who has come to save us, to lead us out of the darkness and back into the light of His love. The Lord, Jesus is there waiting to stop mankind falling but He gives mankind the choice to hold on to Him or not. Most of mankind however refuses to take His divine hand and just as in the past prefer to hold onto the world instead of God. This is the greatest mistake we make and continue to make. We repeat over and over our denial of God and are so blind we cannot see what it costs mankind. It is time for sanity to return and for mankind in general to turn back to God. To ask and accept the help God offers and to live lives of love as He asks. If we do this then the world can become the paradise of love it was created to be. The world can return to be the beautiful blessing it was before Adam and Eve first sinned and we followed them in sin. Let us stop doing the same mistakes our ancestors did and let us turn to the Lord, Jesus, and find our new beginning in Him.




Jan 17 , 2015

Sometimes fear stops people from seeing the truth of God’s love for their fears can become a barrier between them and God. It may be their fear that God will judge them sternly because of the sins they have and do commit and sins they will not stop committing. The continuing sin clouds their soul and closes it in small and large ways to God. Some people at times believe they know how God will judge them and because of their guilt think it will not be a good judgement. There are those who rather than stop what they do that is wrong instead look away from God thinking that there is little hope for them and they should expect the worst. They forget all they have to do is stop doing what is wrong and turn to God in true repentance and that He will be merciful. Sadly their guilt is a barrier than prevents them from knowing God’s love. Some despair believing hell is their destination and in their despair give up on life and on themselves. This can lead to depression that then blocks the person’s vision even more as now mostly what is in their mind is thoughts of self and their situation. Sometimes people become afraid to love as they may have been hurt in love before and do not want to be hurt again or they feel no one would ever truly love them because they see themselves as unlovable. All should know they are loved by God. This denial of love is a denial of God who is love and a denial of the creation of love that each one is. That denial closes the door to the fullness of love in God.

Then there are those who have a belief in God The Father and in The Lord Jesus and in The Holy Spirit, but are afraid to share their belief with others because of fear of rejection, of being made fun of, as being seen as a religious nut or being hurt by others because of their faith. This is seen in the world today where so many Christians do not share their faith with others because society in general seems to be anti-Christian and there are groups or other faiths that might respond violently. So many do not even express their support of those who do stand up for their Christianity and are abused, hurt, enslaved and even killed for their belief in The Lord, Jesus. Often they join in the attacks and agree with the attacks on those with strong faith because their own faith is weak and they have accepted the wrongs of the world into their lives. Some put country, politics, unfair and biased laws and nationalistic pride before their faith and sometimes do so because that is what all their family and friends do.

Some Christians defend other belief systems that oppose what Christ, Our Lord, said to mankind while they do not defend their own faith. One a faith that the book they hold sacred and their founder says women are less than men and are on the same level as domestic animals; kill those who want to leave their faith. Kill, enslave or subjugate those who will not convert and which also wants to convert the world by force of arms; do not tolerate other religions; do not believe in freedom of speech; kill those who blaspheme. Yet, because the followers of this faith Islam speak so often of peace many ignore the truth of what is happening in the world around them before their very eyes. Large parts of the Christian population and other populations in the Middle East and Africa have fled while many have been killed or made slaves and treated very badly. Christian churches are desecrated and destroyed. Sometimes excuses are made for these bad beliefs and behaviors or they are ignored as people are afraid if they offend they might be targeted by some of the followers of this faith or because they are afraid that they might not be politically correct in speaking out or may be called racist. Some say that most people in this belief system are peace loving people. Yes, there are many who are, and thank God for them, they are good people trying to live good lives, trying to live peaceful lives and respecting others but also there are some who are not. Often I hear governments, media outlets and many Christians saying it is only a small minority that are extreme. It is not a small minority but a large minority that sympathize and or support those who do extreme actions in the name of their faith.

This is borne out by some countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia where if the prophet is seen as being offended there are mass demonstrations demanding the death of the offenders. Some Muslim countries execute Christians who have been accused of offending the prophet or the faith often with no evidence this has happened. It is written in the law that if you blaspheme the penalty is death. Other countries whose populations support violent Islamic movements which survive because of that support. Afghanistan is an example of that where there is strong support in various parts of the country for the Taliban. After a long war it seems very possible that the Taliban could be governing again in the future.

As followers of Christ, Christians are meant to stand firmly, lovingly and truthfully against that which is so obviously wrong but because of fear many do not. Fear rules the lives of many Christians and yet The Lord, Jesus, said many times do not be afraid.

Sometimes a response to fear is violence in the hope of removing what people are afraid of and this can lead to war between countries. Use of violence never removes fear it just replaces one fear with another. War on earth is not the answer to confronting that which we are afraid wants to destroy us. We as Christians are called to a spiritual war not a physical one. We are called to pray for the conversion of those who do not know the love of Christ. We are supposed to be fighting in the war that goes on beyond the physical where evil in the spiritual realm is trying to infect souls and lead them from God. While it may seem as nothing is happening as we pray and the violence continues in the world there is a lot occurring. Through our prayers evil is being confronted and is being overcome in our love of Christ. The violence in the world is a response to this as the evil one thinks by fear in our lives on earth he can distract us from the spiritual battle. He knows he is defeated but he wants to hurt as many people as he can eternally and he knows our prayers are saving souls by the grace of God. This is what he fears, our persevering in prayer and in trusting in The Lord, Jesus. This is what he wants to stop for he knows the suffering in lives on earth (terrible at times) is temporary while the suffering in hell is eternal. He wants all to suffer eternally in his domain of hell. It is in this spiritual battle where we persevere with our prayers for peace and for the conversion of others that he is losing and this he hates. So his hatred is poured out on the world through those he can get to do his will. Let us not be cowered by evils actions in the world. Let us all stand firm in our love of God and of others as warriors of faith who fight for the eternal souls of our brothers and sisters around the world. Our weapons are the love of God and of others; the Sacraments, Holy Scripture, prayer, forgiveness and obedience to God’s will no matter what the cost.

The battle is hard but the gentleness of our love, the tenderness of our faith and the strength of our hearts united in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be victorious in overcoming all evil and all fear.


God is with us

Dec 19, 2014

In this time of the year as the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is celebrated around the world, it can be difficult to find joy because of the terrible suffering and events in the world and the misery that comes with them. However bad the world may be, we should try to remember and focus on the fact that God came to earth as man bringing the offer of peace and salvation to all. It is when we focus on this and pray from our hearts and souls that the Prince of Peace will reign supreme in all lives that we will find joy in the certainty that no matter how bad the world may get The Lord, Jesus, will bring the victory of His eternal love to mankind. Let us not despair over the evil in the world instead let us celebrate that God in His divine love came to earth to rescue mankind and that He will save us from the fires of hell. The baby Jesus, so small, so vulnerable, so sweet and so tender looked out upon the world as He lay in the manger and called out to mankind ‘Do not fear, I am, here with you and for you’. Today He is still with us and here for us. Today He looks out upon the world and calls out to all mankind to live in peace in Him and He asks all of His followers to bring His message of peace and love into the turmoil of the world so that through them mankind can find sanctuary and salvation in Him. This Christmas let us be the messengers of peace. Let us be the bringers of love. Let us be the wise men bringing the knowledge to all that God is with us, God loves us and God will not let evil triumph. Truly this is the joyful message the world needs to hear and be reminded of.

May you and your families have a Blessed and Holy Christmas full of joy and peace.

Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames


The Empire of Evil

Nov 24, 2014

In the world today many are looking around for the coming of an anti-Christ and some are looking at other countries and seeing them as evil empires while forgetting to look at their own countries.

There is an evil empire in the world and all the governments, countries and populations who support evil are part of it. The governments, populations and countries that promote or accept abortion, contraception, population control, immorality, homosexual life styles and homosexual marriages, declare certain times of the year as time to celebrate LGBT lives, promote selfishness and self-centeredness, greed and ignore the plight of the needy. The ones, governmental, atheistic or so-called religious, who persecute Christians and others for their beliefs. Those who terrorise and slaughter others because of their different beliefs. Those who say convert or die. Those who believe in slavery or treat one gender as inferior to another. The governments who use their power to subdue others to their will. The ones who take advantage of the poor and weak by exploiting them and their resources for selfish reasons. The ones who ignore the calls for help of those lost and without homes or countries to call their own and to be safe in.

There is an evil empire all around and there are many anti-Christs within it, for anyone who leads others into that which opposes the will of Christ is an anti-Christ. Any governments and peoples who attack those who are trying to live as best they can the way of Christ, they are all anti-Christ. The sad thing is that today many who profess to be Christian, profess to be Catholic are easily blinded into being part of this evil empire. They become so blind at times that they join in the chorus of hatred that spews forth in attacks on those who try to live the Christian way. Whole nations are drawn into the vitriol of evil and led into joining with the darkness of evil in calling for the destruction of leaders of nations and peoples who want to live the right way and reject the immorality of evil. They listen foolishly and follow blindly their own leaders who say they must maintain peace by force of arms, which in itself is a contradiction. The leaders who will attack other countries because they will not bend to their own immoral way of life. Attack those who stand up for Christ in refusing to accept abortion, birth and population control, homosexual life as an acceptable alternative to the heterosexual life refusing to let this be taught in schools and encourage people to live good lives.

These evil ones in the world scream loudly whenever anyone stands firm in Christ and will do anything to stop them. It should be so obvious to all who love Christ as to what is happening in the world but unfortunately it is not because so many have been almost brainwashed into accepting that their societies’ way of life is right and is the best for all even if it has to be forced upon others.

Of course there are many people living in these nations swamped by evil who are trying to change things, who are trying to live to the way of Christ and who do see the wrong that is happening. It is through these people grace is granted to change lives and souls. However, these good people are in the minority in many countries and are themselves attacked and silenced by those in power. These people are made to seem as if they are intolerant extremists when in fact it is society that is intolerant and extreme in many cases. Evil has covered many with a blanket of confusion that leads away from Christ and into the depths of darkness.

In the world today evil has a firm hand and that is why there are so many conflicts, so much pain and suffering and so much inequality. The world is a mess; just what evil wants.

Instead of looking around and waiting for an anti-Christ to come Christians should see the anti-Christ all around. Instead of waiting for the end times and being fearful of them Christians should be standing up and declaring the love of Christ to all so that the evil empire in the world can be overcome by the love of Christ. Christians should be standing up and calling for true morality to be embraced by societies.

Instead of being silent when other nations and peoples who promote Christ’s ways and morals are attacked we should be defending them not joining in the attacks because of nationalistic pride or because everyone else is. Christians are meant to be different, we are meant to defend the truth of Christ wherever that may be and not defend the deceit of the world.

We as Christians are meant to be the ones who in the love of Christ overcome the powers of darkness in the world not embrace them. The Lord, Jesus, gives His followers the opportunity to be sacrificial vessels of love through whom He can work to change the world. He calls each one who loves Him to live proclaiming and defending His truth and defending those others who do the same. We must not be blinded by race, ethnicity, country or cultural differences. Christians must stand united as one love in our one Lord. The Lord, Jesus, gives His followers the opportunity to be sanctified by living in Him and for Him just as the apostles and the martyrs did. He calls each one of us to holiness by standing tall in Him not shrinking in the assault of evil in the world. The followers of The Lord, should never forget our Catholic Church is a sacrificial church and we as part of the church in obedience to the Pope and the hierarchy should be prepared to sacrifice our all for Christ and for others. This has always been The Lord, Jesus’ call and if we respond to it eternal glory in heaven is ours. The gates of hell cannot stand against the church and the one who sits on the throne of St. Peter and holds the keys of heaven in his hands. It cannot stand against us as we are the church. However, we as the church must stand against the hell on earth that exists in the evil empire spreading its darkness. If we do victory is ours, it is assured.

Now we are given this golden opportunity to show how strong our faith is, how strong our love of God is and how strong our desire is for all to be saved. Let us willingly sacrifice and not fear doing so. Let us willingly give our lives for Christ in whatever way He calls us to. Let us not be ruled by fear but by the grace of God’s love. Let us truly be Catholic and be as true as the apostles and martyrs of the church before us have been.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Listen to the Truth

Oct. 3, 2014

Many people search for the truth and cannot seem to find it. Many are blinded by the deceptions, distortions and deceits of the world, governments and media. People often prefer to accept anything they are told by those in authority or with influence as truth when often it is not. For Catholics the truth should be obvious it is before them in their faith…the truth is Jesus, The Lord, and all truth resides in Him and with Him. While it may be difficult to see and understand this at times if a person follows their Catholic faith the truth will become clearer and the deceptions apparent.

To listen to the world before The Lord and His Catholic Church is truly foolish but many have been blinded into putting the deceit of evil in the world before the truth of God. Some clear examples are:

  1. It was pronounced by many in the world that living together in trial relationships would reduce the amount of divorces. The Church said it was false and that this would affect society and relationships badly. Now the divorce rate skyrockets and more and more families fall apart and the number of children growing up suffering because of this grows…the world was wrong!
  2. The so-called wise of the world who think there is overpopulation have suggested that having less children will improve marriages because there will be more time for the husband and wife to spend together and enjoy each other's company. The Church teaches it is important to have children if it is the will of God and that happiness can be found within families of all sizes. The increasing divorce rate is a result of married couples listening to the world… the world was wrong!
  3. Pro-contraception lobbies and governments declared contraception would reduce abortions. The Church said contraception is wrong and would not reduce abortions. That contraception would devalue love between people and lead to more promiscuity. Abortions have escalated to horrific numbers as mankind slaughters its babies and promiscuity abounds…the world was wrong!

It is not only with these issues of morality that people are deceived, I remember when I lived in England in the seventies and there was an oil crisis, it was boldly declared by governments around the world that oil would run out within 20-30 years. We all listened and believed it and the governments increased the price of fuel saying it was to reduce usage and save the dwindling supply of oil. How foolish we were! Or when we were told that when the computer age arrives people will have more time for leisure. No mention of the jobs that would be lost or people earning less so some need to have 2 jobs to survive and of course so many work harder and longer than ever, if they can find work.

Deceit is rampant in the world and sadly many people just listen to what they are told and accept it as truth without even questioning what they are told. The fruit of this has been lives lost in wars, societies changing for the worse, people paying more for goods and a growing apathy among people. Sometimes in the media I see they state one thing as truth then a short while later state the opposite as truth. I find it hard to believe what I read in newspapers or see on the news because listening carefully to what they say it is clear to see the agenda they have and often the truth is not on the agenda.

The truth when lived to builds lives and societies, increases happiness and gives people a reason for hope. This is what Jesus, Our Lord does, for He is the truth and we must live to His truth and put that before all else if we want the world to improve. We should listen to the words of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church before listening to the words of the world, for the truth of the Church is the truth of Christ. Will we do that, I wonder? Because so many prefer to ignore the Church and do not recognise the cost of doing that. To be a true follower of Christ, He must be first in all things and we must listen to Him above all others recognising when the Church speaks it is Christ, Himself speaking to us through the Church.

The foolish put the world first…the wise put God first. Be wise.


The Noise of the World

Aug 22, 2014

Today people fill their minds with the noise of the world and because of this leave little room for Jesus, Our Lord. So many today have their televisions on throughout the day, their radio's playing, spend hours on computers, wear headphones as they walk, use the mobile telephones frequently speaking or texting as they do. As the mind becomes full of this worldly static any space there for God is filled and God can become increasingly distant. The world draws people more and more into this noise as technology increases and we are persuaded we need these things in our lives.

People at times become almost mesmerised by technology and so easily their focus is taken away from God. Technology for some seems to be the reason for life. Frequently the young find it harder and harder to form relationships and to mix with others as they become isolated in their technology. Relationships often are through technology with constant texting or video calls and phone calls. Relationships are becoming less personal and people meet through the internet sites and frequently problems occur because of the deceptions that can easily be made.

Foolishly so many open their lives to the whole world as they post their often most intimate details online and some also use the social media to attack and abuse others. For some the most important thing is to get a video recording of every thing even if it means ignoring some one who may need help. Some video and post violent attacks as they happen making no attempt to stop them often encouraging the attack all for the sake of posting online.

Society is suffering as people are drawn to make the soulless the centre of their lives and of course the people themselves suffer for within they cannot be at peace. Evil is working hard to use the advances in technology to draw people into the dark and this can be seen by the bad behaviour of some. It is also seen by the way evil leads people to be more self centred with their pictures of self posted, recordings posted online of terrible behaviour, an increasing stupidity of actions as some try to out do others with their foolish behaviour just so they can get attention and maybe more likes on their sites, intimate moments made public with out the other person knowing or consenting to that happening. The bullying of others.

The world of technology is becoming a place of no privacy, no modesty, no morals and no regard for others. A place that is changing the behaviour of many for the worse. There is also a longing for the next generation of technology so that a person can have better, faster and clearer. Games have become a magnate for people of all generations and the violence in a lot of these make people less sensitive to the value of lives and of others. Again evil works to desensitise us to the suffering of others as we become used to killing and slaughtering in the games we play.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it is used for good and in the right way but when it becomes the centre of life, when it becomes the most important thing in life, when it promotes bad behaviour and what is wrong then technology becomes a weapon evil uses to manipulate people and to change society.

Technology without God at it's centre and without goodness as it's reason for being is a wasted technology of little if no benefit. Technology is, like all the sciences, meant to elevate mankind, to make mankind better and to advance mankind in the true way of life. God has given us the knowledge to grow through and with the correct use of science and technology but as always God gives us the freedom to use what we have and what we develop for good or for bad. In love God gives us the choice and hopes mankind will make the right choice. Making the wrong choice also hinders  development for if we put God at the centre we would have progressed much further but in the way we use technology we have wasted so much time and effort in developing that which is of little consequence or benefit. If only mankind focused it's efforts on what is truly good our sciences and technology would be far ahead of what it is today.

If people would only use their mobile phones and computers when it is necessary or essential then the mind could be more open to God. If people stopped seeking the latest and best money would be saved. If people communicated in person relationships could be stronger and people would not be so isolated. Without the physical and social interaction with others it is easy for people to become depressed and unhappy. If people stopped playing violent and explicit games then not so many minds would be infected with this evil and people may start to value life more. If people kept their private lives to themselves and the private things they know about others out of the public arena then their would be a reduction in the amount of self harm some do when their lives are made public and they are ridiculed by others.

This noise of technology is a barrier between man and God, a barrier made by man and embraced willingly by so many. The emptiness within that some have cannot be filled by this even though that is what some people try to do. The emptiness can only be truly filled by God. The full and active minds that people think they have are often nothing but minds filled with distractions. It is the knowledge of God that should be filling minds as when it does then God brings knowledge to fullness within the person. We seem to believe mankind is highly intelligent but what intelligence is it that denies it's creator and leaves little room for the creator in heart and mind? In our pride we are blind to the fact that we truly know little at all and that even what we do know is being diminished by the way we waste our time on what truly is sometimes nothing more than nonsense.

Let us embrace technology in our embrace of Christ and let us use our technology in the way it was meant to be, for the betterment of all, and not just to fill our time and to entertain us. Let us think wisely in all we do by thinking about God first and giving God the space in our minds and the time in our lives. It is in doing this the all else come into perspective and is given it's proper place in our lives. Let us empty our minds of the world and fill them with God for surely that is what is best for all of mankind.



A Symphony of Evil

July 28, 2014

How sad it is to look around the world today and see so many wars and acts of terrorism. Mankind seems to embrace over and over the shedding of blood and the taking of lives without regard for the wonderful and precious gift God has given in each person. Yes even in the worst sinner who may not live the gift the way God intends but still their life is a gift that is God given and not to be taken by man.

Unfortunately today the world seems so willing to follow the ways of violence which are not the ways of Jesus, Our Lord. People kill one another for political differences, for racial differences, for religious differences, to protect what is theirs, to enforce their will upon others. So many excuses are given for the intentional taking of life...but before God none are valid. Looking at the life of Christ, Our Lord and Saviour it is plain to see how God wants mankind to be. Yet people are so blind to the truth of Christ, even those who profess to follow Him.

At the time He lived on Earth Israel was occupied by the Romans who treated the Jews very badly and even crucified Our Lord. Yet, not once did He call for people to rise up and take the lives of others. He never called people to violence it was the reverse He called people to forgive and to love. With all the power of Heaven in His hands He submitted willingly and without responding in anger to those who abused Him. Instead He called out His forgiveness.

How easily His followers forget this.

He showed in His life no political cause, no religious difference, no racial difference, no oppression was worth taking the life of another. He showed that it was in submitting willingly and lovingly to any cross that God's will is done. He never forced His will upon others and yet many of His so called followers are ready to take the lives of others so that their will reigns supreme.

There is a symphony of evil in the world today so often played by those who profess to love the Prince of Peace. A symphony that the evil one listens to in glee and laughs at how foolish mankind can be in destroying one another.

It is time for a symphony of love and forgiveness to be played in the world. It is time to stop killing one another and to stop slaughtering. What God wants is mercy...let us be merciful. What God wants is love...let us be loving. What God wants is forgiveness...let us be forgiving. What God wants is for people to respect the gift of life...let us do that. If not we do not please God we please the evil one and surely we do not want to do that.

Good triumphs in love. Let us bring love to all we meet so that in turn they may bring love to those they meet and a symphony of love emanates from the world not one of hatred.

May God's peace be in your hearts, minds and souls in every moment of your lives.

God love you,

alan ames


Prayer for peace in the Ukraine

July 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

Let us join in prayer for peace in the Ukraine.

It is a great shame of Christianity that Christian is killing Christian, that a so called Christian government bombards it's own citizens killing men, women and children and that independence fighters kill those who oppose their independence. There is nothing Christian in any of these acts for they are disgraceful.

My heart breaks to see so much suffering, so much hatred and so many remaining quiet to what is happening. How can Christians declare how wonderful is their faith when some behave this way and others do so little to stop it. What example is set before the world? An example that says while Christians declare to follow the Prince of Peace they ignore His call for love, forgiveness and peace.

Let us pray that all involved in this conflict, regardless of politics, open their hearts to The Lord, Jesus, and actually live as He asks; peacefully.

God bless, 


Alan in Hamurg 2014

May 8, 2014





Love and Forgiveness

May 31, 2014

A person who loves God will always do their best to love others even though at times it may be hard to do so because of the bad behaviour of others. However, just as Christ, Our Lord, did and does it is important to love all and in that love forgive bad behaviour, without accepting it.

The Lord, Jesus, loves even the worst of sinners and so must we try to, even though at times the terrible things people do makes it easier to be angry with them, reject them and condemn them. In our human weakness we so easily can forget how God still loves these people and how so must we. The evil in other people’s lives can so easily draw good people into bad thoughts about them and in doing so can lead the good into evil. Evil is infectious and the only way to stop the infection spreading is the way Jesus, Our Lord, showed mankind in His life; it is the way of love and forgiveness. These are powerful weapons against evil which evil fears.

It is in love of God and of fellow man forgiveness becomes an expression of that love and becomes a force for good that stops bad infecting the mind, heart and soul. From the cross Our Suffering Lord, Jesus, set an example of loving and forgiving unto death. This is the example we as His followers must imitate. From the cross, The Lord, Jesus, overcame all evil and defeated every evil throughout time and eternity. No evil could stand before His divine love and forgiveness.

In our lives it is the same even though at times it may not seem so. Sometimes as we love those doing bad nothing seems to change and we can so easily get frustrated and ask why isn’t God doing something to change the situation. In truth God is, it is just that we so often do not see or understand what is happening just as the Jews did not understand the victory of Our Lord, Jesus, on the cross at the time. It was only later mankind began to see and understand what happened on the cross and the effect of the loving sacrifice of our Saviour. When we offer love and forgiveness in the most difficult situations what we often do not see is what is happening in the spiritual realm where the love we show confronts the evil ones assailing the person who may be trapped in doing bad. Our love united in the love of God is a sword of light cutting through the darkness weakening and wounding the evil ones. Even though we may not see the immediate effects of this evil experiences it and cowers at the power of our love.

So often in the physical realm the effects are not seen for some time as it may be much later when little changes begin to happen in the lives of those doing wrong. Then those little changes can lead onto much bigger ones. However, even if no change is apparent for many years or at all, be assured that the love shown will be remembered when the people doing wrong face judgement and The Lord takes into account the love and forgiveness we have shown to these people. It will be by our offerings of love and forgiveness united in The Lord, Jesus’ love and forgiveness that mercy will be shown to many. How could The Lord not take into account the love we have shown to these people and how could He not forgive as He asks us to? So we should persevere in our efforts looking ahead in hope and trust in the Lord that He will right what is wrong in lives. That He will even to the worst sinner be merciful. Evil knows the power of love and fears it that is why the evil one tries to infect minds with thoughts of anger, bitterness, hatred, revenge and unforgiveness. The evil one tries hard to lead people away from loving and forgiving as each time a person does so the evil one sees the victory of Jesus before him in that person's life.

Knowing the power of true love I ask daily for The Lord to help me love and forgive. I often fail as my pride leads me into bad thoughts of others but when it does the Holy Spirit always reminds me of how evil is trying to stop me loving and why. The Holy Spirit gives me the grace to return to good thoughts and to keep focused on God’s love. It is then I feel within me the certainty of the victory of love and forgiveness over evil as I see The Lord, Jesus, on the cross before me crying out to even the worst of sinners in love and forgiveness. I realize then why the evil one is trying to draw me into these thoughts, they are hooks by which evil hopes to catch me and draw my soul into the darkness and be victorious over me. I pray each day with a broken heart that even the most evil people are shown mercy knowing sadly that some will not accept the love and forgiveness of The Lord, Jesus, and will pay a high price in eternity for not doing so.

Let us all unite in prayer that we can truly be loving and forgiving and that through our love of Christ, Our Lord, even the most evil will open their hearts to God and accept the love offered by Him and by those who love and follow The Lord.

God bless,

alan ames


Alan with Fr. Rene Laurentin

May 4, 2014




Germany Visit

May 14, 2014

photographs taken while Alan spoke in Germany May 2014


Holy Mass was celebrated by Canon Msgr. Paul Schmidt and two concelebrants.


Wednesday, 14th May, 2014, in St. Joseph's Church, Ingolstadt.

Alan and translator Beatrix during the talk that focused on the love of God, heaven and the sacraments.


About 800 people came to hear Alan's talk in St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.


Kenya Visit

Feb 2-9, 2014

 Alan visited Kenya February 2nd - 9th, here are photos from his talk in Thika, Kenya.





Rise Up

Apr 20, 2014

In this holy time we are reminded by The Lord, that it is life eternal people should focus on and not the temporary life on Earth. While our Earthly life is important, for it is by the way we live this life that we reach the eternal glory of Heaven or not, it should be lived with a focus on the life to come in Christ, Our Lord. What good is this life if we live it in worldly ways, in self and away from God and do not reach heaven? Surely then our lives have been a failure regardless of what we have achieved in the world. Success in life on earth should be measured by whether or not we reach heaven, not by what we achieve on earth. Our lives are meant to be ones pleasing to God even if that means displeasing the world. This is what The Lord, shows to all those who will open their hearts and eyes to see. His focus was on heaven and on pleasing The Father in Heaven. His desire was not to please the world but to help it by gently guiding mankind along the path to heaven even though this would cost His life.

The Lord, gave His all to do this, all of Himself and held nothing back even giving His last breath in love of mankind. The Lord, Jesus, set an example for mankind to follow; the example of true love. We, as His followers, are supposed to be focused on heaven not on the world and self.

We, as His followers, are supposed to be living lives pleasing to God regardless of what that may cost. We, as His followers, are supposed to be prepared to give our all for God and for fellow man in love. In doing this we imitate Our Lord, Jesus, becoming by His grace guiding lights in the dark leading mankind to God in love. If we do not how can we claim to follow Him?

Just as The Lord, Jesus, overcame the powers of darkness by His sacrifice we too can overcome the darkness in our lives by giving ourselves completely to Him and for Him. Many today remain trapped in the tomb, prisoners of the dark, because they hold on to the world and this temporary life in it. Instead of holding on to Christ, Our Lord, and being free in Him. So that in dying to the world and self we can be resurrected in Him and can be rewarded with eternal glory and love in God in heaven.

The Risen Lord, Jesus, calls all to rise in Him, rise above the darkness in the world to be the holy and loving people we were created to be. He reaches out with a heart open to all calling, ‘Rise up’. He wants to raise mankind from the darkness into the eternal light of His love. He wants all people to be with Him forever and calls all to Him in love.

He calls out to those who love Him to be the people of Easter who will guide others to know it is life eternal that is most important and that to reach that is possible in and through the love of Our Lord, Jesus, who tenderly wants to embrace all people in the sweetness of His divine love forever.


2014 Holy Week

Apr 12, 2014

Dear Friends,

Here is a message from the book 'Understanding Evil', which I hope will help in focusing on the Lord Jesus this Holy Week.

God bless,

alan ames

St. Theresa (The little Flower)

In the garden of Gethsemane The Lord took all of mankind’s sins on His heart. He took all the pain and suffering from even the most horrible of sins onto Himself. Because of this He sweated tears of love for mankind as His holy blood poured out through His skin.

In each stroke of the whip the physical sins of mankind cut through the divine flesh exposing the deep love of God.

As the thorns pierced the head of The Holy One all the sinful thoughts of mankind brought forth a trickle of mercy for every- one to share in.

Within the weight of the cross was all the spiritual sins of mankind whose rejection of God would not and could not stop The Lord carrying them in love of man. Yes, the sins were so heavy that He fell but in the divine strength of God, The Lord rose up and continued to carry even the most grievous sins for those He loved.

On the cross as The Lord was lifted on high, He raised up the sins of mankind with Him and in Him, imploring The Father to accept His sacrifice and to forgive mankind for their wrongs. With an open heart He washed the world in His suffering and offered all forgiveness in and through Him.

Then in the glory of the resurrection The Lord showed the truth of His divinity and the truth of His invitation for all to join Him in eternal love in heaven. The truth that all should believe and respond to.



Words of St. Gabriel the Archangel given at Christmas Time

Dec 6, 2013

Dear Friends,

Here are the words of St. Gabriel the Archangel that I like very much and which were given to me one Christmas. They are in the book Heavenly Words for those of you who have it.

Merry Christmas,

alan ames

 In the air was an excitement carried by the wind across the land.

In the air was a feeling that soon something miraculous would happen.

In the air was the knowledge of creation that God was coming to earth.

The people, the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the earth itself waited on the birth of the Saviour, and waited for God's only Son to bring God's glory to earth.

The whole planet waited to share in the first breath God took on earth - a breath of love that would renew this faltering world and would be the beginning of a new paradise for all.



Christmas Message - The servant of love

Dec 6, 2013

When the King of Heaven and Earth came to earth He came as a servant of love. He came to show all people that to be truly regal a person must be humble, to be truly great a person must serve and to be truly holy a person must love.

In His vulnerability as a baby He also showed we are to depend on one another to care for and protect each other. That mankind’s way is meant to be the way He exposed in the lives of Mary and Joseph, loving God above all else and doing God’s will regardless of what the consequences may be. In the Holy Family, God places before mankind the example of the way families are meant to be.

At each Christmas we are reminded of the wonderful gift God bestowed upon mankind; the gift of Himself. This reminds us of the gifts of God we were created to be for one another. Just as Christ, Our Lord humbled Himself by coming to Earth as a weak and vulnerable baby, we too are meant to humble ourselves before others. We too are to make ourselves vulnerable in the love of God and of fellow man. We too are meant to be the children of love who in their weak humanity allow the divine strength of God to fill us and flow through us to benefit others. Just as Jesus, Our Lord, laid in His mother Mary’s arms and reached out to the world in love, we too are meant to lay in her arms and reach out in love to others. It was with Mary and Joseph surrounding Him the glory of The Lord was revealed to mankind. So too with us we are meant to be one with Mary and Joseph letting their love surround us as a holy family so that the glory of God can be revealed to others through us. Joseph the guardian and protector who longs for people to call on him to protect and guard them. Joseph the worker, who wants to help us in our work for God. Joseph who remained in the back ground not seeking glory for self but only wanting God’s glory to be seen in the Divine Child and in the mother God called upon to bring His glory to earth. Joseph, an example for all who love God.

Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to love more and more as family; the family of God and of man. Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to serve more and more; serve God and fellow man not self. Each Christmas is an unfolding story of love through which we are meant to learn to give more and more; give to God and to fellow man and not keep for self. Just as God came to give Himself completely in love and willingly to and for mankind so too we are meant to give ourselves completely in love and willingly to God and to mankind. The divine mystery of Christmas is unlocked by the key of love, which is Christ Himself. If we allow that divine key of love to unlock our hearts then we will be drawn into the mystery of Christmas and find the baby Jesus is there waiting to give us the gift of eternal life in Him.

This Christmas let us all share this mysterious love of God in simple, gentle and caring ways. Let us share it in service of others, in giving to those in need and in working for our family and all families to come to know the eternal truth of God in the babe of Bethlehem. Let us embrace the infant Jesus in love in our embrace of others and let others feel the embrace of baby Jesus in our loving embrace of them.

May you all have a loving, blessed and holy Christmas in the love of God and each other.

Alan Ames


My Pride

Oct 13 , 2013

Dear Friends,

I am so amazed that the Lord blesses me with His love and in that divine love so many people are healed by His grace physically, spiritually and emotionally. I can never stop thanking God for His wonderful mercy to and through me a terrible sinner. However, my pride is a wound on my heart when at times I let the thoughts enter my mind that it is I that heals, This causes me such great pain that I would even let these thoughts in for a moment for surely I am nothing and God is everything. The pain of my pride creates an agony on my soul when at times I judge others for I have no right to do so. When I look around the world and see so much evil; murder, abortion, contraception, immorality, drug abuse, crime, war and so much more, it is easy to condemn the sinner. How dare I a sinner do that? Yes I can condemn the sin but never the sinner for they like me are weak humans who need God's love and help in their lives.

What arrogance I have at times when I see those of other belief's killing and oppressing those who love Jesus, My Lord and God, and I look down upon them because of what their faith brings them to do. Surely I should be praying for them to know the full truth of God in the Holy Trinity and working for this to happen. Or when I complain about society and how there are so many rejecting God and living for self and the world. Isn't it my duty to go to them in love and try to bring them to live good and moral lives in the acceptance of Jesus, The Lord, into their lives. Instead of complaining about them and doing nothing to change the situation? Isn't the world the way it is because of me and my weak faith as well as those who have no faith? I am also to blame for the wrongs of the world growing if I do nothing to stop this happening. Oh, what pride I have as I sit back and complain about the way society is forgetting I am part of society.

How blind I am when I think of myself as superior to others and more deserving than others for to God we are all equally deserving, we are all loved the same by Him. Yet, in my self centerderness I deny this truth and in doing so deny God and His holy will. How my pride weighs heavily in my heart, it is a heavy cross which gets heavier when I am filled with thoughts of self-pity. Self-pity which brings me to believe my crosses are heavier than those of others, my pain is greater than others pain, my suffering is undeserved. How easily I forget how the Lord, Jesus, suffered, how heavy was His cross as he carried mankind on His shoulders, how great was His pain as He carried my pain and the pain of all people to the cross. I, a terrible sinner because of my sins, surely deserve any suffering, any cross and the pain that comes with them. I deserve nothing more and yet the wonderful Lord, Jesus, says I deserve His love. Incredible!

I pray and ask all of you, if you have a moment, to pray for me to overcome my pride by the grace of God. I pray this heart of mine will be healed of this self inflicted wound. I implore the Lord, to forgive me for being such a weak pride-filled person who so often thinks of self before God.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Alan Ames


Prophetic Word

Sep 12, 2013

As events unfold in the world I am reminded of a visit I did to Russia in 1996. I was interviewed on radio in Moscow by an Arkady Rovner who had a one hour show which took calls. I spoke for about 30 minutes on what God was doing in my life and then took calls from listeners. Two calls I have never forgotten. One was from an old woman who said she had taken her granddaughter into a church in Moscow and that the young girl became excited as she said to the grandmother that she could see Jesus and He was talking to her. The grandmother asked me what she should do and what did it mean. First I said there was nothing to fear as The Lord, Jesus, was reaching out in love calling the girl and all of Russia to Him, Secondly I suggested they see and speak to a priest and also increase their time in church.

Another caller asked what was the future for Russia? I answered, filled with the Holy Spirit, that the future was meant to be a glorious one where Russia would come closer to The Lord, Jesus, and would become a burning light that drew others to God. That Russia would become a bastion of faith in a world swamped by evil and darkness. That the prophecy of Fatima would be fulfilled and that all the prayers said for Russia would be answered

Today as I reflect on this interview I see these words being fulfilled as Christianity in Russia grows and grows, as the Russian president seems to be the one major leader in the world standing up for Christianity and talking of God often. I have written before and spoke to many people of the actions and words of Vladimir Putin. Such as he went on a pilgrimage to St. Petersburg to see the belt of Our Lady and kissed it in public then asked the women of Russia to stop having abortions. Or when he spoke at Moscow university and said to the students the best thing they can do in life is to live as St. Francis of Assisi lived. Or his frequent attendance at the Orthodox Liturgy. Or his refusal to let young children to be taught about homosexuality. Of course he is not perfect and makes many mistakes for he is human and has weaknesses but despite these he is standing up for Christ and Christians as he tries to prevent the slaughter of Christians in Syria, which many other leaders ignore.

I thank God and Our Blessed Mother, Mary, that through and in Russia today we are seeing God's grace in action as God blesses mankind in confirmation of the prophecy of Fatima.

Let us all pray that all the leaders in the world become true vessels of God's grace and promote peace, love, equality, morality and most importantly Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

God love you,

alan ames

Pray for Peace

Aug 27, 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,

Let us all pray fervently for peace in the middle east as the drums of war sound loudly. Once again governments and leaders seem intent on drawing their nations and people into conflict using the the same rhetoric as before. Let us pray that the mistakes of history that have cost so many lives are not foolishly repeated and that no more blood is shed. Remember that as followers of Christ, The Prince of Peace, we are meant to be on the side of peace and are called to oppose war through our words, actions and prayers. Please join me in praying that all hearts become hearts of peace and that the darkness of war is defeated.

God love you,

alan ames


He is with us

Jun 8, 2013

Even though the church does and will face many trials and tribulations it will always remain as a bastion of God’s love and will never be overcome by the world. The world may assail the church with all it has but the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will never be overcome. God resides within His church and all the power of the world does not and cannot compare to the power of God’s love.

We as members of the church, as the new disciples of Christ and as the Apostles of His love must never doubt this and always stand firm in the face of any and all attacks upon the Body of Christ, which we are part of, The Catholic Church. We must stand as Christ, Our Lord, calls us to; firm in the truth, gentle in love and forgiving to all.

Even when it seems as if all are against us remember God is with us encouraging each one of us to truly be His followers. Also remember the world opposed Him, many rejected Him and many were and are against Him. The Lord, is with us in our struggles, He helps us carry our crosses and He give us the grace, the gifts and the strength we need to do as He asks of us.

Our Lord, Jesus, does not leave us alone, He is with us and He sends His Divine Spirit to bless us and fill us with the peace of heart and soul we need.

God is with us who can overcome us? God is in our hearts who can break them? God fills our spirits with His Spirit so who can defeat us?

The truth is clear and we should live to that truth that we are God’s vessels of grace through whom He desires to show His love to the world and to whom He sends His Holy Spirit so that we can show His love to all.

Do not be bowed down by the world. Do not hide your faith. Do not deny your Lord.

Raise your heads high in love, open your hearts in love and let your spirits soar in God’s love.

He is with us and we need to be with Him.

God love you,

Alan Ames


Syria: Christians must either leave or die, says Archbishop

Apr 14, 2013

From Independant Catholic News

Life in Syria has become so dangerous for Christians in Syria, that they are faced with the choice of trying to leave - in itself a very difficult course of action, or being killed. That's the view of the Maronite archbishop of Damascus, Samir Nassar.

The Archbishop said defenceless civilians, both Christians and Muslims, are being killed each day by bombs, car bombs, snipers, lack of medical care (223 hospitals were closed and all doctors are fleeing, explains Mgr Nassar), malnutrition, and lack of adequate food for diabetics, heart patients and nursing staff. The local Church has become a have, a "wall of tears", to which all are turning everyday "for protection and help in finding a visa to leave."

Since 2005, Syrian Christians "have seen the UN organize since the systematic departure of Iraqi refugees towards the West," but they feel abandoned, destined to die without being able to escape. Consulates have been closed for a year and a half, he said. Archbishop Nassar describes heartbroken pastors who witness the plight of the poor Christians "who do not find any reason to have to die in this senseless war". They have seen their wealthier brethren leave Syria, and now look to the Church as the only reality to ask for help in the shipwreck. "Pope Francis' appeal in favour of the beloved Syria resonates in their hearts .... The sister Churches in the whole world pray and show their affection for this little flock, without being able to appease the storm." This situation also poses in front of the pastors problems of conscience: "To advise them to stay could lead to death like a lamb dumb before the butcher. Our martyrology simply gets longer ... Helping them leave means emptying the Biblical Land of its last Christians. " This dilemma can only be resolved by relying on the "heart of God", offering the faithful pastoral closeness that helps them perceive the reality of Jesus' words, which never disappoint: "Do not be afraid ... I am with you ... ".

Source: Fides


Oasis of Love

Apr 14, 2013

The following is an except from Experiencing God

In my life before I knew God I was walking blindly through a desert. This desert was one I created in my denial of God. I was alone in my selfishness and sinfulness as I distanced myself from God by thinking only of self and distanced myself from others by not caring about them. Every step I took in this desert was a step further away from the reality of God and deeper into the illusion of self. The sand I walked upon was the people I walked over in life as I used and abused them. The ever-hotter sun was the inferno of hell reaching in through my sins to burn my soul. The increasing thirst was the addictions I had drawing my life from me. Yet, in my blindness of pride I was unaware of the barren world I had created and lived in.

It was only when an oasis of love appeared before me, beckoning me to it, that I started to see the truth. As I changed direction and headed toward the oasis it became clearer and clearer what a world I had created for myself in sin. Then on that glorious day when I reached the oasis of love I was at first hesitant, unsure whether to enter its waters or not. Unsure if the oasis would welcome me or reject me. Tentatively I put my foot into the water not knowing what to expect. As the water touched my skin its coolness comforted my flesh, its gentle touch invited me to enter completely in the waters of love. With great anticipation and excitement I entered up to my waist and as the water engulfed me I felt a love I had never known before. I knew the water loved me. I knew the water wanted to cleanse me and I knew the water would truly wash away the thirst for sin I had.

As the water gently caressed me I turned to look back at the desert I had left behind and sadness came upon me as I saw how foolish I had been. Now I knew the oasis of love had always been there for me, as it is for all people, and that there had been no need for me to be alone thirsting in the desert.

As the water refreshed my being within it I could feel and hear the words

‘Stay with Me forever.’

My heart beat with excitement at the thought of never leaving the water of love that was surrounding and comforting me. Deep in my soul the words exploded forth, ‘Yes, I want to stay with You forever.’

As the words left my mouth I felt for the first time true peace knowing this is where I am meant to be. Then in that realization I also understood that it was only myself that had kept me from my true destiny. Once more then the great pride I have reared its ugly head as it allowed evil to call me back to the desert offering all the delights the world can give. However, now I saw these delights would not and could not last and that in the end the desert awaited. Now these delights held nothing for me as they had become valueless. Now I cried in sorrow at how I had been so easily seduced by them before. Now tears of sorrow ran down my face and dripped into the water. My sadness increased as I thought my tears would pollute the water with the stain of my sins.

Yet, the water cried out, ‘Your sins can be washed away in Me if only you ask.’ Then the hand of despair came upon me as I thought of how unworthy I was and thought, ‘surely my sin is so great I do not deserve to be washed clean’.

Yet, the water called me into it, it called me to come deeper and deeper.

My mind was still lost in thoughts of despair and self-pity but my soul drove me on. Then I was submerged in the water of love and my whole being felt refreshed, renewed, cleansed and pure. As I looked up through the water I could see a fountain flowing into the oasis and filling it. I followed the fountain with my gaze to its source and there was the One who loves me, high upon a cross with His arms open wide. Flowing from His side from His open heart was the source of the water. ‘Forgive me, Lord,’ I cried as I knew His love and knew He cared for me. The One who loves me raised His head and smiled at me as He said, ‘Of course, My friend, of course.’ Then I saw there was another fountain flowing from His side, a fountain of blood. ‘Come to Me,’ the One who loves me called. With uncertainty in myself but not in Him I stepped forth to stand under the fountain of blood.

As the blood washed over me I knew then I loved Him. I knew then this is what I was created to do. I knew then that never again would I stop loving Him and I knew I just wanted to be His. As I looked at the blood washing over me I saw another within it, (a man dressed in black wearing a white collar). He invited me towards him as the One who loves me and the one I love gently encouraged me saying, ‘Go.’ As I went to the man and fell to my knees all of my wrongs came from my heart and soul and I called from the depth of my being, ‘Forgive me.’ With a comforting tone the man replied, ‘By the grace of the One who loves you, you are forgiven.’ As he said these words and raised his hand to make the sign of love I fell backwards into the water. Deeper and deeper I fell but I had no fear for all around me I could feel tenderness, mercy, compassion and love. The deeper I fell the brighter the water became and the stronger the feeling of love grew.

The words, ‘Into the depths of My love,’ came from the One who loves me.

Now I just wanted to remain there forever, sinking ever deep into the eternal oasis of love. Now my entire being, mind, body, soul and humanity resounded with love. Now no longer did I desire anything except the water of love. Then the One who loves me spoke, saying, ‘Many do not drink of this water and do not know of this water. Go tell them.’ Inside me a desire began to grow, a desire that all should come and bathe in the oasis of love so that they could also find the love, the peace, the joy and the security that I have found. The deeper into the water I went the stronger this desire became because the more you are immersed in the water of love and of life the more you desire to share it.


I am Love

Mar 28, 2013

The Lord, Jesus, opened His heart in suffering love on the cross. He cried out in and through the pain His love for mankind. Imploring all to come to Him in love so as to receive His divine forgiveness. He called in tenderness, ‘Come to Me’, asking nothing in return except that mankind does its best to love Him.

The Lord’s words echo throughout time reaching out to every heart and soul. His words filled with pain for the sins of mankind and filled with love for the forgiveness of mankind.

High upon the hill hanging on the cross God’s only Son showed to mankind the depth and truth of God’s love. As His flesh tore on the nails, as His body was racked with pain, as the thorns bit into His holy skin, as the pain of each breath filled Him still He looked upon mankind with love even though it was and is mankind who caused His suffering. He looked and cried tears of love for every soul that would be lost in the darkness as they refused His love and tears of joy for every soul saved by His sacrificial love as they embraced Him in love. On the cross Jesus showed to all those who would look with opened hearts I AM love and I AM here for you and because of you.

Then when He was placed in the darkness of the tomb Jesus took all of our sins with Him so that we could in Him bury our sins and be brought into the light of His love as He rose from the dead. Death could not contain Him, Hell could not restrain Him or overcome Him. Instead He illuminated the dark, He defeated death, He broke the power of Hell and all evil. He said to mankind find victory in me, leave your sins in the darkness where they belong and let my resurrective light bring you to rise to a new life in Me.

This Easter let us rise in Christ, Our Lord, shining in His divine love. Giving thanks to God for the greatest love mankind ever has or ever will see in His Son, Jesus. Let us take to all Our Risen Lord, so that others may find His love through us and rise to eternal glory in His love.

Jesus showed us how to open our hearts in love let us not be afraid to do so. Let us show we truly embrace our suffering and risen Lord, Jesus, by the way we open our hearts in love to all regardless of what it may cause us to suffer.

May you be filled with the holiness of Christ this Easter.

God love you,

Alan Ames



Photo taken at St. Polycarp's in Delaware March 10, 21013

Mar 18, 2013

The photo below shows a bright light in Alan's hand during a healing service.


photo supplied by Mike Boyd Sr., SFO


Whenever God Touches a Life

Feb 4, 2013

Whenever God touches a life it always has been and always will be with and in love, for He is love. The life touched by His divine love is never the same again as the knowledge of God's love drives the person to be a better person. Even though some do not succeed as they are tempted away by evil, still inside their heart is that knowledge that God loves them and the hope is that in the future the strength of that divine love will overcome the weakness of the persons pride or fear.

It is when the people of the church see those who have been touched by God's love reach out and help the person to embrace and come to know God's love in the catholic faith and in the sacraments that it is less likely someone will fall away. God's love always needs to be nurtured and strengthened in life. This is something a person cannot do alone. Everyone needs the help of others to look for and find the grace that God offers in His catholic church and in the sacraments. It is therefore the duty of those within the church to look to always helping others especially those who have newly discovered God's love and been touched by His love.

It at times is so tempting to turn away and say let someone else do this. It is so easy to think only of your own faith growing and your own journey with God. However, unless we help others our faith will not grow and our journey will be more with self than with God.

The evil one works on peoples pride and self centeredness to draw them away from the life they truly should be living for God. A life of serving God and serving others. A life focused on God and bringing others to God. The Divine Spirit of Love is touching many hearts and souls in these times, just as He has always done. God hopes that those who know His love will know that it is they that are called to strengthen those who are newly experiencing His divine love. It is they who are called to fertilize the new of faith so that they can become a blazing fire of God's love and become the fire that set alight God's love in the lives of others that they know. The Lord is sowing the seed in many lives and he asks His followers to nurture the crop and harvest it in His love. Will we do as God calls us to do or will we turn away letting others do what we should?

God love you,

Alan Ames


Christmas Message

Dec 15, 2012

Dear Friends in Christ,

In this blessed time of the year where many, even though they may not recognize it, are part of the celebration of the birth of Our Lord, Jesus. As every time people say, 'Merry Christmas', they are proclaiming the joy of the birth of the Lord. Let us, who know and love Christ, make the words 'Merry Christmas', a prayer for those we say them to. Let us in those words place the emphasis on Christ and let our internal prayer be that those who hear the word Christmas are touched by Christ's love through it.

Hoping that in doing so we may bring Christ into the life of the person so that they may be born anew in Him and His Holy Catholic Church. This is the greatest gift we can give and offer to others. This is the true spirit in which the words are meant to be spoken, The Holy Spirit, that brings merriment into the hearts of people as they are touched by the love of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. As we look to the Infant Jesus, let us go to all in child like love bringing the Holy Child with us and through us into the lives of others

May your Christmas be full of blessings and the New Year be a year full of the love of God,

Alan Ames




Oct 11 , 2012

With the world in so much turmoil let all of us unite in prayer that the peace of Christ, Our Lord, will fill all hearts, lives and societies. It is only in His peace that humanity can reach it’s full potential and truly find happy and complete lives. Today the world sinks into the confusion, turmoil and uncertainty that comes with the accepting so many wrongs of evil and ignoring or rejecting the truth of God. Today a blanket of darkness covers many and blinds many to the true way of life in Christ, Our Lord.Because of this so many suffer. Lives, families and civilizations are torn apart and the world seems not to be able to find the answer to solve all of this.

We as followers of Jesus are duty bound to make every effort to change the world and lives by letting the world see His love in our lives and experience His grace through our lives. This means we have to follow the way Our Lord, Jesus, lived. This means we should be the bringers of peace to all just as He is. We have to pray for all as He did. We have to try and lead all onto the right path that leads to heaven, the path of Jesus. The same path Jesus has led us onto. We have to be prepared to sacrifice for all just as Christ sacrificed for all. We should have shoulders prepared to carry the crosses of others with lives willingly given in suffering for others.

We have to be the ones who shine brightly in the gentle love of Christ so as to remove the hatred of evil from the world. We have to walk as Christ walked with hearts open to all. We have to proclaim the truth of God to all and never waiver from that divine truth. We have to show the world that the answer to its’ problems is found in Christ, Our Lord. This is what we are called to do. This is what our lives are meant to be. This is who we are created to be. Today Our Lord, Jesus, asks of each one of us who love Him, ‘Can you drink from this cup?’ I pray I can and I pray you can so that together in the chalice of divine love we truly can imitate Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and in doing so bring the world to its’ senses.

I also pray this will be your prayer for yourself and for others.  

May God fill you with every grace and blessing,

Alan Ames



Melbourne Visit

Jul 26, 2012

photograph taken while Alan spoke at a church in Melbourne Australia March 2012




The Pendulum

Jul 1, 2012

Here is an excerpt from Alan's new book 'The Battle for Lives and Souls'.

There is a great risk in the embracing of the immoral cultural changes that have been introduced to mankind through those who sought a better world but sought it in the wrong way. The risk is that there will be a counter movement that will take society further in the opposite direction. It is certain that there are those who do not like the extreme liberalism that many try to impose on society and desire for it to be halted.

The pendulum has swung so far into immorality that it is almost certain there will be a correction. The problem is that instead of having a correction that brings society to its senses and to living as mankind is meant to there could be a correction that brings evil in other forms into society through extreme conservative and nationalistic views.

There are those who because they can find no meaning in life now, as they are not taught or shown true values, look for something to bring sense and order into life and so are open to manipulation by extreme ideologies. There are those who because they do not know the truth of God’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ, have turmoil and no peace within and so may accept some other belief in God as truth, a belief which may be extreme and authoritarian.

There is already an authoritarian political system, which under the name of religion seeks to completely control peoples’ lives using the name of God to do so. A faith which denies the divinity of Jesus. A faith which forces its will upon people through threats and fear. A faith which says convert or die. A faith which says if a person changes beliefs they are to be killed. A faith that states if a person blasphemes they are to be killed. A faith that does not see all as equal but sees females as less than men. A faith that believes in polygamy. A faith that marries young women to old men and if the girl refuses she can be killed. A religion that allows honour killings for those women who dare to fall in love with a non-believer and want to marry him. A religious system which in various countries that does not want women to be educated. A faith that accepts slavery. A faith that believes in magical spirits such as Gin’s or Genies. A faith that states it is acceptable to lie to your enemies and to kill those who do not believe. A faith that stones people to death (the devil is in the detail as it is prescribed that only certain sized stones may be used). A faith where the founder said never make friends with a Christian or a Jew.

Some are foolishly turning to this belief system in their unhappiness with the way society is. It is interesting that numbers of African Americans join this faith as they are angry or upset with the way they have been and are treated in the U.S.A. Some, justifiably at times, complain about the slavery of the past and bad treatment that may be still happening but are blind to the fact that in the world today under the faith they have joined slavery is alive and active, that many people are treated the same if not far worse than the African Americans were and are. Is slavery only wrong when it happens to your own people but acceptable when it is others being enslaved? How many do we hear speaking out against this evil wherever it is and whoever is doing it? Some see Christianity is to blame for the bad that has happened to them but while Christians may have behaved in terrible ways and treated others badly, the faith Jesus Christ gave to mankind is one that sees all as equal and demands respect for all. It is the faith of peace, love and forgiveness. It is the faith that offers freedom of choice to all as this Holy Catholic faith understands that God has given each person free will and that free will is to be respected even when the people may make the wrong choices.

It is also interesting as I meet many Africans around the world that some claim that this authoritarian belief system is part of their African heritage. How can that be for Christianity was in Africa long before this religion ever existed? As this faith is spreading throughout the world through migration and conversion of those disillusioned with the liberal societies it is possible that in the future those who reject Christ and His gentle and tender love will find themselves forced to do what they do not want to. They will find themselves living under strict laws with little compassion or mercy. The immorality many accept today will be crushed with an iron fist. Women’s equality will disappear. There will be no respect for an individual’s free will.

Jesus, Christ, in His One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church offers mankind true freedom in Him. Yet many reject this offer and are at risk of becoming unwilling subjects of an authoritarian system that allows little freedom and forces all to live in ways that truly are ways of enslavement.


Holy Land Visit

Jun 9 , 2012

Dear Friends,

I once more visited the Holy Land to give talks and pray for healing. While there I stayed for a couple of nights in Bethlehem and once more was saddened by the situation there. Many of the local people despair as they see little hope for the future. The Christians continue to leave the place of Jesus’ birth as they are treated badly by their oppressors. It is sad to see so little support for our brethren in the Holy Land. It is a great sorrow that a large wall of separation has been erected and continues to be built . A wall that destroys lives, families and communities. It seems nothing has been learned from the fall of the Iron Curtain which eventually fell because of the people’s will. The walls go down in Europe and are erected in the Holy Land!

I attach photo’s of Our Blessed Mother, Mary, which has been painted on the wall by Christians from Bethlehem. Each morning a group of Christians go to this icon of the Mother of the Church and pray for the wall to come down. I ask we join them praying that the wall comes down in peace and not in hatred. However all is not bad, It was very pleasing to see so many pilgrims coming to the Holy Land from Eastern Europe and Russia. Their devotions at the holy sites was an inspiration and a reminder that no wall or no government can suppress forever the love of Jesus in people’s hearts and that the walls of division can be destroyed in the love of Christ, Our Lord and the love of His Blessed Mother, Mary.

God love you all,

Alan Ames




photos taken May 17, 2012


Book Survives Fire

Apr 25, 2011

Hi all

This is an amazing Story.

Maria Geldenhuys flat where she lived was incinerated to the ground on the 14 April 2012, a week after Easter. Nothing was recovered only a book, that was given to her by a friend three years ago.

Maria had lost all her material possessions with no insurance, the walls and floor of the flat have to be replaced as the concrete could not withhold the intensity of the heat from the fire. But her faith was restored a week later when a friend only found this remarkable spiritual book. Through the Eyes of Jesus.

May God Bless her with the Fruits of Love, Faith, Purpose and Healing.






Submission of Will

‘Gentle Spirit’ is given by the Holy Spirit and contains within it a look behind the veil to see what is really happening in the spiritual realm. The battle between good and evil in the unseen world is exposed and the effect of this on human lives. There are also daily messages from the Holy Spirit and interviews given by Alan.

This is an extract from the book 'Gentle Spirit'

Just as The Lord Jesus, submitted completely to the will of The Father all who follow Him are meant to submit to the will of God in imitation of Him. It is in the total abandonment of self into God and into His holy will that a person opens themselves by their free will to becoming vessels of His love. In this submission to God’s holy will a person removes all barriers between them and God by God’s grace and permits God to possess them completely and to use them completely for His glory and for the salvation of mankind. It is also in this complete submission of will that a person overcomes the great sin of pride which first caused Adam and Eve to sin as they put their desire and their will before the will of God. In this humble giving of a person’s will to God evil is rejected and overcome as God’s grace fills the person with the holiness of His love. Now in every moment God’s will reigns supreme and so there is no room for evil to enter into the life of the person.

It is in this replacing of one’s own will with the will of God that a person reflects the life of Mary, the mother of God. Mary completely gave herself to God and accepted His will over her own regardless of what it may cost her, even if it cost her life. Mary knew in her heart and soul that no price was too high for living to God’s will as she knew that it is for God, in God and with God we are created to exist. So to deny His will in life would be to deny the eternal truth of existence. Mary knew that in the total giving of self to God that she pleased God and because she truly loved Him this was a consequence of that love. Mary held nothing back from God and gave back to Him what he had first given to her; herself. The world could do nothing to stop Mary for she desired only for God’s will to be done and she knew His will was far greater than anything of the world. She also knew that no matter what happened to her if it was God’s will it would bring only love, grace and goodness into the world. In the total giving of her life to God and the total submission of her will to God, Mary showed all humans it is possible to live completely for God. Mary, the greatest human created by God, created to be the vessel through which God would come to earth but still created with free will which she freely returned to God.

Anyone who will submit themselves to God’s will as Mary did will find holiness as Mary did. While it will not be the same level of holiness that Mary achieved still it will be a holiness that lifts the person to eternal love in heaven. This lifting can occur in life as well as after death as in the total submission to God’s holy will a person resides as the citizens of heaven reside and so a touch of heaven is in the heart and soul and the kingdom of heaven has a home in the life of the person. Just as in Mary’s case this then becomes obvious in the way the person lives, avoiding and rejecting evil at all times and exuding true love and holiness where ever they go.

A person’s will becomes a holy will when they freely and in love give their will to God and ask Him to replace their will with His holy will. It is in doing this that a person can become a saint of today on earth and can join the Holy Ones in heaven as an eternal saint.


The Holy Time of Easter

Apr 3, 2012

It was at the Holy time of Easter that the Lord, Jesus, showed how merciful and tender was His love for mankind. Even though He suffered terribly all He asked of The Father was mercy for mankind. Even though The Lord, Jesus, had all the power of God, he did not use that power to destroy those who abused Him. Instead, The Lord looked with tender love through His pain and saw the weakness of mankind and reached out to help people overcome their failings. With His gentle and divine heart open to all, The Lord accepted the suffering put upon Him so as to carry mankind’s suffering through sin into the tomb with Him and raise mankind up in His resurrection offering them the grace to overcome sin in His divine sacrifice.

The Lord, Jesus, revealed to mankind the true nature of God, that which is love and mercy, that which is tenderness and forgiveness.

Many are blind to this and see God as an authoritarian God who demands from mankind and punishes severely those who do not obey His divine will on earth. Some see God as distant and to be feared. Yet, Jesus, in His life and in His death, showed this is not how God is. He reminded mankind with His Sacrifice that God is love. That God loves mankind and is prepared to give His all to save mankind. That God is merciful and forgiving. That God does not want mankind to suffer but wants mankind to be free of pain in Him. The Lord as a prisoner on the cross, exposed to all the way to true freedom from sin and evil so that mankind could live in the light of His love and be happy in life.

God did this because He loves mankind and wants to lift mankind up in His divine glory. Not because it makes God any greater but because it makes mankind greater.

The message of the cross is there for all to see and if all ask the Holy Spirit to truly see it then all will come to know the truth of God’s love. The message of forgiving love, merciful love, suffering love, tender love and love that says to all I am here for each one of you.

May you all have a blessed Easter,

Alan Ames


Conscience and Faith

Feb 13, 2012

In recent times certain governments try to force Catholics to deny their faith and beliefs and to go against their consciences. Our faith cannot be subject to the will of a government as then it would be nothing more than secularism cloaked in the name of faith.  Also, when the governments change then could come a change of faith.

Our Catholic faith is supposed to be a relationship of love between God and man.  A relationship where people try their best to live as Our Lord, Jesus, calls us to.  A relationship that puts God before all else and above all else where we are obedient to His holy will in all things. With the eyes of heavenly love that come with trying to live as Catholics, a rejection of the world’s ways that oppose the will of God, is born within us and grows within us as we seek to live for God.

Our conscience guides us by the grace of God to know what is right and what is wrong.  Our conscience is an expression of our soul’s desire to be close to God and filled with His divine love. Our conscience works to keep us on the right path and to avoid error and sin.  Our conscience is a treasure of grace but sadly we do not always listen to it and listen to the graceless, and what seems to be the clever, arguments of the world instead.

It is our conscience that exposes who we truly are, the person we are and if we listen to it helps us know who we are.  It is a great blessing from God that we have this within us; a blessing that all have but not all respect.  In the history of the church so many have given every thing to live to the conscience bestowed upon them by God.  Many have made the ultimate sacrifice so as to keep faith with God and their conscience.  Communism, fascism, dictatorships and religions that say ‘convert or die’ have been unable to overcome the true believers and their relationship of love with the one true God, The Holy Trinity.  Rivers of holy martyrs blood have been shed in the love of Our Lord, Jesus, and the faith He gave to us; rivers that wash over the world soaking it in the sacrificial love of God.

Today, secularist, socialist and sinful leaders try to force Catholics to deny their faith and their conscience.  It is done with a smile and the arguments that it benefits people if Christians would give up their faith, give up the morals by which they are called by God to live to.  If Christians accept these arguments and bow to the will of their leaders the world becomes worse not better.  A person cannot be a Christian and follow the world instead of following Christ.

It is by following the will of Christ, that each individual makes the world better, as His grace pours out through them to bless the world.  It is by standing firm in the faith and not denying their faith and their God that Christians can be Christ-like.  It is by understanding and accepting that to live to God’s way might at times call for sacrifice, suffering and persecution that each one can confront evil and overcome it.

Just as the brave and holy martyrs of the past stood firm in their faith and love of God regardless of the cost, let us stand firm. Just as the martyrs raised their eyes to heaven and cried ‘Your will not mine’, let us do the same.  Just as the martyrs confronted in love the evil the world tried to force upon mankind.  Let us do the same.

Now is the time for all Christians to stand up and be counted for Christ.  Now is the time for all Christians to say ‘Enough’. Now is the time for all Christians to support those leaders who are truly Christian, not those who claim to be Christian but show by their words and action they are anti-Christian.

Let your voices be heard.  Let your God smile upon you as He sees how strong your love for Him is as you raise your voice in love of Him.

God bless,

Alan Ames


The Year Ahead

Jan 26, 2012

My friends in Christ,

Let us all look ahead to the year before us in the hope that many will be blessed and find the true love of God in His only Son, Jesus. As it is only in His love that true peace in lives and on Earth can be found to it’s fullest. It is only in His love that life can be complete. It is only in His love that the truth, gentleness, compassion that is meant to be part of lives can be discovered in the highest form. It is only in His love that the eternal bliss of divine love can be experienced. One of my prayers each day is that all people, not only those I know or who ask for prayers, will be touched and blessed by God so as to have a new life in Christ. I ask all of you to join me in this prayer (I am sure many of you are praying for this already) as the world today is a world with little love, hope, or compassion. So many people know little happiness and live in despair. So many do not know the love of God and so many do not know love at all. If we unite in prayer then the grace Our Lord, Jesus, pours out through our prayers will change the lives of others. It is important we persevere and know that even when we do not see or understand it God’s grace is working and people are changing. I thank you for all your prayers for me and ask you to pray for those in the world who are more deserving than I am; the poor, the needy, those who do not know God or His Son, Jesus, and those who are lost in the dark.

God love you,



The Christmas Gift

Dec 6, 2011

Once again the joyful time of our Saviour’s birth is upon us and we are reminded of the great blessing of God coming to earth as man.  With this magnificent act of humility and love God showed mankind that He is not a distant God but the one true God whose desire is to be with us not only in spirit but in flesh also.  The Divine One exposed the depth of His love for mankind by sending His only Son so that mankind could come to know that truly we are the family of God and that mankind is truly loved by God. In that holy moment in Bethlehem mankind’s saviour took His first breath and in doing so breathed a new beginning for mankind.  In His divine breath was the renewing exhalation of God that came to blow away the old misunderstandings and replace them with the full truth of God’s divine love. In the first heartbeat outside the womb that the Holy Child of Bethlehem had was nothing but love; love of His Father and love of mankind.  With that heartbeat began a new relationship of love between God and man.  Every heartbeat that followed in His Holy life was the same as the first one. For His heart never stopped loving and His heart never stopped showing how God treasured mankind’s love.

As Our Divine Lord opened His eyes the first sight He saw was His mother Mary and He looked upon her in love.  Then He looked to Joseph in love and saw in both of them how the love of mankind can be; pure and holy.  In these two humans He saw how mankind was created to be. When His mother held Him in her arms close to her chest and rocked Him gently back and forth the Lord, Jesus, felt her love and felt the comfort of it.  While at the same time she was filled with the joy of the divine love of God touching her.

Now the Lord, Jesus, looks to all of us with those same eyes that looked upon Joseph and Mary and He looks upon us with love.  He looks and reaches out to each one with the same heart of love pouring out grace in abundance; grace that is there to lead mankind to Him through His blessed mother Mary. He calls mankind to welcome the embrace of His mother’s comforting love and to unite in love with her and St. Joseph so that our hearts beat as one as we come to Him.  He breathes out His Holy Spirit to draw all people into pure and holy lives as part of the Holy Family of God so that we can be close to Him and live joyfully in His love as we were created to do.

Once again this Christmas, God offers Himself to us as a gift of love in the giving of Himself in humility.  We should not be blind to what is offered and we should also help others to understand the great gift of love that God bestowed on mankind.  Not because it makes Him any greater but because it can make each one of us greater when we accept what is offered and truly become the Holy Family of God.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year in Christ, Our Lord.

Alan Ames


Supernatural Lights

On 13th November 2011 Alan Ames was giving a talk and praying over people at The Lourdes Grotto San Antonio, Texas. As he did these supernatural lights were caught on camera. Notice the cross in the red lights. These are not tricks of light or camera as on one Alan has there is a shadow from an image. Each photo also had maybe 2 or3 photo's taken in between which had no image yet taken from same spot. Even though taken from same position lights move across the grotto.

view Television interview by KENS5 in San Antonio







In the first photo below, inside the grotto near roof you will see a red light next to that is a small white image. When you enlarge that it is the same image as the bigger one on the next photo. Just below white image on rock wall is the shadow which proves that it is not a trick of the camera.









Arab Spring... Christian Winter

Oct 11 2011

 My Dear friends,

Today as a terrible tragedy unfolds in Egypt where our Coptic brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted and killed just for loving Our Lord, Jesus, and the world stands by doing little.

This attack is just another of so many that have occurred and so little is said or done to stop them or to protect the Christians in Egypt and in other muslim countries. (I attach below a segment from my latest book ‘ The battle for lives and souls’, published 3 months ago ).

I encourage each one of you to take a stand for your faith and Our Lord. Do not remain silent any longer speak out against the wrongs that are being done to our family of Christ. I ask that each of you contact your head of government, your President, Prime Minister and those who are meant to represent you. Congressmen, Senators and Members of Parliament, insisting they do something to stop this. Below are some email addresses. I am sure if western countries threatened to stop giving aid or to stop trading with these countries things would change very quickly. But our leaders need to be led to do this they do not seem to have the stomach for it themselves without prompting from their electorates.

Are we going to sit idly by again and let the blood of those who love Christ be spilled? Are we so indifferent to the suffering of others who follow the one true God? I hope not.

Let us all pray and offer the Holy Mass for peace and freedom of religion in these troubled lands. Let demand that our governments do something and let us play our part by telling everyone of this great wrong and encourage them to act too.

Please email all you know with this so many can unite in prayer, in love and in action to support our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ

 USA:  Contact the White House | The White House†† www.whitehouse.gov/contact

 England: camerond@parliament.uk

 Germany: Bundeskanzlerin | Contact


 Australia: Contact Your PM | Prime Minister of Australiawww.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm

 From ‘The battle for lives and souls’.

 It is also time for Christians to say ‘Enough’ and start to demand firmly their rights but lovingly and without sin.

It is time for Christians to stand up and demand that Christian minorities in Muslim countries are given the same protections Muslim minorities in Christian countries and countries like Bosnia and the state of Kosovo receive.

In Saudi Arabia it is forbidden to have bibles, religious images and rosaries. If a Christian is caught wearing a cross any muslim can take it away. The person will be arrested, taken to prison and deported. There are cases in Saudi Arabia where converts to Christianity have been tortured and killed. It was reported in Zenit News about an Eritrean who converted to Christianity and spoke to others about Christ, who sits on death row because of this. Saudi Arabia is listed (Open Doors) as the 4th worst country where Christians are persecuted. Yet, many Christian leaders visit this country or deal with this country and remain silent about the terrible treatment of Christians there in case in doing so they might offend the Saudis whose oil, money, trade and strategic support seems more important than the rights and lives of Christians.

In the Ivory Coast recently an election was held and the muslim challenger won the election. Several countries in the west called for his opponent to step down and some western countries even gave limited military support. Yet, when a massacre of 800 Christians happened in a single day at the Catholic Mission of the Salesians, St. Teresa of the child Jesus in Duekoue, by the soldiers loyal to the muslim challenger, scant reporting and little protests were made.

Generally those who do stand up and speak out about the unjust treatment of Christians in the Muslim world are those of the churches which come under attack. In Iraq where the Christians suffer terribly and even a Catholic Archbishop, many priests and many Catholics have been murdered, very few Catholics in the west raise their voices in protest. As about 50% of Christians have been forced to leave their homeland of Iraq most Christians, most Catholics in the western world remain silent as this awful tragedy unfolds. I saw many Copts protesting around the world about the terrible attacks on them and their churches but how many Catholics stood with them? The Pope and the hierarchy spoke out but most Catholics did nothing and sat back in apathy instead of showing unity with their brothers and sisters of the Coptic Church. Catholics and Orthodox must stand together against this and all evil.

As Pope John Paul 2 explained the Eastern and Western parts of the Church are the two lungs of the Church and Pope Benedict the 16th reiterated this in 2007 with these words: “Thank you, Your Beatitude, for this gesture of esteem and brotherly friendship. In you, I greet the Pastor of an ancient and illustrious Church, a shining tessera of that bright mosaic, the East, which, to use a favourite phrase of the Servant of God John Paul II of venerable memory, constitutes one of the two lungs with which the Church breathes.”

 May God bless you all,

 Alan Ames


A Warning

Oct 5, 2011

It was in 1994 that God came into my life and lifted me out of the self-imposed prison of sin and worldliness.  From the beginning as I began to meet people in my new life for God until today there has been a constant flow of information and messages about the end times that I hear from others.  At first I was assured by many Catholics that the world was going to end or a warning would be given to mankind in 1998, it did not and was not.  Then it was the year 2000; again nothing happened.Various dates since then have been given the most recent being 2012.  This date is taken from the interpretation of an old Mayan calendar which predicts the year as 2012.  Until now nothing has happened and I am confident 2012 will pass without the world ending.  I certainly am looking beyond that in serving God on Earth if it is His will I do so.

How sad it is that so many Catholics are eager to hear of the end times and cling to the messages of doom that are spread around the world.  As Catholics we should be clinging only to The Lord and hope for a better future in Him.  We should be trusting in and believing in His words that NO ONE except The Father knows the time the world will end.  If some one declares they know the time and date then they are rejecting and denying Christ’s words.  Some today are drawn into what goes against Christ’s word, it seems as if they find some excitement in thoughts of the world ending and disasters happening.  The disasters today are claimed by some as signs the end is near.  Yet there have always been disasters, they are part of the history of mankind since we first sinned and they will continue until the end of time. Some live in fear that the world’s end is near. However, we should have no fear and as Christ said we should stand tall and hold our heads high in His love waiting for His eternal embrace.

To me it seems this excitement people find in the end times or the fear some have of the end times shows that there is a weakness of faith.  If a person lives a sacramental life and lives for Christ by completely embracing the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith then there should be no room for fear or the need for this type of excitement.  Living completely in the faith removes these fears.  Living in and for the sacraments fills one with the excitement of God’s love.

As a people who trust completely in God each one of us is meant to live each day as an example of Jesus, Our Lord. Jesus, who never showed fear.  Jesus, who opened His heart to all so that each one could find security in His love.  Jesus, in whom all the excitement we need can be found. How can we be an example to others if we are afraid?  How can we be an example to others if we focus on the world ending?  How can we show the heart of Christ to others if we believe in a Mayan pagan prophecy and ignore the words of Christ?

Some think that by telling people the world is about to end it will bring others back to God.  People brought back by fear soon leave if they see nothing has happened or some prophecy did not come true.  People brought back in and by love tend to stay.  People who come back in love have a true faith.  Whereas people who come back in fear often do so in self-interest and maybe with thoughts of self-preservation. What sort of faith is that?

As followers of Jesus Christ, The Lord, we should live each day as if this is our last day.  We generally never know when our last breath will be taken.   So instead of worrying about what may or may not happen in the future, we should be concerned about living today in the right way, for today may be the day we face Christ in death.

Remember Jesus Christ, Our Lord, calls each one of us to be a loving, joyful and fearless person.  Let us be that way so in us others can see the peace of heart that Christ offers to all in His love.

I encourage all of you to live each day as if it is your last day, stop worrying about the future and take care of today.  Live each day as a Catholic day and know if you do so eternal life with God is yours.

May God bless you with His love and peace.

Alan Ames 


The Seal That Cannot Be Broken

Jul 26 2011

There are politicians in Australia and Ireland calling for priests to be forced by law to break the confessional seal. This is in response to the shocking and terrible crimes of child abuse and some cover-ups of it within the Church.

While it is right and proper that anyone guilty of these crimes against man and God should face justice and receive the punishment they deserve it is not right to try and enforce the breaking of the confessional seal.

The sanctity of the confessional is a vow between a priest and God, which for no reason, no matter how vile, cannot be broken. Since the beginning of the Church under many different empires and ideologies priests have kept this sacred vow some even giving their lives for it. Fascism, communism, dictatorships, secular and non - Catholic groups have been unable to force or persuade priests and the Church to break this vow and if politicians today think they can do it then truly they do not know Catholicism and its history which has many a brave priest holding firm to their promise to God. This vow before God is greater than the human vows doctors take in refusing to make medical matters such as HIV status of patients available to others or lawyers refusing to make known their clients admissions to crimes.

For me the sadness is that there is a silence from many Catholics on this matter. Some even believe that the politicians are right. This shows there are those who do not know their faith or some who do not care about the sacred truths of their faith. It is not surprising with so few Catholics going to the sacrament of reconciliation that there is not a great outcry against these politicians. People should see this for what it is, an attack on the faith, and should stand up and defend the Holy Catholic faith. That does not mean ignoring the offenses against the young committed or the at times inadequate responses. Surely we should expect and demand that the Church protects the young and reports anyone guilty of such abhorrent sins. We also should expect the Church to keep its sacred vows to God including the seal of confession. If the Church accepted what these politicians are calling for who would go to confession? Who would trust a priest with their most personal matters? If the confessional seal could be broken for this over time the governments could demand more and more sins should be reported. Authoritarian regimes could use it to spy on and control the people.

Our faith would be weakened as who would truly confess their sins and in not doing so people would hold onto sin and the problems that come with it. Part of our relationship with God is to open our hearts and recognize our sins and weaknesses asking for His forgiveness and the grace to overcome our weaknesses. Because of our humanity it is often not possible to see the answers to our weaknesses by ourselves and so God through the priest gives the grace, advice and encouragement we need in the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation. The divine grace received in a true confession is grace that forgives, heals, comforts and strengthens. It is also a grace that when fully accepted would lead a person to admit to the serious crimes they have done and face the consequences for them. What people also need to realise is that a priest can, and most likely would, withhold absolution in the case of a heinous crime until the person gives themselves up to the appropriate authorities. 

Confession of sins is a pillar of the Catholic faith and all Catholics should stand up and defend this holy gift from God.

No Catholic should in any way support those who call for the breaking of the confessional seal as in doing so they support those who seek to weaken the faith. While the arguments for doing so may seem justified they are not. As Catholics we must put what is holy and sacred before what is the will of man even when man’s will seems to be the answer to a problem.

Remember too that the Pope and the hierarchy of the Church are working hard to ensure these things do not happen again. Often the Church is presented as doing little or nothing or as being full of people trying to protect evil doers. This of course is not the truth as anyone who would take the time to read the guidelines for dealing with these matters would see. Yes there have been serious mistakes made but they were made by individuals not the Church. Listening to the media it would seem the Church is an evil empire and not the Holy Church that it truly is. We should consider who would want people to think this way and why and of course the prince of deceit springs to mind.

Let us stand up and be counted. Let us cry out for true justice and let us say firmly to the politicians, governments and the world that NEVER will we accept the confessional seal be broken.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames


The Standard of Christ

Jun 2 2011

Dear Friends in Christ,

Looking around the world today we can see there is much suffering and pain. So many unhappy people, people who are confused, people who are lost in life and people who are empty within. In all of this we should not despair, in all of this we should not lose hope and in all of this we should not fear. It is easy to be drawn into thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and into apathy believing there is nothing to be done and so accept the state of the world as that is the way things are there is nothing I can do.

The media places before us daily in the news such sadness, suffering and evil that a wearing down effect seems to occur where people become almost numb to what is happening and no longer care about the plight of others. The deceptions of those in power decay people's trust in others. As people start to lose hope, trust and caring about others hearts become closed to God and opened to darkness. This darkness is enveloping the world and few recognize this.

We however as followers of The Lord, Jesus, should not lose heart. We should recognize that God calls us to be lights of His joyful love that bring hope to all. Disciples that bring the glorious truth of Jesus to all, knowing that in doing so, by God's grace, we can change lives and yes, even change the world for the better. We can be the ones who help people to trust in Jesus, Our Lord, by showing people they can trust in us. We are here to lift others up to The Lord in love so that the confusion clears, the emptiness is filled and the lost find their way in Him. For this to happen the followers of The Lord, must themselves be the breath of truth that blows away the deceits of the world. We must show people the good in the world by letting them see the good of God in us. Sadly some Catholics do not do this as they themselves have been led to despair over the state of the world. Some fear the world will end and spend more time focusing on that than on sharing the love of Our Lord, Jesus. Our faith calls us not to despair, not to fear and not to worry about self but to be like Christ. To be lights in the dark, to bring hope where there is none, to bring happiness to the unhappy, to replace fear with trust in God, to lift people out of despair and up to The Lord, to fill empty lives with the love of God.

Let not people look at Catholics and say they are people just like us. Let them say here are fearless, joyful, loving people who I want to be like. Let us set the standard for Christ in the World, the standard that attracts all to Christ so that all can be at peace in Him and find salvation in His Divine love.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Self Centered Society

Apr 30, 2011

This is an excerpt from Alan's next book which will be published in about 2-3 months

Evil has brought the focus of many people onto self so as to take the focus from God.

Simple things that may sound to some as if they are right but in truth are very wrong have been used to create a self–centred society. ‘Do what you like as long as it hurts no one,’ to some sounds reasonable because they do not understand in doing what you want often means embracing sin in various forms. It suggests do what you want and anything is justified as long as others are not injured. Yet when people do what they want sexually people are hurt emotionally, sometimes physically and spiritually. How many wives or husbands are hurt by adultery? How many people are hurt when they are taken advantage of sexually and then discarded, when the person they may love but does not love them, no longer has a desire for them?

Do what you want also has led many people to experiment with illegal drugs. Some say they take drugs and it only affects them, it has nothing to do with anyone else. They say that drugs bring them wonderful experiences that are pleasurable. They should be free to use drugs as they like. Who has the right to say they should not? Of course this is all about self and the truth is that when people are drawn into the darkness of drugs of addiction many are hurt, many are affected. The rights of others are never truly considered by those who take drugs of addiction. The drug addicts often lose any respect they have for others. The rights of the families that they come from which so often are broken because of the drug users actions. The parents whose children become different people and treat their mothers and fathers terribly, often stealing from the family and friends to get the money to feed their need for drugs. The pain of parents whose children die from or are killed because of illegal drugs. The cost to society with the violence and crime associated with drugs and drug use. The cost of medical treatment for drug addicts.

Then there is the effect on the person themselves with health problems. The loss of self respect as so many think little of themselves after a while and at times are prepared to do anything to get the drugs they desire. So many become prostitutes, thieves, liars, manipulators or beggars on the street with no home to go to. So many commit suicide or die of accidental overdoses or from the diseases associated with drug taking. I wonder at times how people can be so blind and so foolish. A person only has to look and see does anyone who is addicted to drugs really benefit from it. All have problems rich and poor alike. Drugs do not improve life except for some of those evil people making money from selling and distributing them. Drugs of addiction make life worse for those who use them yet still so many experiment with drugs. Who can you look at and say it was drugs that made them successful, healthy and a good person? Who can you look at and say thank God they took heroin or cocaine it really helped them be a better person, it helped them have better morals and to behave better? While you can see many using drugs and glorifying drug use you cannot truly see any benefit from drugs of addiction. But then isn’t this the way of evil; use something that at first may bring some pleasure but in the end always has a high price attached to it and for some that price is their very soul. Most of the drug addicts and the drug users truly are selfish people who put their own pleasure, their desires before anything or anyone else. Many know what they do is wrong but they try to hide or deny this truth using all sorts of foolish justifications for their weakness. To help ease their consciences or to make what they do more acceptable or even legal not only drug users but also homosexuals, abortionists and many others doing wrong try to persuade or even force society to approve of their actions. For once accepted by society then those doing wrong feel vindicated. That they were right and their bad actions are not bad at all, it is just that some bigots or religious fanatics opposed their way of life. Those who live in a bad way also tsry to draw other people into their way of life for they seem to think the more people doing what they do the more justified it is. Also beneath this is the action of evil working through the weaknesses of those living in a bad way to lead others into a bad life. Evil wants as many people to suffer as possible so the evil one gives the warped desire to some to draw others into their suffering; some believing their suffering shared is their suffering lessened. It is like a cancer spreading through society.

Alan Ames


No More Than Our Duty

Apr 23 2011

He is risen from the grave! Let all those who truly love The Lord, Jesus, rise up in love and proclaim to the world this divine truth. This is what The Lord asked the apostles to do and it is the same that He asks us to do. Let us go out to the world each day of our lives and share in our words and actions the truth of Easter and the joyful love this divine truth brings to life.

With so much misery in the world today people, regardless if they understand it or not, need to hear of the eternal love of   The Lord, Jesus, and the eternal life He offers to all in His love.

With so much suffering in the world today people should know The Lord, Jesus suffered for them and shares in their suffering. That The Lord, Jesus is there to help and comfort people in their painful times, that He will give people the grace and strength needed to endure anything and that, yes, when it is for the best He will lift the crosses from the shoulders of people.

With so many in need in the world today people should be reminded in The Lord, Jesus, is all they need. Those with plenty should be reminded that The Lord, Jesus calls them to share in love with the needy.  Reminded that this is a duty that brings us to imitate Christ in His total giving of self for those in need; a duty that needs to be fulfilled.

With so many troubled hearts in the world today the peace of Christ should be proclaimed to all people. The peace that never left Him through His suffering and that will remain in the hearts of those who embrace Christ in love.

The peace that soothes the troubled heart.

The peace that brings an end to conflicts.

The peace that mankind was created to live in.

The peace all should know and experience.

With so many lives lost in darkness and sin the light of Christ has to be shone upon those who are lost along the way so that they can find the right path to walk in life. We, the followers of The Lord, Jesus, are meant to be the vessels of His Divine Light that illuminate the darkest recesses. We are called to be beacons of love leading others to a resurrected life in Christ, Our Lord.

There is a world out there waiting to hear the full truth of our resurrected Lord and we are called to be the heralds of the good news of God’s eternal love in His risen Son, Jesus.

Let us rise up in love and be the bringers of the eternal light of salvation to all, unconcerned of what the world may think of us, may say about us, and may do to us. As true followers of Christ, Our Lord, it is our duty to declare His glorious love to all and to share the way to heaven in Him with all. Let us not remain trapped in the tomb by our fears, selfishness or pride. In humble love of God and of others let us put self aside and go out fearlessly to proclaim the love of Christ to all by the way we live, by the way we love and by sharing our lives and love with others as the people who have died in Christ and have been resurrected in Him as the people of love.

A blessed Easter to all,

Alan Ames

Protestant Discussions

Mar 7 2010

During my travels I encounter many people of the protesting denominations and always I am glad to do so.

Often I see in our protestant brothers and sisters a strong desire to love God and to help others. I see in them the desire to know and live to the word of God and their knowledge of Holy Scripture, as it is presented to them, is usually very good.

I see in our protestant friends a ground that has already been partially prepared for the fullness of truth and needs only to be sown with the complete truth of Our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

In the many discussions I have with them it becomes clear that the majority are good people who just have been confused a little and need the clarity of the full truth brought into their lives.

When I speak of the full truth I mean of course the truth of the Holy Word of God as found in the Holy Bible that has not been altered or adulterated by man to suit their own understanding or own agenda. We must remember that there are many changes made in the protestant bibles, I remember several years ago when a new edition became available it was stated that there were more than 20,000 changes within it! This all stems from back to the times of Luther and then Tyndale who produced the English Bible. So it is clear that even though many protestants can quote Holy Scripture the scripture they quote is often not exactly what was given to mankind. It seems also that many change the meaning of scripture to suit self. This is in line with the early protestant founders who declared that anyone can decide what scripture means. With this belief it is therefore easy to manipulate the Word of God to suit ones own desires. Of course it is not only protestants that do this, some Catholics do so also, the difference is that it is acceptable to do so within the protesting denominations.

With this manipulation of scripture many can so easily deny what The Lord actually said.

Here is an example of a conversation I recently had and is similar to those I often have with protestants:

Protestant: ‘Why do you believe there is only one church given by Jesus. Surely there can be many and we are all equally valid?’

Reply: ‘Well The Lord said in Holy Scripture there is only one flock that He is shepherd of and St. Paul also said there should be no division that we all should be united as one in Christ.’

Protestant: ‘How do you know you are the right flock and we are not?’

Reply: ‘It is clear through Holy Scripture and through the history of Christianity that the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is the one Christ gave to man. He founded the Church on St. Peter the rock when He said, ‘”You are Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church.” Note He said Church not churches.’

Protestant:  ‘That was only for those times not now and it was only Peter He said it about and Peter is no longer is here.’

Reply: ‘When did The Lord say it was only for those times? Also Jesus said to St. Peter “What you bind on Earth is bound in Heaven and what you loose on Earth is loosed in Heaven.” When St. Peter passed his authority on to the next Pope that is bound in Heaven regardless of what people say. This is a Divine decree. So the next Pope and all who have followed him in the chair of Peter have had this authority passed on to them and also have the power to bind and loose on Earth and in Heaven and become the rock upon which the Church is built.’

Protestant: ‘It was only symbolic, it was not meant to be taken literally.’

Reply:  ‘But you say you live to the Word of God and now you say His word is only symbolic. Why live to it then? Where did the Lord say it was symbolic? He was very clear about this statement even saying the gates of hell could not stand against the Church He founded with St. Peter as the rock it is built upon.  He also in a parable in Matthew 7 spoke of building the house on a rock and how it did not collapse because it had been built solidly on the rock and stated, “Anyone who listens to these words of mine and does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand.” Here The Lord is saying very clearly build your house, the church, on the rock which he has told us is St. Peter and not on the shifting sands of the opinions of people who decide they know best.’

Protestant: ‘No He did not mean that. He also said where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name He is with them. In our church we pray and He is with us and we prophesy, pray for deliverance in the name of Jesus. There are healings when our pastor prays for them. Jesus is with us. You are wrong.’

Reply: ‘Yes, He is with any who gather to pray in His name but that does not make those people part of His Church. If people pray to The Lord but refuse to live to the fullness of what He asks of us they by their choice place themselves outside of His Church. When you pray, yes He is there, but He is there trying to lead you to the fullness of truth and not leave you in a partial truth.’

Protestant: ‘Why then does He work miracles among us? Surely this shows we are right?’

Reply:  ‘Of course He will work miracles. The Lord wants to help everyone in life and if miracles are needed for people He will provide them. However, this does not mean these signs validate your denomination. In Holy Scripture, again in Matthew 7 The Lord explained about the true disciple,  “Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven.  Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?” Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘ I never knew you. Depart from Me, you evildoers.’” The will of the Father is that people follow all His Son Jesus asks of us and not what they decide is worth believing in or not.’

Protestant: ‘But you Catholics do not do the Father’s will that is why there was the reformation. It was through the reformation the true way was found.’

Reply: ‘Yes, there have been mistakes in the Catholic Church and there will be mistakes in the future I am sure. Those mistakes however were made by either sinful people or by confused people. This however does not change the fact there is one true church, the church built on the rock of St. Peter, the church full of sinners trying to live to God’s way.’

Protestant: ‘That is why the reformation was so important, it put the mistakes right. So it is only the reformed churches that are valid now.’

Reply: ‘How can that be when those who formed the protesting denominations were men and the One who founded the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church was Christ Himself? Also the reformed denominations were founded by very confused men. Did you know that Luther stated it was alright to commit murder a 100 times a day or rape 100 times a day as long as you cling to Christ?’

Protestant: ‘That is not true.’

Reply: ‘Yes it is. It is in a letter written by Luther called, ‘Let your sins be strong’ and yet Jesus told us not to sin so Luther goes against the Word of God.’

Protestant:  ‘You are lying.’

Reply:  ‘Look it up for yourself.’

Protestant:  ‘You are a liar. I do not believe you.’

Reply:  ‘Then look it up and see for yourself.’

Protestant:  ‘No, I do not believe you.’

Reply:  ‘How about Calvin who said that people are predestined to either go to Heaven or Hell. (The words of Calvin; Predestination we call the eternal decree of God, by which He hath determined in Himself what He would have to become of every individual of mankind. For they are not all created with a similar destiny; but eternal life is foreordained for some, and eternal damnation for others.)

 ‘If that is the case why should anyone live to Jesus’ way if it is already decided where you are going. Also if it does not matter what you do in life you are already predestined, that means a person can commit as many sins as they like and it does not change where they are going. If there is predestination why was the sacrifice of the Lord needed for sinners? Why did the Lord call people to repent and not to sin again? Why did the Lord come to Earth? All this would not be necessary?’

Protestant: ‘You do not know what you are talking about.’

Reply: ‘Find out for yourself. Read about the lives of Luther and Calvin and Henry the Eighth and see how they lived and what they actually said. You might be surprised.’

Protestant:  ‘No I do not believe you. You Catholics are all the same.’

Reply: ‘That is your choice but I suggest you actually learn about what you believe by researching the history of your faith.’

I left the discussion shortly after this point but hoped and prayed this protestant woman would investigate what I had said trusting in God that He would lead her to His full truth and love.

I encourage all Catholics not to be afraid to engage protestants in discussions of faith, for even though many protestants can quote scripture verbatim, often their understanding and their quotes are built on sand. Catholics have the firm foundation of the rock of St. Peter and should stand unwavering on that rock.

Catholics should know their faith and be unafraid to share it.

Yes, it may be difficult at times but if a seed of truth can be planted then a great harvest may come from that. Even if you leave not certain you have achieved anything trust in God that the words you said in gentle love will bear fruit.

Be gentle in your way but firm in the truth. Be understanding in your words without ever denying the truth of Catholicism. Importantly, always ask the Holy Spirit to give you the grace and gifts you need to truly seed this fertile ground with the full truth of God’s love in His Son, Jesus, and in the one true Church He gave to mankind…the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

God bless,

Alan Ames

The book ‘What is truth,’ is an ideal tool to use when evangelizing protestants because it has many of the historical statements by Luther and other founders of the reformation and clearly shows how their words at times opposed the statements of Christ Himself.


Christmas Message

Dec 16, 2010

In this most joyful season of the celebration of the birth of The Lord, Jesus, we are presented with the great opportunity of spreading His love joyfully by reminding everyone what this time truly means. Today for some Christmas is no more than a holiday, a break from work to spend with family or friends or a time to party. Others see it as a time to shop and a time to give and receive presents. Some businesses see Christmas as nothing more than the chance to sell more and to make more profits.

However, we as followers and lovers of Christ, Our Lord, have a duty to let all see and hear the true meaning of Christmas. Sadly many of us do not fulfill our duty as so often we get drawn into the worldly and secular ways of the time instead of reveling in the spiritual ways of this glorious celebration of divine love. We shop, we party, we enjoy family, we relax, we socialize and yet so often we only give The Lord little thought, we pay Him scant attention.  Yes, we may send Christmas cards, go to carol services and to the Christmas Mass but for many that is it. The Christ child is put aside as we think we have done our duty, we have paid our respects, we believe we have done enough.

It is interesting that many Christians complain about the commercialization of Christmas. Complain about Christmas being changed by society to be just another holiday. Yet, that is what so many of us make it. Can we expect any different if we do not behave in a different way than others? How can Christians call for Christmas to be respected if in truth many do not do this themselves? If those who love Christ, The Lord, superficially celebrate Christmas, how can we expect others to find the truth of the birth of baby Jesus?

This Christmas and every Christmas let us first and foremost think of the great gift of love that God gave to mankind in His only Son, Jesus. Let us think of how we can bring Jesus to others in joyful love, for this is how Jesus came to earth; in joyful love. Let us reach out to everyone we meet with a loving heart and truly say, “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you”. Not just saying the words but praying them from within the depths of our souls. Let us ask God to give each one of us the opportunities to spread His love to those we come in contact with.

Let us not be afraid to call out joyfully that the Lord has come and that he has come in love to save all mankind. Let us even to those who deny Christmas and Christ, Our Lord, offer God’s blessings to them in our prayerful words. Let us be the ones to lead others to the Holy Child of Bethlehem so that in Him they may find holiness. Let us not be afraid and cower in fear of ridicule or rejection. Instead let us stand tall in love and joyfully proclaim to the world that this is the time to remember the greatest gift that has and ever will be given to mankind, God’s only Son, Jesus.

May each one of you and your families have a blessed Christmas.

God love you,

Alan Ames


The Acceptance of Sin

Sep 6, 2010

Having lived an extremely sinful life myself I have some awareness of how people so easily can accept sin or what is obviously wrong in life. We are bombarded with sin in what we watch, what we read and what we hear from others. In this environment people can become more open to sin and to be led into believing what is wrong is right. It is like a subtle and sometimes not so subtle brainwashing.

Self interest groups promote their own agenda which maybe at first most would disagree with but as time goes on and more publicity and attention is given to these agendas the public opinion can and so often is changed. What in the past would have been rejected by most can so easily become accepted as normal and right by many. The voices that stand up for true values then are seen as the extremists and may be ridiculed, demonised or even prosecuted for their holding on to what is right. Society now decides what is morally correct and what is not regardless of the truth. Those who disagree with society’s moral view can become villains in the eyes of some.

I am amazed as my life unfolds how I see people so easily led, how the majority can be manipulated by the few to suit their own ends. There are similarities in the way people are led usually a good thing that many would support is promoted by an interest group but hidden underneath this is the other agenda.

The major environmental party is an example. Most people agree that the planet, the animals, the trees and the environment around us needs to be respected and taken care of, so in these areas many would have sympathy with the major environmental party. However, who looks beyond this to see the other agenda? Euthanasia, gay marriage, abortion, legalization of drugs, these are just some of the hidden bad. If the environmental party stood up and proclaimed their true and full agenda I am sure many who support them would not. Of course it is not only this party and their leaders who do this but many other political and public groups also. It seems to be the common practice to tell the people the good they want to hear to get support but hide the bad away from them. Then as some of these groups get influence slowly but surely they start using their positions to change public opinion so as to accept what in the beginning would never have been accepted by society.

It saddens me to see how in many countries morals have almost collapsed and sin reigns in a great number of lives. One of the shames of the modern world is how parents now teach their children few if any morals and so a large number of the new generation grow up not knowing what is right or wrong. It is becoming an immoral and an amoral world. The price of this is that so many are lost in life. So many cannot find true love for they do not know what true love is. What hope for the young is there in knowing how to have a full and proper relationship when a person running for the prime ministership of one country is living with her partner in a de facto relationship and not married to him? What sort of example does that set? Yet many in that country have voted for this person. Are we blind to sin or do we just do not care anymore?

As a Catholic I am particularly unhappy with the political and society leaders who profess to be Catholic yet support and promote that which is anti-Catholic. These people do not seem to understand by their words and actions that they may be leading others into sin and away from God. I have heard some declare that they are strong Catholics but that they support abortion, gay marriage, same sex relationship adoption, condoms and drugs of addiction legalization. Do they not understand that in accepting and supporting these wrongs they deny their faith and their God?

Today the world sinks into the confusion and suffering that sin brings. Many lives are hurt, destroyed or devalued. Many do not know the true happiness of life and struggle along not knowing what is wrong with the world and why. Now is the time for all those who love God and truly try to live as He asks to stand up and profess their faith openly and unafraid. Now is the time for the light of Christ, Our Lord, in our hearts to illuminate the dark. Now is the time to say enough is enough.

How do we do this? We do it by being the examples of love and compassion that Jesus, The Lord, calls us to be. We do it by standing firmly in the truth at all times and never accepting sin or the wrongs that society may try to force upon us. We do it by gently reaching out to all explaining the truth of God and of life to them. We do it by being the people who imitate the early church where so many stood for Christ, Our Lord, no matter what the cost. Let us be the ones who stop the advance of evil and it’s immorality in the world by living the moral life we were created to live and letting all know that we do and why.

May God strengthen us all with the grace we need to truly be His Son, Jesus’ followers.

God love you,

Alan Ames


On Prayer

Aug 27, 2010

Dear Father ....,

You asked me yesterday about what I do to avoid distractions in prayer and I replied I ask the Holy Spirit to help me pray and avoid distractions.

I should have also said that I still get distracted but that the Lord told me not to give up or get frustrated with prayer because I am distracted. Instead to realize that through persevering in prayer even though it may be difficult your perseverance in itself is a prayer of love and a sign of your love for God.

Also that I should see the distractions as little crosses that I am asked to carry and when I accept to carry them they can become doorways of grace for me and for others.

I should also understand that the distractions are often placed there by evil to stop me praying, even when I am drawn in to simple thoughts of life these thoughts are encouraged by evil so as to stop me thinking of God.

So prayer is a battle where each person confronts evil even though they may not realize this. It is a battle we can win by the grace of God by asking the Holy Spirit for the grace to persevere and to not get drawn into thoughts of self pity, disappointment or frustration when we are distracted.

Instead to offer those distractions themselves as a prayer of love to God and know even the prayer full of distractions is still a sign of your love for God because you have made the effort to pray and in love persevere in prayer.

God bless,

Alan Ames


The Other Side of the Coin

Aug 1, 2010

It is a difficult time for the Catholic Church as allegations of sexual abuse within the church are revealed.  Those religious who are guilty of sexual abuse should be and are being called to account for their terrible crimes against the young.  Truly paedophilia can never be justified and should always be condemned and those guilty of it rightly must face the full force of the law.

However, there is also a high price being paid by some priests who are falsely accused but this draws little attention from the media or the public. Often as soon as an allegation is made some believe it to be true and hold onto this belief regardless of the facts. The media at times seems to have the attitude of never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Some have their own agenda in attacking the church even using distortions of the truth to do so.

Recently I was in a country where on the news one of the major stories was about a priest accused of abusing two young people. The news story went into great depth explaining the allegations making it appear as if the priest was guilty. At the end of the story there was just a short sentence saying that one of the young people had withdrawn the allegation and that the court found that the priest had no case to answer in the other. Yet listening to the news story a person would be left with the impression the priest was guilty.

Where I live in Australia a wonderful old Irish priest was accused of sexually abusing a young person. The police launched an investigation and the priest was  treated by the media as if he was guilty. The parents of the young person stated that the priest could not have done the alleged events as at the times they were supposed to have happened their teenage child was with them. The young person was also known to have some other problems in life. The priest had his ministry restricted during the long investigation and was very upset that he could not freely perform his duties. These accusations bore heavily upon the priest causing him a large amount of stress.  After some time the allegations were found to be untrue, as many knew they would be. About three months later the priest died. Some, like I, believe it was from the stress he was put under.

In another country a very well known priest with a high profile including appearing often on television was accused of molesting a young man. The priest denied it but was removed from public duties only being allowed to say mass in private as investigations got underway. All the work he was doing which was bringing many to the church or to a stronger faith came to a halt. Over a period of many years in 3 different courts the priest was found innocent of the charges. After such a long time his priesthood has been damaged severely and he has been tarnished unfairly. The good work he was doing has ended.

These are just three of many cases I know of where the priest was innocent but because of false allegations they have had their ministry destroyed or brought to a standstill.

I do not hear the media apologising for or correcting their unbalanced reports when a priest is found innocent.

Some of the media and those who dislike the Catholic Church highlight even accusations that obviously have no foundation so as to hurt the church. Often they judge before a court has.

Listening at times to the news or reading some newspapers people would get the impression that the church is full of paedophiles and that the church actively hides or protects them. Little is said about how the Catholic Church in comparison to other organisations has a low rate of sexual abuse of minors.

So little is said about the openness of the church in these matters, an openness which rightly has some protection for those who are not yet proven guilty of anything.

Isn’t the right of those who are not yet proven to have committed a crime to be considered innocent until proven guilty?

Sadly this does not seem to apply to the priests as any allegation against a priest seems to be enough for many.

Of course if there are allegations of sexual abuse a priest should be placed under strict controls until the truth, whatever it is, comes to light but he should also not be at the mercy of the lynch mob in the media until the truth is known.

Does not each person deserve a fair trial where the facts are presented and the judges or juries decide the truth?

I expect most people would want that for themselves or their loved ones if they were accused. Shouldn’t it be the same for all?

Paedophilia is terrible crime that is one of the scourges of society. Sadly it happens in all walks of life and it seems to be a cancer of society that is hard to eradicate. We must pray for this evil to be destroyed and pray that it is done in the right way, so that no innocents are hurt whether they be young or old, the abused or the accused.

Let us pray for true justice.

I also encourage that each person adopts a priest in prayer and prays daily for their priesthood to be good, holy and strong.

God bless you all,

Alan Ames



Apr 18, 2010

There are many people around the world who profess to be atheists and denounce religion as nothing more than mere superstition that has caused most if not all of the world’s problems.

On a recent trip to the USA I saw a former governor of one of the states there boldly proclaim that all wars are caused by religion. This is also a statement I have heard from many atheists.

 No one challenged him on this, giving the appearance that what he said was fact. When in fact what he said is of course nonsense. A few examples to prove this;

The wars between France and England were generally over sovereignty.

The American war of independence began over taxes on tea.

The American civil war was over slavery.

The Napoleonic wars were about the control of territory and peoples.

China-Russia war over territory. 

World War 1 caused by the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife by Serbians terrorists of the Black Hand. Also by political alliances and the seeking of power.

World War 2 National Socialist Party in Germany taking control and invading other countries (ie. Poland)

Vietnam War fight against communists

Korean War fight against communists

There are many more which can be mentioned which were not caused by religion. This does not mean religion has not caused wars but it is not the only reason for them and the two world wars were not over religion.

Atheism itself has played a large part in causing wars this fact is frequently ignored or denied by atheists.

Atheists proclaim that in an atheistic world things would be much better than in one that is influenced by religion but if we look it becomes clear this is not so; 

Under the Russian communists life was very hard for most with millions being killed.

China under Mao had the enormous cost in lives and suffering because of his cultural revolution.

Pol Pot and his ideal communist state in Cambodia again millions killed.

Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Kim of North Korea.

All these atheistic states have things in common; the people had or have little freedom, many were or are tortured and killed, many without food and many imprisoned for not following the party line. The little religion allowed was or is controlled by the state to suit its’ own purposes. These are the fruits of atheism.

I also remember recently hearing Richard Dawkins a well known atheist stating that the only reason people believe in God is because they were taught by their parents when they were young and brainwashed into believing in God. That the children believed because their parents had told them so and just like the story of Santa Claus they believed the story of Jesus. However, he ignored the fact that as children get older they realise the truth of Santa Claus and that the story is make-believe that he comes down the chimney with gifts etc. Yet, many as they grow older with the same wisdom keep their belief in God and realise in their own mind, heart and soul that God is real. They keep their belief because of personal faith and experience not because of what they were told.

Also, Dawkins’ statements totally ignore countries like Russia where the communist atheist state had control for 70 years. The communist state persecuted religion, banned religion, killing, imprisoning and re-educating believers. It did allow the Orthodox Church some limited activity which was controlled by the state but this was not widespread freedom of religion. In school and at home it was forbidden to discuss or teach religion. However, after 70 years of this as Russia emerged from communism many of the people embraced Christianity. The Orthodox Church (and the Catholic Church to a lesser extent) in Russia has grown enormously with many people attending church. Even the President and Prime Minister of Russia attend Orthodox Liturgy.

Recently at a university in Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin encouraged students to try to live the way of St. Francis of Assisi.

At a football match during Easter time (April 5th Moscow Lokomotiv Stadium) one part of the crowd of thousands in the stadium were shouting, ‘Christ is risen’ and the other group of thousands answering, ‘Truly He is risen.’

How then can Dawkins’ statements be valid if people, most of whom have not been taught about God or encouraged to believe in God, freely embrace God?

How is it possible that people who were encouraged to deny God and to accept the communist atheistic way as the sole truth, change to embrace God in such large numbers?

Atheism has brought little good into the world but certainly has contributed to the decline of societies and morals. The Atheists tell others there is no God, enjoy life, to live for the here and now. As if a person cannot enjoy life because they believe in God. What rubbish! Their call to enjoy life is a call to selfishness as it is espoused do what you like as long as it does not hurt anyone. However, if wrong ways are embraced they always hurt someone. Sometimes the person themselves, as in what they do they may degrade their own body or the bodies of others, they lose respect for self or for others, they lose feelings of true love. Atheists often say the person can decide for themselves what is right or wrong or society can decide. How foolish this is because right or wrong does not depend on what a person or a society believes but is a constant that never changes. If people can decide what is right or wrong then these values change with the wind as public and personal opinions change. What is right today can become what is wrong tomorrow or vice versa.

History is full of examples where people or society has decided what is right or wrong and the terrible costs of this.

Atheists talk of tolerance but often are the most intolerant as they ridicule, abuse and attack those who believe in God. I have had atheists demand I prove there is a God well in response I demand atheists prove to me there is not a God.

Some atheists expect religion not to be taught in school or at home but expect their atheistic values to be regardless of what the people may want.

Atheistic governments and leaders sometimes force God loving people to abide by laws which oppose God’s laws or teachings. Clearly seen in some communist states and dictatorships where imprisoning and even killing those who will not accept their atheistic decrees is common place.

While Christians must never deny those who do not believe in God the right not to believe, Christians must never accept the atheistic ways that go against what is Jesus’ way.

Christians must never accept the changes to society that obviously hurt people through the degradation of morals and the degradation of true respect for one another.

Christians must never deny their Lord by denying their faith and must stand up firmly but gently and lovingly proclaiming Jesus as Lord to the whole world regardless of the cost.

God bless,

Alan Ames

On ABC Good Morning America, Anchor George Stephanopoulos Interviews Russian President Dmitry Medvedev following Signing of New START Treaty

STEPHANOPOULOS: You have a big comeback. Let me ask you, the American public doesn't know all that much about you personally. But I was fascinated to be-- in reading your biography to learn many of the details. You were brought up in Soviet Russia, without religion. Yet, at the age of 23, you walk into a church to become baptized. Why?

MEDVEDEV: I did feel that I needed it. I wanted to do it. Why do people go to church? They come because they feel a need, except if they're sightseeing. So at 23 I felt I needed it. I believe it's good for me, because afterwards my life changed. You don't really talk aloud about something like that because the religious feelings should be somewhere deep inside of you. If someone is displaying it, it's not really honest. It's more PR for yourself. But I believe religion is important for every person. Don't you think so?


Called to Forgive

3 Apr 2010

In this holy time we are reminded of the majesty, wonder and power of The Lord’s merciful and forgiving love. We are reminded how in His divine sacrifice Our Lord, Jesus, cried out to the Father for the forgiveness of mankind and how through His merciful heart that forgiveness was poured out in His blood and water as it washed over the world.

The Lord offered and continues to offer His forgiveness to all people, even the worst of sinners, and this is a great message of Easter and of our Catholic faith. How sad it is that there are many Catholics who cannot or will not forgive. Some have forgotten forgiveness is an essential part of our faith and that we have to be prepared to forgive all people if we are truly to live as Christ, Our Lord, calls us to. If a person cannot or will not forgive then they truly cannot know Christ.

Unforgiveness is a barrier between not only people but between God and man, for some in not forgiving through anger may be drawn into sin through actions of revenge. If a person will not forgive they may hold onto bitterness, resentment and even hatred, all of which are rejections of Our Lord’s teachings. Sometimes people cannot forgive because their pride has been hurt and not forgiving seems to soothe their hurt. Some do not forgive because in holding on to the wrongs others have done takes their focus away from their own wrongs. Surely a sign of pride is the sinner who cannot forgive the sinner. If we do not forgive we deny Christ full entry into our lives as we refuse to listen to His words. In not forgiving we say that while Christ may forgive all, I will not, or that maybe my judgement is better than Christ’s. In not forgiving also we forget that we ask the Father to forgive us as we forgive others so if we do not forgive others how then can we expect forgiveness for ourselves from the Father?

Yes, it is true that many people have been hurt terribly by others, physically, mentally or emotionally. Yes, it is true that many have been taken advantage of unfairly. However, Christ surely knew this when He called us to forgive. He did not say forgive some but not others, He said to forgive all no matter what they have done. Our Lord, Who suffered more than any human can with His last words still called out in love, ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do’. He lived and died the words He spoke and then The Lord rose to show the power and truth of those words. Are we going to remain imprisoned in the tomb of unforgiveness, or are we with loving and forgiving hearts going to rise in Christ to the heights of holiness He calls us to? The choice is ours.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Alan Ames


Defending the Church

Mar 26 2010

In these times the Church is coming under a furious assault on its holiness as some highlight a number of the sinful events that have happened within it.  First of course we must admit that there have been terrible abuses within the Church which sometimes have been handled badly. However, even when handled badly the intent was never to let the abuse continue. While some times the Church did try to deal with the problems within the Church rather than inviting outside help this is not an evil thing but unfortunately bad judgement which did have serious consequences. These consequences were borne heavily by the abused and every effort to help those affected should be made.

No one should be surprised at the intensity of the attacks on the Church and His Holiness Pope Benedict XV1 this is to be expected. Those who oppose the Church will always use every means possible to try and destroy it and today highlighting and exaggerating claims of abuse are the weapons they use. Of course the Church will be hurt by these attacks but remember it will never be overcome. It is also obvious by the timing of these attacks that some are trying to disturb this, the holiest time for Christians, and to distract people from the celebrations of Our Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection.

If we look at what is happening with a clear mind and not one influenced by the popular attacks a different understanding emerges.

The Pope of course has been trying to stop further abuse and trying to help the victims with his apologies, his removal of some priests and Bishops and by stating a zero tolerance for these shameful acts. The response by some is to attack the Pope with misrepresentations of the facts.

An instance is the priest who sadly abused deaf children in the U.S. Some call for the Pope to be removed as they claim he knew of it. The facts are that the Vatican was informed decades (20 years) after the event at which time the priest involved was dying. The priest had begged forgiveness and so Cardinal Ratzinger decided that it would serve no purpose to pursue this as it may cause more pain to those involved if their abuse was made public. The priest died some months later. I think any compassionate person in this situation would have done the same.

Another attack on the Pope was that his brother George, a priest (and a rector of a famous church choir) had slapped a choir boy in 1960 and this was called abuse. In those days it was the norm to use corporal punishment in schools and throughout society and it was not seen as abuse. (Immediately after a law came out not to apply corporal punishment, George Ratzinger gladly consented and said, for him this new law was "a relief" Also, one of the former choir boys said they had respect and love for him, he wanted discipline but was like a grandfather for them, with a warm heart.) Should we now start actions against all schoolteachers or parents who physically punished children? To look back and impose today's values selectively on others is truly unjust.

In another attempt to hurt the Pope it is claimed he did not respond correctly to a priest behaving badly in Munich where he was Archbishop at the time.

The priest was from another German diocese and was removed from that diocese. Consent was asked from Munich archdiocese to send the priest there for psychological therapy. Archbishop Ratzinger agreed the priest could come and was to stay in a presbytery. The then vicar general, without consulting Archbishop Ratzinger or asking his permission, decided that the priest should do parish work during his stay. The Archbishop left the diocese shortly afterwards and was not informed of this.

None of these attacks have truly any real substance to them in regard to the Pope but this does not stop the distortion of the facts by some. It should also be remembered that in society until recently abuse was often kept hidden from the public gaze as it was believed this was the best course of action to take. Families, victims, organisations both governmental and private did not want it known that abuse occurred and so swept it under the carpet. Why then should we expect that this way of thinking would not enter the Church as the Church is full of people who come from society?

Today many cast the first stone without thinking of their own mistakes or of the mistakes of society in general which they and their families past and present bear some responsibility for as part of society. How sad it is that the wonderful work the Church does worldwide is ignored. The largest charity in the world is the Catholic Church which feeds the poor, treats the sick and helps the needy in many countries. So many religious devote their lives to doing good often sacrificing for the love of others. How easily the world ignores the priests and religious who are murdered, tortured or raped as they go out to help those in need. The vast majority of priests who are good and serve mankind are forgotten while the very few priests who offend are highlighted for their wrongs.

(A German professor for forensic psychiatry, Prof. Hans-Ludwig KrŲber from Berlin, did a statistic on child abuse. From 1995 till now, there have been 210,000 cases of child abuse in Germany reported to the police. This makes some 14 000 cases per year. The number of clergy involved in these is 94 in this period of 15 years. The professor states that the probability that men living in celibacy do such crimes is 36 times smaller than that of "normal" men.)

The Church will survive this feeding frenzy as some try to eat away its holiness and as it has in the past will come out of this difficult time a stronger Church. Let us not lose heart but instead stand firm in our faith responding to the assaults on the Church not only with a forgiving love but with a love that proclaims the truth and defends the Church in its time of trial.


Eleven Priests from Perth visit the Holy Land

Jan, 2010

Dear friends in Christ,

I was blessed to travel with my wife and 11 priests from my local Archdiocese of Perth to the Holy Land. The visit to the Holy Land was first to strengthen the priesthood and secondly to thank the priests in this year of the priests for the great sacrifices they make for God and for us. During the pilgrimage we experienced many things including an audience with the Latin Patriarch who truly is a humble servant of God. The words he said to us reminded me of the book Saalam Shalom which I was given by The Lord. In this book, which is a spiritual thriller, it is shown how the Christians suffer and one line came to mind from the book where a Catholic man stated ‘we are like a forgotten part of the family’. I pray that I and all Christians in the west will not forget them and will support them in prayer and when possible by visiting them in the Holy Land. I attach an article from one of the priests who came on the pilgrimage with a photo of our meeting with the Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal.

God bless you all,

Alan Ames

The event was to enrich our priesthood in this ‘Year of the Priest.’

The eleven priests travelled with Alan and Katherine Ames who sponsored the pilgrimage.

The priest were: Fr’s Richard Rutkauskas, Emil Ciecierega, Yosep Asnabun, Ntuyen Chien, Nisham de Saram, Anthony Van Dyke, Kevin Cummins, Pedro Mascarenhas, Nicholas Nweka, Paul Raj and Douglas Harris.

Our guides: Karl-Heinz and Louisa Fleckenstein were excellent in terms of their commitment to us, their knowledge and their faith.

We were in Israel from Tuesday January 12th to Thursday January 21st 2010.

Day One included Gethsemene, the Room of the Last Supper and the Tomb of Mary. At the Pater Noster church we celebrated Mass. We were also treated to a meeting with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Excellency Fouad Twal. (Photo attached)

Day Two included the re-enactment of the Stations along the Via Dolorosa carrying a cross. Each priest took turns in carrying the cross. Then to Calvary, the Holy Sepulchre and the Tomb of Adam. We had the great blessing of celebrating Mass in the Holy Sepulchre.

Day Three included visiting the site where Christ said Mass at Emmaus. At Emmaus in the Byzantine church remains we celebrated Mass. From there the home of St John the Baptist and the Church of the Visitation.

Day Four included the birthplace of Jesus where were blessed to celebrate Mass down in the actual cave grotto where Jesus was born. Then we visited the Milk Grotto where it is said milk from Our Blessed Mother, as she fed baby Jesus, fell to the ground, the white powder now found there has been responsible for thousands of miracles – mostly for married couples who have been declared infertile. In the Milk Grotto Church is also a chapel of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration which some of us took advantage of.

On this day we also visited a church containing the bones of the shepherds who first witnessed the baby Jesus.

Day Five a Sunday. We celebrated the regular Sunday Mass in a local church at Biet Jala which is the town next to Bethlehem. The church was packed with its parishioners.

We drove through the desert where Jesus spent 40 days and nights. We also saw the mountain where the devil took Him to tempt Him.

Then to Jericho, which included a sychamore tree ‘like’ the one Zacchaeus the chief tax collector climbed. Also it was on this road to Jericho that Jesus set the scene for His parable about the Good Samaritan.

That evening we arrived at our hotel – a kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee.

Day Six we went to the top of Mt Tabor to the church of the Transfiguration where we celebrated Mass. At the bottom of this mountain we went to the area where Jesus healed the possessed boy after His apostles could not heal him.

We passed the town of Nain where Jesus rose the dead boy, the only son of a widow and we saw the cliff or precipice that people from His own town tried to push Him over but "He alluded them because His time was not yet."

From there to Cana and the church of His first public miracle changing water into wine.

Finally, we visited the house of the Apostle St Bartholomew.

Day Seven the highlight was going to the site of the Annunciation which is now a magnificent Basilica run by the Franciscans. We celebrated Mass in the Basilica at the site where the Archangel appeared to Our Blessed Mother Mary. We then spent time in St Joseph’s house where the Holy Family may have lived.

We were also treated to a visit to a Fr Louis who is the parish priest of the parish of St John the Apostle in Nazareth Jaffa. We visited his school and were entertained by the children who sang and danced for us.

This Catholic School has students of all Christian denominations and Muslims. All the children live as friends of each other and have good relations with the Jewish school children nearby.

The last day we travelled by the Sea of Galilee. The highlight being Capernaum which today is known as the town of Jesus. We saw St Peter’s house, the Synagogue where Jesus gave the Eucharistic discourse, and the place where Jesus performed many miracles.

We celebrated Mass where Jesus initiated the Primacy of Peter as He asked him three times ‘Do you love me?’ and then said to Peter ‘feed my sheep’.

Then we visited the church with the rock where Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5000 men and 12 baskets of scraps were left over.

Next there was a visit to the church of the Beatitudes.

We also rode on a boat across part of the Sea of Galilee which was crewed by Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus.

Finally, we ‘renewed our baptismal promises’ in the Jordan River.

All agreed the pilgrimage had deepened our understanding of the life of Our Lord and hope the fruits of this will be seen in our priestly ministry.

Fr. Doug Harris



Catholicism Under Attack

As I reflect on our faith and how in the past many great saints went out to the world to share the love of Christ with the peoples of the world regardless of what may happen to them I am reminded that I and many Catholics do not do enough to share the love of Christ with others. There seems to be either a fear or apathy about spreading the faith or maybe it is part of a weakness of one’s own faith that stops a person doing so.

Today we Catholics are blessed to have many opportunities before us where we can bring the love of Christ into the lives of others because so many today do not know Christ and His Divine love. However, instead of taking hold of these opportunities we so often do nothing and let them slip by and so may let a soul miss the opportunity of knowing the fullness of God’s love in Christ, Our Lord.

Secularism is increasingly attacking Catholicism trying to draw people into believing in no God at all and only to believe in the here and now and what the world offers. In Europe, the European Court ruled Crucifixes should not be on display in Italian schools. In Switzerland the churches are controlled by the government and the lay people and not the priests or Bishops.

Many tread very carefully so as not to offend Muslims but when it comes to Catholics governments, the media and people freely attack the Catholic Church with no regard to the people’s belief or feelings. It seems because Catholics do not respond with violence or in anger but with a forgiving love that makes us easy targets for those who would not speak out against Islam because of fear. This makes these people no more than bullies attacking those who appear weak but avoiding offending those who would respond violently.

Protestants openly attack Catholics and try to draw Catholics away from the truth of Christ into the acceptance of whatever is mans belief and not what Christ, Our Lord taught and asked of us. With the belief that anyone can interpret Holy Scripture it is easy for the protesting denominations to embrace homosexuality, gay marriage, contraception and female ministers and bishops.

Muslims openly attack both physically and with force of law the Catholic faith. In some Muslim countries it is an offence to wear a crucifix, to speak of Jesus, to celebrate Mass or to pray in a prayer group. Catholic Bishops, priests and religious are subjected to murder, rape and torture. I was in England several years ago in Bradford speaking in the Catholic Church. The church was surrounded by high walls with barbed wire on top. Security cameras and security gates had to be installed. This was because Muslims in the area attacked the priest several times and often try to damage the church and abuse people going into it. Their claim is that Bradford is a Muslim town and no Catholic church should be in the area even though the church has been there long before the Muslim population and England is a not a Muslim country. There also have been approaches to the council to close the church because it offends Muslims.

However, we Catholics should not despair as Christ is with us and it is in times of persecution that the Church is graced and strengthened by God who brings up people to boldly profess the faith to all.

Today we are all called by God to be these people, to be the saints who stand firmly but gently in the truth of Christ. It is through us God will show His loving power and touch many in the world with His Holy Spirit to convert their hearts to the full truth of God.

We are called to live our faith openly so that all can see Christ in us.

We are called to stand against all wrong so that the truth of God can be seen through us.

We are called to reach out to all in the name of Christ so that all can come to know His Divine love.

We are called to share without fear the faith we know and love as the true faith.

Let us be the ones who show the world that secularism and political correctness is the cause of so many of the world’s wrongs.

Let us be the ones who reach out to our protesting brothers and sisters inviting them to the full truth of Christ.

Let us be the ones who take to our Muslim cousins the knowledge of the Divinity of Christ so that they can truly come to know the Trinitarian God of love and peace.

I encourage each person to begin today and to continue every day praying for Muslim hearts to be open to Christ, Our Lord. I hope each person would pray three Our Fathers for Muslims to know The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit. Pray in love and in the desire that they come to know the love of Christ which leads people deep into the heart of The Father by the grace of The Holy Spirit. Ask all those you know to pray for them, ask your prayer groups, your friends...everyone. Let us create a mountain of loving prayer that reaches up to heaven in a chorus of love for our Muslim cousins.

Please join me in this and persevere even when nothing seems to be happening as in time God will pour out the blessings needed to change hearts and souls and to open them to the full truth of God.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan praying for healing in Brazil









Alan in Jaffa Nazareth (May 2009) - in Arabic

صانع المعجزات باسم يسوع الين اميس من استراليا يشفي مرضى يافة الناصرة



كتبت وصورت: مرفت أشقر- خاص لموقع العرب

* الين يتمتع بموهبة الشفاء من خلال الصلاة باسم يسوع المسيح في حين تعترف الكنيسة الكاثوليكية بموهبته

- ألين في حديث خاص لموقع العرب:

* عندما نتحدث على الشفاء فاننا نعني بالدرجة الاولى شفاء الروح من الشر والخطيئة واعلان التوبة اي المصالحة مع الله

- قدس الأب لويس حزبون لموقع العرب:

* الشفاء يتعلق بصلاة الين وايمان الشخص الذي يطلب الشفاء

* هنالك معجزات في ايامنا وليس فقط على زمن السيد المسيح

بدعوة من كاهن رعية اللاتين في يافة الناصرة قدس الاب لويس حزبون، استضافت الكنيسة مساء امس الاثنين الشهير الين اميس Alan Ames من استراليا بحضور جمهور غفير خلال صلاة الشهر المريمي اكراما للام العذراء، اتوا طلبا للصلاة من اجل الشفاء ولقاء الخبرة الروحية مع الله.
هذا، ويتمتع الين بموهبة الشفاء من خلال الصلاة باسم يسوع المسيح في حين تعترف الكنيسة الكاثوليكية بالموهبة التي انعم الله بها على ألين من اجل بنيان الكنيسة.
وقال ألين في حديث خاص لموقع العرب: يجب ان نتقرب من شخص السيد المسيح الحي بيننا بالرغم من جميع الصعوبات التي تمر في حياتنا مهما كانت عظيمة بقساوتها. الله قادر على كل شيء وهو اله معجزات، وعندما نتحدث على الشفاء فاننا نعني بالدرجة الاولى شفاء الروح من الشر والخطيئة واعلان التوبة اي المصالحة مع الله ومن ثم نتحدث عن شفاء الجسد من الامراض".

من اليمين: الاب لويس حزبون والاخ الين

ودعم الاب حزبون اقوال الين ردا على اسئلة موقع العرب بالقول: هنالك معجزات في ايامنا هذه وليس فقط على زمن السيد المسيح. نحن نحتفل بالسنة البولوسية ونستذكر ان القديس بولس مضطهد المسيحية تحول من غير مؤمن الى اعظم القديسين، وهذا ان دل على شيء انما يؤكد انه بالامكان نبذ الخطيئة والتقرب من الله كما حصل مع ألين، هذا الشاب الغير مؤمن الذي لمسه روح الله وغير حياته. وبكلمات اخرى اقول كما التقى بولس مع المسيح بامكان جيل اليوم ان يلتقي هو الآخر مع الله ويجدد القوة.
وفي سؤال لموقع العرب فيما اذا يستطيع الين وحده ان يحقق معجة الشفاء، اكد الاب لويس حزبون لموقع العرب: ان الشفاء يتعلق بصلاة الين وايمان الشخص الذي يطلب الشفاء.

ألين في سطور
هذا، وقد ولد "الين" في لندن عام 1953 . كان في شبابه عضو نادي عشاق الموتسيكل وحياته مليئة بالعنف والمشروبات الكحولية وبعد زواجه انتقل إلى استراليا. وفي عام 1993 تغيّر كلياً  بعد أن راجع حياته الماضية واختبر كم كانت خطاياه وطرقه المعوجّة تؤلم الله وتهينه، وعرف كيف أن يسوع قدّم له الغفران من أعلى الصليب.
بعد جهد ومعاناة قبل الين غفران يسوع  فعاد إلى الكنيسة وممارسة  الأسرار المقدسة وتغيّر بغضه وكراهيته إلى حب. واختاره الله أن يكون احد شهوده ليحمل حب الله إلى العالم كي يبعث الأمل والبركة التي يستمدها من علاقته الحميمة مع الثالوث الأقدس إلى آلاف النفوس. 

ومنذ 1994 يتجول في العالم  في أنحاء استراليا وانكلترا وايرلندا والولايات المتحدة  ونيوزلندا  وغيرها ليشهد كيف أن الله نقله من الشقاء واليأس إلى حياة مليئة بالفرح والحرية، من إنسان خاطيء إلى إنسان قريب من الله والكنيسة الكاثوليكية . 
وانعم الله عليه بموهبة الشفاء.  وبعد إلقاء خبرته مع السيد المسيح يصلي للشفاء بوضع يده والصليب المقدس على كل واحد من الحضور. وقد نالت خدمته موافقة المطران باري هيكي 
Barry  Hickeyرئيس أساقفة الكاثوليك في أبرشية بيرت في استراليا.  وقد تكلم في يوم الشبيبة العالمي عام 2002 في تورنتو لدى زيارة البابا. وفي عام 2004  حلّ ضيفاً على الرعايا الفرنسيسكانية في  الأرض المقدس وصلى مع مؤمنيها في بازيليكا البشارة في الناصرة  وفي كنيسة المهد في بيت لحم وفي كنيسة المخلص في القدس. ومن ثمار خدمته الشفاء والعودة الله وبعث الأمل والشجاعة في القلوب والنفوس التي تصللي معه.




11 Aug 2009

Sometimes, as Catholics try to live their faith and stand up for what is right and truthful they are accused of not being very Christian.

It may be when a parent refuses to accept their children living in sin or living immoral lives and asks the children to stop their bad behaviour.  The children may respond by saying it is not very Christian to oppose what they do and it is their life they can do what they want.  The son or daughter may demand that the parents accept their behaviour.

Societies too, in some countries, promote that it is perfectly normal to lead promiscuous lives with many sexual partners and at times have sex education classes for the young that express that belief.  Some sex education classes in schools teach children about contraception, sexual techniques and that heterosexuality is not the only choice to be made.  In Holland on a recent visit we read of a programme on TV that had a young boy and a young girl masturbating suggesting to the young that rather than risk HIV with sexual intercourse they should masturbate and showed them how to do it!  In the USA I heard of a programme where sex educators were suggesting to young people that to avoid HIV and STD’s, instead of sexual intercourse they should perform oral sex.

When parents do not want these things taught to their children some see them as unreasonable and that they deny their children the rightful education all should have. The truth is, it is very Christian to oppose what is wrong and to stand against it.

It is very Christian to advise your offspring against doing what is wrong and what may be harmful not only physically and mentally but spiritually too.

It is very Christian to reject what is wrong and to never accept sin.

With the terrible sin of abortion those who are pro choice frequently say that it is not very Christian to ignore or not treat as the primary concern the mother and her predicament and her freedom to choose.  That it is unchristian to try and force others to have children they do not want.

The truth is it is very Christian to stand against the slaughter of the innocents.  Nothing justifies the killing of a child inside or outside of the womb, as happens in partial birth abortions or when babies are left to die after being born alive after botched abortions.  Nothing makes acceptable the holocaust of the innocents that is taking place in the world today.

While at times there are very sad circumstances that some pregnant women find themselves in this is never the fault of the baby and it is not right that the baby should be sacrificed for the mother.  A parent is meant to sacrifice for their child, this is a basic value implanted in all by God but destroyed in some by the world and self.  It is a value society is meant to hold as well but often does not.

The very Christian thing, in this awful situation, is to stand firmly against the taking of life and to do all that is possible to help those involved in this to see the error of their ways.  

The very Christian thing to do would be to help the mother and the child and to work for society to do the same so that no woman would find themselves feeling so confused, or so desperate, or so lost that they feel they have to have their own flesh and blood, their own child killed.

Some today foolishly believe the world is overpopulated and see the need to control population growth through contraception.  If a Christian does not agree with this view they may be seen as stupid or accused of not being very Christian as they are not considering the poor and needy in the world who do not have enough to eat.  It is claimed that they may not have enough to eat because there are too many people in the world and not enough food and so control of the birth rate is essential if we are to feed all. 

It is very Christian to defend the right of all to be parents and of all children to be born.

It is very Christian not to accept the deceptions and misunderstandings that support the need for population control.

It is very Christian to cry out there is enough food and resources for all if we just share as we are meant to.

It is very Christian to say those in the third world have the right to have as many children as God will give to them and they so desire within natural family planning methods.

It is very Christian to say regardless of how many people live on Earth the climate does not need to be changed for the worse if we would just make the effort to look after it.

There are those today who claim it is not being Christian to oppose the use of condoms to reduce the HIV infection rate.  They claim to oppose condoms is to ensure the growth of HIV and to bring about the deaths of many from it.  Yet the reverse is true for it is very Christian to oppose condoms.  Condoms have done little if nothing at all to halt the spread of HIV.  In countries where condoms are the main preventative measures, HIV is rampant and not being halted.  Yet, in Uganda where abstinence and monogamy are the main preventative measures the rate of HIV infection is lower. 

No Christian should accept the use of condoms for any reason as their prime action is to prevent life.  Also, condoms promote promiscuity, they do not encourage people to be faithful to their spouse.  Condoms bring a false security where some think they can carry on with many partners sexually and have no or little risk of acquiring HIV.  How foolish it is that some would trust their life to the thin layer of latex that a condom is made of (there are various reports stating that condoms if used perfectly every time have a failure rate of 2-3% and typically used have a failure rate between 12-15%).

So it is very Christian to call for abstinence, fidelity and moral lives and to reject the use of condoms.

In the world today there has been a major change in the way homosexuality is seen.  Many now see it as a valid sexual orientation that no one should oppose.  Homosexuality is seen as an acceptable alternative to heterosexuality and promoted as such by some movements and governments.  To oppose homosexuality is even considered as an attack on a person’s rights and humanity and as a discrimination against others.  To oppose homosexuality is seen by some as not very Christian for surely if two people love each other regardless of gender they should be allowed to have a sexual relationship.  

To stand against homosexual marriage is called by some as not very Christian for how could you deny two people in love the right to marry?  To refuse same sex couples the right to adopt is often declared as an attack on the equal rights of people.

Whether governments, movements or society do not agree it is very Christian to oppose what is wrong.  Homosexuality is not a valid sexual orientation, it is not part of the normal sexual function of procreation.  Homosexuality is wrong and must be opposed by those who love the truth.  As a Christian a person has a duty not to accept what is wrong even if the whole world says it is right.  It is a duty to reach out to those trapped in this lifestyle and help them find the beauty of true love as God created it to be.  To help those who cannot overcome their homosexuality to remain celibate and to find joy in the love of God.

Homosexuality is not a normal state for people and it is not a true part of mankind’s gift of sexuality from God.  It is impossible for homosexuals to have a marriage in the eyes of God even if the world says it is a marriage.

It is very Christian to stand firm in these truths, to do anything less is certainly not Christian and is a rejection of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church teaching.

It is very Christian to oppose adoption of children by same sex couples as the child would be put in a situation where it is exposed to immorality and sin and may be educated to accept these wrongs as right.

It is to be remembered always that it is also very Christian never to discriminate against others for any reason.

It is very Christian never to judge another or condemn them.

It is very Christian to see the weaknesses and mistakes of others and pray for them to be overcome while of course remembering your own faults and weaknesses.

It is very Christian to lead others gently to the true way of life without demanding or trying to force them to do so, seeing that everyone is loved by God no matter who they are or how they live and you should love everyone too.  Seeing the gentle love of Christ for others and showing that same gentle love in the way you act with others, even those who do what is wrong.

It is very Christian to want everyone to be treated with respect and to be treated equally but in that equality not accepting what is wrong.

It is very Christian to expect and demand your governments protect and care for the needy, the poor, the vulnerable and those in unfortunate circumstances.

It is very Christian to demand your governments protect life not destroy it.

It is very Christian to expect that you too have the right to be respected and treated equally.



In Love

11 Apr 2009

In love evil was defeated, in love death was overcome, in love The Lord rose from the dead.

In His passion, death and resurrection The Lord, Jesus, showed all what life as a follower of His is meant to be and what it can be. His followers are supposed to be examples to all others of this truth He exposed.

The truth that if a person continues to love, regardless of what evil may do to them, in and with Jesus they will be victorious over evil.

The truth that death is not to be feared as in Our Lord, Jesus, death is but the doorway to heaven. Death not a curse but truly a blessing for those who love God.

The truth that if we live a life of love as best we can in the way The Lord asks then each person can rise in Him to live in His eternal glory with The Father and The Holy Spirit.

The Easter message is the message of victorious love and it is the message each of The Lord Jesus’ followers is meant to be sharing with all others unafraid of what the world may do to them.

When fear enters our hearts we should turn to The Lord and find strength in His enduring love, the strength to overcome our fears.

When we confront evil in life we should confront it in gentle love just as The Lord did. While at times it may seem that evil is insurmountable we should look to The Lord and see that it is His love that is insurmountable and with His love in us so are we.

When gentle love appears so weak, know in truth it is more powerful than all evil can throw at us when it is the gentle love that imitates Our Lord’s love. Living in this way of Easter each day we can rise in Our Lord Jesus’ divine glory and become the sacrificial lambs of love we are meant to be, lambs that truly follow Christ in bringing the truth of His love to all.

He is risen so let us arise in Him and change the world by His grace and love seen in our lives.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames


Do Not Fear Persecution

Mar 7, 2009

Many Catholics are concerned over the anti-Christian stances of governments, politicians and organisations which promote opposing lifestyles to that which Christians try to live.

A growing intolerance by those who claim to be tolerant is raising its' ugly head. Those who call for freedom of speech often only want that free speech if it agrees with what they say. Those who speak out against the wrongs promoted openly in the world today are attacked in an effort to silence them and are called bigots, narrow minded, homophobic etc. and maybe are threatened with legal action if they will not stop professing the truth of their faith.

When Christians speak out against same sex marriages because they understand the sacredness of marriage, it is claimed that they are trying to deny the rights of homosexuals but what is forgotten is that it is not a right that homosexuals can marry it is a grievous wrong. Marriage is between a man and a woman. NO ONE else.

When Christians object to children being adopted by same sex couples some say they are heartless and are denying those who cannot have children the opportunity to have a family. The child of course is forgotten and so are the bad moral and spiritual effects that will be placed upon the child by being put in such an abnormal situation. The institutions that refuse to give children for adoption to same sex couples are given the choice by some governments to obey or to close their adoption agencies.

When a Catholic speaks out against abortion they may be painted as extremists or people who are ignorant to the truth of when life begins. The rights of the woman become the only consideration and the rights of the baby are completely ignored and no one has the right, according to some, to say anything different. Christian hospitals may be forced to either perform abortions against their faith belief or face legal consequences. Health workers who oppose abortion may have their right of a conscience taken from them and forced to perform or assist with abortions or forced to recommend abortions. The freedom of the Christian to believe is ignored or denied.

When a Christian speaks out against fetal stem cell use they are sometimes looked upon as those who do not care about people with serious diseases that may be helped by the stem cells. Of course what is denied is the fact that babies are being killed so that it might help someone overcome an illness and that it is those who love Christ that are defending the innocents who cannot defend themselves.

When Christians speak of abstinence they are mocked and thought of those who are not living in the real world. Those who want to save themselves for marriage are often ridiculed. Yet, promiscuity is promoted openly as a natural and good expression of a person’s humanity and all the terrible consequences of it are ignored.

Christian schools in some countries are forced to accept programmes opposed to Christian belief. Prayer or religious symbols are frowned upon and may not be worn in some public schools.

Employees in some instances are forced not  to wear crucifixes or crosses.

With all this and more happening many Christians naturally feel under attack. However, what should be remembered is that it is in times of persecution the Catholic Church grows in strength and the faithful come closer to God. Persecution has been with the Catholic Church from the beginning and it is to be expected.

All Catholics should in these times be asking the Holy Spirit for the grace to live and proclaim their faith unafraid of the consequences. It is in these times Catholics can show the depth of their love for God by refusing anything that is in opposition to the law of God and by placing God’s law and God’s love before that of the world.

We have been given a glorious opportunity by God to show that we can be like the early church which, regardless of what the world did, held firm to the love of Christ. If we do we can be sure that because of our actions the future will be one where many will find full lives in Christ because of us.

Let us not fear persecution instead let us stand tall holding our faith up as a beacon that will draw many to it and let us thank God for the opportunity to do so.

God love you,

Alan Ames


Christmas Message

Dec 9 , 2008

This Christmas as we think about the coming of the Son of God to Earth and reflect on the Holy family in Bethlehem we should see in the little child Jesus, each little child created by God. Just as we love the baby Jesus, we too should love each child God blesses mankind with. Our hearts should be reaching out in love to the babies treasuring the blessing of their lives. If each one of us considers the magnificence of God’s love in every baby then it will follow that our hearts will ache with love for them and we will desire only the best for each child. It too will become apparent to those, whom it is not already, how precious to God the little ones are and they will become precious to them. No longer will the destruction of babies for any reason be acceptable and no longer can a heart that loves God's little treasures support in any way the most terrible sin of abortion. No longer will thoughts of self and what a person desires for themselves and others, even if they are good intentions, be placed above the value of the lives of the sweet little innocents. No longer will political affiliations be greater than the love of the babies. Each child will be seen as a treasure of heaven sent to Earth, not as an object which can be destroyed by those on Earth. It will also become obvious that in destroying a baby inside or outside of the womb is a rejection of the Holy Child of Bethlehem, whom Herod in his worldly ways tried to kill. This Christmas is a time to once more find in the love of the baby Jesus a true love for all babies seeing in each one of them Jesus as a baby and treasuring each one as you treasure Him.

May God bless you all this Christmas with His peace and His love,

Alan Ames



Appropriateness of receiving the Eucharist by Catholics who support abortion

Oct 9, 2008

It has been asked several times about Catholics who support abortion and the receiving by them of The Lord in the Eucharist and if this is permissible or appropriate.  Of course the first point of reference to this for all Catholics should be Church teachings and statements on this.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

1385: to respond to this invitation we must prepare ourselves for so great and so holy a moment.  St Paul urges us to examine our conscience: “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of The Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and the blood of the Lord.  Let a man examine himself and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.  For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drink s judgement upon himself.”  Anyone conscious of a grave sin must receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before coming to communion.

1415: Anyone who desires to receive Christ in Eucharistic communion must be in a state of grace.  Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive communion without having received absolution in the sacrament of penance.

Pope Benedict XV1 wrote a letter in June 2004 to the US bishops when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger stating the principles of being worthy to receive The Lord in Communion.  Cardinal Ratzinger, the head of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith at that time, said that strong and open supporters of abortion should be denied Eucharistic communion for being guilty of a grave sin.

Some of the Bishops’ comments:

(Zenit) - New York prelates are urging citizens to get informed about the platforms of Congressional and state candidates, since they say many moral issues are decided at the state level. This was one of the points highlighted in a statement released last week called "Our Cherished Right, Our Solemn Duty." 

The prelates first recalled that life issues are the most important criteria when it comes to casting a ballot. 

"It is the rare candidate who will agree with the Church on every issue," they acknowledged. "But […] not every issue is of equal moral gravity.  The inalienable right to life of every innocent human person outweighs other concerns where Catholics may use prudential judgment, such as how best to meet the needs of the poor or to increase access to health care for all.” 

"The right to life is the right through which all others flow.  To the extent candidates reject this fundamental right by supporting an objective evil, such as legal abortion, euthanasia or embryonic stem cell research, Catholics should consider them less acceptable for public office."

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

It would be refreshing if we could find candidates whose records, party platforms, and personal commitments embody the full range of the Church’s social teaching, reasonable as that teaching is.  Unfortunately that seldom happens.  That is why we must have a well-formed conscience capable of giving each issue its proper moral weight and making other important distinctions and judgments.  For example, a Catholic may never vote for candidates precisely because they advocate and advance intrinsic moral evils like abortion; to do so is to cooperate formally (intentionally) with a grave evil.  And while Faithful Citizenship acknowledges that one may vote for a politician who supports pro-abortion policies “only for truly grave moral reasons,” a conscientious voter must question what grave moral issue rises to the level of nearly 49 million lives lost to the evil of abortion.

In Scranton, Pa., every Catholic attending Mass this weekend will hear a special homily about the election next month: Bishop Joseph Martino has ordered every priest in the diocese to read a letter warning that voting for a supporter of abortion rights amounts to endorsing “homicide.”  “Being ‘right’ on taxes, education, health care, immigration and the economy fails to make up for the error of disregarding the value of a human life,” the bishop wrote. “It is a tragic irony that ‘pro-choice’ candidates have come to support homicide — the gravest injustice a society can tolerate — in the name of ‘social justice.’ ” --- 5/Oct/2008

So, from Holy Scripture and from church statements it is apparent that those who promote, support or vote for a politician who is pro- abortion are in a state of grave sin and should not receive the Lord in the Eucharist.  Some Catholics however disagree with this and do not accept what the church says or what is said in the Holy Word of God.  Some say it is their right to receive communion, however receiving The Lord is not a right but a privilege that God offers people in His love. This privilege should not be abused for as St. Paul states there are serious consequences for doing so. Those who are in a state of grave sin must have a good confession before receiving The Lord and must, after that confession, not return to their old ways.  To go to confession with the intention of once having confessed to continue the bad behaviour or beliefs does not make the confession valid.  Some cannot accept this and in their pride believe they know better than the church and the Word of God not seeing that this arrogance is a serious sin in itself as the person is placing their will before that of the will of God and the will of His holy church. The person is saying that their knowledge is greater than that of the church and the person is rejecting the commandment of God ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and saying that they or those they support or follow can decide if life is valuable or not and that God has no say in this. Today many Catholics demand their rights which in truth are their wrongs but they are so blind they cannot see this as they believe more in the word of the world instead of The Word of God.

To come to communion in a state of grave sin makes true union with God impossible as the person holds on to a barrier between them and God which blocks unity with Christ, Our Lord. To be one with Him means to be one in the truth of His love, to be obedient to His will and to reject all sin. While the world and people’s pride may make many arguments against this none of them change this eternal truth.  People should think about how it hurts Our Lord, that those who profess to love Him, come with that on their hearts which is of the dark and not of the light of His love. No Catholic in a state of grave sin should ever consider partaking of The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of The Lord, Jesus, in the Eucharist for doing so in itself is an insult to God and to all those who live or have lived as God asks.  It is time for those who support abortion in any way to realize the wrong they embrace excludes them from receiving The Divine Lord, Jesus, in the Eucharist and in humility confess their wrong and reject it from then on and in true love come and be one with and in Him in communion in the state of grace they are supposed to be in.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Let Your Faith Define You

Aug 13, 2008

So often Catholics change their beliefs to suit themselves and the world because their catholic faith opposes what they want or what they think should happen in life. These changes may be little or large but they all have the same result and that is to make what the person believes no longer Catholic and just another worldly way.

To be truly Catholic is to live to what the Church teaches and not to put one’s own personal preferences before that. Some have forgotten that when the Church speaks on faith, morals and life that it is God’s Holy Spirit speaking. Some have forgotten or reject the authority that Christ, Our Lord, gave to St. Peter and through him to all the popes. Instead, they put their own authority and judgement before that of the Church. This is fraught with danger for surely human desires will influence people’s judgement and may lead people into the acceptance of what is wrong. This too is a reflection of mankind’s pride where people often believe they know better than God. The same pride that Lucifer has!

To live as a Catholic means to live humbly in obedience to the will of God as it is shown by God through His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Anything less diminishes a person’s faith and opens the person to serious error and misunderstandings of God’s will. True faith is defined by a complete acceptance of God’s will as explained by The Commandments and the teachings of the Church even when a person does not understand the reasons for them. To follow and accept only what a person understands leaves a great void in faith as the pride that says, ‘I will only accept what I know to be true’, closes the heart to God. What arrogance it is to accept only what can be proven or what fits in with what a person perceives to be true, for surely our human minds do not know everything and do not understand everything. There is so much in existence that we know so little about and have still to unravel. Yet mankind so easily denies God and His eternal truth. Many Catholics are guilty of this by putting self before God and changing their faith so that it fits in comfortably with their life.

Our faith is meant to define us in the way that our lives are lived with the faith as given by God and explained by His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Every decision we make, every action we do and every word we speak are meant to be expressions of God’s will so that those who look upon us see the truth of God’s love and are drawn to His love through us and away from the bitterness of evil.

Let us reflect on the early Church and it’s obedience to God’s will even until death and how by the grace of God the sacrifices made then defined the Church in the world and showed the beauty of God’s love to all.

Alan Ames


He is Risen

21 Mar 2008

The light went into the darkness of death and illuminated that dark so that captives could be set free. Death was overcome by the light and the light shone brightly and the light was not diminished by the darkness.

The light was and is Jesus Christ, the eternal light of God.  The light which can shine brightly in every life. The Divine Light that is there for all.  The Divine Light who waits in love and hope for people to invite the light within.

This invitation should be a genuine one where the person is prepared to help overcome and remove the darkness within their life.  Where the person is prepared to sweep clean their heart and soul, by the grace of God, so that there will be nothing in their life to block the light.  It is then when the light comes into the life of a person that the dark in their life is illuminated and sometimes for the first time the person sees how the dark has overshadowed them and taken them away from the light of life.  

Now it becomes clear how even the smallest sin brings the shadow of evil into a life, a bad thought, a bad word or a bad action.  Now it becomes clear how these small sins lead a person further and further away from the light and deeper into the dark. The dark which is infectious, because one person’s sins can lead others to sin, which in turn can lead others to do the same.  This is how the dark has spread around the world to cover mankind with a shroud of sin which tries to hide and deny the light.

This Holy Week is a time to reflect on how each one of us has allowed the dark to enter into our lives. Then in humility see, by God’s grace, where we have gone wrong and ask The Lord to help each one of us to truly accept The Light within, The Light which will burn away our pride and help us to be the humble people we are meant to be.  It is then through this humble love of God that The Divine Light is allowed, by our free will, to shine brightly in our lives, so that when we live, we live in The Light of Christ and let His Divine Light shine through us to touch others and bring them into His Light.

This is the time to let the Light of Christ lift us out of the life that leads to death in sin so that we can truly live and be free in Him, becoming the beacons of His love we are created to be.

He is risen now let us rise in The Divine Light of His love.

God bless,

Alan Ames


The Gift of Christmas

Nov 29, 2007

Just as the Magi came bearing gifts of love for Our Lord, Jesus, and came in adoration of Him we too are called to come to Him in a similar way.  Our gifts of love offered to Him in love should be our lives, our hearts and our souls. This offering should be one of complete submission to His will asking only that He does with us as He desires. In doing so realizing that the Holy Child of Bethlehem, The Son of God, will bring our lives to shine brightly in Him so that we can be the new star that leads all to Him. Knowing that by His Divine grace our hearts will become the hearts of love they were created to be. Hearts that will show the tender love of The Lord to all we meet. Being aware also that in the giving of our souls to Him that The Spirit of Divine Love, that The Son of God gifted His followers with, will fill our souls and set fire to them with a deeper love of God and of fellow man.

Today most look to Christmas as a time to give gifts to family and friends but forget to give gifts to The One who is the reason for Christmas. It is essential that we as Catholics return to the true meaning of Christmas which is more than ensuring the holiday is not changed or that the media and stores do not deny Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is that in love of man, God came to Earth for all people, so that all can find eternal life and joy in Him. 

We as followers of Christ must then try to do the same with the offering of ourselves to God. We should be going out reminding people of the love God has for all by living as God calls us to, living as examples of love that turns away from no one, that rejects no one and that condemns no one.

This Christmas is a time where Christians can show more than self to the world, it is a time where they can show The Child Jesus to all by taking the focus from worldly things and bringing it on to heavenly things.

While it is important for families and friends to get together over this blessed time it is essential they remember why they are together and bring the Child Jesus into their celebrations making Him the centre of their celebrations. Thinking also of how all of mankind are family and how we should be friends to all reaching out to everyone in love. With a helping hand where needed, with loving words for all and with an open heart radiating the love of Christ that is unafraid to express that love to all.

Let this sacred time lead us to sacred lives and away from the materialism the world draws us into. Instead of looking to the material looking to the spiritual and mystical contained within this Divine gift we celebrate at Christmas. Each one of us who professes to love God and to live to His Son’s Jesus’ way, should turn to God and ask Him to help us see beyond the physical and the temporal. So that we can see with eyes of faith the full gift given in the birth of Our Saviour. The gift that is eternal, heavenly and that is for all.

Let us look to Mary and see in her how she lived a holy life by giving herself completely to God. Then just as Mary, The Mother of God, cradled and nurtured the Divine Child in her love try our best to go out to all the children of God and cradle them in our hearts, with love reaching out gently to nurture the true faith in the lives of others. Just as Mary and Joseph were filled with Joy as their family was made complete with the birth of The Lord, let us be joyful as we try to make the lives of all the family of man complete in The Lord, Jesus, too.

My hope is that all who say, ‘Merry Christmas’, ask the Holy Spirit to make the Christ in Christmas touch the souls of all who hear the joyful words they speak and in the loving actions they do.

May your Christmas be truly holy and filled with many blessings and graces for you and all you meet.

Alan Ames


Catholic Love

Sep 9 , 2007

Love is the essence of the Catholic faith for God is love, and so the faith He gives to mankind must be the faith of love.  Today many Catholics have forgotten this and seem to live a faith of little love.  The love of God is so often secondary in a person’s life and the love of others is almost non- existent.  Many Catholics love their wives, their families and their friends but isn’t that the love most people have in the world, regardless of faith or of no faith (Matthew 5:46 ‘for if you love those who love you, what recompense will you have?  Do not the tax collectors do the same?’ 5:47 ‘and if you greet your brother only, what is unusual about that?  Do not the pagans do the same?’)

While this type of love is meant to be a part of the love we as Catholics live, it is not all there is to love.  True love goes far beyond that. 

True love is to love God first and foremost before self, before others; even family. 

True love is to love others before self.  To treat others not only as you expect them to treat you but to treat them with the love that Christ, Our Lord, has for all people; an unconditional love, a sacrificing love, a serving love, a gentle love and a compassionate love. 

True love can only be lived by living in the one who is love itself, Christ, Our Lord. There has to be a complete abandonment of self into Jesus, Our Divine Lord.  In that abandonment of self, a deep desire that Jesus will live in you, through you, and with you in every moment of life.  That each moment of your life is a moment where you can let God’s love, united with your love, reach out to touch the world.

Each Catholic is meant to be a vessel of true love bringing that love with them wherever they go and to whomever they meet.  Then in living this way The Holy Spirit of love will fill the life of the person with His Divine Grace in abundance, so that the light of God’s love through the person will illuminate the dark in the world.

With the power of God’s gentle love residing in the heart and soul, no longer will a Catholic be a prisoner of the world, for now the things of the world are brought into perspective.  With the spiritual sight that comes with true love it is seen that the worldly things are temporary and truly of little value in eternity (Matthew 16:26 ‘What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and to forfeit his life?’).  A person begins to see that what ever they have in the world is a gift from God to be used for the betterment of all mankind.  Inside burns a desire to share what you have and not to keep for self more than you need to live for Christ. 

In the lives of many Catholics this has been forgotten or is ignored and so these people do not love God or love others as they should.  Many put the world first in life and the result of that is they stop truly loving. 

The world leads people to love of self, not to the love of God and others.  The world leads to greed and selfishness, both of which stop and deny true love. 

Life for many Catholics is no longer Catholic but worldly.  The Catholic life is meant to be one that, while lived in the world, lifts the person beyond the desires of the world and to desires of eternal life in heaven.

Catholics, because they have the fullness of God, the fullness of Christ in their faith, are meant to find their lives fulfilled in their faith.  However because so many have taken their focus from true love they do not find what they should in their faith.  To many the faith is just an empty shell they use to cover their failings, their weaknesses and their sins.  To many the Catholic Church and its teachings come second in life to what the world says and the life the world encourages people to live. Frequently Catholics listen more to their governments than to their church, accepting the government’s line before church teaching.

Some have forgotten that God speaks in pure love through His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and that when they do not listen to the Church they are not listening to God.  In not listening to God, people turn from His love, for all His teachings and commandments are ones of love. They turn their faith into one that is Catholic only in name but not in practice and not in love (Luke 6:46 ‘Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ but do not do what I command?’). 

Some have turned their faith into a nationalistic one where it is entwined with their countries’ interests, which are placed first, and distort the faith to be a shadow of the true faith of love. 

The Catholic faith is not for one nation and is not based on any nationalistic ideals. 

The Catholic faith is the universal faith of love for all people, where all people are seen as equal and are loved equally. 

The Catholic faith is based on the teachings and ideals of Christ, as it is the body of Christ, Our Lord, and therefore is not one that can be swayed or changed by the worldly ways. 

It is the same for all Catholics who are part of the Body of Christ, they too must not be swayed by the world, they too must not change the faith to suit the world or self. Each Catholic is meant to live to Christ’s way of love and to no other way.

If Christ, Our Lord is truly loved, with that love would be the desire to please Him and to be obedient to His Holy Will.  Within Catholicism there are people and groups who are disobedient to the Church, to the Pope and to the will of God through His church.

It seems pride has blinded some so that they forget where disobedience comes from. Lucifer is the prince of disobedience.  It was he who first led man into disobedience and it is he who encourages continued disobedience.  Foolishly, some forget what this disobedience has brought to mankind, from the beginning it has brought hurt and suffering.  Adam and Eve, in disobedience, were sent from the Garden of Eden into a world that was further from God and His love and so they suffered.  Then evil introduced sin in place of love, as Cain murdered his brother Abel, whom he should have loved and not hated with jealous anger.  The history of mankind continued and continues with foolish disobedience and with unnecessary suffering because of it. 

With the pride of disobedience, love is denied and in that denial, those Catholics who are disobedient, weaken the church and open it to attacks from the world.  They also weaken the whole of mankind by denying God’s love in their own lives and then by denying others who would have been touched and benefited by that love in them.

How Lucifer laughs at the foolish pride of some Catholics who deny God’s love and put love of self and their own desires before God.  These Catholics do not imitate Christ, who was totally obedient to the Father’s will, instead they imitate the prince of pride and disobedience.  Sadly so often they do not even recognize what this may cost them in eternity (Matthew: 7:21 ‘Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.’).

Every Catholic who truly wants to be a Catholic, who truly wants to be an imitator of Christ, must live in loving obedience to God, to His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  They must live a life of true love where they deny themselves for the love of God and for the love of others.  This is the faith that The Lord Jesus gave to mankind and this is how all are meant to live if they want to live in His eternal glory in heaven.

Here are a couple of messages from The Lord, Jesus, which are in the most recent book given by the Lord on love, which is titled ‘The Lord of love’.


In a desert any oasis looks attractive and often people would chase after mirages of beautiful oases only to find they did not exist.

Today the world is like a desert, barren of My love in many hearts.  Often these people chase after illusions that look as if they bring happiness and the answers to life.  How disappointed they will be when they find in these illusions nothing exists, only pain and suffering.

Before My children rush headlong to an illusion of safety and security they should look to see what is really offered to them and they will find unless it is of God it will only bring them sadness and tragedy.


Do not be selfish.  Do not be only concerned for yourself.  Do not be filled with your own importance.

Consider others as I did.  Love others as I did.  Be kind to others as I was when I lived on earth, then you live as I ask you to.



The Poor and Needy

Aug 21, 2007

 My dear friends,

I would like to share with you in my own words some of the things The Lord has been sharing with me in recent times in regard to the poor and needy in the world and how the affluent often ignore them or do so little to help them.

There are many people who desire to help the poor knowing it is part of their love of God and of fellow man.

How can a person claim to love God if they do not love those whom He loves and whom He created? Love of others is an essential part of the Catholic Faith. So then if we love others how can we look upon those in need and not reach out in love to help them, as not doing so is to stop loving and to deny love in life.

How can those who claim to love God see themselves as more deserving than others and turn away from those in need, thinking or saying, ‘it is their own fault’ or ‘let someone else help them’?

Today people make many excuses for not helping the poor and for keeping what they have for themselves. There are many listening to the secular world before The Word of God and follow the way of greed, waste and selfishness. Today many of those who are part of the Catholic Church … which is the fullness of Christianity… and also many other Christians live a worldly faith focused on their own needs and desires, placing these before their faith and are blind to the fact that they do so. Society in many countries has drawn the faithful away from the faith and into self so that no longer can they be called faithful.

How many Catholics, how many Christians in the wealthy countries, when they see the poor and those who suffer with no means of overcoming their suffering, have an ache within their heart to help, a longing to reach out and comfort those in need or despair, a burning desire to do all they can to alleviate the suffering ?

Many have become so used of seeing the poor, the needy, the suffering on news reports that they take little notice.

So many see the hurt of the poor with eyes that are blinded to the people and think only for a brief moment about what is happening maybe hoping this will never happen to them.

So many from affluent countries believe it is their right to have a comfortable life and think only of the happiness and joy that they can find in life for themselves or maybe for their close family and friends.

Some people have forgotten that God gave all to mankind and he gave it to be shared equally by all. Some have forgotten that they are meant to share and have been seduced into the selfish ways of the world through their pride, desiring to keep what they have and desiring more and more for themselves.

These foolish people either do not realize or do not care that they have more at the cost of others who have less. Others who have their lives, their countries, and their communities exploited by the wealthy nations. Others who work like slaves for little or no wages. Others who give their lives in dangerous conditions as they toil to keep the wealthy happy.

Then, with the arrogance of the evil that blinds them, the people of the wealthy countries waste in large amounts that which would feed the poor, which would give those in need much of what they require.

Now is the time for all to reflect on how they live, how they waste, how they use more than is their fair share of God’s gifts to mankind. Now is the time for all Christians to actually start living as Our Lord, Jesus asks us to and not keep living to the ways of self-centered society.

Let us not use more than we need. Let us not take advantage of others. Now let us do what Christ Our Lord calls us to and that is to love and always to share with and to care for others.

Let us not do this in false ways that are there only to ease our consciences or make us feel better but let us do these things in true love of God and fellow man. It is not uncommon to hear Catholics say they fast on certain days which is a great spiritual blessing. However, some of these same people when the clock strikes one minute past midnight stuff themselves with food, eating what they missed out on the previous day, what sort of fast is that? When a person fasts and feels hungry they should think of those who feel hungry every day because they have no food. Then think of how they can help these poor people.

To fast is a wonderful way of opening oneself up to God in sacrificial love. However, the fast should be a true sacrifice, not just something that is done to make a person feel they are holy, or something they do because others are doing the same, or to get attention for themselves.

In Holy Scripture does it not say that when you fast not to let others know and not to let every one see how you suffer for God.

Matthew 6 : 16 - 18 ‘When you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites. They neglect their appearance, so that they may appear to others to be fasting. Amen, I say to you, they have their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you may not appear to be fasting, except to your Father who is hidden. And your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you’.

How many times have you heard someone tell you they fast!

Also it would be far better when a person fasts to put aside the money saved from the food they did not eat and give it a church charity like Caritas to be used to feed the hungry. Doing this brings tangible as well as spiritual benefits to others in need through the fast. It is important that any monies given be given only through Catholic Church organizations like Caritas and not to foundations or projects set up by lay people or secular charities as these often keep most of the money for themselves for ‘administration costs’ etc.

The call from Christ today is the same as it has always been and that is not to think of self first but think of God and of others before yourself.

This call is the complete opposite to the call of the world but it is the call we should all listen to if we are to truly be followers of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God bless you all,

Alan Ames


These are photographs from Alan's visit to Madagascar in July 2007









Structure of Church

This is an extract from the book 'What is Truth':

How then, has it come to be that more than one church exists in His name when this is not what Our Lord wanted?

It is important to look at how the Lord built the Church and how He asks us to live obediently within His Church which has His authority.

Our Lord, in His divine wisdom and love, a wisdom and love that is far greater than any other, a wisdom and love where all other true wisdom and love comes from, chose His apostles upon which to build His Church (Eph 3:20 Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Jn 15:16 It was not you who chose me but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain).

So it must follow that His Church must be an apostolic one given by Christ through His apostles for all people. Our Lord appointed the apostles to carry on His mission of love (Jn 20:21 As the Father has sent me, so I send you) to build His body of love, His Church for all people so all can become one in His love, one in His Church, one in His kingdom.

From amongst the apostles, in His divine wisdom, Our Lord chose Peter to lead His Church. Peter was the God-given rock upon which the Church would be built

(Mt 16:18 So I say to you, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church). Peter, chosen by God and accepted by the apostles as the Lord’s appointed leader. Peter, appointed to strengthen his brothers’ faith (Luke 22:32 You must strengthen your brothers). Our Lord Jesus said to all that there will be one shepherd to lead the flock (Jn 10:16 There will be one flock, one shepherd) and in His choosing of Peter as the rock upon which His Church is to be built and the leader to strengthen the faith, Our Lord said to all, here is My chosen shepherd (Jn 21:17 (Jesus) said to him: "Feed my sheep").

With these acts the Lord was putting in place the hierarchical structure of His Church. Peter as the leader, the apostles, brothers of Peter and leaders in their own right, but they themselves led, strengthened, and fed by Peter. St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians gave an insight into the hierarchical structure of the Church (Eph 4:11 And he gave some as apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers). In his letter to Timothy, St Paul identifies the role of bishops, priests and deacons (1 Tim 3:1 Whoever aspires to the office of bishop desires a noble task. 1 Tim 3:8 Similarly, deacons must be dignified. 1 Tim 5:17 Presbyters who preside well deserve double honour; especially those who toil in preaching and teaching). While in the letter to Titus is the commission for bishops to ordain priests(Titus 1:5 And appoint presbyters in every town).

God gave mankind the Church in this way because God knows mankind’s weaknesses and He knows that unless guided correctly, in the way God wants, that mankind’s pride will lead it astray. So Our Lord set in place the structure of love, the structure of faith, the structure of hope which is to be His Holy Apostolic Church to lead mankind into His glorious and eternal kingdom of Heaven

(Eph 3:21 Through him the whole structure is held together and grows into a temple sacred in the Lord).


Authority of the Church

It follows as Our Lord placed St Peter in charge of His Church, then the authority of Christ was given to St Peter and also to the apostles who were there to help form the Church and help the Church grow. In His own words Our Lord gives this authority to the apostles (Mt 18:18 Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven). With these divine words the Lord was saying to all who would listen that everyone must follow the teachings of the Apostolic Church, accept the God-given authority of the Church and be obedient to the Church.

Not doing so brings people to reject and deny the word of God in Holy Scripture and also the word of God through His Holy Apostolic Church (Luke 10:16 Whoever listens to you, listens to me. Whoever rejects you, rejects me and whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me). The giving of authority to the Apostolic Church is also confirmed in the way the Lord sent the apostles out to the world (Mt 28:18-20 All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all I have commanded you. Jn 20:21 As the Father has sent me so I send you).


Easter Message

Apr 2007

At this the Holiest time of the year it is good for people to reflect on what The Lord Jesus showed in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

No matter how much He suffered He loved and forgave.

No matter how much pain He endured He served God and Man.

Nothing could turn The Lord Jesus from the path of sacrificial love as He knew this is the way that mankind would be offered reconciliation with God and that those who would choose to accept this reconciliation would find life eternal in the Lord Jesus’ divine, forgiving and glorious love.

In this Holy act mankind was shown the depth of God’s love for them, a love that knows no end but lives on through and beyond even death. Mankind was also shown that life is not meant to be self centered but God centered. That in life each person is meant to put others before themselves and become sacrificial and loving servants of God and of others, just as the Lord Jesus was in His life, death and resurrection. That in doing so each person would be resurrected in the eternal and divine love of Christ.

Sadly today this is a message that many do not want to hear as many prefer to live lives centered on self and seek to find their pleasure in the world, so often with others serving them instead of them serving others.

Many who profess to love Christ love Him only after self and refuse to live as He showed and asked of those who would follow Him.

Looking at the world today shows what living this way costs…it costs great suffering through the darkness and confusion that covers the world. Darkness and confusion that causes many to starve, to live in need, to live sad and depressed lives, to live lives of addictions, to live lives of slavery to the world. Yet, still so many Christians embrace this way of life as if there is no other way.

How foolish this is, for there is another way, the right way, the way of sacrificial love, the way mankind is meant to live, the way that is Christ’s way. When people start to serve as Christ did, to love as Christ does and to truly follow what Christ said then the new covenant between God and Man will bring the peace, joy, love and happiness to all that Christ has promised. This Holy Week is a time to reflect on that covenant and to live it as a new people in Christ, Our Lord and no longer be slaves of the world but be servants of Our loving God.

Healing Mass Underscores Power Of Suffering 
re: Atlanta Eucharistic Conference


June 22, 2006


SUZANNE HAUGH, Staff Writer (the Georgia Bulletin)

ATLANTA—Over 5,000 people gathered Friday evening, June 16, at the Georgia International Convention Center for the Healing Mass and to gain new insights into the meaning of suffering and pray for the relief of ailments or the strength needed to persevere with them.

Main celebrant and homilist Father Luke Ballman, pastor of St. Augustine Church, Covington, used the examples of Jesus and St. Therese of Lisieux to demonstrate a dictionary’s definition of suffering.

“Suffering is ‘to surrender something for the sake of something else,’” he quoted. While the world would like to look at suffering as meaningless and as something to avoid at all costs, the cross of Jesus shows us the power of the suffering attached to it.

“Jesus Christ offered His life for the sake of our salvation,” Father Ballman said, adding that we remember this each time we celebrate the Eucharist.

“God loves to take our suffering, whether physical or our day-to-day crosses, and work through them. God takes the little flower in the garden and makes it precious,” he explained, alluding to St. Therese, often referred to as “The Little Flower.”

St. Therese teaches us that suffering is “prophetic”—it speaks of God’s love—but remains a message many have difficulty fully understanding. You can find joy in suffering when you no longer live for yourself but when Christ lives in you, he continued.

If St. Therese had had her way she would have been a missionary in a foreign land but physical ailments led her to the cloistered life of a Carmelite nun.

“I, in your church, in your garden, I will be love. … If I am love then I am everything,” said Father Ballman referring to the writings of the saint considered a doctor of the church.

Embracing one’s suffering is not to lay dormant one’s desire for healing. “Jesus Christ prayed that His suffering might end, saying, ‘If possible, let this cup pass.’” But Father Ballman continued, saying we must remember the second part of His prayer—“Your will, not mine, be done.”

Following the Mass, Alan Ames of Australia, a noted speaker on healing, led a healing service in which he challenged the audience to seek forgiveness through a “true confession” to a priest and to forgive others as well.

“So often we come for healing but forget about confession,” he explained. “Don’t forget how important priests are. Their hands are so powerful.”

Ames described the eucharistic rosary of Christ that was revealed to him and described two healings possibly linked to it. He then called those forward in the crowd to give them a personal blessing, explaining that “God is not limited by time,” as he would pray over each of them for only a second. He also explained that healing may not be instantaneous and most often occurs over a longer period of time.

“You have to play your part. Jesus said (to the lame man), ‘Pick up your bed and walk.’ Jesus calls for the action of faith.”

For over an hour, Ames marked the sign of the cross on the foreheads of mothers with grown daughters, men in suits, a woman with crutches and parents with young children still up well past their bedtimes. As he moved quickly down the line of people seeking healing, “catchers,” men standing behind each person, caught those “resting in the Spirit” and gently placed them on the ground.

One experienced catcher, Ray Crock of Ellijay, took heart in the evening’s events compared to charismatic gatherings of 25 years ago that felt “superficial” at times.

“The whole group really came to worship,” he said. “There has been a maturing of faith by the faithful ... you could feel the power of the Lord’s presence and the Spirit’s.”

Crock, a jolly gentleman, came with his wife, Marilyn, who is afflicted with a condition that requires the use of a wheelchair. Both are encouraged by Marilyn’s small steps of progress. “Last week she rolled over by herself.”

Marta Rodriguez, a parishioner at St. Pius X Church in Conyers, lay peacefully on the red carpet and was then helped to her feet by family members. Later she described the experience when Ames blessed her. “Something comes through you; it’s love.”

Joseph Sherman, a parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Cartersville, enjoyed the “fellowship with other Catholics” and the Mass. “One of the first things that impacted me was when I walked in and saw the large crowd, versus when I go to church, there are usually 150 to 200 people.”

Seventeen-year-old Kaitlin Karbach of Maitland, Fla., always remembers in her prayers those touched by 9/11. Her parents, Ruth and Bud, offered up in prayer their daughter, who has special needs, and prayed that the Holy Spirit “guide us each and every day to do the right thing,” Ruth said.

Deacon Lloyd Sutter, administrator of the Office of Religious Education and Faith Formation, who orchestrated the Mass, chose the lanky teen with an endearing smile to bring up the gifts during the offertory. Deacon Sutter was touched with the note later handed to him.

“Dear Deacon Lloyd, thank you for letting me bring up a gift for the Lord with a grandfather in a wheelchair. Have a great day. God bless you, Kaitlin.”



This is an extract from the book 'What is Truth'.


Homosexuality has already had some discussion in the chapters on the ‘priesthood’ and ‘marriage,’ but it is important to look a little more closely at it because many people see nothing wrong with homosexuality and see it as an acceptable choice or a right.

Anyone living the Christian faith should not accept homosexuality as right or natural, not even if the whole world accepts this. It is clear in the Holy Word of God, Holy Scripture, that God created man and woman to be united in love so that, amongst other reasons, children could come into the world. If homosexuality were a natural relationship that all can live to if they so desire, eventually mankind as a species would cease to exist as there would be no or not enough children for the species to continue.

The partner God made for man was the flesh of his flesh (Gn 2:23 This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called woman) Eve, a woman, so from the beginning of mankind God set in place the relationship, the union of love that He wanted.

In the world today there are those who try to change this and sometimes use the excuse that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years so it cannot be wrong. It is true that throughout the history of mankind there have been homosexuals but this way of living came because of man’s original sin which deteriorated mankind’s morals so as to accept almost anything. God reminded the world of this when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah ( Gn 18 & 19 )This excuse also is not valid because people could then say the same about any sin. Murder, stealing, lying, all would become acceptable because of their historical background. It is also claimed it is a right to be a homosexual, a right which is even taught in some schools! In Holy Scripture it is clear homosexuality is not right but wrong (Lev 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination. Lev 20:13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed. Rom 1:26 Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males. 1Corin 6:9 Active homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. 1Tim 1:9-10 The Godless and sinful, the unholy and profane - practising homosexuals).

Homosexuality directly opposes the will of God and degrades the true love that is meant to be between people. It is extremely important to remember that no one should condemn another if the other is a homosexual. No person has the right to condemn another, only God has that right. It should also be remembered not to discriminate against homosexuals, that they too deserve to be treated with love, compassion and respect. It is also the duty of every Christian to reach out to those with this disorder offering them help to come to terms with their unnatural desires so that a person who is homosexual can find a way to control their desires. If a Christian is homosexual it is essential they do not live a homosexual life but abstain from such a practice.

All those who love God and wish to follow God’s way, Christ’s way, should be praying for those afflicted with homosexuality to be cured of their disorder. As well as this all Christians should be standing up and proclaiming to their governments and to the world that homosexuality is not acceptable as a legal and binding relationship within society, that homosexuality should not be part of educational instructions on sex in schools. Also that homosexuality should not be paraded before the public in entertainment because this lowers the resistance in society to what is wrong and what is immoral, especially in the young people who can be so easily influenced by movie, t.v. and music stars. This proclamation of God’s truth must always though be done in love, in truth, in gentleness and in compassion but done with a firm grip onto God’s will for mankind in its truly loving relationships.


Today's Pharisees

This is an extract from the book 'A better way'. In this book The Lord Jesus explains where and how evil has led mankind away from God and how mankind has been frequently blinded to the mistakes it makes.

The evil one attempts to enlarge little disagreements so as to create anger and resentment in the Church. An example of this are those who have broken away from the Church because they believe only one language, Latin, should be used in the Holy Mass. Yet, the Holy Spirit, through the Church has directed that any language can be used. Foolish people seem to think that the language is holy when in fact it is the Eucharist that is holy and as long as the Holy Mass is said in the correct form, it does not matter what language is used. The important thing is the Sacrament not in which language it is said. If this were not so then I would have spoken the Holy Words at the Last Supper in Latin and told all to do the same. I did not. I used the language of the people making each word holy as I spoke it. In the Eucharist it is the same, each word, regardless of which language it is, becomes holy in the Sacrament. So, as long as the Eucharist is celebrated in the right way all languages are acceptable. Those who disagree with this or deny this in doing so deny that all the Holy Masses said in other languages are valid and so deny My Father and Myself and My Holy Spirit in these Masses. This truly is a grievous error.



1 Dec 2006

Dear friends in Christ,

With the Holy time of the birth of Our Saviour, Lord and Master, with us again I would like to thank you all for your support and your prayers which I always need in doing God’s Holy will.

As all who follow the Lord know it is a difficult time to live the faith as the world tries to lead people away from God and into self. Even in this Holy time people are encouraged by the world to think more about their enjoyment, shopping and what they will receive instead of focusing on the true message of Christmas.

As Catholics, which is the fullness of Christianity, we are called in this time to think about why God came to earth. What He offered and continues to offer to mankind. How much He loves mankind and how His life showed His love. How as Catholics we are called to a full imitation of Him in offering ourselves in love to all so that His love can be seen in our lives.

In this Holy time it is good to reflect on how God came to those of whom many would reject Him, seek to harm Him and finally take His life. Through this reflection it should then be apparent that if we are to live as He calls us to, at all times not just in this time, we too have to be prepared to go out to those who reject The Lord and in our lives for Him show them the truth of His love.

Just as the Lord came into the world as a sweet innocent child, we too should go out to the world with a sweet innocent child-like love of God and others.

Just as the Lord was not afraid to show His love neither should we be.

Just as the Lord prayed for the people of the world to accept His Divine truth so should we by making our lives prayers of love unafraid of the consequences of doing so.

Today so many Catholics are afraid to spread their faith, afraid to speak of Jesus, The Lord, and afraid to truly follow in the footsteps of The Son of God.

Let our gift to The Lord on this celebration of His birthday be our commitment to do His Holy will, taking His love out to all in actions, in prayers and in a total devotion to Him.

Let us pray for all to be converted be they Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Protestants, Atheists, Agnostics and yes even those who follow the Evil one. Let us pray for everyone.

Let us show in our actions to all people we are totally committed to The Lord and in love of Him that we are unafraid of the world and those who would seek to stop us.

Let us show how devoted to Him we are by devoting our lives to serving Him and serving others so as to bring them to the fullness of God’s love.

This Christmas we should now seek to give ourselves as gifts to God and to others instead of expecting gifts from Him and from others. It is when we truly do this then we can be confident that God will, by the power of His Holy Spirit, give us all the gifts and graces we need to live as He asks.

My hope this Christmas is that I, like all of you, can do this and in doing so can be a true follower of The Lord Jesus, God’s only Son, who with the Father and The Holy Spirit is truly one.

God love you,

Alan Ames



The following is an excerpt from the book A Better Way . In this book The Lord Jesus explains where and how evil has led mankind away from God and how mankind has been frequently blinded to the mistakes it makes.

There are a number of those who profess to love Me and to follow Me who deny Me, but because they are not truly focused on Me cannot see this. Some who call themselves Christian deny Me and accept what opposes Me and My loving will. These people often do not understand how they deny Me and that in their denial of Me they deny themselves, deny their children, deny the future of mankind and may even deny themselves salvation.

Some deny Me by celebrating the unholy day of evil which is known as Halloween. My followers throw parties with evil themes joyfully portraying the servants of evil, the witches, the warlocks and the evil ones. Some encourage their children to embrace this evil feast day oblivious to the fact that they are helping lower not only their own but also the young ones' resistance to evil. This unholy celebration opens many to the influence of the evil spirits which can reach through the open doors of these foolish people to manipulate them so as to bring more suffering and confusion into the world. It should be clear to all what Halloween is, it is evil as it openly promotes what is evil and blinds people to see no wrong in evil. Yet, many of those who say they reject evil look forward to and embrace this evil feast day, seeing it as a day of fun.

However, the great, good and holy feast day that follows where the saints of heaven are remembered for their holy and loving lives gets so little attention! Surely those who say they love Me should be celebrating this day, encouraging the young to look to the saints and their lives. Having parties in honour of the saints, portraying and imitating the saints and exploring the goodness of the saints. How sad it is that those who have done and continue to do so much good for mankind are ignored by many while those who have done and continue to do so much bad for mankind are honoured, celebrated and given so much attention. It seems many of those who claim to love Me enjoy celebrating evil instead of good.

In some countries as the sacred time of lent begins many begin it in evil's ways. Mardi Gras parade through the streets with great displays of immorality. Whole families young and old, join together seeking some excitement and fun. Many are blinded to what it is they are enjoying; they are enjoying and encouraging sin and so become part of that sin. Parents bring their young children to see scantily clad or semi - naked men and women behaving in immodest ways. The children are influenced and encouraged to accept the sinful ways of homosexuality, of lustfulness and of immorality.

What hope for the future is there if the young are educated in this way? Will future Mardi Gras parade paedophilia or bestiality as acceptable behaviour? For as the morals of the young are corrupted it is certain that more and more sinful ways will be accepted as normal and will be gradually seen as a choice that people have the right to make. (On March 23rd 2005 the television programme, 'Dateline' in Australia screened a report on the abuse of Orang-utans in Indonesia, part of the report was about a young female Orang-utan who had been shaved of all the hair from her body and was chained to the floor. The woman who owned her rented the Orangutan out as a prostitute to the villagers of a logging town. When the army came to free the primate many of the villagers tried to prevent the soldiers and came out brandishing weapons. The villagers wanted the primate to remain as a prostitute, as they saw nothing wrong in this and believed it was their right to use the animal in this way! It was thankfully freed by the army and given to an animal refuge.) The path of Sodom and Gommorah is being walked by many, being embraced by many and being encouraged by many who say they love Me. How foolish these people are for the love of evil ways denies and destroys the love of Me and in their blind pride these people cannot see that to love Me is to hate evil and all of evil's ways.



This is an extract from the book 'A better way' which I thought people might like to read because of all the controversies between faiths today:

The claim in various powerful and democratic countries is that theocracy is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. The finger is pointed to the theocratic nations that rule with rods of iron.

The theocracies that only accept one belief and persecute and kill those who have different beliefs or oppose the official theocratic line.

The theocracies that force people to believe through intimidation and fear.

The theocracies that declare war on others in the name of God. The theocracies who brainwash whole generations to believe and giving those generations no opportunity to question what they are ordered to believe.

The theocracies that say if you stop believing, if you become an apostate you will die.

The theocracies that say one gender is superior to the other.

These theocracies in truth are not theocracies but dictatorships.

A true theocracy is where God’s love and God’s laws come first in all to do with life. The laws of My Father are not commands that are forced upon people but commands given for people to freely follow in love. The laws of a theocracy would be the laws based on the commandments, based on mercy and based on love. A true theocracy would love God first, then love every person, respect every person equally and as My Father does, give every person the freedom to choose. In a true theocracy there would be no rod of iron but the gentle embrace of love. While a true theocracy would believe in the one God it would allow others their beliefs while gently encouraging and guiding those of other beliefs to come to know the one true God of all. There would be no intimidation, no persecution, no brainwashing and no punishment for not believing, only prayers, hope and a strong desire for the non believers to convert freely of their own will.

No true theocracy would call its people to war in the name of God for all would know that I am the God of peace not war. A true theocracy is the best system of government for all people, for it is the system of love, of mercy, of respect, of equality and of peace. However, because of man’s desire for power, man’s greed and selfishness a true theocracy has not been known or seen in the world outside of My Church. How pleased satan is with this, for in denying what is right and what is best for it mankind turns back into self, back into humanism, back into paganism and back into the arms of the evil one.


Appeal for Mideast Peace by the Pope

30 Jul 2006

"So That They Immediately Put Down Their Weapons"

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, JULY 30, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of the prepared text of the address Benedict XVI gave today before reciting the midday Angelus with the people who gathered at the summer papal residence in Castel Gandolfo. 

* * * 

Dear Brothers and Sisters! 

Two days ago, my stay in the Aosta Valley finished, I came directly here to Castel Gandolfo, where I intend to remain until the end of the summer, with a brief interruption in September for the apostolic visit to Bavaria. I wish, first of all, to address my affectionate greetings to the ecclesial and civil community of this beautiful town, where I am always happy to come to. 

I cordially thank the bishop of Albano, the parish and the priests, as well as the mayor and municipal administration and the other civil authorities. A special thought goes to the directorate and personnel of the pontifical villa, as well as to the police, whom I thank for their valuable service. 

Moreover, I greet the many pilgrims who, with their warm presence, contribute to making evident, also in the homier atmosphere of this summer residence, the universal ecclesial dimension of this, our appointment for the Marian prayer. 

In this moment I cannot help think of the situation, ever more grave and more tragic, that the Middle East is going through: hundreds of dead, many wounded, a huge number of the homeless and refugees; houses, towns and infrastructure destroyed; meanwhile, hatred and the desire for revenge grow in the hearts of many. 

These facts demonstrate clearly that you cannot re-establish justice, establish a new order and build authentic peace when you resort to instruments of violence. 

More than ever we see how prophetic and altogether realistic is the voice of the Church when, in the face of wars and conflicts of every kind, it points out the path of truth, justice, love and liberty (cf. encyclical "Pacem in Terris"). Humanity must also cross this path today to achieve the good desire for true peace. 

In the name of God, I appeal to all those responsible for this spiral of violence, so that they immediately put down their weapons on all sides! I ask governing leaders and international organizations not to spare any effort to obtain this necessary halt to hostilities and so to be able to begin to build, through dialogue, a lasting and stable concord for all the people of the Middle East. 

I appeal to all people of good to continue and to intensify the shipment of humanitarian help to those populations so tested and needy. But especially [I ask that] every heart continue to raise the hopeful prayer to the good and merciful God, so that he grants his peace to that region and to the whole world. 

We entrust this sorrowful petition to the intercession of May, Mother of the Prince of Peace and Queen of Peace, so venerated in Mideast countries, where we hope to see soon reign this reconciliation for which the Lord Jesus has offered his precious Blood. 

[Translation of the Italian by ZENIT] 

[After the Angelus the Pope spoke in a number of languages. In English he said:] 

I am happy to greet all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present for this Sunday Angelus, especially the group of young people of the Regnum Christi Movement. 

In today's Gospel we see Jesus feeding the hungry multitudes. With the same generous love he continues to offer us daily the Bread of Life. May the Eucharist sustain us always in our love of God, and open our hearts to our neighbors, especially to those in need! I wish you all a blessed Sunday! 

[In Italian he said:] 

I greet with affection the Italian-language pilgrims, recalling that in the coming days we will mark the memorials of some great saints: tomorrow, St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits; on Aug. 2, St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists; on Aug. 4, St. John Mary Vianney, the curť of Ars, patron of parishes. The example and the intercession of these luminous witnesses help us to progress on the path of sanctity. 

[Italian original: © Copyright 2006 -- Libreria Editrice Vaticana]

reprinted with permission by ZENIT


Pope ask Christians to mobilize against war

6 Aug 2006

VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI has called on Christians and others touched by his words to mobilise against the widening warfare in the Middle East, saying no good comes out of war, not even for the victors. 

Benedict pressed his campaign for a rapid peaceful solution to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon during an interview with German media to be broadcast in Germany on August 13. 

The Vatican released the pope's answer to one of the questions, about the situation in the Middle East.

"Naturally, the Holy See does not want any political power," Benedict replied, during the interview on Saturday morning in his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, a hill town outside Rome. 

"But we want to appeal to Christians and to all those who feel in some way touched by the words of the Holy See so that all the forces which recognise that war is the worst solution for everybody are mobilised," the pontiff said. 

War "doesn't bring any good for anybody, not even for the apparent victors," Benedict said. "We know that well in Europe, following two World Wars." 




Jul 22, 2006

Dear Friends,

In this time of bloodshed in the Middle East the Holy Father has called for all Christians and all people to unite in prayers for peace.  The Holy Father in this call re - emphasizes the power of prayer, which today so many have forgotten or do not believe in.

Sadly today many see force of arms, the killing of others and the inflicting of violence upon others as the way to achieve peace.  How foolish this is for true peace will not come from these ways.  To support these ways is to support what goes against the teachings of Our Lord and Saviour, The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.  As Catholics, as Christians we should be embracing only the ways of Christ and not the ways of the world or the ways of other faiths.  As Christians we are meant to be emissaries of peace in the world.  Talking of and showing peace in all situations, so as to bring the peace of Christ into the world through our faith.  Our support in all situations should be the support of peace and the rejection of violence, not the support of one or another cause or nation that embraces violence.  When a true Christian sees others suffering their hearts should be yearning for that suffering to cease, not making excuses to justify it continuing.  A true Christian would not see one race of peoples lives as less valuable than others but they would recognize in all the wonderful gift of God’s creative love and would see all lives as equal in value. 

In many countries today Christians have forgotten or been blinded to what it is to be a Christian and in this blindness no longer follow the peaceful ways of Christ, Our Lord, but instead follow the warlike ways of the world.  If this were not so then the nations would be filled with Christian voices calling out for this bloodshed to end but sadly their is a great silence instead.

Let our prayers be for peace in the Middle East and that all Christians can make their whole lives living prayers of peace for the whole world.

May God’s peace be with you,

Alan Ames




14 Apr 2006

Dear Friends in Christ,

I was going to write a message about Easter myself to you but I thought it of course would be much better coming from heaven so I would like to share one from St. John the Apostle and one from Our Blessed Mother.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames


St John the Apostle  4/16/00


"Do you think it’s true?" asked the man of his friend. "Do you think it’s Him?" he continued.

"I don’t know. Some say He is while others say He is not," answered the friend.

"If it was Him surely He would not let them do this to Him?" wondered the man.

"Who knows what God’s plan is for anyone," said the friend as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Why are so many people abusing Him and making fun of Him? I heard He only did good things; healing the sick, feeding the hungry and given to the needy. Why are they so angry at Him, it doesn’t make sense?" inquired the man.

"You know how it is. If you threaten the power and authority of some in Israel today you risk your very life. That is what He has done and now He pays the price," stated the friend.

"It doesn’t seem right that a good man should be treated so," said the man, as he shook his head from side to side in disgust at what was happening.

"He said He was the Messiah and He said He was the Son of God. That is why they are crucifying him," cut in another man from the crowd around him.

"We were just talking about that. Do you think He is?" asked the first man.

"I don’t know, but as I look at Him on the cross I feel as if my heart is breaking and I feel as if He is reaching out putting it back together again," answered the man in the crowd.

"If he was the Messiah wouldn’t He come down from the cross and show us?" inquired the first man.

"Maybe God wants this to happen. Maybe God wants His Son to die for a reason we don’t understand yet," suggested the friend.

"What reason could that be?" asked the first man.

"I don’t know but if it is God’s reason then it will be a very good one," answered the man from the crowd who had spoken before.

"He is looking at me," said the first man.

"No, He is looking at me," insisted the friend.

"No, it’s me He is looking at," said the man in the crowd.

"Maybe He is looking at all of us," said the first man and the other two nodded in agreement.

"His face is full of pain. Let’s say a prayer for Him that His suffering will end soon," suggested the friend.

"His eyes seem to be penetrating my soul," said the first man as he began to cry.

"And mine," said the friend, and the man in the crowd almost in unison, and then they too began to cry.

"Let’s pray for Him," sobbed the first man and then the three crying men offered their tear-filled prayers for the suffering Jesus on the cross.

As they prayed their eyes were fixed on the eyes of Jesus and each one of them felt as if Jesus’ love was reaching inside of them and touching their inner being. In unison the three fell to their knees and called out softly to Jesus, "Forgive me, I am sorry. Forgive me."

At that moment Jesus lifted His head and called out, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

The first man said, with his eyes still fixed on Jesus, to the other two, "It is Him. I know He is the Messiah."

The other two still crying sobbed, "We know, we know."

They remained there crying and staring at Jesus on the cross, then with all the others present they heard Jesus call out, "Father into Your hands I commend My spirit."

As Jesus’ head dropped and his last breath filled the air there was silence until the earth shook and the centurion, who was by the cross, called out in one voice with these three men, "Truly this was the Son of God!"

A short while later the first man said to the other two, as they waited near the cross looking at Jesus who still hung there, "I feel inside me a knowledge that He did this because He loved me. I can’t explain it. I just know it is true."

"So do I," agreed the friend. "I know He died for me because He loved me. I feel this is written on my heart, that it is an eternal truth."

The man from the crowd nodded his head saying, "Yes, I feel He died for all of us. How great a love that is. Surely it is the greatest love of all!"


OUR LADY  4/3/99

At this time the Apostles were confused and wondering what their future would hold.  Soon, however, their questions would be answered as they came to see the truth in the resurrection of my Son, Jesus.

It is the same for all mankind, if they too look to the resurrection of Jesus they will find the answers to all of their questions there also.

Job 31:13  When God rose up.


from Jesus

9 Feb 2006

My Father created My mother Mary in His pure love giving her the choice to remain pure or not.  In her love of God she decided to accept My Father’s will and My Holy Spirit’s Grace so that I could come into the world for the salvation of mankind.  This however does not mean My Father’s love was greater for Mary, My mother, than His other children on earth.  Father loves all His children the same and it is because of this same love He offers all salvation in Me, who came to earth through Mary.

My mother’s love of God is the reason such greatness and mercy was bestowed upon her.  My mother, Mary, completely and without reservation gave herself to God, accepting, even though it may cost her life, My Father’s will.  Her total giving of self to God was her free choice of love, a choice that lifts her to the highest realm of heaven, where she sits in glory as queen. It is because of her denial of sin in every moment of her life, from beginning to end she remained immaculate as My Father created her to be.  My Father’s love for Mary, My mother, is the same love He has for all but the love Mary has for God was and is greater than all others.  It is because of this, her total embracing of God’s love, that she is lifted on high.

Here is a mystery that mankind cannot understand.  The mystery of Mary, created pure and remaining pure so that I could come to earth to bring the same love of God she enjoyed to all mankind. Doing so by God’s grace and by her never denying that grace. Mary, My mother, chosen by God and favoured by God to be the one through whom God’s equal love in Me, could be brought to all.

Mary, My mother, never claiming more of God’s love for herself as in her humility she knows God’s love is there for all to share in and that there is more than enough love for all in God.


Let Bad Examples Now Become Good Ones

Jan 22, 2006

In life today so many walk away from the one true God, many who were brought up as Christian embrace the world instead of embracing Christ.  While others who were brought up as Christian, but with little example of Christ before them in the lives of those around, turn to other religions that seem to give a clear spiritual and moral code by which to live.

Often those who remain Christian are quick to condemn and judge such people forgetting that the reasons many of these behave in such a way is because of the bad examples of faith some of those in the church have been.

In the past and still today Church members have embraced the worldly ways over the ways of Christ.

Church members have remained silent as great wrongs such as homosexuality, adultery and divorce, promiscuity, the death penalty, war, contraception and abortion are promoted in the world as being right and because of this silence these great wrongs have been allowed to infect society.

As wrong infects society it is an inevitable response that with time there are people who will come to see how empty the way of life is, how hope seems to have left life, how meaningless life has become, how self centered life is.  Also how those who profess to love Christ in many cases have allowed this to happen.

No wonder so many are confused, no wonder they often look elsewhere for some meaning to life.  As people look for something else the religions with strict moral and spiritual codes appeal because within the person is an emptiness they do not want to have and they believe that these strong faiths may help them fill this inner void.

Because these people have not had at times a clear guidance to the Christian and Catholic faith it is unknown to them that within Catholicism is all they need in the love of Christ.  That within the Catholic Church resides the true, the best and the clearest instructions from God Himself on how to live a good and truly peaceful life.  Also as some may not have had the examples of sacramental lives set before them by their family and friends these unfortunates are blinded to the fact that on earth a person can come no closer to God than in the Holy Sacraments of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Now in the sadness and confusion of the evil that has permeated society these poor souls, for that is what they are, turn from the true faith of God and embrace faiths that do not have the fullness of God’s truth within them.  Embrace faiths that are confused or mixed up interpretations of what God has really said and what God really wants from mankind.

Faiths that place what seems like good moral standards before people but which have limited morality in themselves.  Which is evident by their denial of Christ’s teachings, their denial of Christ as the only Son of God, of His Death and Resurrection, as the Saviour of mankind and as Divinity and Man. Faiths which rule by fear and not by love.  Faiths that demand total obedience even condemning those who would leave them to death.

What a shame it is that by the pride, blindness, weakness, selfishness and apathy of some Christians others are opened to accept that which opposes Christ.  Now is the time for all Catholics to reflect on how they have and are living their faith and what effect this is having not only on their family members but also on those around them and those they meet in every day life.  Now is the time to start living as Christ asks and to let His gentle and compassionate love be seen in our Catholic hearts.  Let us turn no more people away from Christ by our weakness.  Instead let us start to bring those who have turned away back into the loving embrace of Our Lord Jesus by the strength of our living faith in all we do.  Let us stand up boldly proclaiming God’s love for all and invite all to find true life, true peace and true love in Him and in His good news.

Alan Ames



13 Dec 2005

The blessed time of Christmas is upon us once more and once more in this time we are called to remember the great act of humility by God where he lowered himself to come into this world as a man child.

In this glorious time The Lord united heaven and earth in His Divine being and His Divine love, bringing reconciliation to mankind in Himself.

At His birth when He was placed in a manger, where the animals eat from, in this act the Lord was showing that He is the food for mankind to eat of so as to find full and eternal life in Him.

Already from the beginning of His life on earth He was showing us how we should live if we want to be imitators of Him as a Christian, humble lives full of the love of God and the love of all mankind.

How our Christian lives need to be ones of reconciliation bringing people together in His love and how we to need to be reconciled with God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation where God Himself waits to forgive us.

How to live in Him we must eat of Him in the Eucharist and in doing so find our souls fed with what they truly need which is the food of heaven and not the things of the world.

The message of Christmas is a message for all and all need to hear it.  Today sadly many of Christ, Our Lord’s, followers do not share this message because so many have little interest in it and instead embrace the ways of the world making this sacred time nothing more than a holiday, where they focus on pleasing themselves in having a good time.  A good time that leaves Christ truly on the outside.  

This holy time has become devoid of holiness for many and has become just another vacation that is seen of equal value as such things as Thanksgiving or Halloween.

This Christmas let us all begin to celebrate this great time focusing on the baby Jesus and on bringing His good news to others.

Let us turn from the frivolity of the worldly ways of gluttony, greed, selfishness and waste and turn to living and celebrating this time in holy ways.

Let us also in imitating Christ turn to those in need; the lonely, the poor, the beggars on the street, the hungry and the suffering and help them as much as we can.  It is in this giving to the needy that a person truly gives in the spirit of Christ, Our Lord.

Let us all enjoy Christmas but enjoy it in the right way, the way that is Christ centered and not self centered.

The way that puts others before self.

The way that cries out joyfully to the world, ‘The Saviour has come’ and let no one stop us doing so.

Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames

I would like to share a beautiful message from the Archangel Gabriel about Christmas.  This is found in the book  ‘Heavenly Words’.

 Archangel Gabriel    12/23/97

In the air was an excitement carried by the wind across the land.

In the air was a feeling that soon something miraculous would happen.

In the air was the knowledge of creation that God was coming to earth.

The people, the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the earth itself waited on the birth of the Saviour, and waited for God’s only Son to bring God’s glory to earth.

The whole planet waited to share in the first breath God took on earth – a breath of love that would renew this faltering world and would be the beginning of a new paradise for all.


Disaster in America

Sep 2, 2005

Let us all join in prayer for all those suffering where the disaster has hit in America and let us pray that the help they need comes soon and is delayed no longer.

It is sad to see web sites claiming this is the hand of God at work. Let all understand that it is mankind's foolish treatment of the planet that is part of the reason for this. Let us remember too that in the disaster area there are no more sinners than anywhere else in the USA or in other parts the world and there are many good people residing there. Instead of looking with eyes of judgement all should be looking with eyes of sadness at such disasters and doing all they can to help those in need at this time.

God bless,

alan ames


Oct 15 , 2005

So many people are saying that the Hurricane Katrina was a chastisement from God. If this was so why then was the French Quarter virtually untouched? It is in the French Quarter that many Voodoo houses, clairvoyants, psychics, strip tease clubs, sex shops, prostitution and other immoral activities are found. Surely if God was chastising wouldn't He destroy this area?


August Holy Land visit

Aug 29, 2005

Dear Friends,

In August I was once again blessed to speak in the Holy Land. By the grace of God talks and healing prayers were given in The Basilica of the Annunciation Nazareth, The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and Churches in Jerusalem and Ramallah. I thank God for the oppurtunity to talk to our brothers and sisters there who are suffering for their faith as they are oppressed by those who control their country and are so often ignored by their fellow Christians in other countries. Sadly because of this some towns which were 90% Christian now only have Christian populations of 30% or less. Let us all pray that those who remain have the strength of spirit to stay otherwise we risk having a Holy Land with virtually no Christians residing in it! The talks were attended by not only Christians of different denominations but by Muslims also looking for healing and comfort. My wife Kathryn travelled with me and we were both warmly welcomed by the people of the Holy Land and were under no fear of attack at any time and this is why I can recommend to all Christians to have no fear in visiting the Holy Land. I actually encourage all to do this so as to support our Christian family there who are in desperate need of help both spiritualy and financially. It is through the pilgrims who visit that many find their source of income and find the means to survive. I thank God once again for allowing me to visit the Holy sites and for strengthening me at each of those sites and I thank Him for the great love He showed for all by the life, death and resurrection of His only Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Importantly those who wish to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land should contact their diocese and see if there are any church sponsored or approved pilgrimages they can go on and NOT go on tours with private organisations or foundations.

God love you,






where the Lord was born



Kathryn and I at site of The Lord's birth in Bethlehem



placing my hand in the hand print of Jesus



praying over in Ramallah



talking in Ramallah



praying over in Bethlehem




Living Examples

Aug 10 2005

In life today many are confused and struggle with the way to live a good life.  The world pressurizes people to live in ways they would not want to and in ways which are not good for them, or for all of mankind.

There are very few living as examples of goodness and very few encouraging people to live good lives.  So it becomes easy for the wrong ways to take hold and to grow in the world.

Many Christians, who want to be the examples of goodness they are meant to be, try for a while but then give up in frustration as so little seems to be achieved and wrong seems to continue to strangle the world.

Many Christians do not even try being the example they are meant to be yet often these same people are the first to complain about the wrong in the world.

Many Christians seem to embrace the ways of the world before the ways of God and in doing so do not see that they are denying God and denying mankind of the blessing they are meant to be in this world.

Now is the time for all who love Our Lord, Jesus, to remember their profession of faith, their creed and the promises they have made in the Sacraments to God and to start to live as examples of His love.

Every Catholic is meant to be to be the light burning brightly in the world that disperses the darkness and brings the Son to all mankind.

Every Catholic should commit themselves to serving God and to serving Him in the way God wants and not in the way they want.  The way that is truly the Catholic way.

Every Catholic needs to look back at the early church and say ‘I will live as they did, fully committed to the Lord Jesus.’

Every Catholic needs to turn to the Lord and ask for His help in living this way and His strength to endure any trials that will surely come their way.

Every Catholic needs to ask the Holy Spirit to set their souls on fire so that the fire of God’s love can be spread and once more burn brightly in the world.

Every Catholic needs to say ‘Here I am Lord, I will do as you want me to.’

Catholics should remember they are meant to spread the faith by living it and by not being afraid to share the wonderful treasure of God that we have in our faith. The treasure which is meant to bring richness of life to all people.

When every Catholic does this, then that is when each one can truly say they are Christian and that is when each one can know that through them God is changing the world for the better.

When Catholics do this is when the world will see Christ, Our Lord, in every Catholic life and will be touched by Him reaching out through every Catholic living to His way and imitating Him.

Remember it begins with you, not someone else!


A Call to Prayer

July 24, 2005

 The world is in desperate need of prayer for today lives are being overwhelmed by evil. 

The evil of terrorism that attacks and tries to destroy. 

The evil of immorality and secularism both of which are truly terrorism of the soul. 

The evil of greed and selfishness, which truly terrorizes the poor.


Many people believe that force of arms or the forcing of their will or their faith on others are what will overcome these evils but history shows that is not so.

If it were so we would not be in the mess we are in today around the world.

Now is the time to take a different approach, an approach that The Lord Jesus has always been calling mankind to; the approach of prayerful love. 

Prayer, which is so often dismissed as being of little help or rejected because it is not something tangible, is truly one of the most powerful weapons God gives to mankind.  If we want peace to come to earth and morality to return then all of us must unite in prayer for this to happen.

We must now make a special effort to pray each day for the conversion of non Christians for it is in this conversion the truth of the way to live becomes clear.

Pray for the terrorists to convert, pray for those who do not know God to convert, pray for those of all religions to convert and pray for those Christians who do not know the fullness of God’s truth on earth to convert.

Let our prayers soar heavenward as an offering for all mankind knowing that as our voices are lifted to heaven all of heaven will unite with us in this call for conversion.

Let our prayers echo in eternity as we call on the one true God to bless and convert mankind to the truth of His Trinitarian love.

If all the followers of The Lord Jesus will unite in this prayer then through those prayers His divine grace will pour out over the world and change it for the better.  Each one of His followers is called to persevere in this prayer for mankind and not to give up in the short term when it seems nothing is happening.  We must persevere and in doing so we show that we trust in God to do what is needed.  The battle will be hard for when you confront evil with Holiness then evil roars in anger as it knows in time it will be overcome. However, do not be afraid for God is with all of us and God will be there to protect us and to strengthen us when our hearts are weak.

Each one of you can find that strength in the Eucharist and each one of you can find the grace you need to persevere in the Eucharist.  It is important too, that each person frequently offers the Holy Eucharist for the conversion of mankind.

Let us all embrace now what we should have been doing anyway as part of our faith, let us embrace God in prayerful love of others as we call on God in love to convert the hearts and souls of all people.

Ask your prayer groups, ask your friends, ask all you know to join in this truly Holy war against the terrors of evil in the world today.

When large numbers of The Lord’s followers unite in prayer in this way who can stand against it?

Heaven is calling are we going to respond?

May God bring each one of you to holiness in Him,

Alan Ames


Comment on Recent Popular Secular Books

July 2005

There is great interest in witchcraft being created today among not only children but the population in general by books which appear to most to be good harmless fun. However, all should be aware that in witchcraft, in the ways of darkness truly there is no goodness and there is no true fun.  These books encourage people to accept what is basically evil and to see no wrong in that.  It must be remembered by all that witchcraft goes against the teachings of Christ and opposes the goodness of God. 

Witchcraft brings people back to the old pagan ways, the old magical ways and the old evil ways.

Anyone who believes this is not so should look carefully at what these books contain for in them are the actual words of spells which are words calling upon evil.  People should also think carefully who would know these words and write them down and why!

Now I am sure many people will say these books are harmless and that my comments are to be ignored as foolish and uninformed but isn’t it those who read of the dark and see no wrong in it that are foolish and uninformed?

Evil uses what appears to be good to spread it’s ways for if it came out in the open and showed it’s true self most would reject o


Araqi War
A Letter from Alan

Reflecting on conversations with Jesus

Today there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and confusion amongst Christians and especially Catholics as to the Iraqi War and whether or not to support peace or war. As Christians it is important that we place Christ Our Lord and His teachings above all else, even our human loyalties just as the early church did and just as the saints and martyrs did.

When Our Lord came to earth He proclaimed peace, love and forgiveness. Today, however, many people claim the times and situation to be different. How different are they? At the time of Our Lord the Romans occupied the Holy Land. Many were killed, tortured, enslaved or oppressed by the Romans or their puppets. The Zealots and others hoped the Messiah would come and free them from this and bring them to victory over their enemies. However, Our Lord Jesus came and proclaimed peace, love and forgiveness, not force of arms. He taught this clearly:

Matthew 5:39 - ‘But I say to you offer no resistance to one who is evil. when someone strikes you on your right cheek turn the other one to him as well.’

Matthew 5:44 - ‘Love your enemies.’

Luke 7:27-29 - ‘But to you who hear I say, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. To the person who strikes you on one cheek offer the other as well.’

These teachings with the commandment ‘Thou Shalt not kill’ appear to be some of the hardest for people to obey or follow. Often like the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes we make clever arguments to justify ignoring or changing our understanding of what God has said to mankind. Some claim that when The Lord chased the money changers from the temple using force He gave permission for us to use force against others. However, Our Lord did not kill these people even though with one word He could have done so. Instead He stopped the wrong they did giving them then the opportunity in the rest of their lives to reflect on His actions and words.

Some quote the Catechism teaching on a just war but the Pope has said he will not bless this war as just. There are those who look to the great Saints Thomas Aquinas and Augustine and use their words as justification for war. When Jesus Our Lord was confronted by the Jews over divorce they used the words of Moses to justify divorce. Yet Jesus replied:

Mark 10:5 - ‘Because of the hardness of your hearts he wrote you this commandment.’

Would Our Lord be saying this today to those who try to justify war by the words of Saint Thomas and St.Augustine?

The Vicar of Christ, his Holiness Pope John Paul II stated he was ‘firmly opposed to and would not bless as just’ the Iraqi war. Yet, many who claim allegiance to the Pope say that the Pope did not say the war was unjust and use this to claim it to be just or just plainly ignore his words.

Some people believe that we must respond to evil with force of arms yet, Our Lord, by example, showed mankind another way to respond to evil. When He was abused, tortured, crucified and killed Our Lord only responded in love and forgiveness. Even though the Son of God had the power of Heaven at His command and could have called on that power to destroy those who were treating Him so, He did not. Instead He gave us the example which as Christians, as imitators of Christ, we are called to follow. Our Lord gave His life in love knowing it was this that would overcome evil. He showed us that we must be prepared to do the same in our lives if we are to be like Him and that we should not respond violently to violence.

Our Lord also when He opened His arms on the cross in love opened a way for us to reach a deeper level of spirituality and higher levels of grace. In imitating Christ, Our Lord, by answering evil only with love and forgiveness, we can be lifted through the cross to a spiritual level of freedom which brings us to be grace-filled vessels of God’s merciful love. This grace frees us from the chains of fear, as now in that grace we come to understand the power of God’s sacrificial love. The power that nothing or no one can overcome. Filled with this power the fear of death is taken from us and we come to see that this life is part of our eternal life in Christ, Our Lord; that this life, though valuable, is only a moment in eternity, a moment to be lived for God so that the remainder of our eternal moments will be with Him in heaven. With this realization comes the understanding that to cling to this life is futile and that while treasuring this life we should not be afraid to lose it for Christ Our Lord. Now without this chain shackling a person to the worldly life the spiritual realm opens up as the scales fall from their spiritual sight. Now it becomes clear that even if it seems as if evil is victorious, it is not. Now one can see that even if the whole world is one day ruled by those who deny Christ this will only be short lived for the power of His victory will bring His glorious kingdom to earth regardless of the opposition to it. Now it becomes obvious God’s victory does not depend on us that, instead, we are called to be part of His victory by uniting with Him in His sacrificial love. Eyes are opened to see that if we imitate Our Lord by submitting to the all powerful will of the Father unto death, we can be lifted on the cross with Christ,Our Lord, and that then through us His grace is poured out to touch and bless many others bringing them to salvation in Him.

Today the fear of terrorism, the fear of our Muslim brothers and sisters ruling the world, the fear of evil, leads many to justify acts of war, to justify force of arms and to justify the taking of life. These fears trap many and many in fear deny themselves the opportunity that the saints and martyrs have embraced in the past, the opportunity of being lifted high in the grace of God. In denying themselves this grace they also deny others who would have been touched by that grace through them. In denying this grace pain and suffering is allowed to grow through the evil in the world that is not now confronted by the sacrificial love of the imitators of Christ.

I encourage all Christians to consider what Christ calls them to and to answer that call in becoming sacrificial lambs of love prepared to give their all for Christ in spreading His love, His peace and His forgiveness. Just as He gave His life for us proclaiming love, peace and forgiveness to all, we too must proclaim peace to the world,…not war.

May the peace of Christ be with you all.

Alan Ames 

Postscript - A Lenten Message from Jesus:

"The winning of an unjust war
does not make it just."


British FlagRussian Flag

To Russia in May - With a British Diversion

From Kathryn Ames

Whilst in the UK last month (May), Alan conducted talks in several areas such as Devon, Oxfordshire, North Wales, to name a few. Some of the churches in which the talks were held were very small and so only held a small number of people, but Alan was well received and many healings - spiritual and physical - occurred.

From England Alan and I travelled to St Petersburg where we were grateful that Russia too was experiencing her summer season and not winter. Again, the churches Alan spoke in were small and with the aid of an interpreter the word of Jesus resounded loudly, and seemingly everyone attending was able to understand how our Lord has worked in Alan's life and can do the same in the lives of the Russian people. Thanks to the kindness of one of the priests Alan met, we were treated to a typical Russian meal whilst at the same time enjoying very much the well renowned Russian hospitality.

From St Petersburg we journeyed through the night on a train deep into the heart of the Russian countryside to a place called Tver, a large industrial town. Here we were greeted by a priest, a fellow countryman from New South Wales who, like Alan, was a long way from home. Father made us very welcome at his presbytery, which had a new wing under construction, and a new church which was about three-quarters finished.

Meanwhile Alan conducted talks with the aid of an interpreter in the old church, by far the smallest church he has ever spoken in, which were attended by a large number of people. It was very moving and at the same time very interesting when Alan called for questions, because, again with the aid of an interpreter, many people gave accounts of their live in Russia under Communist rule and their stories told of hardships that we in Australia couldn't begin to imagine.

One lady, for example, told us that, because of her unyielding faith in Catholicism she was branded a harlot and suffered the indignities such a label brings about. Another told of how many of her relatives died through lack of food and at having to endure severe winters without heating.

Tver was a place we'll never forget because it gave us a perspective on how Russia would have been under Communism, hard working people who struggled to survive in the biting winter temperatures that often dropped to minus 42 degrees, the rigours of the land, the loneliness and vastness of the countryside, and for a devout people, what probably have been the worse trial of all, the lack of freedom to proclaim the faith!

From Tver another train took us to Moscow, a huge city like any other, bustling streets, shops filled with lots of food, clothes, etc. We spent two days in Moscow where Alan gave a talk to a group of Moscow University's intellectuals who had read the book 'Through the Eyes of Jesus' prior to Alan's visit and thus directed many in-depth questions to him, to all of which the Holy Spirit had answers.

The same question-and-answer time followed a talk Alan gave to a group of students at a Russian Orthodox School and again the Holy Spirit delivered the goods, so much so that at Mass the following day, one of the Russian Orthodox students attended the service, something our American interpreter informed us just does not happen.

The next day, Alan and I headed for the long trip home, tired and in fact exhausted, but delighted that so many people, especially the people of Russia, had heard the Lord's words. We were also pleased with the many invitations Alan received for return visits.




from St.Theresa of Avilla 17 August 1998

Throughout history men have been killing each other and often for the smallest of reasons. Today there are many dealing in terror and killing whomsoever they can. These terrorists often believe they are freedom fighters but they do not understand there is no freedom in sin.

Sometimes these confused people claim to be doing it for God or that it is God's will. How foolish they are to be deceived so easily and how sorry they will be when they stand before God.

These people should understand that God treasures life and abhors the taking of life no matter what the reason, what the belief. These sowers of terror should also understand unless they repent and change their ways, that it is they who will suffer eternally.

To commit mortal sin for your country, your faith, or in revenge will cost your soul and no country is worth that. Any faith that asks one to do so is not of God and any pleaure found in revenge will be short-lived, while the suffering will be eternal.

Freedom only comes in God and if you break His command, 'Thou shalt not kill,' and do it knowingly, then you will find only slavery in hell awaiting.

Come to your senses, those who kill, and seek God's forgiveness before it is too late.

Ref : Jeremiah 25:32 Lo calamity stalks.




Interview with Alan Ames


Alan, by all accounts, the United States government and NATO are preparing for war in retaliation for the attack of September 11, 2001. What is the appropriate Christian response -- or in other words -- what would Jesus have us do?

Answer: Jesus tells me that we must turn the other cheek and offer love and forgiveness to those responsible for this attack on America. We, as Christians, must reach out with open arms and love our enemy. By loving and forgiving, we are living the message of the New Testament, not the Old Testament - which calls for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. The fruit of the crucifixion is the ability to forgive. The New Testament tells us that we must love and forgive everyone -- not kill them when we feel it is justified. Realize the difference between revenge and justice. Revenge is not of God, justice is.

Revenge killing is wrong. War is wrong. The moment we seek revenge, the instant we set about to kill our enemy -- even in the name of war -- we are no different from the terrorists. If we kill people -- any people -- we too are murderers. No exception. God's commandment that thou shalt not kill does not have such a caveat. It does not say thou shalt not kill -- except in times of war. It say thou shalt not kill, period.

Jesus tells me the correct Christian response is to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice -- according to the rule of law. This is the only way, for it is God's way.

There lies before us the heroic opportunity to forgive. One mustn't sacrifice his own soul for the sake of revenge. No Christian should consider revenge as an option. Bombs will not stop evil, they will only fuel it."Violence begets violence, sin begets sin and love begets love." Message to Alan Ames from Lord Jesus 10/22/94.

The following is a message to Alan Ames from God The Father on April 2, 1995, which directly addresses America's current dilemma:

"Thou shalt not kill is another commandment I have given to My children. Why should I give this commandment? Why should I say that to kill is wrong? The explanation is very simple; if you kill another knowingly, then you destroy My creation, a creation of love. Not only do you destroy My creation in another but you destroy your very soul, you deny yourself eternal life in heaven.

There are many ways of killing and many excuses for it but whatever the way, whatever the reason, it is still wrong, it is still a sin. If you kill for justice or for what is right, this is a sin. If you kill for truth and honor, this is a sin; if you kill for revenge or for your country, this is a sin. All killing is a sin unless it is an accident, unless it was not meant to happen.

The taking of a life no matter what the reason offends Me your God deeply and it scars your soul mortally.

Those who agree to killing, whether it be through their governments in wars or in justice, carry the scars also. Those who agree to killing as an act of mercy, as an act of help for those in pain, still carry this scar on their souls. Those who stand by and watch as others kill and say nothing, by their inaction scar their very souls. Those who kill to stop killing become the same as those they oppose, they become filled with sin. All killing is wrong, all killing offends Me your God and all killing leads you away from God."

Question: Why does God allow such suffering?

Answer: God does not allow suffering. He gave us free will -- the choice to choose good or evil. Some choose evil. God gave mankind this free will because He loves mankind and did not want to force His Will upon us.

Message to Alan Ames from God, The Holy Spirit regarding free will:

"The joy that can be man's is the joy of God's forgiveness -- mercy, love, and willingness to take man back into His arms. If man can come to understand what can be his, then sin will leave this earth, evil will disappear. It is all up to mankind with the free choice it has been given, with the love, and with the graces God has been given mankind.

God will never force His will upon man; He will only guide and advise, then He leaves it to man to decide his own future. God lets man determine his own destiny. God loves man and from this love comes God's will that man may choose freely, that man should see the right path and take it. There is only one path to God and that is through His Son, Jesus, and by following Jesus' example on how to live and how to give."

Question: Alan, could you comment on the run on guns and ammunition which has occurred in this country since the attack of September 11, 2001.

Answer: Christians should give away their guns. Jesus did not have a gun or knife. Get rid of your weapons of death. Prayer is a weapon more powerful than an atomic bomb. Prayer and fasting demonstrates our trust and faith in God - and they can and have stopped wars. There is no other way.

The following are several messages to Alan Ames regarding the power of prayer:

"Rather be in prayer, than in fear.
Better to be in love, than to hate.
Expect to be in battle, than in quiet.
The battle that overcomes fear and hate
with prayers and love."
Lord Jesus (1/17/95)

"If only the world would look to the Lord God Jesus' words, actions and prayers, it would see that this is the true way to peace. Is not the Lord Jesus the Prince of Peace? Is not the Lord Jesus the living love of God? Is not the Lord Jesus the only true security for man?"
Our Lady (8/26/94)

"In times of difficulties, just turn to Me for I long to help. In time of confusion, just turn to Me for I give you peace. In time of uncertainty, just turn to Me and I will strengthen you. Just turn to Me in prayer and I am there."
Lord Jesus (1/21/95)

"Trust in God is the strongest weapon against the dark. With your trust you show your love of God and with your love you defeat evil."
Holy Spirit (2/12/95)

Question: Inevitably, in times such as this, people start to stockpile supplies. Is this as appropriate response?

Answer: Ridiculous. We must trust in God to supply all that we need.

Question: If you had the opportunity to talk with President Bush - what advice would you give to him?

Answer: To read the foregoing and to follow God's commands. We must work to change the entire thinking of America. America, so very blessed, must share its' gifts with all countries. America cannot be biased towards one country versus another. If we are biased and, thus treat one country differently than another, it results in anger and hatred. It is such hatred that breeds the terrorists that we have seen. In God's eyes all people are equal. It should be no different for America - a country so blessed.

Interview conducted with Constance A. Camus September 15, 2001.



Newsletter 1997

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to the inaugural Newsletter of the 'Touch Of Heaven'.

From time to time we propose to keep you informed of the progress
of Alan Ames Ministry, as Alan travels the world telling people of his
own conversion and preaching the message of God's love.

He began his ministry at the beginning of 1995; since then a number
of his books have been published in English and German.

On 7th July 1997 Archbishop Hickey in a letter to Alan's spiritual director
wrote: "Alan may continue to speak about his conversion and to conduct
his healing ministry, both of which appear to be of great benefit to people.

He will convey to his listeners that no Church approval has been given for
the authenticity of his cures or his messages, as they have not been
submitted formally to Church authorities for investigation.

We would both (the Archbishop and Alan - Ed) be grateful if you could
continue as Alan's spiritual director."

The editor hopes that the following pages will prove edifying and
spiritually beneficial to the reader.

The Editor

C.Alan Ames


Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"

An extract from the Jerusalem Post, October 29 1997

"People believe they can't change the world, that what they do will have no effect,
but that is not true," said Alan Ames, an author and healer from Perth, Australia,...
"If people think that way and do nothing, nothing will change. But if each individual
decides to stand up to be counted for peace and love, things will change."


Some messages received by Alan during October 1997 in other countries :

God the Father.

Two Messages from the Father


In the Philippines

Poverty abounds and so does greed.
Poverty ignored is greed appeased.
Poverty for some means plenty for others,
A large sin upon the world
is the poverty that is forced
upon so many so that the greedy
can appease their insatiable appetites.
A sin that will bring many to
account on their final day.
Reference: Psalm 146:4

When they breathe their last
they return to the earth.

In Israel

Israel, land of hope, land of the prophets, land of God.
Israel, land of confusion, land of hate, land of sadness.
Israel, land that felt the touch of Jesus' feet,
Jesus' love and Jesus' blood.
A land where the victory was won and yet still
the battle rages because men do not accept the truth.
When the truth is embraced in this land,
the hope of the future will be found and Jesus
will be proclaimed as Lord.
Reference: Psalm 40:4

They shall look on in awe and
they shall trust in the Lord.

Sacred Heart of Jesus<>

Through the Sacred Heart - A message from Jesus

In Russia

When an evil is removed from a country, unless it is replaced by goodness, another evil
will take its place. In Russia one evil was defeated but goodness was not embraced, and
so evil returned. The prayers for Russia today are the same as when it was under the
yoke of communism. Russia needs prayers for its conversion and prayers that the heart
of the people will embrace goodness. Today Russia calls out for prayers. Answer that
call and help peace reign in this great land. Reference: Luke 1:21 - Meanwhile the people were waiting.

A Saint pic

The Saints speak - A message from St Joachim

In Israel

A daughter of Israel responded with a 'Yes' to her Lord, a 'Yes' that would change
the world forever.
A daughter of Israel responded with a complete acceptance of God's Will in her life.
A daughter of Israel responded with a pure love that would shine throughout eternity.
Mary, a perfect example of how to love God and how to be submissive to God's Will.
Mary, a perfect example of humanity,
Reference: Sirach 39:18 - He has but to command and His Will is done.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Through the Immaculate Heart
- A Message from Our Mother

In Russia

Every land on earth deserves salvation,
for every land is created by and
loved by God.
Every person on earth is equal in
God's eyes and is deserving of His
love if he seeks it.
Every nation on earth needs to
hear the message of salvation and
deserves the opportunity to be saved.
This is the truth of Jesus, the
truth the world needs to hear.
Reference: Psalm 18:50 -
Thus I will proclaim you Lord 
among the nations.



The Holy Family

From Our Lady for Christmas

March 1995

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child of Love.

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child who is Love.

A child was born in Bethlehem,
a child who is God.

A Saint Pic

The Saints speak - A message from St Ignatius

In Japan

The soldiers of Jesus came to this land to spread the faith. They shed their blood
to fertilize the soil with the graces of God, and with the love of God as their
strength they gave their all. The example they set to Japan and the world was one
of an undying love, even though their bodies would die their love would not. The
example they set the world was that Jesus was King of All Nations, and that All
Nations could be in His Kingdom of love. The soldiers of Jesus who died for
God's glory call out to the faithful today to become the new army of God, an
army of undying love, undying service, and undying sacrifices for the glory of
God. Listen to the call and answer it to become Saints in Heaven.
Reference: Sirach 47:8 - To lead the people into their inheritence.



Newsletter 1998

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to the second Newsletter of the ‘Touch Of Heaven’.
In this Newsletter we would like to review some of the recent events in ‘Alan Ames Ministry’.
Since the beginning of 1998 Alan has visited the Eastern States of Australia, America, England, Ireland, Malaysia and Russia. The response to his messages has been very good with conversions and apparent healings. Worldwide, his message of God’s love and forgiveness is welcomed and he is receiving many invitations to speak

Volume 1 of Through the Eyes of Jesus is now available in German and Russian as well as English and in the future is planned to be in several other languages. (For those of you who have read Volumes 1 and 2, Volume 3, the final volume, has now been published.)

‘The Way of Hope’ has been published containing an especially beautiful message on Heaven.

Archbishop Hickey’s position on Alan remains unchanged with permission to carry on his ministry under the guidance of his spiritual director, Fr Gerard Dickinson of St. Mary’s Cathedral. Perth, Western Australia.

We find it necessary to reassure you about this because of recent attempts to discredit Alan. A person or persons falsely using the address of Casa Frassati (a vocations discernment centre in Perth) and falsely using the address of the Chancery Office in Perth, in a fax to a Medjurgje MIR Centre in America, perpetrated several calumnies in an attempt to cancel some of Alan’s speaking arrangements. Such devious practices are of the devil and those concerned stand judged before God.

Alan reminds everyone that the events in his life do not make him ‘holier’ than anyone else and all that happens is by the grace of God. Here are some messages.

The Editor

C.Alan Ames


Alan's smiling face
from the video
"Why God?"


The Holy Spirit

From the Holy Spirit


A man and a woman in marriage become one in love.
A man and a woman in marriage become one to God.
A man and a woman in marriage become inseparable
in the eyes of God and when they keep love in
their marriage, they become inseparable in their
own eyes also.


Reference: Matthew 6:10 On earth as in heaven.

Obedience is the key to doing My will.
Obedience to God and obedience to
the Body of Jesus in His Church.


Reference: Psalm 81:9 If only you will obey Me, Israel.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Through the Sacred Heart - Two messages from Jesus